BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
By Adam Zeis on 14 Sep 2011 11:38 am EDT

The BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle

When I was using older devices I was always happy to have an extra battery at the ready thanks to my external charger. While the Bold 9780 didn't really need a spare battery given the great battery life, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900 don't share the same luxury. There are plenty of ways to increase your battery life, but sometimes even that's not enough. Thankfully the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle came to the rescue. This setup allows you to charge a spare battery at the same time you charge your device so you can always have a spare ready to go. 

The BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860 comes with everything you need to get rolling. Included is the external charger, microUSB splitter and spare JM-1 battery. The spplitter plugs into your current wall charger that came with your device so you can charge both your phone and the battery at the same time. You won't have to fumble for an extra outlet to charge this guy up so you'll save both time and effort. Drop the battery in the charger, plug it in and wait for the green light -- that's it! The battery charges up in about the same time as your phone (unless you use the PlayBook charger) and when it's done, just pull it off, stick it in your pocket, purse or briefcase and you'll have a fully charged spare battery ready to go. 

The BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle retails for $79.99 but you can get it for less at We're also giving away one battery charger bundle (details below). Keep reading for more images and info on this bundle.

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More Photos of the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger 

The Box - RIM is sticking to the same packaging for all accessories
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
The charger with battery - Pocket sized and ready to roll
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
The battery fits snug so no worry of it dropping out
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
Nothing fancy inside, just charging contacts for the battery
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
The JM1 battery

BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle Final Thoughts

To me this set is a must have if you are a power user on the go. While the battery life on the Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860 doesn't quite stack up to previous devices, you don't have to be left in the dark. Add this charger to your daily routine and you'll always have a spare battery on the go. You can even grab an extra extra battery and stay up and running even longer. 

Contest - Win a Free Battery Charger Bundle

To win a BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle of your own, just leave a single comment on this post letting us know how this bundle will help you day to day. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860



Just got mine yesterday with the charging pod :-) And im using the playbook charger and god this charger is fast!! A killer combo!

I have the 9900 and Playbook combo. Everyday I end up either bridging or tethering to my 9900 from my playbook to either check emails or listen to webcasts.

As you can imagine this eats up battery life especially on the phone. I usually have to limit my usage on the phone as you don't want to be caught with a low battery in an emergency situation like a broken down car, or a TIFF sighting with one of the crackberry mods (wink)...

An extra battery will go a long way to allowing me to be more productive with the RIMpire tools I have!!!

Still waiting for the white model to come out but in the mean time this would be nice to have while waiting.

I do alot of travelling by air or road so this bundle definitely would help me stay connected during long trips!

If I had this I would be able to spend twice as much time on my blackberry ! This means I would visit crackberry not once, but twice a day. Vote for Pedro!

When I get my 9900 (it's not on Wind Mobile Canada yet) I'll be using the wifi hotspot feature a lot, and an extra battery will keep my hotspot going for a long, long time!

What?? You mean I won't have to plug in my phone 2-3 times each day?? Wow, this is a definite must-have!

OMG! I soooo need this!
My batt always runs low halfway thru my day and it's always a hassle to find somewhere to charge my phone!
I am forced to run around my office asking if anyone has brought their charger/data cable, just to keep my BB running!
Pls CrackBerry, give me one of this!

I keep my phone plugged into m pc all day while at work to keep it goung, then when i go to casual mode for some bb gaming i usually have to plug my bb back in my the end of the night. I could easily go through 3 batteries a day.

It will help me through the day........ I work outdoors and stream baseball games on MLB at Bat. This is murder on a battery. Would definitely help.

I listen to a ton of podcasts on the 9930, and now with fantasy football season in full swing my BlackBerry only leaves my hands to sleep. This could help make sure I'm going strong all day every day.

I seem to be on my phone constantly reading, and while I'm one of the unlucky AT&T customers who haven't been shown any love as of yet, I will certainly be purchasing the 9900 when it does arrive at AT&T. Because of the constant use of my 9700, I can certainly see a need for an extra battery for the 9900.

I would love one of these! It would be super helpful on a daily basis but especially on the days I have to go to school then I have to go to work immediately after. I recently broke my car charger so I can no longer rely on charging while I commute and my professors don't like for us to use our laptops in class so charging my phone while in class is't always an option either.

It would be great to finally be able to charge my phone when I'm away from an outlet.. Thanks for another great contest.

This can help me because i use my phone a lot and i can charge the spare battery and the phone at the same time and I will have both fully charged and I can enjoy all day my bold :D so I would like to get it

This would definitely help me out while working. I like to stream some form of sports talk, or podcasts. It gets to be a pain trying to run around getting stuff done and look for a spot to charge my BB as I go.

It would help on those long days, so I don't have to run around looking for an outlet to charge my phone. Hopefully I win!

I really love that both the Bold 99x0 and the Torch Touch 98x0 have the same battery. We have 2 Bolds and one Torch Touch and this would be great so that we never run out of juice. Thanks for the chance to win.

I am always on the go whether in my full time paid job as a museum director & professional archaeologist for an academic museum or in my non-paid position as mayor pro tem of a small town in New Mexico. Since getting my 9850 this past Monday I have had to stop and charge it at least 2 times per day because the battery life doesn't approximate the battery life of the Storm 9550 battery. I love the phone! i just need better battery life.

Having the dual battery and phone charger will simplify my life greatly. Rather than leave my phone behind to charge and risk missing an important phone call, text, or email from anyone in the Town government or my staff at the museum, I will be able to easily pop in a charged battery and continue on. Plus it's portable and sleek, meaning I can easily stow it in my purse as I travel.

I'd love to be selected to win this device!

When I am driving long distances with my 'Berry, having an extra battery all charged up and ready to go with me would really help! Pick me!

This would be great on those busy days when I'm going from early morning to well after midnight so I don't have to worry about stopping to charge my battery in the middle of the day.

I REALLY NEED TO WIN THIS ONE! I definately need to win because I've been using my dx series battery charger for my j series battery by removing the top lid and using a rubber band to hold the battery in place.. Which actually worked well til it burned out my only spare battery and almost caught my house on fire! Please CrackBerry team, I need your help with this one. My 9930 is begging you!-+-BLD$HD+189-+-

Great to have when you forget to recharge in the hotel room while on travel and have a full day ahead.

Hello Crackberry, does this work if i connect it to my regular charger directly or it would need the splitter all the time? grazie

Double the battery equals double the productivity and double the BlackBerry goodness!! Thanks for another great contest Crackberry!!

Working 2 jobs means I have to be real creative in keeping my 9930 charged to make it through the day. I have 2 extra batteries, but keep have to switch them out to recharge when I can.

Desperately need one of this as the reception in my office is the pitts and eats up the battery fast. I had one for my 9650 so I've been anxious to find the same fix for my new Bold.

Going from pickering to down town toronto then back to school to north yourk is a long trip with no wheir to charg up!

Contest me please. I've been waiting for this since I got the 9930. I had the spare battery charger for my 9550 and always kept a spare battery in the charger in my day bag for work at all times. Came in very handy during conferences and long work days on the road. For some reason, wall outlets at many of the hotels I had conferences in were always sparse. I hope to use this one in the same way.

I'm always frustrated when traveling trying to keep 2 batteries charged without being tethered to a power outlet duing the day to charge one whilst simultaneously using it. This is the perfect solution!

I'm in the habit of forgetting to charge my device overnight...thankfully I have it set to power down at night, but that still doesn't leave me much juice in the morning, even if I plug it in during my morning rituals. This would be very handy, especially as I'm just now trying to decide whether I tell my IT guy to get me a 9900 or an 8610.

i am a college student and i rely heavily on my blackberry from class to class, and then i need my blackberry to stay on even after when i go to various meetings and appointments. the blackberry j series extra battery charger bundle would greatly, GREATLY help me out. thanks crackberry!

Looking great!!! Since the battery life in OS 7 is not so good, getting a spare battery and charger is a must.

How would it help? Very simple: would not have to worry about running out of power. With my daily long phone calls, and moving around in and out of areas with different signal strength coverage I need to charge my 9700 every evening. And the power management problem is holding me back from getting the 9900. This sweet pack would make the decision much simpler :)

This will be helpful in my line of work. I go to different offices and have long travel times at that! This will be so awesome! The company vehicle I am using, doesn't have a working cig lighter port :(

I always "need" lots of BlackBerry accessories. I never seem to have the same requirement for other phones. I guess it is part of the CrackBerry...ahem, BlackBerry...addiction.

Step one is admitting I have a prob...ooh, doughnuts!!

As probably the only 9900 user in London at the moment having the charger on my desk would look pretty awesome!

Bad signal in the hills of the mountians where I live and I charge when I can but can't go beyond that, an extra battery would be the trick to work my blackberry into shape when its low.

There are sooo many ways this would help, but it would be very useful while taking notes in class and/or while playing games so I don't fall asleep in back of the room. ;)

I am going to india next month and would love to be able to always have power since I am also selling my residence at the same time and need to always be in touch. So please....

Plain and simple..... The battery life of my Bold 9900 is ridiculous!! I am not able to charge it as often as most people so I get stuck with a dead battery too often. worse of all is I cant afford to buy a spare battery at the moment

Wow, the timing of this giveaway is just perfect. I recently upgraded from a non-smartphone to a Blackberry 9850. Part of my decision to get the 9850 is the user replaceable battery, which would allow me to have one battery charging while using the other. This is important since while traveling, I'm not necessary staying in the most secure places (where I can leave the phone plugged into the wall while I'm out). It also allows me the luxury to have a spare on hand, just like the way I treat my camera batteries, one in the camera and one charging.

Thanks for the review and giveaway!

This would really come in handy now that I've decided to stick with my new Berry as my main phone line!!
Hope I win it..

will definitely help me out throughout my day. keep being worried about the phone being dead before i finish my daily routine, but with this, i would not be worried anymore

Nice, With that i can keep on going all day long. Not having to go home after work to recharge my BB before going to the bar would be great :-)

When you live here in Vegas and you're down on The Strip on a regular basis, you need to stay connected. It's a must in this town as commerce changes frequently here...

...if you visit this town on your vacation, you definitely know what I mean.

Thank you for this amazing contest =)

This would be perfect for traveling with. I could really use this kind of set up....I am the guy always looking for an outlet in the airports....this would really save me!

its amazingly helpful when i have long days of traveling and tons of emails and bbms coming through. i used to use my old 9630 to charge my spare battery when i had my 9650 but now that they switched it up. i dont have either and its killer when i use my blackberry soo much and i have to try and keep it on the wall charger.

This would be awesome since I sometimes show our video work waiting in line at the grocery store or somewhere and my battery runs out before 6pm!

I works 12 hour shifts at a time, and im always need to charge my bold 9900. If i had this unit i wouldn't have this problem.

I live in an area with poor coverage so combining my power hungry 9930 with roaming = constant battery issues. Pick me I would love this.

My newborn son came yesterday morning, my new torch 9850 came yesterday afternoon, the only thing that could make it even better is if I won something for mt torch! It would help me with my day to day when I'm out in the field and can't get somewhere to plug in and charge my battery.

I've owned four blackberries now and for every single phone I've bought a spare battery for it. It's great to know that I have the juice to make as many calls and emails, texts I want. Plus a bit of texas hold'em poker and web browsing but the real reason is for emergencies, before my blackberries I've been stranded in an elevator for several hours without anyone knowing, I've been in a major car accident out in the middle of nowhere and had to sit around for hours before I could wave down a vehicle near by... all because my phone was dead. I'm crossing my fingers I win this extra battery! love you!

Couldn't have lived without one of these for my 8900, and now with a 9900 it's even worse... Given the battery life of the 9900 i'm gonna need to carry 2 extra batteries!

i can't make it thru 6hrs with only 1 battery for my 9860. this would help me a ton! plus i can't find any place on the interweb that has these in stock!

OMG!!!!!!! i wish i can win this because i frequent go out for camping n hiking n my bb always run low on battery, it means I'm always out so i don't really have time for me to charge it so i wish i can gt a extra battery for my self. n i also frequent get emergency call from company to go out so i really need a backup battery.

I could have used that last night. Out of town and had to do some banking transactions. Rushing to do them before my phone died...Battery on Red...

I need this to make it through my work day, walking around without a permanent desk to charge my phone with.

this battery would help crack up my 9900 with extra juice. Will help me a long way be it at school or at play. crackberry best forum for any bb related issues/news

this battery would help crack up my 9900 with extra juice. Will help me a long way be it at school or at play. crackberry best forum for any bb related issues/news

Would help me crack up ny bb9900. with all these extra juice it will help me at work or at play.

because I chat alot with my BBM contacts and send and receive picture messages also, my 9900 battery life has been more than ridiculous like the new OS and everything but, I miss my 9780 alot as never had to recharge until I was home. I am always looking for a play to use my charger and the car charger only helps if I am in my car . just is just what I need. wont have to do all these too many things anymore because I am using my BB.

I travel a lot on hired taxi or bus. I alway bridge or tether my Playbook with my 9900. Need extra juice to keep me not boring during the trip.

I work 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and it's tough to get through the day when my bb 9900 dies on me near the end of the day!! This charger pack would be awesome!! Thanks CB!

I'd just love to get the extra battery charger bundle for my Bold 9900 as I use the phone quite a lot and frequently have to charge it on the go.
Besides getting a much needed spare battery, I wouldn't need to leave the phone charging, which for me would be the best benefit!

Thanks for the contest.

Having a heavy work load kills my battery not to mention i work in low coverage areas so my poor battery suffers.

By 4-5pm I'm on the red with my 9900 :( I could certainly use an extra battery to get me through the rest of the day :-)

It would allow me to actually use the phone as much as I want without worrying about killing the battery before I get near a charger.

I would have liked the phone to be a bit thicker to allow for a bigger battery. I believe this was a bit of an oversight on RIMs part.

So hopefully I'll win this!!!!

yes! this would really help without having to hunt for a place to charge my phone when running around doing errands..and going nuts when needing to contact somebody but the phone has run out of battery!

I could so use this, I get one opportunity in the day to charge my phone so having a fully charged spare would be ideal! I am always either on foot or on the tube so a car charger wouldn't help! Good look to all for winning the bundle!

I'm a vet tech. I am on the move and use my phone constantly to text clients, call them with updates. I would be able to switch out the battery instead of having to leave my 9930 charging on the desk. I could do my job more efficiently and take better care of patients-and their owner's. Thanks for a chance!

this would definitely be a handy tool for long work days, and espically while travelling when a power source is sometimes hard to find...

thanks CB

Would love to have this. My one complaint with my 9930 is the battery life. My phone is permanently attached to my ear and am on it all day long. Pick me please!

Wow! Thanks for the chance to win CrackBerry! Not only would the J-series Extra Battery Charger Bundle help me be more productive, sometimes it would also boost my safety when I am driving in snowy isolated areas during the night.

Hope i win because i always forgot to charge my phone when i'm busy, and i hate the feeling when i have to leave home with less than 90% on my phone.

I always have to give my 9900 some juice on the drive home from work. When I'm carpooling, I can't so the extra battery would come in handy. Thanks

im a high school student who wakes up at 6 and takes my phone i don't get home until 11 sometimes due to homework or sports, i would be so grateful if i won

this would help sooo much on the long days. i take the phone off the charger around 5m and through heavy use typically put it on the charger at one point during the day. key word is "typcially", it's a long ride home (about 2 1/2 to 3hrs) and it's even longer wondering if the phone will make it.
i could use this to charge the spare battery at the same time as the real battery since if I get home late it's always a shuffle and juggle to charge one then the other.
thanks CB

This would definitely help me get through the day as in my line of work where having to move from one place to another with public transport just disabled me from plugging in. the wall and plug can't get to me me and the laptop is just too precious to drain due to the need for it to stay on while meeting the clients. Sometimes it is just too hard to choose because i need them both ON.. thanks CB for holding this contest. Count me in.

This bundle would help me at work. I'm on my feet all day and have several floors to cover. It is a big inconvenience to plug my phone in. Carrying an extra battery in my pocket would be great!

This would be sooo perfect. I don't know how I'm expected to work through a full day when my battery dies at lunch from all the usage. First thing in the morning is always the most boring part of the day. ;)

I have to carry a berry for work.. I've had almost every major revision since the early 5790. I don't remember if the 8100 Pearl was the first one with an external charger, but I got it for that one and every other blackberry I've owned since. I've tried external "juice boxes" but I figure if I have to carry something around why not let it be a fully charged battery? Oh and what? I left my house with a fully charged berry a fully charged battery in my bag and one battery charging at home so when I get in and have to run right out to my son's TKD class I have yet a full charge? Can't beat it!

When things get hectic, I can't always remember to plug in my BB. A backup battery would save me at least a couple of times per week.

I do not like adjusting my schedule around my phone's battery life, so having the extra juice - without the worry - would make my life much easier and less stressful. Thank you!

This would be a great addition to the torch I will be upgrading to. I don't know how many times I've had to recharge my battery part way through the day. Would be great to have a backup.

I'd rather have a dock that charges both my phone and the extra battery just I have now with my 9700. Hopefully the new QNX "superphones" actually have HDMI out so that hopfully they make a dock that exits to a tv, that'd be awesome!

Well, this bundle will help me save electricity as I am constantly charging and always forgetting to switch off the plug.. What's really great is that the splitter will allow me to charge both my phone and the battery simultaneously! How cool is that?
Thank you BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for my Bold 9930.
I really appreciate it.

Jonathan Kopycinski


I out all day and my battery runs out fairly quickly. This'll help be avoid running around finding a place to change the phone.

For working professionals you need 2 of these (3 total batteries) for a perfect life. Place one in your SUV/vehicle and one in your office. Never have to charge the phone directly again...Change out the battery instead of charging it in the phone and get a fresh reboot with a fresh battery each time. Did this with the original hockey puck, 8830 World, Tour, and now the Bold. RIM hasnt changed enough yet to not do it this way....Never worry about a weak/dying/dead or slow BB again...use all those old BB stands you have to put the Bold in on your desk...

Planning and productivity go hand in hand. Power should not be compromised and this system allows the Blackberry to stand up to the challenge of being used more and more and more. Also allows blackberry people to cut the apron strings of the cord and use the phone as mobile as it was intended.

I am in love with the Bold 9900 since receiving this week. It is truly the finest BB ever released. The only black eye is the battery life. Hopefully, BB will release some OS upgrades that improve the battery life. In the meantime, this product is definitely the solution. I most need my Bold in the evening when driving home from work taking many business calls. The ability to drop in a freshly charged battery will ensure productivity and maximize that wonderful Bold's usefullness.

I am constantly on my phone (don't have a house phone) as I travel (I am always in my car) and conducting business through calls, emails, and texts. The J-Series Extra Battery Charger would help alleviate many of my fears of battery life.

This is a great idea! Props to crackberry for this chance to win! The would help me from being tethered to my desk while my phone is charging the battery! Would be great to be free to move around the house!