The BlackBerry Innovation Community is a place where you can share your thoughts and feedback directly with BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 21 Feb 2014 05:50 pm EST

At some point or another, you've probably asked yourself why there's no real place to offer feedback directly to BlackBerry on their products and services. Truth be told, there's several ways you can do exactly just that be it through the BlackBerry website, the official BlackBerry Forums and Blogs and even the BlackBerry Beta Zone but some folks want a more centralized and direct place to offer such things.

As it turns out, that's exactly what the BlackBerry Innovation Community has been set up for. BlackBerry customers can set up an account, create a user profile and take part in surveys, all in addition to creating posts offering feedback and ideas. Where it is a community, if there's comments and feedback made that you agree with you can vote and comment on them. Do you want to see better cameras on BlackBerry devices? How about adding back full BlackBerry Protect features? This would be the spot to share those ideas.

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The BlackBerry Innovation Community is a place where you can share your thoughts and feedback directly with BlackBerry


Oh and I reported the site on my channel before it was reported here. Also what happened to my comment? Anyways I'm not trolling if that's why my other comment was removed.

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Hi! I have Been Running From BlackberryHelp on Twitter, Sending Emails, Contacting "VerizonWireless!" For Issues w/ 3rd Refurb BB BOLD 9650! Its Freezing, Shutsdown?! Even after its been off all night? Plus I must keep it plugged into Power, Battery lasts less than 45 Minutes I was told I can't "Upgrade Til 4/14! That's When Our Contracts Are Up?! Have 2 BB BOLD 9650's, Mobile HOtspot Box & Home Phone Wireless Service?! Its Only 2 Months? I NEED A NEW PHONE NOW & NOT ANOTHER REFuRB BOLD! WANT THE BBZ30!!!

Odd: you can sing in with a google account, a twitter account, a facebook account, a linkedin account but no you cannot use your blackberry id..

Well we should be used to BlackBerry poor delivering - they keep failing in the little details that counts.

I can't fill out the survey. When I press the circled items to vote, it ignores the press. FROM MY BB10 DEVICE!

What the heck BlackBerry?

Click slightly above the circle. I know its kinda a pain considering this was designed by BlackBerry.

I had a LOT of trouble with those too. I had to hit one 42 times, not including the prior attempts I didn't count, trying in a few different areas. When I did get one to go after just a few taps I thought I found the sweet spot... but nope. That one also took quite a few taps until it came up.

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"We make it, you buy it (as is)".

Been Apple's way, can't see that to change anytime soon.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Why doesn't blackberry connect directly to Crackberry and see what the blackberry community wants ,feedbacks and problems that customers have ?

From My Sexy Blackberry Q10...

They do. They don't need to "connect", they just browse the website.

Play Starcraft? Join our Channel: C001242DE

It would make sooo much sense. I wonder if BlackBerry is reading these comments.

Why would BlackBerry read our comments when all we do is talk about being first and why we're idiots for wanting to be first. There's way too much immaturity here on CB, I wonder if the rest of the Mobile Nations act this pathetic.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Lol somebody's gotta be first - it's just human nature. However, if BlackBerry would be kind enough to let us sign in - oh wait it turns out it's not really a BlackBerry site. (sigh)

They can't officially connect or the CB blog would lose all it's reputation for being unbiased..

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This is awesome but I don't want to make another account, I refused to join beta zone until they integrated it into BlackBerry id, I want fewer logins and passwords and accounts, I think it is very important that we limit our Internet presence to only essential services we use all the time.

Via CB10, Brklyn, NY

Lol! You can't be serious. The community thing is for the public at large, so it makes sense that for security reasons they are avoiding pooling blackberry I'd s with other "general" passwords/ids.
It shouldn't be a big deal to maybe use one of your other passwords since you were going to use BB one anyway.

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Hopefully indicative of BBRY senior management understanding they don't fully understand what consumers are looking for.

Posted via CB10 from my Z30

Wow! Who really does understand what the "consumers" want? Do you? Oh and who are these consumers? North Americans or Europeans or emerging markets or.....?
Do people on these CB forums (including me) know what we want. We are all truly armchair quarterbacks.

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That is why BlackBerry allows the ideas to be voted on.
I think it is a great idea; just hope they are really listening closely. No more silly mistakes.

Has anyone confirmed that the "BlackBerry Innovation Community" site that is hosted on, is a official survey by BlackBerry?

Who owns that site? - it clearly doesn't seem to be Blackberry. So if one is to contribute their thoughts how does it get passed along to Blackberry or is it a third-party service that will take a cut from Blackberry. In simple terms, what is the underlying business contract here - I for one don't feel comfortable to join this site without knowing all these details.

Yeah, I concur. As someone else noted, the WhoIs is a company out of Texas. CrackBerry needs to check with the real BlackBerry to validate the site. Of course, I'm sure that BlackBerry knows about it now....

Did you think it was a spoof site owned by Samsung? After all, we all know that Samsung duplicates and doesn't really innovate; mobile phone wise anyway.

Trying to answer this using my BlackBerry browser but the radio buttons don't respond. Aigooo!

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I was asking for that, a direct feedback channel, on a survey email sent to my BBID a few weeks ago.

That was pronto!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Is there anything showing this site is actually run by BlackBerry? It looks to me like a third party that may or may not be authorized to run this thing. A link to BlackBerry's privacy policy is hardly permission.

Can we get some official confirmation before we all bleed our long list of wants out to 'Sentient Services' (the company referenced in the terms and conditions).

Seems odd that something like this wouldn't be at least tied to beta zone if it were legit

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The first but of feedback to them would be to get the damn BB10 browser working on their site! The radio buttons on the survey page don't work!!!

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I find that there is not a way to share my thoughts and comments openly and directly. Once again we are pigeonholed and directed to fill in forms. Nowhere to contact a BlackBerry customer service employee directly and openly. BlackBerry's worst failing in my opinion. Community forums only help so far......

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I see the domain is registered by someone in TX,.. is this legit BlackBerry site, or just someone set it up to harvest people's BlackBerryID and passwords???

Doubtful since BBID is not one of the options. Maybe BlackBerry is using this third party tool, and the reason why BBID isn't an option is because they aren't personally hosting the site.

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Wow I cannot even fill out the online profile page on my BlackBerry Q10. Impossible to select any of the options even zoomed in to huge. Doesn't seem to work well on BlackBerry so I don't get it....

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I just signed up and, judging by the questions, it is third party, and also geared specifically to business users. I'll stick with Beta Zone.

Agreed! I went in there thinking that questions about how to make the phone more usable might be asked, instead I had mostly questions about if my Employer pays for my phone (they don't) and why having an employer pay for your phone is good or bad (I don't know!).

It's hard to get the web page to recognize my touch when I try to choose an answer on the built in BlackBerry browser
Gotta tap a couple of times for it to register my touch. What's up with that?

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I even tried it using Evolution Browser and my PlayBook and I could not complete the survey.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

What I'm trying to say is, great, BlackBerry loves feedback and ideas so they say. But really spending time to revamp the feedback website is a little overkill. In all honestly, that's the last thing they should want to do. Make it easier for users to complain? Or just build much better designed products to the point were feedback isn't as important. Just my opinion.

BlackBerry needs some structure. And end to end strategy.

About time!!!

Consumer community will help bolster BlackBerry into the future,

So designers corporate admins start submitting

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

This is not a BlackBerry website. It's just someone who opened a page on

So it's not better than a Doodle or an page.

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BlackBerry need this, beacuse if they want to improve their products, OS, and services.. they should be hear directly from customers

Posted from my lovely Z10

How the heck can I not check the circles on either my pb or Q10 using native browser or Evolution Browser. Who made this online survey? Please fix it so I can contribute useful info.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Holy $hit the site is so bad. The radio buttons are impossible to select and some of the text is way too large and running off the page. Did they even test this before going live?

It's so tacky that the link at the bottom shows their pricing structure. They must have been the cheapest option BlackBerry could find

Posted via CB10

Orrrrrrrrrr, they could save the money spent on this project and just read Crackberry!! Let Crackberry spend the money on the site admin, and have them participate more in a community that's already established and actively providing feedback on EVERY BlackBerry issue!! How helpful would it be to have verified BlackBerry techs respond to posts in the forums and comment directly on relevant ideas and challenges?

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Anyone else have problem selecting the items in survey? The little dot to select item? I have to tap it 50 times for dot to appear. For this being for Blackberry users why doesnt it respond correctly???


I signed up but based on comments here am actually wondering if the really is legitimate and connected with BlackBerry.

I think needs to find out and let us know since they posted this story and a lot of people seem to think it is fake or a scam.

Posted via CB10

So seriously CB why post this as an article when so many people are having trouble filling out the survey. Some people are saying this is a fail on BlackBerry but we don't even know if BlackBerry made the survey, I blame CB for this fail as y'all should have checked this out before posting.

On a side note Austin, Tx is my hometown and I will look into the address if somehow our info gets in the wrong hands.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Dell use the same service, I know this because I signed up last year to give enterprise feedback.

Most recently I saw a future advertising campaign and gave feedback on that.

So YES it's legitimate.

Posted via CB10

Well I will soon enough when their advertising starts rolling out.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Blackberry needs to quit having exclusive phones to specific carriers. They need to release all their devices on all the networks at the same time, including Cricket. I'm sure plenty of you would agree with me! Like for instance, I would like to have gotten the Z30, but AT&T doesn't offer it.

Posted via CB10

Needs a BlackBerry 10 app

I was not born with a hunger to be free, it was only when I discovered that my freedom had been taken from me that I began to hunger for it. 4life Z10STL100-1/

Great idea, however like a lot of people had trouble actually completing the survey etc from my Z30. So as far as the survey is concerned I'm toting an LG phone?? Couldn't change it got peed off and logged out!!

Posted via CB10

Using the site is beyond painful. The selection of answers is almost impossible. It asks if it can save your password information even if you need already answered. I gave up. Whoever signed off on this should be terminated. Not just fired, but erased from existence. It is beyond belief that the forum that requests our input to improve the blackberry experience, is so poorly built. The company needs to ensure that everything that they do is Perfect, not just ' meh it will do'.

Posted via CB10

Excellent maybe now the bitchers and complainers can go on that site to do their rants instead of here! Always hated the rants about how bad BlackBerry sucks only to go 7 pages in and learn it's because he or she doesn't know how to work a feature. Looking to rant at John cheb? Have at it. He's doing a great job but if your one of those people who would willingly spit at a customer service person because your latte cup is creased then this is the site for you to waste people's time. Lol.

All in all, nice to see a company have a place to view people's issues, shows that they want to listen to improve for us, not someone's vision of what they think you want.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

Guys! Do some thing with that form! I've made the registration but the form for collecting info about the phone you use it isn't working. You can not select, from 1 to 5 what you want. I've aborted because of this.

Proudly Z10 owner

Amazing they choose a platform that doesn't function well on their own devices. It's taking me forever just to fill out the profile. Fail

Posted via CB10

I sent an email to the site explaining that I couldn't even complete the survey because it wouldn't let me input my data... the bubbles take several attempts to complete...

Please, if anyone knows who's in charge of this effort, have them try and see how annoying it is. I'm a pro BlackBerry user and am frustrated, could you imagine a user who's on the fence.

Whoever is spearheading this initiative if you are reading this sort it out NOW!

Posted using my amazing and intelligent Z10

Hmm this website is not looking BlackBerry , not build for BlackBerry, not taste same Blackberry.... is it from Blackberry?

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I gave up trying to fill forms it kept going to wrong answer and i was tapping like an idiot but couldn't change it! In the end i just gave up.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

I tried to fill some surveys in that but it was a real pain to see how I cannot slect the check boxes and I had to struggle really hard.

Nearly threw my q10 to the wall.

BlackBerry seriously make the site and surveys really interactive if you want people to fill ur freaking surveys.

I was frankly pissed of this time. Though I completed the survey.

Posted via CB10

The more I read the comments, the more I feel this is some cheap attempt to compete with cb.

Sign in with Google? What kind of sick joke is that? I know it's cuz google is 'popular' but do I really want my ideas to magically show up on the next nexus phone? I'll pass.

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