BlackBerry in Indonesia Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jan 2011 10:07 pm EST

During the BlackBerry DevCon Asia keynote, RIM played this awesome BlackBerry in Indonesia video. BlackBerry and BBM is absolutely HUGE in Indonesia. This video puts it into perspective. Take a look!

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BlackBerry in Indonesia Video


Thats EXACTLY how it is here in Jamaica...i mean Exactly.
No other smartphone exists really. There's just a handful of iPhone users, and some Nokia Loyalists, but JA is predominantly BB country lol

Vid's pretty sweet :D

you talk about Jamaica. Saint Lucia is blackberry crazy. schools, offices, households, churches, everywhere you turn. you should see them walking through town, heads buried in their blackberry, also guaranteed that when you sit on a bus, at least half of the passengers own a bb, and pinging proudly

Let's add Dominican Republic to that list. Many people here have a BB, whether it be business or pleasure, people are certainly attached to their BB's. Three out of four service providers offer Blackberry services. Very BIG down here.

Str8! Ja is BB country. they need to take note and make more bb native apps available in Jamaica esp. maps.

but back to the vid, did that guy say he has multiple bbs? one for his wife, 1 for is kids and one for his other wife... Man i need to move to Indonesia. lol

Wow... that was an awesome video. I knew BlackBerry was big over there... but no idea how big it really is.
Did you see all the 85xx series devices? Yet how many people said that device was absolute rubbish and RIM never should have released it. There is a market for everything, I think that was seen here.
Long live RIM. :)

I know my eyes aren't going crazy on me, but i want everyone to look around 1:27 and look at that touch screen Blackberry. I don't really think that looks like the Torch or the Storm 1 or 2 could it be Storm??

For sure looks like a storm to me... Storm2 to be exact (my opinion)... The Storm2 was/is actually a pretty good phone, it just didn't have enough oumff to ward off the bad rap the first Storm left in peoples minds.

Wow, i know blackberry is booming here in jakarta... but i would not now that its a big market here in jakarta, but you know some what indonesian government have several issue with RIMS among them were server location, they demand RIM build infrastructure in indonesia.

Yeah the issues is something about blocking pornography that's accesible by BB and that exactly what our governments wanted is to block every accesible porn through the net

I'm proud being one of the 3 million bb users in Indonesia.
I think that's why the first devcon Asia being held in Indonesia :)

That was actually a pretty good commercial. It's funny to see that there are others with their PIN on business cards, of course, mine only has the PIN barcode...just to make it a bit more interesting. LOL!

Living in Jakarta and finally went over to BB... There is no other way here :-) as just BB... The commercial is precisely describing how many people love their BB, there is no other brand that big... Bye bye I-Thing....

And the irony of it all? The third largest and the fastest growing blackberry market, and RIM doesn't even have a single representative office here in Indonesia.