BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
By Adam Zeis on 14 Sep 2011 11:38 am EDT

The BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle

When I was using older devices I was always happy to have an extra battery at the ready thanks to my external charger. While the Bold 9780 didn't really need a spare battery given the great battery life, the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Bold 9900 don't share the same luxury. There are plenty of ways to increase your battery life, but sometimes even that's not enough. Thankfully the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle came to the rescue. This setup allows you to charge a spare battery at the same time you charge your device so you can always have a spare ready to go. 

The BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860 comes with everything you need to get rolling. Included is the external charger, microUSB splitter and spare JM-1 battery. The spplitter plugs into your current wall charger that came with your device so you can charge both your phone and the battery at the same time. You won't have to fumble for an extra outlet to charge this guy up so you'll save both time and effort. Drop the battery in the charger, plug it in and wait for the green light -- that's it! The battery charges up in about the same time as your phone (unless you use the PlayBook charger) and when it's done, just pull it off, stick it in your pocket, purse or briefcase and you'll have a fully charged spare battery ready to go. 

The BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle retails for $79.99 but you can get it for less at We're also giving away one battery charger bundle (details below). Keep reading for more images and info on this bundle.

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More Photos of the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger 

The Box - RIM is sticking to the same packaging for all accessories
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
The charger with battery - Pocket sized and ready to roll
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
The battery fits snug so no worry of it dropping out
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
Nothing fancy inside, just charging contacts for the battery
BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle
The JM1 battery

BlackBerry Battery Charger Bundle Final Thoughts

To me this set is a must have if you are a power user on the go. While the battery life on the Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860 doesn't quite stack up to previous devices, you don't have to be left in the dark. Add this charger to your daily routine and you'll always have a spare battery on the go. You can even grab an extra extra battery and stay up and running even longer. 

Contest - Win a Free Battery Charger Bundle

To win a BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle of your own, just leave a single comment on this post letting us know how this bundle will help you day to day. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle for Bold 9930 / 9900 and Torch 9850 / 9860



Why can't it charge two devices at once. I ordered two of these from Crackberry. I still will be thrilled when the arrive, but I am a little disappointed that, should I want to, I can't plug two devices in at once. Why is that?

Definitely need this one. My battery only lasts about 8 hours of power use and I've already tried replacing it with not much difference. This would be a lifesaver!

Definitely help me out since I'm out & about all day long then I work overnights and my phone s pretty much drained :(

I would love this it would help me out cause I use alot the navagition system with my blackberry. And am always running out of battery. This let's you charge two battery at once is pretty sweet.

I wouldn't mind winning....but I see two problems with this bundle.....

1) if your outlet you are plugging into is a little on the high side (above a counter), then the short cord, meant for the battery charger, could just dangle, and only be held up by the "strength" of the connection itself.

2) Personnally, what would be better to me is to make the charger a little thicker and have self contained, foldout power plugs. Then you just pop the charger and a battery into any ol outlet. At least the choice would be nice.

Like yourself, I too have always went out and gotten a desktop charger and a couple spare batteries.. you never know when and where you'll need to swap out... long trips, a few days away from home.. This will help me in that..

Bought one and the company paid for it for the work phone. So if I get this I'll donate it to a co-worker or something. It'll work out well. Thanks.

will definitely help me out throughout my day. keep being worried about the phone being dead before i finish my daily routine, but with this, i would not be worried anymore

A long day on and off Military ships strains the antenna and ultimately my battery life. This would be a huge plus!!

It would be a huge help. I have to constantly carry a charger in my pocket when out of the vehicle. Love my bb 9930 but the battery life..another story...

The bundle would help me keep a fresh battery when one doesn't make it through the day. The Winner!

Running a full day at University and carrying my charger all the time helps but majority of the time there isn't any outlet thats available. Second battery pre-charged and ready to go would be awesome!

This would help me when going a full day at the hospital. Never in one spot long enough to sit around charging my phone.

When I'm home my extra battery for my Tour goes everywhere with me. It came in handy over this past month with Hurricane Irene and all the flooding we received on the East Coast. Last winter when we got 6+feet of snow, it saved me when I was stranded at work for 25 hours because my car couldn't make it home and no one was allowed out on the roads so I made sure to pack my spare battery just in case.

A spare battery also saves me when I go on vacation because I can usually only charge my phone in the morning before the start of my day and by the time I get back to my room, sometimes between 10p-1a, the battery in my phone is usually empty and I'm already half way through my second/spare battery.

I'm getting ready to purchase the Bold 9930 in the next couple weeks so having a spare battery already ready will really help me!

I had one of these for my bold 9650 and I miss it. Need one now for my bold 9930. I loved not ever having to charge my phone just switching batteries, that's how it would help me!

I'll need one of these to make it through my workday as I'm never near a charger and run even the 9700 down to 20% or less some days! Plus I need something to stare at until AT&T releases the 9900 :D

this would definitely help me abuse my bb without having to constantly worry about the juice left in my battery!

This would be so amazing. I hate having to carry a charger with me everyday looking for an outlet. Having two batteries would solve this easily and being able to charge 2 at the same time is exactly what I need.

Thanks CB, always great giveaways

Work, school, and play massively drains my battery. In meetings, at my desk, or in the classroom, the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger will give me the power I need to continue to use my BlackBerry and feed my CrackBerry addiction!

This bundle will alleviate my fear of being more than 20 feet away from a charger on those really busy days.

This is awesome. I had an external charger for my Storm 2, and I never had to worry about running out of juice away from a charger. I'd love to have one for my 9930 battery.

I love my 9900 but the only issues that i have is that it doesn't last the entire day.

This would really help me keep the phone fully functional with this charger and the extra battery.

Thank you and good luck to all the contestants

Glad RIM saw the need to have a separate battery charger unit for the 9900/30 and 9850/60. I'll be picking one up! I'm charging twice a day most of the time. I even bought a 4xAA unit with a USB out so I can charge my phone. Burns AA batteries so I will use it only in a pinch.

Need a spare battery because there is a company that actively disrupts cell service for their employees in the area where I work. So my battery get smashed with the quickness. Can't get through an 8hr work day w/o attaching the umbilical cord to the car. Then I forget the phone is not in my holster and sitting on my center console when I jump outta the car! When I'm not working in that area or if I'm off, the battery is relatively ok. Plus having an extra battery on this model isn't as bad as previous models since it boots soo much faster!

Please pick me! i just gave away the same setup i had for my 9650. I need this badly for work as i monitor a 24/7 support services inbox.....pretty please! thanks!

I am a night owl, and when I travel this becomes more of stress on my new Bold 9930. This bundle would give me more flexibility and usability for those heavy days, which are becoming more and more frequent!

I work long 12 hour days and at times am on the road for all of it and my phone is my lifeline! This would help me out greatly when my phone is about to die and my charger is not available

This would totally save my butt on days when I need to charge my phone 3 times from all the talking, BBMing and emails! I've always thought having an extra battery on hand is the way to go since you never know if you're going to have access to a wall outlet or if you're going to be in your car long enough to give it enough juice.

Man this thing would be sweet. I live in an area with poor reception so a single charge for me does not last me a day. I know my 9930 can make it through a day because should I spend much of my time in an area with good reception, battery life is great.

This would make my life much easier =D

Would help me cos the 9900 doesn't last me through the day and I get back late after setting out from home early in the morning.

I listen to the music on my 9860 while at work and çan definitely use an extra battry to keep me rocking all day.

Picking up my 9900 tomorrow. Have the external charger and extra battery for my 9700 (bought at CrackBerry, of course.)

This is just one of the reasons I have a BlackBerry! Removable battery, memory, LED, Sound Profiles, to name a few. Still waiting for multiple alarms, though, without having to add tasks or calendar entries, or 3rd party apps. Maybe in OS 12?

This would make my heavy use of my BB BEYOND easy. No more staying close by a wall outlet until I am at home. This would be awesome!

I could use this. I work out of town, so lots of highway driving everyday. However I carpool so it would be nice to know you have a spare ready to go just incase. Would beat carrying the car charger everytime it's someone else turn to dirve.

The spare battery charger is a must have. I have always had one for any BB I owned. It gives me peace of mind knowing that no matter what I do or what happens I will not run out of power for my Bold.

I ordered two of these from Crackberry to be delivered tomorrow. Would love a third. I ordered two of the pods from Crackberry as well. Got those, and then won a third. Now I have what I need, especially if I win this. Love Crackberry.

I travel to different cities on a daily basis for work and university. Since the 9900 doesnt have the excellent battery like my 9700, i would love to have this charger as i find myself locked down to a charger port for an hour until my battery recharges. i work in IT to it requires me to constantly leave my desk unattended through the day and risk getting my phone stolen. I love this device but the battery is just not the same as it use to be. This charger would help me out a whole lot. Im a student who works enough to just make money to get by and dont have a $80 more to dish out for this phone. Good luck to all the contestants!

It'll allow me to browse the web & play games without worrying about battery life. The quick start-up time in between swapping batteries won't be as bad when compared with previous BBs.

This would definitely help for the long and extra long days, no need to worry about missing info or not being able to do things for a dead or dying phone.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and BlackBerry!

I have never won anything and for this battery charger to be my first it would be a great item! I love my blackberry and while the whole world around me is switching away I stay loyal! But I need another battery so that my phone can stay on to be loyal with. Thanks!!!

My battery usually run very low before my work day end, usually in the evening. With this battery, I am able to stay out of office with a peace of mine, knowing that I can respond on my work email anytime.

My battery usually run very low before my work day end, usually in the evening. With this battery, I am able to stay out of office with a peace of mine, knowing that I can respond on my work email anytime.

This is simple. I want it to continue checking in on Crackberry for the latest and greatest Blackberry developments. GIMME!

8330 - 8530 - 9630 - 9650 - PlayBook - 9930!
Once you go Bold, you never go back...

Some days I just make it on my battery. If I have a long day of service calls and long wait times with tech support, this battery charger will give me the confidence I need to make it through.

I'm planning on getting the new Torch soon and definitely need a backup battery. I take and upload pics and vids as a part of my volunteer work and have been carrying around a back up with my current Torch but now that I am upgrading will need this for sure.

I'm pretty good most days, but on days when I get really busy and especially on weekends I could really use a back up battery at the ready and a way to charge the one I just

This "win" would help me stay connected doing all BlackBerry functions without skipping a beat. For example, I was at the Ke$ha / LMFAO concert and snapping photos (appropriately choosing sport mode to capture fast, multiple shots) and taking videos of my favourite songs. I ended up having to shut down the cellular radio to conserve battery three quarters of the way through the concert, so I couldn't post on Facebook etc., so no big deal. The battery was at yellow then at the red bar for so long I was afraid I'd miss out capturing the last few shots. As the concert ended, I tried turning the cellular radio back on and my 9900 humourously told me "not enough battery to turn on radio at this time" or something like that. Overall, I was satisfied, but felt somewhat let down too...that's life.

I definitely will not be worried about how much I use it. Especially if I am going out after work and want it to last well into the late night

This is a must have accessory. My 9930 would love a companion on those week long business trips ;) 2Xs the life...yes!!!!

I'm in college and I need this cause my bold 9930 just won't hold up for all that late night partying!

Spend lots of time in the field without access to a charger, yet on the phone. An extra battery to charge up at night would definitely help.

Guys, you really dont have 60 bugs left to buy one? You have to whine here to get one for free? I would say, a little bit degrading.

This would definitely help me get through the day as where i work currently has horrible signal due to all the giant skyscrapers surrounding my workplace. With my phone jumping in and out of signal it is usually dead after 5hrs, so having an extra battery would at least get me home on the train, have to watch something during the 2hr train ride.

Thanks Crackberry for the great contest.

Until Seidio makes an extended life battery for the 9850 (and new battery door and charger to fit and case to fit) this makes the best of a bad situation. I'm not a heavy user by any means but the short battery life of 9850 is pitiful. My wife is actually keeping her 9530 until there's a better resolution and that's desperation!

I have a bold 9900 and it is the first blackberry that is giving me worries about battery life.
Typical day: remove blackberry from charger when I wake up time is 8:00 AM. Prepare to go to work have my daily bagel and before I leave home it is already 92 % of battery !
Arrive to work lot of calls lot of meetings and emails some bbm and whatsapp lunch break I am at around 50%. By the time I get to the end of the day which is 6-7 PM I am lucky if I have 15 % left that is when the battery bundle comes in handy ! replenish with a fully charged battery and continue to my evening. Dining having a drink chat with friends without any worries about my blackberry dying on me !
Thanks Kevin and Crackberry for these contests !

would love to win this !!

it'll help me get through the day
i like to use IM messengers like bbm, im+, fb, twitter, whatsapp, etc all the time, i also use social feeds, browse and have lots more apps im using daily, also.. email, sms and all that stuff
kills my battery ! ; )

so with this bundle it'll help me get through the day ^^

something I've always needed to get through those busy days when I see my battery dying and no charger in would definitely help due to the extensive use of my phone on a day to day basis....calls, music player, constant web browsing, social media and map use, not to mention pictures and to go document editing/ would eliminate that "not again" factor

Good luck everyone! ^_^ This would help me a lot when my 9850 comes in today. I'm a pretty moderate user, so I need to make sure I have enough power to last throughout the day because I get constant emails for school and lots of web researching for classes.

Don't ever want to have a dead battery while driving in the boonies where I live. I'd keep this in my car or on me at all times!

this is one of the things i like best about blackberrys, accessories that boost productivity and play. the j cable is just what i need to charge a spare battery while my phone sits beautifully in the 9900 charging pod. this combo would be just what i need to maintain the websurfing, emailing, bbm-ing productivity machine. i cant wait to win.

I need to have an extra bettery because I LOVE and if I run out of batteries I can't RELIGIOUSLY check this site!

Pick me please for my Bold 9900! This extra battery will be useful when I am at school for sure.

This battery bundle will help me as i use my BlackBerry all day everyday and to get thru it i have to get juice wherever i can (intense user) i use a lot of email, bbm ,browsing the internet , Facebook games if have any chance i also have it linked to my playbook and car so it drains pretty fast this will help me reduce stress when i'm on 20% of battery D: i hope i win this :D

I work a lot (13-14hr days) and with having kids, i use my phone for EVERYTHING! Work, social, family life, constant communications with one person or another. You name it i am probably doing it with my phone. My BB is pretty much glued to my hand out of necessity with a little bit of fun added in there when i can! An extra battery and charger would be awesome, it would allow me to stay mobile and not have to worry so much about when i can squeeze a few minutes in to actually stay still and "plug up". :o)

This Bundle will help me stay connected 24/7 because I'm on the road a lot after work =)

"...There is no need for a reason to help..."

This would be helpful because I could use the dual cable for an overnight charge on my 9930, so I'd always leave the house with a fresh battery, then I could swap for another fresh one when I get home and get on my wifi for more surfing.

I have not been all too happy with the battery life of my 9900 compared to my 9700. I find it does not always last the entire day with 30 minutes of phone calls and receiving 50 or so emails and sending about 20.

Because my car does not have continuous auxiliary power when not running,I would wire this directly to my car battery and put it in the battery compartment in the trunk. That way when I need a swap, I could just go in my trunk and know there is a fully charged battery there.

Without my car charger I would be lost in the "no power zone" with my new Torch 9850. Winning this would help me tremendously.

This would definitely be helpful. A lot of days I'm fine, but I get a day every couple weeks even with my normal routine that I'm pushing it by the end of the day. Probably would be most valuable for trips, though, which is every couple weeks.

Wow! With this I wouldn't have to worry about how much juice my phone has left. It's a quick way to recharge and the small charger makes it very easy to carry around.

RIM has to fix the problem with the weak battery on the 9900, not to sell expensive additional gadgets to enable the customers to work with their phones normaly!

The charger/batt combo will certainly help extend the life of my new 9930. Great BB but it needs help on power. That would be an awesome addition to my new sweet BB. I'll get more done in a day without charging down time.

It would be so awesome to pop a new battery in my 9900 and continue using it while the other one is charging up. Would increase my phones useability ten fold.

i work 12 hour shifts in an ambulance in brooklyn and my 9900's battery just wont make it without charging... this would be a godsend!

I would love to win one of these. I work in the field as a tech for a cable company and it's difficult to be able to charge my phone throughout the day so having an extra charged up battery would be awesome!

Excellent,just came back to BB and bought the 9850, now I would love to snag some accessories.
Thank you

Definitely help me out since I'm student & then I work overnights and my phone s pretty much drained! WANT TO WIN!!!!

I'm having to keep my phone on the charger every chance I get whether in the Office or in my Car, I could really use this Blackberry J-series extra battery charger for my Torch 9850.
Many of whom I work with would want to buy this bundle when they see mine.

I've been waiting forever for this kit to come out. Just got back from vacation a week ago. I really could have used this when I was out of town. I used a similar setup with my 9650. Extra battery is essential if you work in the field like I do. Just slap the back cover to the BB off, pop out old battery, put in freshly charged one.Drop the exhausted battery in the charger case. plug it in to your wall or car charger. No worries.

This bundle will help me day to day because my battery never last the hold day so just having a spare would come in handy plus since i'm always on the go i can carry it in my car.

absolutely love my 9900 and this spare battery and charger would just increase my love for my device and keep me crackberrying through the night.

I need this bundle so I can unleash the full potential of my 9930 and Playbook bridged together without any battery woes!

OK, I've never won a contest in my life, but if i don't win this one I'll be extremely disappoint.

This would come in super handy once the mobile hotspot feature is activated- as I'm sure that'll be a battery killer!

on my bold 9900 I always run out of battery juice before i arrive home, that extra battery charger would be a life saver, very elegant i might add.... :D

Working on my feet Al day as a teacher, I have very little time to charge my new torch 9850 during the day. I would love an battery bundle to help me get through my day. Thanks brian.

this would come in handy when leaving from work to school for the evening...just pop in a fresh battery and last the whole evening!

With all the weather changes, conspiracies, and an earthquake due in California soon, I would rely on my Blackberry more than ever to stay up to date on news and events, on the go. Plus the spare battery could fit in my wallet.

If during an emergency I decide to yank the ac adapter and run, but later realize I just yanked off the extra cable that came with my J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle (which fits better in the pocket anyhow) I could now charge two Blackberries if I were to ever find a person charging theirs.

I would really love to win this Battery my current job allows me to work in the field most of the time and it really freaks me out whenever the battery on my BlackBerry Bold 9900 is too low for I won't be able to get emails from my boss and clients. Have this Battery by my side will really help me with my job.

Thanks CrackBerry
______ and BlackBerry Rocks

Coming from a 9700, the battery life on the 9900 is abysmal. I am disappointed on the battery life. I would love to win this charger bundle so I could use this device during the day without having to worry about the battery dying.

This extra battery and charger will help me so much when I get emails from my clients and family on those long business trips!!!

count me in! This would save me from getting left out of the loop when night time hits and my battery is drained.

This would totally help me when I am away from my office, home and car during all of the long hours of humanitarian work that I do.

I'm up for it. Would love to extend the user time. It would be cool if they came out with a case that would also hold the second battery.

I would love to get my hands on of these :) i'm having 15hr daily worktime, so there's no way to not charge my phone while work. A Second battery charged would increase my mobility big time!

On the weekends, when I'm not charging my BB at my desk, this would be invaluable. Also for going on trips. I use my phone for everything, BB Messenger, Talking, Games, texting, and taking pictures; the whole shebang. Just like my regular camera, I would love to carry an extra battery with me. It's the only thing about smartphones that sucks a little, running outta juice. Who doesn't need one of these?

I work graveyard so this would help me make it those extra more hours I need to make it from noon til the next morning without any worries of having a dead battery

Finally, a spare battery with charger!!!!! I'm on the go for what seems like 25/8 and this would relieve so much stressing about loosing battery life.

Thanks for this contest!!!

Would love one of these! Hate having to be "routine" with my usage. If I kill my 9930 on the go I want to be able to pop this in and carry on with my life.

what a stupid invention.... why not just have a re-chargeable portable battery because who really has the time to swap battery's why not just have a device which you can charge which is small and it has a wire to charge your balckberry....

Even if i did win please don't send this to me because i would not want it they have way better devices out there which get the job done more efficiently

This would be great for those long days when you are relying on your BB heavily and run out of juice at the worst possible time.

this would definitely help when im out and about and need to get more juice for my phone to chat with wifey

This is definitely the must get accessory!!!! I have used this exhaustively with the 2 minute battery life of my storm 2 and will definitely need it for my new 9930. Thanks crackberry for the awesome contest!!!!!

There is no known cure for this addiction. The spare battery, charger, & J cable would help to ease the pain & suffering. I'll be picking up my 9930 in the next week & this would be great.

Extra battery charger always a nice accessory to have.

Did I hear well, Adam - you can leave the battery in the charger (unplugged) for storage/transportation? Will that not affect the battery in any way (discharge the battery) as there is a physical contact with the +/- terminals on the battery?

My 9850 burns through my battery by 3:30. Then I only have an hour before I leave my office and I don't want to put a 30 minute charge on my battery. So having this extra charger would allow me to just switch batterys and then charge both at the same time when they're full depleted.

this is the perfect travel companion! i travel a lot, mostly by train, and this little fellow would really be a blessing. i am pretty satisfied with the batt life of my new 9930, but, when travelling, the battery seems to wear of faster, maybe due to constant cell switching and pretty poor network coverage, and the BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle would be a great backup!
thanks for the opportunity! :)

As someone that currently charges her 9900 3x/day (overnight, 12pm, 5pm), I am in desperate need for this. I've already exchanged my battery twice and I'm still getting horrific life with it & this is with MSN Messenger as the only 3rd party app running in the background

Being a full time college student and a part time worker(with basically full time hours), i find myself often out of the house - usually from 8 am till 10pm. Also being an avid blackberry user (i barely use my laptop anymore lol) the battery on my 9900 runs out usually before i have time to get home and charge it. its not pocket change for me to buy one of these cause of all my school/living fees, so winning this would really help me.

I am a power user, always have my phone on me for call, bbm, txt, internet you name it, I def need one of these! Please give me one :)

I work in software production support and need to be on the conference bridge all the time. So having any extra battery and this combo will really be helpful, no need to keep myself near to chargers :) I really need one of these.

I will be able to buy it if my torch 9850 works one day, second 9850 that Verizon send me this week that doesn't work. No email and no web browser, this is just ridiculous, talked to Verizon on Monday for ever an hour. Right now I have them again on the line for an hour and half they have transferred me to 4 different people and now trying to contact RIM. Isn't this devises supposed to work perfect right away? BS ;-(

This would be great to have for those days when I'm in the field and can't get to a charging source right away. As a medic in the US military, I use my phone often, which is why I switched back to a Blackberry after suffering though the android junk. The J-series bundle is going to be an absolute must for me!!!

I could use this for sure, I manage rental properties and am constantly using my 9850. This would be great for me on the go, I would just swap batteries when needed. Thanks for all the great contests here!

I would love this.

It would ensure that I don't lose juice while in meetings away from any chargers. Very handy to keep my rolling all day. I'm also on regular road trips and don't have a way to charge while in the car. An extra battery would be an essential backup.

Thanks CB

It would be nice to have an instant fully charged battery because of the spare battery and charger. Having a car charger is nice, but that's down time having to wait for the battery to charge before you can unplug the phone to use it.

I burn through battery like crazy, this would go a long way to making sure I don't always have to be wired!

Oh man would that be perfect for this broke college student who is never in one place long enough to charge my phone. To always have a spare battery and charger, so I can charge both at once would make my life so much easier. I can stay on my BlackBerry all day then.

Please CrackBerry, pretty please pick me, with lots of Style(d) bright Bold, Curve(y), Pearl(s)that have a nice Torch(ed) shine to them?

I would love one of these. Just bought the 9930 and having gone from a 9650 which I encountered decent battery life (2 days sometimes) to an Android phone (less than 6 hours) I am ready to fully experience my Crackberry again. How I miss it so!

Other than the obvious benefit of not needing to find an outlet halfway through the day?

Sign me up!

maybe im just being sceptical, but they have reduced the battery life and then advertising a spare battery and charger, very good ploy fromRIM to get even more money out of users, my 9860 lasts about 4 hours with use compared to 9 hours with my previous 9800, good tactics rim rip of your customer base yet again

This extra battery charger is something I surely need for those long trip hours and any hours extended I might have. Very convient to have on the go

I spend a lot of time traveling and don't have access to a charger during these periods. Nothing is worse than being stranded without a cellphone. Plus being able to browse and messaging people without having to worry about running low on blackberry juice is some serious peace of mind! Thanks for the contest CB!

It would certainly be nice to have the extra battery and not worry about finding a place to charge during the day.

I would love to have an extra battery as well as the bundle. I work 12 hour shifts and rotate every four days from nights to days and so on. Its hard enough to make it through my shifts using both batteries mainly because I use my 9930 FULL TIME!! Having that extra will help me to care a little less about my usage, especially when I'm on a very long job. Thanks Crackberry :)

Oh yess...I'd be so happy with one of battery life sucksssss. Pretty please crackberry...I'd be your best friend, I swear :]

This will help me by me getting through the whole at work, always have battery life to check up on the kids and to keep me as a blackberry user.. Ive honestly been having serious thoughts about changing my phone due not battery extender or bigger battery

I'd love a spare battery and charger so I would be able to use the full features of this awesome phone! Right now I've disabled pretty much everything, but would love to use this phone to its full potential!

My battery is constantly charging at work and in the car. would love to be able to go somewhere and use my phone without charging it for a few days. Multiple batteries would be awesome!

It would actually help me stay tuned to the Crackberry forums for longer!
Until I come home, that is.

Each day I have to remember to plug in my phone at night, this would be perfect as before I hit the sack I could switch out the battery and be ready for those night time emergency Tech calls while having the backup batter charging.

Being a college student, this would be perfect for me since I need two batteries just to get through the day. Between work and play, 2 batteries is the only way to go!