BlackBerry Jam Americas Keynote Live Blog!

BlackBerry Jam Welcome
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2012 10:01 am EDT

Event Begins at 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

It's show time! BlackBerry Jam Americas officially kicks off this morning with the General Session Keynote. RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins will take to the stage along with other folks from #TEAMBLACKBERRY, including Alec Saunders, Chris Smith, Don Lindsay and Marty Mallick. What's in store? We don't quite know... but we're sure it'll be good news for the developers in attendance and hopefully include a closer look at BlackBerry 10 for the rest of us.

The event is being webcast, and of course you can also (and will definitely want to) tune into our live blog coverage at the link below. We'll be reporting back and reacting to the events as they happen. Don't miss it!  

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* BlackBerry by choice *
Sweet. Can't wait to see this one. :)


I hope RIM doesnt disappoint!! We need to see some more of the BB10


This morning I wish I was in San Jose with the 3 hour time difference.... So I could sleep in...


come on RIM!! impress the word!


Totally envious here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some great new BB10 news.


Is anyone else going to follow the live blog on there playbook and watch the webcast on the computer? lol


**Drool** uhhh ahhhhh BlackBerry 10 cant wait never wanted to see something so badly as i do a bb10 in my hands


Sadly I'll be on a plane to los Angeles when it starts. Hopefully I don't miss too much good stuff. And I'm really hoping my plane to Tokyo has internet. I'll pay the ridiculous cost to watch this.


SurealCivic tweeted a video earlier that has since been blocked showing off a more recent version of BB10.... OMFG!!!!!!! Ithink I just made some personal jam of my own in my pants...


U must change your pants ASAP!! Before Jam begins, or u will have a very nasty "jam" in your pants XD

Live Long and Prosper!


Only 20 minutes left. LET'S ROCK AND ROLL THIS!!!!


Don't let the jam get on your socks!


And it begins, on time no less. Let's hope everything else they do from now on continues to be on time.


cant seem to watch from my Playbook using bridge


Working here but I'm on WiFi, with HDMI, and a 42" TV. Thorston is HUGE lol.


Gees, the feed is awful. Almost painful to watch the live session with the constant freezes and drops. There either must be a gazillion people watching this, or something's jiggered up...


Yes, the feed is tough to watch. Keeps freezing, jumping backwards.... frustrating. I suppose just I'll just fight through it, or wait until its over and rewatch on CB.


I agree BBworld was not this bad