BlackBerry introduces the Porsche Design P'9982

By Adam Zeis on 19 Nov 2013 07:26 am EST

We knew it was coming though we didn't expect it to be for another week or so. Today BlackBerry has introduced the Porsche Design P'9982 The device features a stainless steel design with leather wrapped back door. A limited edition will be made available as well that features Crocodile leather and will be limited to just 500 devices worldwide. As with the P'9981, the P'9982 will carry a special series of "luxury" PIN numbers as well.

The P'9982 will be available from select stores across the globe starting on November 21 and will reportedly cost around £1,500 ($2,400).

Press Release

STUTTGART, GERMANY and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - November 19, 2013) - Editors Note: There is a photo associated with this press release.

Porsche Design and BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB) today announced the elite, new, all-touch Porsche Design P'9982 Smartphone from BlackBerry and a second Crocodile model strictly limited to just 500 devices worldwide. Uniquely designed and expertly crafted, the P'9982 is exquisitely fashioned from high-quality materials and features a customized version of the BlackBerry 10.2 Operating System to give you the ultimate personal experience.

The P'9982, which extends the Porsche Design luxury brand's range of modern luxury smartphones, features a satin finished frame forged from the finest quality stainless steel, complemented by a hand-wrapped genuine Italian leather back door. The back door of the limited edition model is hand-wrapped in genuine Crocodile leather. Distinguishable by its special series of PIN numbers, owners of the P'9982 will be instantly recognizable in the exclusive world of Porsche Design smartphone owners. The smartphone carries Porsche Design's luxurious, iconic styling uniquely through the BlackBerry 10 experience to give you an exquisite handset purposely built to excel at mobile communications, messaging and productivity.

"Engineered Luxury meets Powered Performance - what has been true for the first Porsche Design smartphone is even truer for the all-touch P'9882," says Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group. "Once again the collaboration with BlackBerry has led to a device that implements our Iconic Style credo without compromises. With the P'9982 we extend our range of modern luxury smartphones and establish ourselves as a market leader in this segment."

"The new all-touch P'9982 smartphone combines a unique design from an iconic brand with the power of BlackBerry 10," said Alistair Hamilton, Senior Vice President of Design at BlackBerry. "Every aspect of this smartphone has been purposely designed and built for a powerful premium experience."

The new P'9982 smartphone comes with a customized version of the powerful BlackBerry 10.2 OS, with key features such as:

  • BlackBerry® Priority Hub - BlackBerry® Hub is the one place to manage all your conversations and notifications. The new BlackBerry Priority Hub intelligently filters messages to give you instant access to the conversations and content most essential to you, helping you stay organized and focused on the most important tasks. 
  • BlackBerry® Keyboard - The BlackBerry® Keyboard learns how you type, what words you use, and can correct your mistakes on-the-fly. It can also give you next-word suggestions that you can simply flick into your message, helping you type perfect text, every time.
  • BBM™ Video with Screen Share - BBM™ Video with Screen Share takes video chatting further by letting you simply swipe to share what's on your display. With BlackBerry® Natural Sound your BBM Voice and Video calls will sound like you are in the same room.
  • Camera Time Shift mode and BlackBerry® Story Maker - The camera's Time Shift mode starts capturing your picture before you even take it, giving you the power to pick the perfect moment. BlackBerry Storymaker lets you take a collection of photos and videos, and add music and effects, to create an HD movie that you can instantly share.
  • BBM™ Now in any app - BlackBerry 10 continues to refine the unique communications experience of the platform. If a BBM message arrives, you can instantly reply to the message without even leaving the app you're in.
  • Apps for the Porsche Design customer - The BlackBerry® World™ storefront showcases essential apps for the P'9982 smartphone customer, including productivity apps, games, videos and music based on what apps you've downloaded. Get the best on BlackBerry World, uniquely suited to you.

Find your individual look with exclusive Porsche Design accessories that have been specially selected to perfectly complement your new P'9982 smartphone. Inbox, you'll find everything you need including the premium stereo headset, a polishing cloth, USB cable for high-speed data transfer and an international charging kit. The P'9982 smartphone also offers exclusive after market accessories including handcrafted backdoors made from fine Italian leather that are available in three colors, so you can choose a look to express your individuality.

The Porsche Design P'9982 smartphone from BlackBerry will be available from Porsche Design stores, select carriers and retailers around the world beginning on November 21 with the exclusive retail launch at Harrods, Knightsbridge, London. The limited Crocodile edition will be available beginning early December, and will be exclusive to the Porsche Design shop-in-shop at Harrods.

For more information about the P'9982 please visit, and to view a video of the smartphone visit

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BlackBerry introduces the Porsche Design P'9982


Gotta hand it to BlackBerry. To convince Porsche Design to work with a dying company which owns 1% of the smartphone market is actually pretty impressive.

Well, except for that 64GB internal storage, of course.

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That didn't seem like a commercial but more like an intro clip. As a commercial it was quite dull, but I admit better than anything they've been running here in the US.

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"...model strictly limited to just 500 devices worldwide" So it will sell like all other BlackBerry BB10 models. At least they are smart enough to limit the production. Just what the struggling company needs another model that won't sell… nice how the URL goes to a 404 Page Not Found, way to get your press release correct...

URL works just fine. 500 worldwide refers to croc leather back model only but you knew that right because you actually read the entire article <fail>.

Damnnn they sure did a good job customizing everything for it to be exclusive.

Well for that much money they should. But it does look awesome, would love this device.

Waste of time and money. Stl 100-1 most worse device I ever had. Because of heat issue and performance.

Posted via CB10

Hey! That was a joke you idiot! And the stl100-1 is the Dev alpha B which was the phone I've had the most questions about at the different developer conferences I go to so "worst ever"... Maybe my English isn't as good as yours and I didn't understand how you're using that correctly.

STL-001 is also a Z10, Z10 has STL-001, 002, 003 and 004. I have a Dev B and despite of it does have the same OS Dev B has just 1 GB Memory, but Z10 has 2, that imo makes a big difference when using heavy apps and using a lot of them at the same time.

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It's definitely a WOW.... $$$ bleeding... 500 units world wide.... Well, not sure it's just me or what.... Porsching a BlackBerry Z10 or Z30 now, it's kind of...... how should I put it..... WTF.... To put it short.... right intention .. .wrong timing.... spend more time and effort on perfecting 10.2 or somehow get it to work 99.9% functional OS for 10.2.1.XXXX to all..... then you can be a geek and PORSCHING whatever you want.... even BlackBerry Underwear - Porsche Design, I WILL BUY IT!!!!

Anyway, it's just my personal ranting opinion~~~~ Thanks

Oh, it's made by Porsche?? Sorry for the mixed up. Thanks for the info. Anyway, if it's on a Z10 specs..... urghh... it's kind of a ripped off..... Well.... its for a different segment of people, rich and famous...?? XP

Can they please make a leather back for the Z10? That was one of my favorite design elements from the old Bold line, and now it's becoming popular again with the Note 3 using a similar thing. I would buy one, and I'm sure I won't be alone.

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Finally a good ad. "Productivity designed for You" and "Define Your Style" is much better than the vacuous "Keep moving".

This is what the Z10 should have been out the gate. Not at the end of the year when they have released better phones with better specs.

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Exactly. Look at the HTC One (with an even more premium design and build), iPhone 5s and even the Q10, with an outstanding metal frame and glass weave back. Normal 2013 phones at normal prices. This is nothing special and it should've been how the Z10 was built in January. But they're actually pitching this as some kind of "unique luxury" for over $2,000. What a JOKE!

What a waste of resources given the current state of the company. How about using those resources to advertise the phones and OS you made in quantity.

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You're talking like they have limited number of screens and must use them wisely :) This is basically a shell outside Z10, not that much of a work, design is also done by PD and I'm sure the OS theme is not that hardwork.. This is actually a GREAT way to get rid of all the 1280x768 screens out of their inventory..

It looks nice but I'd rather have a more durable cheaper phone. I also love how detail oriented a lot of the commenters are, only focusing on the number 500. The 500 is the a 'second limited edition crocodile skin leather' edition. The standard P'9982 will be sold in higher numbers. All of them in the middle east likely but hey, if you can afford to own a few supercars plunking a few grand on a fancy brand name phone is nothing to blink at. This isn't going to be bought purely as a phone for some people, it's pretty much a fancy purse for guys. Sure, you would get just as much if not more functionality out of something cheaper, but it's got leather and the name Porsche on it.

Just saw the promo vid. I am Sooooooo mad. What took BlackBerry so long to get it right. They made a great promo video, great designed phone and showed off a better OS #yearlater

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And the irony is, this is the device that doesn't need an ad showing off the OS and features. The people buying this are buying it because it has the Porsche Design logo on it and nothing more. It's a status symbol.

They could take a bag of dog poop, wrap it in leather and stick the Porsche Design logo on it and it would sell like hot cakes in the EAU.

I just hope that BlackBerry makes a decent profit on these things. Money is money right now.

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I love Blackberry but 2400$ for a Porsche Design tag... you could buy a 13" macbook air+ a Z30 + an ipad retina at that price but no... i prefer to show off with your porsche design pin...
Definitely not the way to go for Blackberry... who would want to pay 5 times the fair price? who want to be associated to that product image: it just means i don't know what to do with my money, if you are looking for a sucker here i am...

This phone obviously is not for you and me. There are only 500 of these worldwide. They are for the very wealthy users who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Post via CB Z10

So what do they mean by a unique PIN? Will it say "I'm rich biatch"? :)

But seriously, I'm curious if someone can give me an example of a unique PIN.

It's not really a "luxury" pin. That's just marketing BS.. (Apple must've sneezed on BlackBerry recently).

These pins will start with 2AA just like the P9981 pins. So if someone's pin starts with 2AA you know they have a Porsche BlackBerry.

There's a P9981 with a "Nice PIN" on eBay for £4k loool

Posted via my CB Q10

Leather Wrapped Back Door. I can't wait to get in on that d===D (•)

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense

This should've been the Z10. A lot of the negative/meh press about the design would've been diminished.

This phone is for the Middle East. Rich people intelligent and busy enough not to be bothered by specs and apps or even battery life. They don't instagram or watch netflix on their phone. Just one spec they are interested in... Price.

Why are they still making Porsche branded phones anyway now that they sponsor the Mercedes AMG F1 team?

Shouldn't they be making Mercedes AMG Design phones to tie in with the marketing of the F1 sponsorship deal?! Oh yeh that's right BlackBerry know nothing about how to market their products.

Looks like another case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

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"customized" version of OS10.2.... really now... just a Z10 with a few theme changes like the P9981 VS 9900... not worth the materials its made with.
What would have been smart would be to pack all the advancements from the Z30( faster processor, new radio, speaker technology, better battery etc), and maybe more ram to make it a little more furture-proof in a Z10 form-factor. Then it would be worth the extra "exclusivity" knowing you not only have the most expensive bb around but also the BEST bb around.

Does Porsche run QNX in their cars? If so, would've been a nice tie-in. Maybe even a give a new Porsche BB10 phone and you could win a car or vice versa. Oh well. Interesting they put a 64GB in this and 16GB is in their other phones. Does that make it premium enough?

People complaining about timing and price do know that this is not solely a BlackBerry project...right?

This design was in the works way before the recent hit and wouldn't have been scrapped just because of the current situation.

Regardless of what the popular consensus is, wealthy business execs still use BlackBerry smartphones, and $2400 is a great way for them to continue using a BlackBerry product while standing out.

Plus it's a Porsche Design...that's a win win in my book

Regardless of what the wealthy business execs want, I don't believe companies like BlackBerry should cater to their needs just for a win-win, a win-win I doubt, because one should never underestimate the wider demographic that this move can potentially alienate. Sure, if some niche smartphone maker wants to dedicate its effort to the niche need like some high-end fashion label, it's none of anyone else' business. I guess I am buying into the ethos Steve Jobs brought to Apple which is to market the best devices for the people, and it works. BlackBerry might win a few rich friends with status here and there. But we all know status comes with loneliness, and I hope loneliness is not what BlackBerry hasn't yet got enough of. But then again, for reasons of the cost involved in breaking contracts etc, I don't believe BlackBerry can just walk away from this project right now. I only feel very sorry that perhaps another very bad damage has been dealt to the company, and the stock market has certainly reacted.

I like it but in wish they used a snapdragon 800 in it. That would have been sweet and make it a top tier phone vs a re-branded z10.

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What BlackBerry think about? Just die BlackBerry and sell your company to other who dedicated and passion to make a good device.

Posted via CB10

Why BlackBerry didn't make z10 or other phone premium as this version with high end space.

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Nice video, good looking phone. Makes me wish the Z10 had came in a stainless steel design :)

Posted via telegraph

What a beautiful device! And the video is a perfect teaser! Very elite! I think the price tag is fitting to the device and its presentation. It's catered to those who can afford it! They will sell through these!

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I need $$$, $ is all I need. If I share with you my story will you share your $$$$ with me.

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So when's Kevin picking up his limited edition crocodile leather P'9982??

Posted with a Q10 via CB10

I actually like this a lot more then I expected I would.
It's funny how some people are complaining about the price point for a glorified Z10, but in reality this device is not made for them (or me for that matter) and they will probably never see one in the wild anyways.
Definitely a unicorn phone.

I don't put too much stock in this but I thought I'd say something and you can make your own minds up.

Paid a visit to a Porsche Design kiosk the other day and was told that the Z30 will be "Porsche-d" sometime in the new year. I wouldn't hold your breath, though.

How about similar treatment for Q10 also?

And I would have expected told plated finish for that price :(

The stainless steel frame design is definitively something I'd hope to see on my Z10.
Now wondering if it could be possible to purchase the P'9982 chassis and back door and refit my Z10 hardware in it .... that would be really sweet.

By the way I also like like the P'9982 carrying case that integrate a visual for the led and the little mechanism to take it out.

So a stainless steel frame and leather backing cost an extra $2000....why, and it's probably a heavy phone.


For the demographic it was intended for it'll sell.

Personally I prefer the standard black Z10.

Posted via my CB Q10

They should make croc covered battery doors for all models! That would be a pretty sweet accessory for my z10, class it up a bit too.

Posted via CB10

Great, I can be driving a Porsche Blackberry while the company goes off a cliff. This is the worst marketing effort EVER! People aren't buying Blackberry's not because they are lacking in aesthetics, it's because there is no targeted marketing effort toward people that see value in a phone that makes them more productive vs. a phone with lots of gimmicks. This effort would have been way better spent actually marketing the 10.2 operating system toward their enterprise customers that could easily be pushed out to all the end users of existing products. And at this point, at least a marketing campaign assuring people Blackberry isn't going out of business.

For all the wealth Apple has amassed and for all the glory it enjoys as a fashion icon, it doesn't run any marketing campaign of this sort. Such a campaign might help celebrate the self regard of current BB fans, but it absolutely sends the wrong message to people yet to be won over. Has anyone at BB's marketing department waken up to reality yet?

When they say BlackBerry is arrogant, elitist, expensive, well, look no further than at this marketing campaign.

Instead of releasing it 9 months after the Z10 release which is lame for a high end custom device, why don't they come out with their custom design a week or two before the general release. A custom design Z50 /Q30 released a week before the general release would get more atention from the media and atract the rich and famous who like to show off how special they are to the media.

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I nominate you sir, for the soon to be available CMO job at BlackBerry.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

For those that think it's bad marketing, if it attracts the CEO and the VPs of a company they are more likely to use BlackBerry for their employees too. My girlfriend works for a large company that dropped BlackBerry because the CEO and CFO wanted Iphones for the status and cool factor. Then the rest had to switch. They now have a standing order for 20 new phones a month plus replacements for lost / broken phones. And when a new model comes out they all upgrade. $$$$

Posted via CB10

I saw your point. I won't blame CEO/CFO wanting the iPhone, which starts at $719. But would you really want to work for a CEO/CFO carrying a $2400 BlackBerry phone just to show their status when the rest of their employees could never ever afford owning such a phone? What kind of companies these guys run? Do they really carry any true significance to BB's business versus the lost business opportunities selling to the wider demographic?

Interesting point, I just phoned harrows and not only are they selling it from Thursday, but I have found out (through a source that works there) that they have been inundated with calls since it was shown in their gift guide.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

At first, i thought round shape on the bottom was ugly in leaked video. And boom! It's looked nice the released version. I want! But pricey? When to launch in singapore?

Posted via BlackBerry Q10



Specifics on specs most highly requested:
8 megapixel auto-focus camera
Back Side Illumination for better low-light performance
5-element F2.2 lens
Milbeaut Fujitsu M-9MO image signal processor with dedicated 64MB frame buffer
Flash, continuous and touch to focus, image stabilisation
Enhanced Super Resolution Digital Zoom (5x)
1080p HD video recording
4 DOF (Degrees of freedom) video stabilisation
Time Shift mode for pinpointing and adjusting individual elements of your picture

I only wanted to camera lens improved as the Z10 image sensor was good enough, seems like they improved that as well.

64GB INTERNAL storage with MicroSD 64GB external storage support NOICE!!
(I just came - hither to drool btw - see what I did there LMAO)

Video stabilization is now hardware based! This thing is going to sell like crazy .. that advertisement is EXACTLY what BlackBerry needed and SHOULD'VE done from start.

Donny from Inside BB did a fantastic job with unboxing as well - I usually HATE unboxings but he made it short sweet and to the point ... well done

Alas, BlackBerry, excellent audience you have found. Supa_Fly1, I need to make friends with you because you are obviously wealthy enough to be this enthusiastic about a $2400 phone. But as a friend, I'd like to offer my humble opinion that for the same amount of money you can probably commission an Iphone with at least equally competitive specifications.

I'm excited because the sales will flourish, this means stronger collaborations and hopefully positive influence on marketing BB's weakest spot in the company - before we go one about shifting management(s).

Your rebuttal about an iPhone ... I agree ... but you'll be spending a lot of time between IP5, IP5S, IP5C ... that is iPhones issue. I own IP5 and it's my second one and my primary phone. I wouldn't if my Z10 could work with a cracked screen where it is cracked.

I don't think this thing's sale is going to flourish, but I will bend myself to keep the same hope as you do because I wish only the best for BB too. :)

BB needs to make a stronger screen for Z10 and Q10, for the benefit of all BB lovers. That's the solution imho. Also, now that we mention the cracked screens, here's also my opinion about the exquisite case the video demos: the best phone/screen simply doesn't need a case, and that's my standard for the best. I know, I sound a bit finicky.

I completely agree on screen/glass quality. That alone transcends to a higher customer satisfaction and thus repeat sales.

Warranty ... this should be done directly from here on out ... get it together to equal what Apple is doing. Buying smartphones at full retail, which more and more ppl are doing - especially with providers like Wind Mobile giving credit incentives should be able to translate into users thinking retail price points make the smartphone an investment, not to mention the ecosystems that come with them.

Exactly! Customer service is one big weak point of BB, depends on who you talk to, but I do believe the people complaining, lots of them.

I hope they release a version of the rumored Q30. I would happily give them all my monies for that. I don't even need to know what it'll look like.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible Q10!

Lol that's overpriced by about $1,500 I thought this was going to be priced at $1k but it will still sell out as an exclusive. UAE oil money or athletes/celebrities will still buy this up. I want a Mercedes Benz designed one.

CB10 - Z10 -

It's pricey, but at launch it's not that far from the customized Z10 market. When the Z10 first launched there were people in the US who paid up to $1500 each on eBay for the white version and in many cases those weren't even unlocked. Add in the extra $50 fee for unlocking. Then add $50 for the black battery rubberized door if you wanted to create an "Oreo" version. Then add in a $250 paint job for ColorWare treatment. Add another 64GB SD storage card for $50. That's about $1900 for the Z10 when it came out initially, and it's still plastic. While sales will be small, there's at least several thousand who will buy this Porsche. I think that it only helps the brand to have a premium finished device, even if rare. Hopefully BlackBerry will do a better job of not making excess inventory and can sell only as many as people want to buy.

Let the Verge bash. The limited edition version will likely hold its value. Maybe increase in value over time if we never see another Porsche edition BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Waist of time and money for BBRY. Let's focus on the task at hand and jot throw more money to the wind.

Flicked with my Zed 10 running

Is it just me or us this phone just a tad excessive in this day and age? Sort of like the huge anti-social oil and resource depleting 4x4. Denali's and Escalade's on the roads today?? God help us if this type of thing becomes 'desireable' or lust-worthy.

Posted via CB10

Definitely nice. The commercial just makes me wish I could get one. This would easily be my luxury phone of choice if I had oodles of cash.

...Although I don't know how I'd react to a phone much nicer than my Z30. Perhaps an overload wherein I'd need to abort entire P'9982 upgrade until I could handle it.


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This phone is silly. $2400 for a shiny Z10 when the Z50 is on the horizon? Nothing more than hedonistic excess here. Then again, we're talking about Porche here...

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I think limiting it to 500 pieces is a master stroke as with the price tag that it comes with and the category that they want to cater, would for sure want exclusivity and the fact that only 500 people in the entire world would own it is tempting enough for many to go for it.

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I would love one - any efforts Fwd by BlackBerry are worthy of our viral support - who knows what will suddenly get traction with a market? I'd sure love one of these!

Posted via CB10

Looks amazing but for $2400 I would hope for a Z30 in stainless steel and the mythical Charging/Media Cradle to match.

I don't get it. Company is circling the drain and this is what they push out?

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