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BlackBerry Jam Americas session catalog now live

By Adam Zeis on 25 Apr 2013 01:23 pm EDT

If you're heading to BlackBerry Jam Americas (and BlackBerry Live) in Orlando you'll be happy to know that the session catalog is now live. No matter if you're a developer or just want to check things out, there are plenty of sessions available on a variety of topics including Unity, NFC, BES and many more. Currently there are over 60 sessions and 7 hands-on labs but plenty more will be added to the list as well.

Sessions include: 

  • BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 Connection Service versus VPN… Fight!
  • Lab: Android 201: Three Devices, One App! Developing for Tablet, All Touch and Physical Keyboard form factors
  • Background Services – Event Driven Processing for your Application
  • Lab: Adding a new Dimension to your BlackBerry Apps – Stereoscopic 3D (and other advanced applications for output to the HDMI display)
  • Unity for BlackBerry 10
  • Building for the Multi-Device Enterprise using Sencha
  • The Ultimate Hybrid App, Native App Built with Web Technologies
  • Demystifying NFC Payment
  • Case Study: ESPN La Conexión

You can head over to the session catalog for more and to start scheduling. If you've yet to register for BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam Americas, you can do that as well and even get yourself a new Z10

View the BlackBerry Jam Americas session catalog

Reader comments

BlackBerry Jam Americas session catalog now live


Signed up for all the sessions I want to go to... BTW non devs may like to read this description:

JAM27 - Cascades 201: Three Devices, One App! Developing for Tablet, All Touch and Physical Keyboard form factors. After attending this session you will be able to fluently write apps in Cascades that utilizes the different aspect ratios and feature-sets of the Tablet, All Touch and Physical Keyboard form factors.

(Translation: BB10 on PlayBook coming soon)

I'd Iove to go if they told me I'll be able to send emails from my Z10 while using my icloud email acct. I haven't been able to send a readable email since switching from iphone. Not cool. Almost 3 months since switching to BlackBerry and I'm still waiting to be able to send a proper, readable email. Tier 2 tech department says keep waiting. Yeah. Ok.

Posted via CB10

... i'm at a loss at what to choose. i haven't developed in a long time, let alone mobile but a lot of dev sessions seem interesting