BlackBerry introduces work spaces for iOS and Android

iOS workspace BES10
By Zach Gilbert on 4 Feb 2013 10:30 am EST

It’s widely known that BlackBerry has offered the best in class handheld corporate security on their handheld devices, but today that is changing. At the BlackBerry Enterprise Forum for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry introduced the workspace feature found on the Blackberry 10 platform for iOS and Android.

The new feature of the BlackBerry enterprise service will allow IT admins to push a secure work environment to iOS and Android further extending the flexibility of the BES 10 and BlackBerry 10 devices. Not only will this allow IT admins to send secure email to their employees on the other platforms, but also shared calendars and notes.

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BlackBerry introduces work spaces for iOS and Android


Is a press release or other details available. This could be quite a significant feature in the battle for corporate users.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

I dont know if this is a good move on BlackBerry's part. They are known for security. Why offer it to the competition?

Each of these competitors' device will provide 1 CAL. Each CAL is money (I believe $5-10/month depending of enterprise size). Still can't get why ? ;) :D

Great comment.

The big question is....Does BlackBerry continue loose market share in the enterpise/BYOD to iOS and Android with no compinsation? Or do they faciliate a market need and make money off the competition? As they are a leader in device management, I suggest that later.

I work for a large government agency as Wireless/BES Admin and the stratagy BlackBerry is moving forward with is a solid one. I can also tell you that MDM security superseeds costs in most corperations.

hope that helps!

When they realize that the bb with balance is by far their best option and the employees no longer is putting up a fuss, then the Z10 will rule enterprise.

Just recently our company pushed specific rules to all non Blackberry devices for security purposes which include even the ability to wipe off your entire phone in case of some suspicious activity including even your personal data (you can opt out of it). Of course with Blackberry Balance, we have separate profiles for work/personal, so no such issues :) BB10 rules!

BlackBerry are waiting to see if the market for WP8 takes off. If it does, rest assured they will support far, not.

This question was answered at one of BB Enterprise Forums I attended. The reason why WP8 isn't supported quite yet is because MS hasn't provided the necessary API/hooks to do remote management of their devices. Blame MS not BB for the lack of WP support.

I don't agree with it but at the same time do agree with it. I don't agree because I wish BB would have a difference maker to bring people back to them. However I agree because I know that it will be a long road before BB gets back up on top and this is just to milk the revenue cow until they can get there. It's the same thing MS did with some of its apps and services that were exclusive to WP. As soon as they realized WP wasn't taking off as quickly as they like, they started making iOS and Android compatible apps. As a WP user, I wasn't happy but I see the reasoning behind it. Now that I am going to get a BB10 device, I want to see them be as competative as possible, yet, this could boast very well for them.

Well, this intermingling of stuff seems to be the way it works these days. For instance, Samsung supplies hardware for Apple devices, Google supplies stuff to iOS. I think you leverage your strengths, any extra revenue for Blackberry is good. That still doesn't stop Blackberry from keeping some of the best stuff for themselves though. ;)

This is what has needed to happen for years! Blackberry's enterprise software is king, clearly should have been leveraged to iOS and Andriod a long time ago. Blackberry can reap in the licensing benefits of allowing their enterprise server to send mail to all devices. If the hardware side fails, it doesn't matter then - the software (at least) would still remain highly relevant in the secure enterprise email world.

Microsoft continues to make mistakes by altering its platform and not giving developers the access they need to give their platform a leg up. We've seen this in all aspects of Windows 8. It's painful to watch Microsoft implode.

this is ver 1.0 of secure work space and it reuquire following pieces

1: client
2: vpn tunnel

once vpn tunnel from device to enterprise is established, the secure workspace client will activate using a PIN or enterprise directory password

for secure workspace to sync mail, calendar (yes that's it so far) VPN must always be running

Reason for all this VPN? secure work sapace is not going through BB NOC.

Have a look at GOOD for enterprise, they have secure NOC like BB and their client does not require VPN