BlackBerry issues statement on Air Force switch: 'There is nothing more secure than a BlackBerry'

BlackBerry issues statement on Air Force switch: 'There is nothing more secure than a BlackBerry'
By Derek Kessler on 21 Feb 2014 11:17 am EST

Yesterday we reported on the plans put into motion by the United States Air Force that would transition the branch of the military away from BlackBerry devices and towards iPhone and Android products. Understandably, security is a major concern for the Armed Forces, and BlackBerry has been known for years for taking security very seriously.

Competitors have been stepping up their game in security recently, with both Apple and Samsung making progress in getting authorizations to operate on Department of Defense networks. In response to the news, BlackBerry send CrackBerry the following statement, emphasizing their longstanding work with the Department of Defense and the robust security credentials of BlackBerry Enterprise Server for mobile device management:

The ongoing threat of cyber attacks requires organizations to be vigilant about mobile security. For customers that have the highest security requirements, such as those in government, there is nothing more secure than a BlackBerry device managed by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

There is a clear reason why BlackBerry has more government certifications than any other vendor, and the only enterprise mobility management vendor and handset maker to receive the Department of Defense “Authority to Operate” certification. Security is built into everything we do, and we've been doing it longer and better than anyone else.

We’ve been a trusted partner to government agencies for more than a decade, and have more than 80,000 BlackBerry devices in DISA alone. Our competitors have not been tested in the field or subjected to the long term rigors of high stress applications, making their security model difficult to trust. BlackBerry remains the best option for governments around the world.

Understandably, with 80,000 BlackBerry users on DoD networks, BlackBerry would want to keep them as customers, but it seems that, at least for the Air Force, security alone isn't enough.

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BlackBerry issues statement on Air Force switch: 'There is nothing more secure than a BlackBerry'


its the US CHAIR FORCE they need a native Netflix app, and native Instagram for their every day tasks.

I, for one, am a member of the U.S. Air Force and we do far more work than any branch of the military(excluding the marines) do some research before you speak.

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why not try another device
you do realize what he is saying is that bbry doesnt meet their needs and their needs go beyond emails

smartphones have evolved
you need a technical diagram of those engine great pull up the app type in the serial number viola

im sure the airforce has their own developed apps

not everything productivity is about emails or txting

there are many apps that make peoples lives easier and work easier

tell that to doctors that bbry fits their needs when they cannot get certain medical apps etc

bbry isnt the end all of productivity

So what you're saying is that BB needs those same apps. IDroids are not inherently more capable than BB10 devices. They just have the apps. That doesn't mean a BB10 device isn't CAPABLE of doing the same things. It just means the developers aren't supporting the platform. Why work hard when you can work easy and make a truckload of money? Heck, 9 year olds can build apps for iOS! Literally!

bbry needs to be more flexiable if they want to meet the needs of their customers they need to listen first

telling their customers they cannot be productive and secure because they arent with bbry isnt the answer of gaining consumer confidence or customers

offer what the customer needs
not tell the customer what they need
the exact quote that chen said was noone is secure then bbry
no mention of offering apps that the customers needs
no offer of clear cut plan of the future when the airforce themselfs said they arent sure bbry will be around to support bes 10

so what about the customers (airforce or consumers ) needs ?
apps that make themselves productive?

do you see what is wrong with the bbry's comment?

You do more? Are you talking about paperwork? I poke fun at the Flyboys, errr, Airmen, as a joke, obviously we all need each other in order to be the world's most formidable military, but seriously, you guys do more than any other branch?? :-D I have so much to say about that, but I don't want to bad-mouth service members, so I'll just leave it at that...

I am a U.S Army veteran and call BS on your statement! Having lived on an Air Force Base and worked in cooperation with the Air Force in deployment operations, I, for one, can attest that the Air Force DOES NOT do more work than ANY branch of the U.S. military; not unless you're talking about the Guard or Reserves, and even that would be debatable. I've been in situations where we Army guys were busting our butts all day, all night while the Air Force dudes were just be-bopping around doing jack squat until it was time to load up the planes. And even then, we (the Army) did probably 80% of the load work. The Air Force guys drove the loaders and checked the tie-downs after we were done.

Sorry for the rant, but I just couldn't let that fly.

I'm telling ya..
Air force wants apps..
They want that apps with simulation flights for practise. The one in BlackBerry appworld doesn't do justice.
They want apps I'm telling ya.

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after playing around with Oxygen. It appears not to be able to break unknown passworded backups... supported by their documentation as well.
"Oxygen Forensics becomes industry-first company to decrypt and analyze the content of the BlackBerry 10 backup with a known password."
Of course Rubber Hoses still work....

AF resistance to BB is small talk. Ordinary consumers drive the market leading to DOD managers to re-think their idea. BB is dead in the water unless BB (the company) rebuilds product confidence.

Unfortunately the new purchases of BB phones is now 2% of the US market. The percent is dropping 1% a quarter. The oldest BB's are now ready for replacement. Unless BB can find a way to stop the burn, these older units will be replaced with Android first, Apple second.

The masses have perception that BB is a dead product line. No matter what BB does to develop the finest quality products, the consumer turns away.

There seems to be an issue about app availability. The BB OS10.2 having ability, using Snap, to download Google Play apps in a small way should reduce some of the app resistance pressure.

BB must spend adequate resources to make it known (ie: something called marketing) to show the consumers that the BB products are worthy of purchase.

The other factor is retail store support. Now, there seems to be limited such support. Why would a store clerk want to make the 'BB hard sell' if Apple and Samsung are an easy sell. The Apple and Samsung products are already pre-sold before the consumer enters the store.

+1 Exactly!!! As the previous article from yesterday mentioned they don't have the confidence in BlackBerry surviving long term to support their BES 10 infrastructure if they were to upgrade to it.

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This is why the Canadian Govt. Should provide a back stop support.
When I think Samsung I think S.Korea, Staoil I think Norway etc....Nortel was our MBA lesson !

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True. Also, has there ever been ANY part of the US government that has EVER been efficient or productive... This decision by the USAF will probably come back to bite them in the tailwing or fuselage.

Don't tell us, we already know, convince them...keep up the fight...the competition is not standing still, neither should BlackBerry...keep moving forward..

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I've always found silly that an armed force depends on a foreign company for its communications, this move from the Air Force only goes to show how screwed up the world was by BlackBerry, I can't fathom a CANADIAN company providing not even maple syrup to the United States Military. I'm not from the US by the way, I just find the whole thing rather funny.

Well, Canada and USA have a long history together, essentially based on proximity. North America is not like Europe, there are only three countries here, and we could almost argue that Mexico is more Latin or Central America than North America by their culture.

Hell, they are even sharing top secret informations together from spying other countries in the world. I don't see a problem for a *PRIVATE* Canadian company to do that. USA decide what's good for them and inspect thoroughly all products entering their governement agencies. Same with Germany, or any other country in the world.

I wouldn't make the same statement about Chinese companies and the US government. It sums up to just a few other countries and that's it.

They probably see it as patriotic to buy apple products assembled in China as opposed to Canadian products being assembled in Mexico / China.

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Hmm... I never knew Central America was a continent. And I guess poor Panama gets no love being so far down there; not to mention Cuba and the Dominican Republic. That cultural "distinction" you mention is nothing more than the U.S.' dislike of "brown" people. But I digress. Oh! And let's not forget Iceland and many more! FYI, Wikipedia says there are 23 sovereign states (nations/countries) in the whole of North America. Come on dude! Three countries???

I suspect the US government is only one of many that can trust BlackBerry more than it can trust many of its own departments.

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Does Apple make their Phones at home or abroad? Is Apple an American company in name only?

Since Canada and American are neighbors
And Practically family and friends, I say buy the best most secure products you can get, especially for your armed forces And we all know that's BlackBerry...

On a side note Go Canada Go.. in Mens hockey in the Olympics today, I hope they take after the women's team and win...


Let me be the first to say your post ooozzzes ignorance. Where can I start? You do know they depend on ally countries for alot of things right? Look up list of United States Defense contractors. Where are you getting your information to make such an absurd comment on Canadian Companies? Look, Unless a US company is currently making a commercial phone that has BBtype security features you buy from a company of ally country. US air force is not going to design and manufacture their own line of phones. They think now Apple has the capabilities but we shall see. Remember "no man is an island "

The US and Canada are extremely close partners with very similar concerns and ideologies. I don't see that as a problem. Also, security is in BlackBerry's DNA, so they will demonstrator rigor and put security first. Other smartphones just don't make security #1. People yawn when someone says they jailbroke their iPhone. Jailbreaking a BlackBerry would make the tech headline news.
I really think the Air Force jumped the gun on this, but it does show the damage previous execs created the last half of 2013 with all the uncertainty surrounding the health of the company. Things aren't financially better today, but Chen is demonstrating - not just saying - that BlackBerry is going nowhere.

With this logic, Egyptian Air Forces, should only use smoke to communicate, or papyrus scrolls...

Why do you have a problem with where the phones are made, remember America is spying on its friends as well as its enemies and citizens, So point of manufacturing, shouldn't come into it,

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It'll puzzel you when i tell you that our military uniforms are foreign... BUT it might calm you down when i tell you that our canteens are American made ;) but then again we did spend 3 billion on Russian helicopters.

They are also have Tim Hortons Coffee Kiosks on a few US bases. How they got that approved without a civil war is beyond me!

A canadian company built the website. So where the company is from does not matter.

Although Michelle's roommate in college works for that company so my comparison might not be the same.

Here in the UK our government departments use Blackberry. I work for a well known Japanese company who will not allow anything other than Blackberry on their network. Who cares where they come from as long as they do the job!

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Samsung is a foreign company also. Apple may not be but their hardware is created in a foreign country also.

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Well, before you speak further on this you may want to hold up a bit. The Canadian Military along with other countries purchase fighter aircraft, helicopters, transport aircraft, munitions, and other products in support of the Canadian Military's Peace keeping efforts. Support products like communications, medical supplies, MRE products, Night Vision Goggles and other manufactured in the US are keeping your Military sons and daughters alive who are in turn keeping you safe to be able to make uninformed comments like this. Not coming down on you just letting you in on a few things you might not be aware of that are not funny. The US and Canada along with other countires have and continue to do business globally with China and others who may not seem friendly to us. Are you going to tell Vancouver not to accept money and business from China, or move Canadian production to China as well? No country can afford to be "Isolationalists" in our current state of economics.

soo those iPhones made in Indonesia, Korea and China (where ever there are more foxconn plants) that are made in a more safer place then those Z10/Q10/bolds/curves that are built in Canada: U.S.A's biggest ally?

Great common sense bro, very smart guy...

you do realize that bbry phones arentr just made in canada indonesia and mexico
even foxconn is taking over bbry;s low end phones to be made in mexico and indonesia

Can't wait for all the enemies of state to hack the hell out of them for this Decision. I'm gonna laugh hard.

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@ soy... unfortunately with the state run media of the USA - you would never hear about such an event.... we have gone from the USA to the CYA.... if you are in proper standing in the current regime..

Yes because there have been no well/over covered scandals/breaches/issues within the US recently.

You should take more care in selecting the canned comments you throw out there.

Call me crazy, but I have a gut feeling something will happen that will bring them all crawling back to BlackBerry - sooner rather than later. We're the U.S. We're hard headed. Points must be proven rather than simply forewarned of. Sad, but true.

People keep saying wait until the iPhone gets hacked, but the government and other regulated industries have been using iPhone for a while now. Yes, BlackBerry is one of the most secure devices, and security is important to governments and regulated industries, but they definitely want more than just solely security. I highly doubt they'll be able to download Netflix or play games regardless of what many people think. Even with a government issued blackberry, the government gimps those things down to only bare bone usage. Many devices have very limited access to the app stores, internet, bluetooth, NFC, and other things. BlackBerry needs to sell more than just security. They need to highlight whatever else they can offer. Additionally, who's to say that BB10 devices weren't tested. Here in the US most BB10 devices are still running 10.1 and if this is what they had to use to test, well we all know just how horrible 10.1 is. It's become more than just solely security for governments and other industries, they need a suite of offerings that are specifically related and tailored to their needs. With some of the things blackberry seems to be working on, they will have more services and features to offer. Hopefully, they can get it out sooner rather than later to really have their enterprise team demonstrate the features and services directly. They have an uphill battle, because their competition isn't sleeping at the wheel. They are all working hard and behind the scenes to make things happen. All these platforms know that enterprise is the money maker and all of them are trying to go after it.

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I agree, these will be "special duty" phones. Maybe with some secure US government browser only, and only for government related activity.

On my awesome BlackBerry Z30

The Government don't have to rely on carriers for software updates so the 10.1 theory goes out the Window. Next, BlackBerry has much more to offer then just the best security in the industry which should be the most important factor for considering a platform for official use. The only thing that BlackBerry lacks is apps which the government most likely won't use.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

It's good to know that governmental agencies can receive updates directly from blackberry. Based on how many companies are migrating to something other than blackberry there is a disconnect. I work in the healthcare industry and even the hospital I work for is transitioning from blackberry to iPhone. I think that many aren't very familiar with what the new BES 10 has to offer. The blackberries they are transitioning from are the 9900 and they use BES 7.

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American pilots would like to play Candy Crush while flying with their aircrafts? It's the only explanation for them to leave BB.

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I have that on my Z10 along with BB's strong security. Best of both worlds. BB should advertise the capability of installing Android APK directly.

They can play candy crush now. Like I do on my Q10 in when waiting. So they don't have that excuse.

I had a conversation yesterday with someone from Raytheon. She told me that you know BlackBerry is on its way out, because they are for sale. I said that's old news, and they are going strong.

That for sale sign really negatively impact BlackBerry.

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Agreed. People ignores BlackBerry just because they heard from the wife of a friend of the sister of their brother that the company was on sale. But this is also a Blackberry's fault: BlackBerry's advertisement campaigns are awful, or they just don't exist, like here in Italy. I mean, no one here knows about the capability of BB10 and the Z30 I'm rocking now. So sad..

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Agree 100%. Same in Germany. It's all about perception now. Great product but horrible perception. The for sale sign killed everything.

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Here in the US many people I talk to ask me about my phone and when I tell them about it they say that they have never heard of the Z10, and they are surprised to find out that BlackBerry also has all touch phones. When I recently went into a Verizon shop to look at a Z30 the first thing the salesman said was "You don't want that. BlackBerry will be gone soon anyway." You can only imagine how many BlackBerrys they must sell.

We desperately need advertising here in the US, esp with 10.2.1 able to run Android apps (once the updates make it here). They need to show what these phones can do.

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I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut-job, but it's been documented how agencies of the US government have a sole purpose to keep tabs on other agencies in the government. They can't do this with Blackberrys. Perhaps these other devices are for support staff or whatever where there is a need to keep an eye on them??
I know if I ran a network and had to keep an eye on everybody I would set them up with a nice Windows XP (Chicago) system with no patches - I could watch people plain as day then :) So, why not do the same with smartphones? Give people the easiest thing to crack, to watch them.

or .. they want to use flappy bird for training??

"I know if I ran a network and had to keep an eye on everybody I would set them up with a nice Windows XP (Chicago) system with no patches"

Chicago was the Windows 95 code name. Windows XP was Whistler.

Or am I missing something here?

Nope, you're right .. my bad :) Guess I jumped ahead of myself while typing .. thanks for the sharp eye :)

Agreed. Apple is NSA monitored so that makes sense. It'll backfire on em tho.

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I assumed I'd get a million patriots screaming at me about it. Thank you for taking the credit :)

With pleasure! I'm way further( I think) and couldn't care less about patriots with no sense of humour! :)

I enjoy that last line, "it seems that, at least for the air force, security isn't enough ".

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"Our competitors have not been tested in the field or subjected to the long term rigors of high stress applications, making their security model difficult to trust"

Thought I read in the DOD report that these devices (the Apple devices) were being tested since 2011 and had done well.

"Last month, DISA said it is working with Air Mobility Command to connect devices to the network. Mobility pilots have been in place across Air Force Space Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air Combat since October 2011"

Am I misunderstanding what DISA is saying here?

"it seems that, at least for the Air Force, security alone isn't enough"
I think the primary driver in this is simply protectionism. They know security is better on BB but Apple is an American company and all of the middle aged and older staff want the trendy device. Ironically Apple is losing it's trendiness now though so they're a little behind the curve on this one.

Honestly, there is nothing American about Apple. Their manufacturing is outside of the US. Their cash is outside of the US. And they don't pay their fair share of taxes in the US.

I've tried the Nexus 5 and the Galaxy and chose the Z30. I can't imagine anyone who actually takes the time to try it would choose anything else based on performance, it clearly has to be for other reasons. The best I can figure is it's trendiness and protectionism. I've grown to despise Apple because of the level of bias in reviews and by users who think the sun shone out Steve Jobs ass and wouldn't dare question their decisions and mock those who do.

Why makes anyone think Canadians are no good at anything? We are people like everyone else. No different. Also worth noting is the FACT that Canada has a long history of providing the USA very smart people, to come from a company called Avro.

After the Avro Arrow was scrapped, all the "smart" people from Canada, moved away to the USA, to work for Boeing, NASA, Lockheed, and a slew of other "Smart USA" companies.

So to the above poster: Get your facts straight dufus. We Canadians put your planes and jets in the air. Idiot.

Posted via CB10

I don't doubt that Canadians are very intelligent, Just look what they have done in 10 years with BlackBerry (The Best Smartphone on The Planet). However there are tons of intelligent Americans (not the ones that chose Apple over BlackBerry) that understood the best way to move forward and bring forth great new technology is to work with like minded people. Canada is great but I'm not giving them all the credit.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

I guess it's more about another perceived fact. Canadians have great products, but they are by far not as ruthless and savvy in business and marketing.

Btw, many descendants in the Waterloo area are of German heritage. No doubt they have excellent scientists and engineers.

(Americans, who got your man on the moon? A "stolen" German rocket scientist.)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

And Crackberry, your site is screwed up. I cannot exit my spelling error in my post. Fix this junk.

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According to the documentation released by Snowden, the iPhone is much easier to hack on an individual basis than BlackBerry phones. So, if you suspect that you have an internal security issue, what better phone would you want in the pocket of your target?

Hey, if these guys are still using OS6 or 7, I can understand why they'd want to go iPhone.... I think they'll be surprised at how fragile the device is when compared to their old BlackBerry's.

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This just means that BlackBerry will have a whole slew of "new" DoD customers when the government realizes its mistake and returns to BlackBerry in a few months.

Cheers. :)

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In much the same way that corporations don't pay taxes (they just get passed along to the consumer), the Government never makes mistakes...any successful hacking would be covered up, and/or blame would be shifted in an unending shell game until the spotlight was off...

Haha That's true for all Governments. Transport Canada is no different.
In the Cap-Gen there is a blatant mistake. It causes a lot of confusion for people reading it, until they realize that it's wrong. That error has been there for 5 or 6 years now....It still hasn't been fixed. Welcome to the government.

I have to wonder what the iPhone will be offering their needs that BlackBerry can't. Didn't it say there were a lot of OS 6 and 7 devices going on here? It stands to reason that they have little or no idea of the existence of the Z10 or Z30 then.

Oh, they guess is that some higher up loves his iPhone and wishes he could have just one device to carry around. I'm sure those behind this are playing the "we should be using an 'American' company" card as well.

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Everything happens for a reason. But the positive coming out this craziness is that BlackBerry has changed and is now prepared to put up a good fight.

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I wouldn't doubt that lobbyists from certain phone companies have been busy in Washington...

Posted via CB10 on Z10

What apple is made in China so basically Chinese will have access to anything that comes out of it. In the other hand Canada and USA is like the same country, blackberry so secure they will come back

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This is good news for BlackBerry. Now Apple and Android will become like Windows. Constant update to plug security holes. Blotting software to protect against existing viruses. Those with BB10 will sit back and watch the show.

Honestly this is BlackBerry's fault. Nobody in the real world thinks of BB10 when they think of BlackBerry. They think of a Curve from 5 years ago. If all their people weren't clamoring to dump their legacy BB the USAF may have never even considered switching.

Sooner or later there will be a security breach that will cause great shame on the Govt,...they will ditch all inferior smartphones and come back to BlackBerry on with blank checks.

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I wish Chen would of come to BlackBerry much sooner. It's refreshing to see a CEO be passionate about their company.

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I really like the last sentence " alone isn't enough." and I hope that something happens to a bunch of their phones and they will learn quickly that security is everything. With the news that the Air Force is making the switch to iPhones, I'm sure the hackers are getting ready to do something. :) Then when someone that is really important in the Air Force has their phone hacked, then they will want to switch back to BB, BB should charge them more to do so.

They will get the point only when there is a breach in security with Apple or Samsung. Then they will come running back to BlackBerry.

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Yea... seems even the air force has no idea what they are doing.... Then they will complain their i(sheep) toy phones were hack lol :)

I hope Chen start a massive marketing campaign for BlackBerry soon!!! I know Chen is good at what he does for a living, but that's just something that I want to see.

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

It shouldn't matter if the DoD don't have confidence in BlackBerry surviving.

There main concern should be Security and passing Secure classified information around the world and between troops on the ground.

IPhone maybe working on better security but they haven't shown any evidence to back it up.

USAF should take a leaf out of their Commander & Chef. Obama's book. He doesn't use an iPhone because he's not allowed. (Fact) their not secure. That's why he HAS to use a BlackBerry, the most Secure Mobile in the world.

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People who made/voted for this decision clearly didn't have a good experience with the earlier versions of BlackBerry 10 and they obviously didn't play around with the newly released 10.2.1. They probably went home and asked their kids about their preferences.

Maybe they were using older os 7 phones. And they havent tested the Z10 or Z30s yet. What they are missing out on. Tisk tisk

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Honestly my old 9900 is better than the iPhone so even know they only tested out B7 to me it's still better than IOS Whatever

Bidagreat using the magnificent Z10

Being in sales for a long time, I think the BlackBerry sales department is not doing a good enough job in showcasing the BlackBerry 10 lineup.

I don't understand how these big accounts are choosing iPhone over BB10 especially for productivity purposes.

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Love the comment Sk8er. Your so right, Apple does hide their money from the American government to rip them off of tax dollars, they are the new evil, yet the idiot iSheep defend the idiots. I'd be pissed if I knew a billionaire company is getting off almost tax free meanwhile I am broke and getting taxed up the ass. That's fair, but hey. I'm going to protect the billionaire because am am iStupid.

Team BlackBerry

Good video, the guy obviously knows what he's talking about but not very impressed with the bitch laughing about the lowly blackberry - obviously an isheep!

Posted via CB10

Plausible deniability is important for the joint chiefs of staff. If one of them cuts one, well, they need a device with a robust collection of military-grade flatulence simulators upon which to deflect blame or act as a diversion. I understand how important that is and why iPhones are really the only choice for these brave men and women to properly defend their great nation.

It's ironic that the President uses a BlackBerry for security reasons yet the US Air Force decides to go to a less secure device. More likely the decision was based upon choosing a device that is "home grown " such as Apple. BlackBerry needs to get in there and revisit the decision with the USAF.

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Chen should offer them some dirt cheap devices. Get them into BlackBerry 10

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

Blackberry stop preaching to the choir.
You would not be losing anymore clients like this, doesn't matter how many more you have.
Blackberry needs to stop playing games and get real smart about the business they are in. They don't to sell phones to the average Joe. Define what a prosumer is and create that new category of users and work with that.

Let's imagine the following szenario: a fighter pilot gets shot down over enemy territory. He parachutes down to safety and turns on his phone to fire up the map app. Ups no map available for that country. Oh it's a blackberry map. Well, there you go. That's why BlackBerry did not win the contract. Simple ;-)

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I'm just trying to imagine Royal Air Force operational personal of any kind with iPhones. Nah. Ain't gonna happen. Proprietary communication devices, BlackBerry or nothing. I'm surprised by the USAF right now. Thought they were smarter than that.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I like Canadian people and I like US people.

All men are created equal.

Nationality doesn't matter.

BlackBerry - Join The Resistance.

Isn't BlackBerry 's statement kind of useless? Ok it's most secure. But if standards are met then other factors are important too. BlackBerry must recognise consumer is king.

Posted via CB10

This is good reporting. What's fascinating to me about the BlackBerry 10 transition is that CrackBerry seems to have done its job upgrading the enthusiast community, but BlackBerry sales just couldn't get enterprise and government to pull the trigger -- not in the numbers necessary to amount to a substantial upgrade of the user base.

Typically, I'd say, focus on upgrading your existing enterprise customers because that's usually much, much easier than winning new customers. But, that's only true if there's no real barrier between you and your existing customers, something that's making them a tougher than average sell. In this case, Chen is betting everything that there's no barrier, but the evidence looks like there is very much one. He should probably consider readopting Thor's plan and continue investing in BB10 as a contender in the mobile platform wars. In the end, "enterprise" is no longer an adequate market definition -- not for mobile devices or mobile platforms. He needs to show *people* in first world countries that BlackBerry provides them something significantly better at meeting their needs and wants -- better enough to justify switching from a platform like iOS / Android that they already know how to use and have invested substantially already. I know he wants to avoid that challenge, but the longer he does, the more BlackBerry will suffer in the end...

Apparently they think the iphone is more secure than the blackberry cause its the government were talking about. They must know whats the best for them......joking

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I actually love how responsive BlackBerry is to reports that impact them. They now seem unwilling to lie down and accept the negativity that's being thrown their way. First, they responded to the T-Mobile promotional piece & now this. Clarifying & beating back the negativity is the only way they'll turn it around.

Like in politics, you can't let a negative charge stand.

Keith H. Posted by CB10 from my Z10.

Blackberry is being killed in the US because carriers will not release 10.2.1 which runs Adroid Apps. As much as the defense department might want to say this is about security it is clearly about Apps. If Balckberry would release a competitively "specked" phone that runs Adroid apps, they's be a hell of a lot better off. This is telling Blackberry that even the government suffers from BYOD to some extent. They want cool phones.

Step up the game and if carriers won't release the correct OS Blackberry should do it. Don't rely on Crackberry and other sites to put out auto loaders. Just do it!

Crazy Yankees! Air Force now extremely vulnerable for some potential serious communication security breaches. Nuts!

Posted via Q10.

Does make me wonder just how low communications security sits on their priority list

Posted via CB10

Maybe I am just simple minded but the DoD is in the security industry. Therefore, logically, they should be utilizing devices and tools that are the most secure. Conclusion, they choose iPhones. SMH.

Zed 10 with 1925 leak

iOS is FIPS approved so the CYA is covered. If their is a breach they can point to the FIPS process and testing. No security isn't enough, as the competition has it covered enough to check off the box. BlackBerry must work hard to provide value beyond security, and with no tablet offering now, they have a hole in the product offering that the competition does not.

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Not every device in an government administration needs to be secure, especially with BES 10 around. Some people need access to unclassified material and there is no need to give them BlackBerrys if they prefer to use something else.

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

BB messed this up, sales force sucks. They were in the incumbent seat, must have dropped the ball.

We all know they chose it because they want too look cool to ignorant teens

Why? Why? Blackberry... where are your TV ads? where is the hip 20-something walking around with his Z10 to people on the street and showing off what it can do? Every person I have shown my Q10 too had no idea it had a great web browser... and no idea that I have access to all their android apps. And when they see that I play minecraft at a better frame rate then their iphone 5... and have access to a hub...

Just a few useful TV ads would make a huge difference here in the US

It's just sad really

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I highly doubt the US Air Force places "ignorant teens" as a priority. The attitude of you people who want something bad to happen to the Air Force because they chose something other than BlackBerry is appalling. Why don't you just set up an altar to your phone and worship it. Some of you people are simply out of touch with reality- and over a phone! Pathetic. If you really think the AF chose a phone to impress a segment of the population, your ignorance is astounding and no-one can help you.

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Stating that "there is nothing more secure than a BlackBerry device managed by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server" is not saying that the BB solution is actually *better* than any other solution; just that it's no worse. So BB corporate doesn't feel comfortable stating that BB on BES is *more secure* than any other vendor's solution?

Not finding a more important piece of information. Which MDM is the USAF using to manage these pOS and Rustdroid devices? If they are using BES10 to create and manage secure containers on those devices, then BlackBerry has essentially made them more secure.

With BES10 it is a win for BlackBerry Enterprise services, but a slap in the face for the handset division.

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The DOD are concerned with long term infrastructure, not handsets. Throwing them a bunch of Z10s won't help. They're thinking about the network and are concerned the company won't be here in 10 or 20 to provide support. That's the time frame that telecommunications operate in.

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"All" the iPhones will have cracked screens by then, and multiple replacements.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

The enterprise world is much bigger than the US Air Force. All it it takes is one major vote of confidence to start turning perception around.

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Waiting for Air Force big hack/security breech from some armchair "soldier" playing angry birds.

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The first time there is a major hack they will be back. I just hope someone doesn't loose their life when it happens :-(

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This decision by the air force to stop using BlackBerry is very worrisome for national security. It's also worrisome that other government agencies are doing the same thing or thinking about it.

Androids and iPhones are easily hacked. Hackers have been able to turn on people's microphones and cameras along with other invasions of privacy. Needless to say that makes them a huge national security problem. The US president isn't allowed to use any other phone so I'm surprised other government agencies are allowed to. Apparently the air force hasn't been paying attention to all the news about cyber attacks and how some smartphones are easily hacked.

BlackBerry is the only phone that cares more about security and has the experience. I believe it's a huge mistake for the air force to switch because their security will no longer be safe.

I don't know but the devil in me hopes that this move to go Apple will be disastrous for the whole DoD. Then the crackberry community will say " We told you so".

The point is it should never have been needed to be patched in the first place. Blackberry's security is second to none.

well, i think the NSA would prefer iOS and Android ; better to keep track of what military personnel are up to.

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Bb don't sell features like the dual security and private side to 10. I don't see that feature on any other device,

This way aviators can load any apps they like inc Android and the security side would still be, well, secure.

This does assume that this stuff really works!

Question: can Blackberry really show that Apple or Android is a problem? It is one thing to say that the other products don't make it. But it is something else to be able to show their flaws. I'd BlackBerry really have a technical advantage they should show it. Seems simple to me. Either they van tangibly show their point or they can't .

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I just saw on the news where apple software is weak and has been targeted now for cyber hacking. so talk all your poor mouth on blackberry but until you can be educated enough to use one and enjoy it then don't be rude. I have had many blackberry models and I must admit I do love blackberry and its a very fine phone, os and also quality. i have a z10 and waiting patiently to get a z30 ill keep my z10 as a back-up if anything should happen to my z30 after I get it. I feel the bold 9700 had the same built blackberry tough as the nokia e71x. ill continue to use blackberry and also you can use a 64 gb memory card in the z10.

Very interesting, while watching the news this morning on Apple's security flaw that could allow hackers to intercept email... Wonder what the US Air Force thinks about that... hmmmmmm!!!!

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It my be a stupid question, but, does Obama have power to say NO in those decisions?
He is aware of security and he already mentioned that he can only use BB because of security and not alowed to use iPhone devices. When he sees such decisions like this, can he step up and say "no" ??

I've always liked BlackBerry. But they never could beat the iPhone, until BB10 came out. This was a huge game changer. Big enough to make me leave my beloved iPhone in the dust for a Z10. Now I have a great phone, and the security of a BlackBerry. Best combination ever!

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Why would they move to ios when it's been revealed that the security is almost zero..?

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Let's be real here: Even Blackberry's flagship Z30 has god awful performance. Whether that's QNX's fault, the hardware, or a combination of both, I don't think I blame anyone for dumping them.

If they willing to spend a gazzilionn dollar of money on a plane that can be taken down by hacker..cough *F* Cough *35*... I'm sure it is not an issue if they want to use less secure gadget in order to have native instagram, perfect 360

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I'll bet the I phones for these 80,000 usaf personnel are for non secure persons and non secure communications only. DISA for sure doesn't use I phones, the Pentagon NMCC crowd sure as hell doesn't use them, and i've NEVER Seen anything but BlackBerry 9900s on the Pentagon's 3rd floor (joint chief of staff offices). All I've ever seen carried by the movers and shakers is BlackBerry 9900's.
The I toys and android phones are probably going to PAO,jag and other non essential/public oriented AF mission personnel.

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As a BlackBerry fan, its hard for me to say this, but BlackBerry need to just die. Why am saying this. lemme explain. I live in canada and i went to the three big mobile stores for to inquire about a z30, as the smaller carriers unforgettable dont carry it. It was a surprise to find out that there is this stupid thing only with a z30 that if u get the phone, then u have to get a plan of 70 dollars a month or more. To me that's just bs considering that an alcatel phone with better specs than a z30 is very cheap compared to a z30. I was like for a company that going down, this is not the way to treat anyone, especially ur die hard fans. It was just too bs.

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No I can't simply copy paste the link...sorry guys... what a fck. in the preview the link is complete...when I post it's not.

Surprise to hear since Apple has ha a major security vulnerability all over the news. People are dumb. BlackBerry is the device to have, especially in security and business fields. I would never switch because my BlackBerry is essential to my business.

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Yeah, i give it 6 months before they are hacked and all their sensitive information is leaked out.

So how about that new Apple security breach today? Not even a week after ditching blackberry for iOS and there's already a security threat. Blackberry 1 Apple 0

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