BlackBerry Internet Service down again? (Update: Not RIM's fault)

By Adam Zeis on 7 Nov 2011 11:21 am EST

BlackBerry Internet Service Outage

* Official Update from RIM: 

RIM Statement - November 7, 2011: There was a global Internet issue this morning that impacted a number of Internet Service Providers (ISP) around the world. RIM's BlackBerry Infrastructure was not impacted however, some customers may have experienced delays with their ISP. RIM continues to monitor the situation.  *

* Update: So it seems the BlackBerry service hiccups some reported experiencing this morning were not of RIM's doing (all services a go for RIM), but rather were the result of broader internet issues. We're expecting an update from RIM shortly as to exactly how and why BlackBerry services were affected. *

It looks like some users are reporting that the BlackBerry Internet Service is experiencing issues this morning. Reports from Twitter and the CrackBerry forums are saying that some users cannot send/receive emails or BBMs. I'm not having any issues here on Verizon and Kevin seems to be okay as well, so we're not quite sure just whats up yet. Hit the forums and let us know where you're at and stay tuned and we'll report back as we find out more ...

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BlackBerry Internet Service down again? (Update: Not RIM's fault)


As for myself, I am not receiving my e-mails. (I am in NY)Just checked my outlook and I have several e-mails in my inbox from today which have not yet made it to my BB.

UPDATE: All good now! (1 hour or so of outage)

Fixed now I hope. I had a bit without service and boy was I mad. But with att utah usa 9700 (9900 tomorrow) it's all good now.

My browser stopped working for about 20 minutes. Everything seems to be fine now, though.

AT&T + Torch 9800, Anchorage, Alaska

Our BEs servers are unable to contact the RIM SRP servers, however we think it might be related to an AT&T infrastructure problem on the east coast. Escalated to RIM Tier 4 support.

I am too... Total crap!! Tired of being disappointed! Whats next for u? I'm thinking a Galaxy S ll, iPhone 4s, Galaxy Nexus, or the new Motorola Droid RAZR (it looks badass!!) This is my formal goodbye to BlackBerry!

Great! Hope you'll have ZERO problems with whatever device you choose.

And don't let the door hit you on the way out... It swings faster for drama-queens.

LOL Dram Queens with foot in mouth. Now that it has been updated and the issue was not RIM's :). Yay for patience! I hope they (though doubtful) already ordered and/or bought something else since they were in such a rush!

Wow. I'm a bb newbie.Started out with a beaauutful (used) red world edition. Fell in love with bb. Operates the way my mind operates. Yes, glitches and all.I now have the Bold 9900 and am again in love. I get that this can be crippling to business applications. I've made a firm decsion to ride out. I want bb to succeed in spite of this overwhelming competion in phone market. Now I feel like I'm rooting for the underdog. Growing pains bb??

I agree with you in how you like the way that BB OS works just like your mind. Including as you said the glitches. I too feel like I'm rooting for the underdog here, but I am rather happy with that. I came from Android and I have to say I don't miss that OS at all. My next purchase will def be the Playbook, I just want to see if there is going to be any good sales on Black Friday, with it being just around the corner I don't see why I can't wait, right? :)

My daughter has an i-phone, she's the arts-y one of my fam. My son has a Droid something or other, he's the social one. I have a bb. Ha. What does that say about me?? I have the best taste in my fam. Love to all you "CrackBerries". Proud to be numbered among you.

I can see you spitting saliva as you complain like a spoiled child thinking that moving to another platform is going to solve your problems.

Fanboys, we look at them below our shoulders.

Hey ding-dong.

Maybe look into the problem first. Note that there was no BB outage and it's an internet issue.

open mouth, insert foot. stop your whining and complaining and whining. not RIMs issue. feeling stupid now?

Don't Really care if it was or wasn't RIMS fault! To be honest with u i'm just tired of them and done with them! So any problem that arises is more than enuff to just say F U RIM! Just like they have been doing to us fans! First the F'ing Bold 9900 isn't up to par with anything new out there! Well no BB7 phones are so yeah... Yeah it looks great and the build is great but its like having a f'ing good looking phone for nothing!Its pretty much a good looking brick that can answer calls and send texts! And i'm done trying to defend BBM too! F that... with all the advancements in mobile messaging everything has a chat feature shit on it (Facebook, msn, millions of other apps that are cross platform)! F' BBM i dont give a shit about it anymore... all my BBM friends are almost NON-EXISTENT and dont have a BB phone anymore! OK i kinda passed on that a bit because of the looks - still a BB fan! The camera for the phone is a F'ing joke and no one else can try to defend this piece of shit flaw! My 9780 was better hands down. Ok we get a lil 720 video recording when the other phones out there have 720 recording on their front facing cams now (which the BB does not have period i might add)! Ok i tried to look past that again - still a BB fan! Don't know how but i hanging in there!!! Then comes the F'ing horrible battery! For a BlackBerry this battery is unacceptable! Might as well i have a F'ing Dual core... amazing camera,WAY bigger screen, battery sucking android phone that does everything better than the CRAPBERRY and still F'ing has the same battery life! - OK this is where i really start to question if this company give a F--- about me or the fans! Then we got the f'ing massive outages (a sure sign something is failing!) -I'm still somehow a fan, although a very resentful one now! Now Rim talks about trying to work with the developers and everyone to develop for the new 7 phone... and what do they do.... F every theme developer in the ASS, without GREASE i might add, by not creating a theme studio for the new phones! Liquid graphics my ass.... yes its a little better than the F'ing other Blackberry phones before but its not that groundbreaking, different or amazing! Liquid graphics my F'ing ass! More like LIQUID BULLSHIT! What does this mean? We have a phone that has limited development of Apps, themes, and games, maybe even none soon enuff! We have this underpowered, no apps and developers, crappy average/ below average battery, crappy camera, F'ing Brick that the company cannot stop promising us SHIT and never delivers and we remain fans why? Cause of BBM and our love for the company? OK thats cool with everyone else but i am F'ing done! And yes i am walking out and NO DOOR is gonna hit me on the way out cause RIM doesn't have money to buy doors anymore! I'M DONE!!!! U all can take the abuse of being a fan! I am a happy individual, i aint on being depressed over a piece of F'ing technology! ex.- IF someone is in an abusive relationship and they don't leave because I LOVE HIM/HER i cant leave... well u know what... u dont wanna leave so take ur F'ing Bitch LICKS! Maybe some people like the abuse..... NOW SOMEONE PLEASE have something to rebutt what i say or forever hold your PEACE... or more like PIECE.. of SHIT blackberry!

Read over your post. I think it is time for your meds! How could ANYONE take a word you said seriously?? You sound like a lunatic. Just saying............

I'm on Sprint as well and I'm replying to this on my phone. By the sounds of it some followers intend to move on. I say RIM just keeps trucking because they will be back as soon as RIM clears the transission kinks.

Verizon in Georgia... seem to have lost sync as of five minutes ago or so. Plenty of new items in Outlook/Exchange not on BlackBerry. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

i have been having web n text issues all all weekend. error reads network out of order when sending text.
- vancouver, bc

I am having intermittent issues with Facebook and some other web apps. But BBM, email and browsing etc is working for me. And hopefully continues to work.

There may be some issues with push servers that communicate with third party apps since that is what most people are complaining about.

My sisters IP4 had FB connectivity issues last week.

My browser was not working for 40 mins atleast that I know of and my emails are not "all" coming through. Mon, Nov 7, 2011 11:38:50 AM 9670/

Was having issues for awhile, but im back all good now.

9700 - Columbia, SC

And for the outages, problems happen on every carrier/every phone type. This isnt a BB issue...its a cell phone issue.

Began having issues last night w/ web & sending BBM's. Seems to better today, although still a little buggy. Sprint 9930.

I'm having trouble using UberSocial and accessing from my Blackberry. Other wistes working ok. Not sure about my non-gmail email addresses. My husband is not receiving emails on his work account, but hotmail is working fine. In Toronto on Rogers (me) and Telus (him).

Fine here in Waterloo - I've had no service disruptions. Actually, GMail and hotmail were both down earlier today - there was a malicious attack on the Juniper switches ... Yahoo mail and Twitter are both down as I write this.. .

this is causing everyone to believe it's a BB issue.,.. it's not, it's an internet issue. :-)

My BBM was funky all weekend. Some messages were going through, some were not. I would get the dreaded parentheses indicating it was thinking about going through, but never did. I actually deleted and reinstalled BBM, which seemed to help a little. It's okay today, though.

At&T 9800 & 9900 web+mail+bbm working!!! BBM working with Ecuador + Brazil + Argenitna and, of course, USA

everything seems to be working fine on my Rogers 9780 in Toronto, Canada....

but come on RIM im tired of hearing about crap-crap-crap....get your act together before its too late...

My Internet Browser it's not working properly, I'm receiving my emails but social networks are NOT working at all. TORCH 9800 + DOMINICAN REPUBLIC + ORANGE.

I had some problems with some e-mail but not all. gmail worked but yahoo did not. I don't know if that makes any difference.

I hope that RIM was updating their servers to release some new functionality but I'm the perpetual optimist.

IF this turns out to be an official "outage" maybe RIM will give away free 64GB playbooks or new 9900's as another apology.

one can only hope.

After connecting to Wi Fi I got me messages, if you can't send or receive messages or bbm try connecting to WiFi it might help

My BIS stop loading, many google products' sites & my native news sites. But Email is working fine! bbm is funky! all apps that rely on BIS connection isn't working!
hope this isn't another RIM downfall !

My e-mail through BESx was down but browser and BBM were fine. I was told it was some BESx servers unable to contact RIM server. I am back up now but was out for a little over an hour.

Hi everyone – Alex from RIM here.
Just wanted you to know that all BlackBerry services are at normal levels; however, ISPs had issues around the world, which is causing some browsing and other data delays. Here’s our official statement:
RIM Statement – November 7, 2011:
There was a global Internet issue this morning that impacted a number of Internet Service Providers (ISP) around the world. RIM’s BlackBerry Infrastructure was not impacted however, some customers may have experienced delays with their ISP. RIM continues to monitor the situation.

We’ll provide more information when we have it.
Alex from RIM

On a 9900 on TMO in South Florida - my POP accounts didn't receive email for a few hours. I resent the service books and emails came in shortly thereafter and have been working fine since.

Mobilicity, Toronto... Everything is back on track just now! I retrieved the full service! All sites are loading & the Apps are all working fine.

Verizon 9850
I was receiving email and everything .. but I wasn't able to use the internet at all this morning / its now working fine for me

I think there was a 3rd company at fault here but people will blame RIM for it.
There's a lot of company's that have their cash registers down and their credit and debit machines are not working.

Just read the update, its Time Warners fault. Those jerks.

I don't know what the problem was exactly but early early this morning I was trying to pin msg ppl to join me on BBMM and none of them were going through. I haven't tried again as of this post; but we'll see what happens!