BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 gets detailed

BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 gets detailed
By Michelle Haag on 8 Jul 2011 06:21 pm EDT

BlackBerry users will soon be getting a much needed update to the BlackBerry Internet Service, commonly known as BIS. According to information N4BB received, we can expect to see BIS 4.1 come in waves with Asia Pacific first (September 10th), Europe next (September 23rd) followed finally by North America (October 8th).

It looks like new BlackBerry devices running BlackBerry OS 7 will have increased message limit sizes, including the body of the email and attachments sent/received. This means fewer truncated emails and a reduction in the amount of times a user will need to hit "receive more". It is unknown at this time if these changes will also be available for pre-BB7 devices.

There are also changes being made to email accounts, such as when adding a new email address to your BIS account, the last 20 emails on the server will be pushed to your device. Additional changes include added security for email accounts and the ability to switch SIMs with no interruption to email service.

To see more of what's in store with the BIS 4.1 update, check out the rest of the slides after the break, and if you'd like to discuss the changes head on over to the forums.

BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 gets detailed

BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 gets detailedBlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 gets detailedBlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 gets detailed
Source: N4BB
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BlackBerry Internet Service 4.1 gets detailed


Not necessarily, this is a server-side upgrade and not on the client side (i.e. the consumers). Think of it like an OS update that goes out after the phone is released. They're most likely targeting those regions (Asia->Europe->NA) in that specific order because of some particular way that they handle data on their servers from each region. No reason to freak out about the release dates for the phones though.

I wonder, is this a blessing, or a curse? Sure, at first glance it'd be great to have more information pushed to your phone, but BlackBerries are known for data conservation. Won't this only make it more painful for American users to have a tiered data plan under Verizon and AT&T's new guidelines? (Thank goodness I'm still on an unlimited plan!)

Thank god - I switch between two countries on a monthly basis and it's a pain to change sim and have to enter all the password and plus old email are lost from the single google apps inboxes are just in the message group inbox. Now I will be able to work with the bb even before leaving the plane after landing. I wish there would be an OS7 to the 9780 tho...

This article is very misleaidng, you should not say "BlackBerry users will soon be getting a much needed update" when the document states it will only apply to 7.0 devices which have not even been released yet, it may be a server side change but if only future devices can use it its actually a new feature and not an update "BlackBerry users will soon get"...

I'm not going to be too happy if the increased message size limits only apply to >7.0 devices. It's bad enough that they've abandoned all of their phones from the last year to no major OS updates. All of their OS6 phones that were released as OS6 devices have enough memory that they could easily handle the higher message limit.

Not to mention quite a few changes were supposed to take place for OS6 and we're still waiting them.

The majority of RIM's user base is running OS5 and OS6. Making such (long awaited) changes OS7+ is only going to push people over other platforms. If they think all those frustated guys out there will say "oh, I'll just get a OS7 device", they are really not getting it.

I think this is a huge mistake. Changing BIS: about time. OS7+ only: Very bad move.

Maybe they really need some new leadership if they can't see this "little detail".

Well OS5 devices don't have the memory to handle larger messages because RIM skimped on memory. But I believe that OS6 devices should get these new features. It does sound like they haven't shut the door on older OS support yet because of some of the wording used. Maybe this is a controlled leak to see people's reaction.

@diegonei - If people were given no reason to upgrade their hardware then that would be a bigger fail for RIM. So I totally disagree with your assessment of the situation.

I respect your right to disagree, but it does not change the facts.

People are upgrading hardware allright: to Android devices with no data restrictions. If I were RIM, I'd update BIS for all - and in-device memory does not hold much on this issue.

Feel free to disagree on this too.

Geez, I hope it reconciles the email a bit better. I'm sick of having to delete my emails on my phone, and then also on my computer. ARGH!!

A Blackberry playbook owner today can't open an Adobe .pdf - that which my kid's i-pod is capable of....
...If they don't extend the MB size to OS6 devices it will simply mean many existing BB customers.
...Will simply move to devices other than RIM and not worry about what they can't do on their phones.

Blackberry's are already being called "Fisher Price Phones" by people in the business community.....
....It's time RIM wakes up and starts making more sound choices on how they direct their company.
....And the way to do that is take a measurement of what people want and expect and start giving it to them.

It's either that or they can continue to watch their market share circle the drain.