BlackBerry Jakarta reportedly won't have a physical keyboard

By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2013 11:03 am EST

BlackBerry CEO John Chen dropped word of the upcoming BlackBerry Jakarta on the earnings call a few weeks ago. Making the device much more than a rumor, the BlackBerry 10 based, Foxconn manufactured device will be a low-cost entry for emerging markets. While we don't know much beyond that, BGR is now reporting one thing that the device will not have -- a physical keyboard.

If true, this would be a shift from the low-cost QWERTY devices we've seen this year (Q5, 9720) and would also mark a possible phaseout for full QWERTY BlackBerry 7 devices. It's not totally far fetched to think about a low end, touchscreen BlackBerry 10 device for these markets, but it is definitely a bold move. 

We'll certainly hear more on the Jakarta in the coming months as it's expected to arrive in April or May, so we'll definitely see what else we can dig up.

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BlackBerry Jakarta reportedly won't have a physical keyboard


I hope it will cost $150 - 200$...and comes with good 720p display , 16 gb of belt in storage , 8 MP camera with flash, 2 gb of rams, 1 or 1.5 dual core cpu and a gpu that good enough for games...nice design, not cheap quality as it will be low end smartphone, and the most important thing as it will be a full touch screen device...4 " or bigger screen.

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You do realize that you described a Z10? I don't think that's low end but I'm sure some people would disagree.

I used to have people tell me my Z felt like a cheap clunker. Got me a little red sometimes.

Then I got this Q. When I have them side by side, the Z really does feel low-end and cheap.

Why build more devices? An army of Z's sit unsold, collecting dust. Just knock the price down and start marketing already. It was released a year ago, shouldn't it see SOME marketing effort by now?


Spec-wise the Z10 and Q10 are the same, so I wouldn't call one low-end and the other high-end, I'd say the Q it's the "deluxe" model, anyway, I don't think we'll see any marketing efforts as BlackBerry is focusing on the enterprise market.

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Doesn't feel cheap to me. The Z10 was designed to have a removable back door. I like the way it feels.

Of course, the Z30 is more high-end. Doesn't have a removable battery but the battery is beefier.

You have to be careful. What you just described would devalue the blackberry brand in the mind of the consumer. And that's not something you should even so much as risk.

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Like that could get any worse, really?!!???
It's at the lowest kind share of all BlackBerry users or consumers save for that in enterprise and on CB.

Actually just use CB stats for those that viewed their videos of the Q10, the top view just over 368k - thousands not millions. And the Z10 much lower lower than half. These are public YouTube videos available across USA/Canada/Mexico and the UK. Looks like on the community was interested.

Now let's rethink about brand devalue again considering horrible kiosk and in store display setup and sales agents for USA carriers feeling the setup and BlackBerry offering is a joke.

Yeah sell the Z10 online directly through BlackBerry as a clearance sale. That way some revenue can be saved from these units... oh wait is that legal for them to do after 2 qtrs filing them off as non sellable goods or what was the technical accounting term again, Chris U here.

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"Not sellable goods"? They took an inventory writedown brah.. they didn't totally write it off, just reduced the value per fair market value guidelines. Not sure why that precludes them from selling the devices directly to consumers... SMDH

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The Z10 came out at $699 for a reason, because it is a very good device, with plenty of "premier" options. But once the sales weren't there, neither was the price tag. Now the Z10 can be bought for anywhere from $200-$450 for a beautiful phone. Perhaps THE best value out there. Better than iphone, at half the price.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Despite the Z10 being worth a premium price, it was overpriced and should have been released at a $450 price tag. Backed by strategic marketing and assisting the carriers to push the device onto consumers. BBRY would have sold 10's of Millions of them almost guaranteed.

Once BBRY can reignite its image and brand, then they can charge a premium price for a premium product. Unfortunately the last management dropped the ball and made way too many mistakes, which dragged the BBRY image further into the mud.
Chen will change this and fast :)

Sound like a z10. Just burn that inventory over there and get us a new z10 fashioned like the new z30!

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$99 to $149 MAX for this Foxconn BB10 based full touch phone.
Specs: Dual Core 1.2GHz, 4.2" 720p Screen, 8GB w/ expandable space, gaming GPU, 2MP/8MP etc.

my gf's sister just got an almost new green Cadillac ATS-V Sedan only from working part-time off a home computer... this page
> > > > > > > > c­a­s­h­4­­m

Why are you being such a doush with people that don't probably speak English as their main language? Are you an United-Statestian?

Posted from my Q10 with only 1GB of RAM

Leave it to small minds to take this opportunity to attack an entire nation of people... That chip on your shoulder looks bad on you bud.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Makes perfect sense they already have the Q10 and lower end Q5 which will eventually be extremely cheap and will be able to keep up with software updates :). They need a cheap touch screen device that is cheap from the beginning and not as expensive as the Z10 once was. However is the phone is more than $300 bucks sim free then BB can forget it it should be around 150 to 200 sim free for sure with Amoled screen and if its 720p thats fine and have it in different colors :). Blackberry will make it and be a superb player in the market but it will take time and it will not happen overnight.

This is where Apple again wins with their strategy of selling last years model as a lower entry level device.

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Except that the iPhone 5C isn't selling very well, based on an article I read today on the CBC News site. They are referring to it as a "flop."

Posted with my awesome Z30

The 5c is technically a departure from that previous plan as it is last year's model in a new casing to save a bit more of the costs unlike previous years where they just kept selling the older model.

As far as it being a flop, I am sure that pretty much every company this side of Samsung would like a flop like the 5c even if you ignore the potential of it to drive 5s sales from people who want the premium casing but had waited until the new one was a year old before buying.

Another perfect sense is that the market in Indonesia is flooded with cheap touch screen Android devices, so releasing a cheap keyboard BB10 device would not sway that market.

We all know how reliable BGR has been in their reporting. I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for anything BGR says to happen.

Well, point taken. This one might be on the $ though. If BGR starts saying that the next BlackBerry is running iOS 7.1 then I will never believe a thing they say ever again lol.

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Trying to remember exactly what BGR mis-reported about Blackberry. Maybe I had a stroke or forgot to leave my fallout shelter or something. Please remind me of the multitude of instances where BGR was proven to have gotten the story wrong.

Anything that BGR says which does not have to do with Apple I dismiss. They seem to be just posting random analysis from the same ones which turns out to be wrong on every one of their predictions. Anything that is not apple is not good enough. I bet if blackberry put iOS 7 on a z10 they would love the phone. Or if apple put BB10 on an iPhone they would not complain a bit. I have used bbos4 to bb10, iOS, android from oem, and true android. It's funny how bad some of their opinion stories are garbage.

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I hope for a 150usd Jakarta... pls BlackBerry don't sell it over 200usd!!! we need the masses!!!


Geller is a pathetic fu ck..and his site is a total joke of anti-BBRY rhetoric. CrackBerry nation should spam the isht out of him on his Twitter account and on his two-bit tech blog.

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Insults from the guy whose contribution to humanity to teach young men to skate around on ice for a few minutes then hit one another.

Organized sports build camaraderie, strategic planning, and self-esteem. Least he is doing something to promote sporting activity in his community rather than trolling BlackBerry forums so you can hand out your poorly opinionated demerits. BGR is nothing more than a tech blog ran by people like you and me, that manufactures polarizing arguments to generate web traffic. Geller and kids incite animosity between different tech camps rather than propose truthful arguments based upon reasonable fact and analysis.

I think Geller's opinion(s), encourage free thought and a dispassionate perspective.

I guess this post is your contribution to humanity?

A lower price version of the Z10 would make sense. But please BBRY don't give up the keyboard totally. It's the main reason I use a Q10 now. Otherwise I would buy Android. Those phones have no keyboards as well.

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I doubt we will be seeing any new models for high end until 2015. Absolute earliest will be very late 2014.

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I totally hope the same thing: turnaround the company now that it's in 4th place but... don't change anything!!


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4th place = last place..
A market share of over 5 % be great to keep the company stable.. but if I'm not wrong we are now below 2% right?


The market targeted is perhaps better suited to full touch, so it makes perfect sense.

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Well that's interesting. Though I'm not totally surprised here as it costs more to make a phone with a QWERTY keypad.

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The ideal low end jakarta would be 4.2" 720p lcd, 2gb ram, 1.2ghz dual core, 5mp cam, 1.3mp front, 8gb memory with expandable, no hdmi, no nfc, mono speaker, 1800mah battery. 199 off contract.

Sent from my Z30

Sounds like a Z10 without sd card slot. Which actually now sells 'secondary market' for about $200.

No please not only 8GB memory a minimum of 16 GB is needed to be considered the standard for a low end phone. For the high end maybe consider a minimum 64 GB & 32 GB for a mid range.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 was a great phone but the thing that killed it was a too small memory of 8GB. So if they are looking at 8GB memory for a low end phone I'm 100% sure BlackBerry is going out of business within 2014.

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Memory is a fairly expensive piece of equipment for the OEM and that really pushes up the price a bit. I would rather they include 8GB and leave an SD card slot for those looking to upgrade.

If they produce a device with so small storage, they can forget their future incomes from apps. This is completely against the software oriented strategy. Give people bigger storage so that they do not have to hesitate buying new apps.

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Firstly don't be alarmed by the decision.

Everyone knows that BlackBerry have virtually cornered the market with the physical keyboard.

Mr Chen now wants to have the best touch screen typing experience on a budget device .

I just hope the specs are up to scratch.

Not everyone can afford a Q10,Z10 or Z30 so let's get this market. I still think BlackBerry needs a technology trends department.

BlackBerry have paid a heavy price for being late to innovative products.

This must never happen again!!

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This was the same logic for releasing the Z10 before the Q10, and that didn't work out very well. All that happened was that more people who had been holding out for a new keyboard phone switched to Android or Apple.

I thought Chen followed the maxim of "pickoff the low hanging fruit first" which -- for BlackBerry -- is customers who want keyboard phones.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3

Saw yahoo tech author write about blackberry regarding "Jakarta " just now. Me: dislike.

"There is not one reason why a consumer would purchase a low-cost BlackBerry over an Android smartphone at the same price. The OS is terrible, real push email does not exist anymore, there are no apps, there is no ecosystem, and BBM is available for iOS and Android now."

Here's the link:

Sent via my Oreo Z10 BBM Channel C001BC43C

Hmmm not too sure about abondoning that phys keyboard market, but ok. Lets wait and see :).

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

The market is abandoning the PKB, BlackBerry is simply responding to the market. I was scared to go with a Z10 after using PKB since the Treo 600 was released, but now I will never give up the screen real estate and BlackBerry's virtual keyboard is astounding.

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A bold move????? Ummm isn't this what LG and Samsung does... make cheap touchscreen phones

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Great news if this turns out to be true. BlackBerry needs to move away from physical keyboard altogether, I mean nobody really cares about it even the business customers are quite comfortable with virtual keyboards. BlackBerry needs to focus on the future and put the physical keyboard behind them.

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...Not true. I know plenty of legacy users that ONLY want a physical keyboard. Some also have play-phones for the weekend, but BlackBerry needs to keep this niche market IMO.

Of course, they also need to split wigs when it comes to performance touch models.

The goal should be to get people to stop using legacy devices and force them somehow to use BB10. A physical keyboard with a huge screen could be a good thing buy as it stands the Q10 with its small screen is just not attractive.

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I am one of those users.
Tried a z10. Fail reverted to 9900. Bought a Q10. Infuriates me at times but keyboard is great. Bought a z30 but reverted to q10 after 2 weeks.

And how many of these KB phone should they make? Enough to satisfy a handful of people? These phones cost money to develop and manufacture these phones. If they don't sell enough, the cost outweighs the benefits of placating 'legacy' users.

Unless you guys want to kickstart a fund and pay to develop and manufacture these devices yourselves.

Good move.. BlackBerry has realized the fact that there is a very small chunk of people who are hooked to physical keyboards.. and those who are, they will pay a good amount for the device

I still wish that they had implemented it in a way that we the users could deligate what is and isn't routed through BIS.

Stuff the masses.
And don't forget that 1% of a billion phones a year is still 10 million. Even if only one percent of users want a keyboard, there's a profit to be made there.

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A low cost unit is NOT what we should see.
With Z10 write-down, why not sell those?

We need a head-snapping beast that beats anything out there.
Only then will nay-sayers seriously consider the migration.

Finally someone over at BB finally gets it! PHYSICAL KEYBOARDS ARE OUTDATED. If you still don't want to believe look at how terrible the Q10 did. Anyway too little and way too late.

Plus, the Q10 users that I know came from bold 9900, and they said that the Q10 was WAY Faster, and liked many changes like the browser, but only didn't like it because it was not 'configurable' like their Bold was. Also, the text editor 'sucked' on 10.0.

BlackBerry had a rough go mainly because the bb10 OS was not mature enough to launch a successful replacement over BBOS; at least from many professionals/Gov't people that I have taked to.

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I'm sure this decision was made, due to the fact it would be too costly retooling for qwerty keyboard.

BGR is a joke...nothing but anti-BBRY troll fodder. I laugh at how that joke of a tech blog moderates the pro-BBRY posters yet lets the trolls run rampant like outlaws in the Wild West. SMDH

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Wait you all are surprised by what Gellar wrote. He is a certified BlackBerry hater. The only thing that he didn't bitch about in the article is the fact that the phone is black and square.

This is just BGR'S way to drive up page hits and bring out the trolls. This is not news, it is yellow journalism at its finest. I doubt Gellar has even used a BlackBerry 10 phone in his entire life.

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What a load of cr@p, non-information. I don't understand why Crackberry is parroting this "reporting". It really has as little information (less, I guess) as my report about the world's next baby child, it will be a girl. C'mon, what are the odds that the next device will be of the Q-series? What's inside, that's interesting!

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Is BB making the same mistake as with the Z10. Saving features will be a cheap price with a decent GUI and ability to run Android apps right off the bat . Those who don't learnt from history are bound to repeat it

I hope physical keyboards by BlackBerry NEVER phase out or die away. They are done best by BlackBerry. I have friends who are now Android users who *miss* the BlackBerry keyboard. I myself ditched my Lumia 820 for a Q5. I will never go back to a touchscreen keyboard if BlackBerry continues making physical ones.

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Physical keyboard over touch screen??? Come on! Really? Physical keyboard is so outdated and it is the reason blackberry fell so far behind everyone. Tell your Google friends that we have Q5s And Q10s and let's see if they will switch back.

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Yes, REALLY. What you like doesn't have to be what I like. Physical keyboard is something a lot of people love, so, just accept it.

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I'm glad the Jakarta won't have a physical keyboard. The keyboard on the Z10 is amazing. I'm not even typing, I just swipe the words up to the screen. It is such a time saver. Best keyboard of any phone out there today!

I love my Z10!

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Sounds like a Z5... they should try and get rid of the Z10's first.

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Proud to stand out in a sea of iPhones and Galaxies at Starbucks.

Here you go:

Happy to be queerty!

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Make a cheap budget phone with no keyboard and keep the q5 and make it abit bigger screen.

Once you have the hardware in place, keep updating the software and people can then start to know the model number of heart.

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

Can we please get a Z30 size device with a slider keyboard... BB is long know for its physical keyboard, lets get back to basics without sacrificing screen size. why is this so damn hard...

Good, I am glad the Jakarta won't be another prehistoric dinosaur physical keyboard phone with a tiny square screen! The world has moved on.

But calling the Q5 a low-cost phone? It should have been but not the way BlackBerry priced it, oops!

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK - Activated on BES10.2

While many may have moved on from "prehistoric devices with keyboards and tiny small screens", there are a select few that frequent this site (like myself) that prefer said "prehistoric" devices. The beauty of BBRY is they don't push out one device telling you what you want/need, they give customers a choice in form factor, high end vs low end, etc.

Posted via CB10

Rocking both, Q10 and Z10, both phones are beautiful devices in their own right and I like them both.

There is a market for "prehistoric devices", otherwise Seacrest would taking the iPhone back to the Jurassic (or the time of Noah, whatever you believe) with his "Typo" of a keyboard.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Don't know if this phone can succeed in that market without BIS. Seems like most of the reason legacy BB''s still sell there are for that reason. Could be another flop, but I hope not.

Android have a lot of low costs phones from many manufacturers. Why shouldn't Blackberry have a low cost device to compete. I like the idea. Waiting for the qwerty though :)

A low cost phone without a keyboard is certainly a good idea to increase market shares!

Posted via CB10

That move pretty much sealed their fate.
Bye BlackBerry I think it's finally over. The only leg left was the keyboard! The run will be ending soon but will be occurring at an even faster rate of decline

Posted via CB10

Why do you believe that? Not trolling you, but can you give one valid reason why BB is dependent on the keyboard for a low cost device?

Any of the low cost Androids depending on a keyboard? No.
They couldn't be that cheap anyway if you expect a quality keyboard experience. My 2 cents.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I'm always amused when some lame o gives us their pearls of wisdom by saying how the keyboard is ancient and one of the reasons BlackBerry is failing. Or that the keyboard on the Z10 is amazing and so superior. It was BlackBerry not having a newer ,faster OS that can run the latest hardware that was the main problem along with totally disregarding apps. The keyboard has always been a main selling feature. I make spelling and Grammer mistakes all the time, but they are mine. Both my girlfriend and I turned off predictive text and most other settings because of errors, unlike some on this site who just 'fly through texts ' and let predictive text change words without noticing or caring apparently . The main reason I think the Q10 is not selling well is the unfinished OS and lack of a track pad. It's like having a business grade desktop computer with no mouse and half of windows office installed. Just my 2cents.

Posted via CB10

I'm not saying the source is accurate, but I always assumed the decide would be touch. There's already a Q5, where'd they go from there? A Q2?

Also, people that want keyboards will automatically support BlackBerry. It's the all-touch market that we have to attack.

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Can we please get blackberry to start selling the z30 on their website please it's been out for over a month now sell it so people that want one can get it!!!!

Posted via CB10

You've spotted do "great" reporting there.

OS terrible? Has this dude actually used it?

No apps? I've got what I need.

No ecosystem? What does he mean by that? I have the feeling BB devs are looking after us, smaller user base it's more like family and they do not want to lose us.
No thanks to apps on other "ecosystems" that are one step short of demanding root permission for your device.

Total perceived usability of a smartphone is not solely based on app store count and hardware specs. At least for me... (am I alone?)

Rather pathetic piece of reporting. Shaking my head...

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Had my buddy with his Galaxy 4 over Saturday night and I was streaming ufc over wifi on the tv with my old Z10 (which his phone can't do) and showing off my leaked 10.2.1 leaked os running android apk's. His reaction was basically if the z10 would of looked the z30 and they got the word out about these features ( hdmi out and flash support) he would probably lots of other people would have BlackBerry's today.

BlackBerry Z30 on the Rogers network

Sorry about the spelling mistakes but the point was the Z10 did seem cheap and was very badly advertised.

BlackBerry Z30 on the Rogers network

To top it off, the week the Q10 came out here in Australia, there were LED billboards proudly advertising BB10 with the Q10 displayed "boldly" near the escalators.

Running around checking every electronics store in the shopping mall, I could not find a store that sold it. We'll, yeah, the Telstra shop had it outright for $800 flat.
At JB-HiFi only the white Z10 was on display, so I made a comment, and the dude opened his drawer. Pulled out a black Q10. Priced $649, sold it to me for $630.
End of Q-uest. One happy user.

The sorry story goes on with the unavailability of the Z30 on major US carriers (called "Verizon exclusive").

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

It's actually probably good it does not have a physical keyboard. The average Joe does not want one anymore. The cheap phones should all be touchscreen only. Then the top of the line ones should have both options. BES users still want the physical keyboard. - C00012735

Keyboard is a dying form for the smartphone. Almost all the employees in our office who have upgraded their Bold have gone with the Z10.

Posted via CB10

To all that come here to spam, or have other in tensions (apple) comes to mind, I don't understand why a company that is supposed to be a leader (that doesn't innovative in years sends out so many people Talking bad about blackberry what are they worrying about????????? Why do you idiots not think for yourselves????? Try things for a month first then comment.

Posted via CB10

If you are honest I bet you will change your mind, I did apple from start, but will never go back!!!!!!! Just try this bb10

Posted via CB10

The young people of today are the older earners of tomorrow. Engage them today for continued sales tomorrow. Simples!!!

Posted via CB10Zed30

Mike Lazaridis was just covering a short in the stock price ahead of the tax deadline. My brand new Q10 is amazing and BlackBerry will always have a physical keyboard in the mix.

Posted via CB10

This made my decision! I'll be changing to Q10 from Z10 this february. It will be a year since I owned my 1st blackberry. I was hoping there would be another High end model with qwerty keypads this year, but I guess blackberry will focus to strengthen their market share first rather to compete head on with Android & Apple (being Mr. Obvious)

Why do blackberry think that it's their hardware which makes them sell low.. I'm a BlackBerry user and the only reason I'm using BlackBerry is its hardware and security. But this os 10 belongs to 90s and BlackBerry developer should do something about it. Update it and add some cool stuff on it.

Posted via CB10

What's the phone on the left in that picture? It looks like a q5 but with silver edges or something, either way I quite like it.

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10. I have put it side by side to my friends iPhones, and it has out performed in every category. Anyone who is willing to pay $850 for an iPhone5s must have a lot if money to waste. I paid more than half the price, and I have a more powerful smartphone.

Posted via CB10

That is a smart move because interest is just starting to grow in Indonesia for the iPhone. If Blackberry can make a better device cheaper then that interest will fade fast. I went to Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Solo, and Yogyakarta this December and Blackberry has well over 95% of the market there as I could see. I had a hard time finding anyone that own a non-Blackberry device. I did however see way more BB7 devices than I did BB10, so Blackberry needs to expedite the transition so they do not lose their consumer base.

A good move by John Chen. But I think Blackberry would have been releasing a similar model like this much earlier.
Maybe show that Thorstein Heins was not so great in business strategy after all:
Saw that Windows Phone have increased in Indonesia to around 10 % recently according to IDC.
And Android is biggest.
Its a long time to april or may.

Good! Smart decision. This is what they should have been doing since the beginning! There is still a niche market for full QWERTY physical keyboard devices, but that market is shrinking rapidly.

This shows that BlackBerry is ready to move beyond the obvious, like they should have done long ago. But should and would won't solve their current woes!

I think that Mr. Chen seems to understand not only the big picture of what BlackBerry needs to do to turn around, if that is still possible, but he also sees the more nuanced details, something that Thorsten Heins Ketchup never could do.

I just hope it is enough.

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Isn't the Q10 the only BBRY phone that is actually selling in half decent numbers?

The Z10 is basically going to be a low end specced phone by the middle of next year. So this Jak phone is probably going to seem very familiar.

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If BlackBerry stop with their qwerty device then BlackBerry is nothing to me anymore. The only reason I stick with BlackBerry is the qwerty Q10!! That's the only reason, "qwerty". Think of it,BB10 App suck, Q10 screen is small, so the only reason that keep me using Q10 is because I love Qwerty keyboard phone. It's easy for me to type........

Posted via CB10

If BlackBerry think Z10 or Z30 touch screen device will help drive the market!!! Think of iPhone and Samsung. I think BB10 is way way behind in terms of the BB10 itself and the Apps suck.....BB10 just don't the App iPhone and Google have. And then BlackBerry stop developing the Playbook. So the range of product is competitive as well.

I try to have my Q10 transfer picture to my iPad "because there are instagram weather App on iphone" but can't be done.
Face it BlackBerry is drying because of it's softwear suck, it had nothing to do with the hardwear!!!!
If BlackBerry stop market the qwerty phone, then u will lose in everyway!!!!!

Posted via CB10

They should definitely think other idea... i love BlackBerry because for me it defined executive look.. if they will just make another cheap product then.... no hope! I wish they can think of something new.

Posted via z10

Finally something that can compete with the low-end, high-value Androids and Windows Phones that are selling like hotcakes. This is how you get market share and spread your OS. The key here is to sell it everywhere... not just in "emerging markets"