BlackBerry India shows us why the BlackBerry Z3 is a great device!

By Bla1ze on 26 Jun 2014 10:22 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z3 has been announced for India and preorders for the device are already well underway. But just in case you're on the fence about whether or not the BlackBerry Z3 is the device for you though, BlackBerry India has put up a really great video showing off some of the region specific features, hardware design and advanced options available within the BlackBerry 10 OS.

As BlackBerry 10 users, most of us already know how great the OS is but it's videos like this one that help spread the word. So, give it a look and be sure to share it with others. As a reminder, the pricing on the BlackBerry Z3 in India is set at Rs. 15999 but Flipkart right now is offering a preorder bonus promo, which reduces that by Rs. 1000 to bring the total to Rs. 14999. You can place your preorder on the Flipkart site.

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BlackBerry India shows us why the BlackBerry Z3 is a great device!


Here's hoping hitting these huge markers like this turns into future worldwide sales growth.

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All the best to our BlackBerry users from India and long live BlackBerry, long live john Chen


Really good stuff on the part of BlackBerry India. Lets appreciate it, but also at the same time, be prepared that BlackBerry is virtually dead in India.

No matter how good this marketing is, it will have a very limited effect.

Waiting for the BlackBerry Passport!!

Especially with the competition and great devices available at cheaper prices (Moto G, Lumias) this is again a very bad move. They either have something right around 10k INR or they are going to recovery even slowly. Older devices(OS7) wont help owing to very high BIS costs which most people don't evens understand the benefits of.

The Moto G is a low end burner phone. Even if the average Indian buyer doesn't look under the hood, the screen on the z3 is a huge differentiator. The Moto G has been pretty much panned as a crappy phone whereas the Z3 is viewed good value for the dollar.

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Pretty sure that's like youtube provided "royalty free" music. I've seen a bunch of videos with that particular instrumental. Does sound very pornish though. *knock knock*...who's there? it's the Fedex delivery man with a "package" for you? What's in the package? Oh wouldn't you like to know...and so on. :) Spoiler Alert: it was a Z3 in the package....

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I like that music.

Right one for a product targeting the land of Kamasutra, wouldn't you say ?

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Didn't the Z10 drop though pretty much right after it was released? I imagine it would be the same for the Z3. Get those who really want the device in there buying it and then reduce it to capture anyone who might be on the fence.

Agreed, that model hasn't been working out all that well...people get the wrong idea when the price drops, and existing owners may reconsider being a first adopter again.

Aye aye, Sir!

The first silver linings of the cloud. It indeed a start, a pretty good one too. Let there be light for us, BlackBerry's Indian fans.

Next step, make enough stock available in all mobile stores.

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Agree..launch price of even a Samsung S5 was Rs 40,000 + and now its Rs 35,000/- So thats quite routine. With Z3 coming down to Rs 13,000/- I am sure India shall buy atleast 250,000 pieces in one quarter!

The price in the Z10 to start was a mistake, but that was a very specific case imo. They needed to just get the OS out there and get people using it. They made money from early adopters but it is one of the old management mistakes of last year. I am confident in the moves this team is making and can't wait to see those sweet sweet numbers.

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I don't think price is bad at all with the discount of Rs 1000 . It's 14,999 and Moto G is 13,999 which was released while back and has smaller screen and not this cool at all. I think this is going to sell well.

He's right that price is around $250USD not the sub $200USD, they have been touting for this device. But they know they will sell a bunch at 250$ so why the hell not. They will do the same to us when the Passport comes up. Start price at 700$ get all the diehards to buy and give feedback, then a month later it will be 600$

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Apparently it comes down to the VAT and customs charges. The only way blackberey/foxconn could lower the price is to make the phone directly in India, which isn't going to happen with foxconn in the picture.

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Yeah it was a good production. More videos like that aimed at various markets would be a good thing.

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Actually, that's any movie nowadays on basic cable TV...TBS, TNT, G4(when it existed), Comedy Central, etc.

Murray Squire Marr

Should do well in these larger markets
, hopefully they can make some profit from these z3 sales

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this is honestly the first BB10 promo/feature-laden video I've seen produced by the company. do this a little slicker and quicker and stick it on tv!

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Such a great video right till they tell the price. I can't believe it... after all the pricing and related sales issues with the earlier BB10 launches, I thought they had learned. They could have gotten this one correct right out the door but instead they priced it above the budget category (>15k is definitely mid-tier pricing for India). I understand there are currency fluctuations they have to account for but should have kept it cheap and made up for it in volume; at least they would have had a ton more handsets out on the streets.

The only reasonable way to justify this is if they're strained for production numbers and want to keep sales in check till they can supply the demand. But the longer this price point sticks, the more it'll hurt BB.

And just like any other phone, the price will drop after the first month. If the price is so high, as a comparison what are the comparable global handset makers like Motorola and Nokia handsets in India being sold for. How much are these handsets being sold for in other countries??

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I agree J. Nothing is good enough for the Indians. 260 dollars off contract is a complete steal for such an awesome 5 inch BlackBerry device. So ridiculous.

2 of my best friends are Indian and even they drive me crazy with the constant deal making. They complain that google is able to price some devices around 200. That's because they stuff your device full of ads, have zero security, and they data mine the hell out of you to make up the difference.

BlackBerry doesn't do that at all, they have government level security and protect their users. Not to mention it's a huge 5 inch device. Not the tiny cheap moto g.

Do you people want BlackBerry to survive? Do you want BlackBerry to be there in the future making the devices we all love? If yes then shut up and support the company we all love. If 60 dollars is a crazy difference to you then maybe you need to re think your life.

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How is this a race thing?! I don't care for your unwarranted generalizations but it is clear that you have no idea what the definition of a price-sensitive market is. While $60 does not mean nearly as much on its own, it's a ~25% increase over a $200-210 phone, which is the general pricing for budget smartphones in India (which the Z3 is meant to be). I understand exactly how Google is able to price its phones so low; it's not rocket science. But the fact remains that there's stiff competition from Android and WP8 and it's hurting BB's sales big-time.

Dude... don't generalize, I bought PlayBook and Z10 at full launch prices. I bought my Z30 also for full price And I bought a Z3 too for my dad, on full price. I am one of the BlackBerry early adopters.

But BlackBerry is walking on a sword here in India. Market share is coming down fast, more and more people are adapting to Android (they don't really care about security, if you intend to come out on me with that argument! ) and Indian mid tier segment has become a price-spec war.. and another point is that Z10 is currently priced just Rs.1000 more at Rs.16990. This could lead to internal product cannibalising. Just a thought.

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That price drop can't come soon enough. I think they overshot the retail price by $20-40, and that can hurt sales a bit. Android and WP8 have a variety of phones priced to fit into low, mid, and high-end categories. Instead of doing the same and leveling the field, BlackBerry priced the Z3 essentially the same as the Z10 there, which also risks cannibalization of their own product line. If they launched the Z3 at Rs.13,990-14,990, it would been enough to differentiate it from the Z10, which is about Rs.16,000.

So you are saying that the Moto G with its smaller screen and internal components and the Z3 with its 5" screen and higher internal components should be the same price or the Z3 lower. Hmmmmm what do you do for a living?

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I never said lower than the Moto G; in fact I didn't even mention the Moto G. While we're on the point, more than the number of inches, the screen resolution and ppi are bigger deciding factors in how expensive the screen component is. Even with all that great hardware, all I'm saying is that the Z3 could have been priced a little closer to the Moto G section of the smartphone market in India.

I'm an electrical engineer working in a software dev role. Why do you ask?

I'm curious, what were the prices if say the Moto G when it first came out in India?

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The Moto G was launched at Rs.12,499 (~$208) for the 8GB version and Rs.13,999 (~$233) for the 16GB version. It's the same pricing even now.

Nice video hope they do the same here in the Americas, BlackBerry needs to spread the word on its efficiency.

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WOW, the squeezing your fingers in the HUB to filter out the messages. Never knew I can do that. BB10 is pure innovative. And its a shame iOS is copying it.

Not good video at all... try to mute the sound..... you don't understand anything. A good video must be understood in all situation.. The Z3 is a good product. BBOS10 is an excellent system (a lot inspired by Meego) but the commercial angle must be improved. Security, smart screen, the Hub, The fantastic keyboard, you know... find a way to show us these keypoint!!!!

I'm consistently impressed by the Blackberry operating system. Great video demonstrating some of the key features of a top notch communication device!

Nicely production and commentary. All my Indian friends are sure to like this.

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Great video! I wasn't even aware i could reply to a BBM notification in the Toast-Box! Wish we could get some informative marketing like that here in the US :-(

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It's not worth buying it for Rs.15999 or even Rs.14999. In Indonesia they launched it at a much cheaper price, and In India It's expensive.. is selling Z10 in India at the cost of Rs.15000.. why would people go to Z3.

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Keep us posted on how the Z3 is selling, presuming you are situated in India somewhere.


I am wondering why the Z3 is higher than the Jakarta launch. Is it be cause BlackBerry is targeting the huge Indian middle class, and they think that they can afford it more than the Indonesian folks?

I know that part of the reason it's priced higher in India is the slightly higher import duty on completely foreign made and assembled goods, and to cushion the company against INR vs USD/CAD fluctuations. I also think the cost to sell in Indonesia might be less because I remember reading months ago that the Z3 was supposed to be produced at a Foxconn Indonesian facility (might have been a rumor, hoping someone can confirm).

Okay. I don't expect you to have one until when? They give you the phone for free? You all complain too much.

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Boom! Now why was it so difficult to get a great video like that out before?

Very nice job BBIN

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Is there never a negative article about a device or accessory here? Makes me think everything is biased. But then again, I'm in Crackberry dot com anyway

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it is a kicking ass good video to promo the overall OS, not only Z3. Ask blackberry to put some ads on youtube.. and then Blackberry 10 Touch device feature all these kick ass feature for productivity.

If you don't care why bother trolling here, that too with Crackberry app on Galaxy Note (garbage phone in my opinion). Looks like you have some serious issues of your own to deal with first. Good luck with that.

Yes mate, some of these blind fanboys should know. The devices are not full of ads, they are not slow and you can use encryption on them.

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BlackBerry could really benefit from more videos such as this. It's really hard to demonstrate the feel and benefits of BB10 at times.


Guys being in india I would like to say the z10 sells at 17200rs only so why pay 16000 rs for z3.
And u won't believe the non warranty ones are 12500rs (z10) only.
Z3 is an awesome device no doubt but z10 far more better and more compatible pricing wise also.

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Nicely done Z3 vid.

Will hold on to my Z10 for a while because it does what I want perfectly well :)

No complaints so far other than the battery life - berry satisfied

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Great. I am from India and I do see its listed as exclusive in flipkart. Wanted to give a nice comment but unable to as of now. I guess after the release dat which is July 2nd I should be. I will spread the love of blackberry, BB10 and Z3 as much as I can.

I wish Z3 was priced a little lower here. Now it's priced at 266.140 USD (15999 INR). I will report back on how its getting received by people here after sometime.

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Blackberry is back with a bang!! Simply awesome mobile at an awesome price, even I thought the price was little on the higher side but look at the device, it is one of the best budget devices out there!Let's not even compare this with moto g. Moto g is a crappy device and this mobile has class.The awesome screen,sturdy construction,big battery and the neat and efficient OS are sure shot winners. I've already pre-ordered the device and many of my friends who earlier hated BB also have.At a price of 14999 in Flipkart and 14,500 on it sure is going to sell like hot cakes!

Exactly, Moto G looks garbage in comparison to Z3. Moto G was released a while back and is still being sold for Rs 13999. Z3 is only 1000 more with the discount, not bad price at all in my opinion.

Not trying to be insulting to anyone,from my experience Indians are very tight with their purse.250 usd is a bargain for a nice phone like Z3,which will certainly drop after a few weeks. When this phone gets to Nigeria I bet it will go for 300+.

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It's very good move! But I would appreciate tat even maps for India should b include in this else it wil really fail

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Bla1ze, you've done it again....

Let the people decide.

Either you buy the Z3 3G or you don't.

Anything else is Window dressing.

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Very well thought presentation and he speaks real patiently.

Wishing for BlackBerry's sucess in Indian markets.

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I hark back the concept skimming pricing in marketing, the Z3 and Z10 available for INR16K! Day is nearer to curtail the price of Z3 in India, no doubt Z10 stands out!

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A video like that would probably have done wonders for BB10 when it first came out in the U.S,. instead of Thorsten only showing the swipe gestures. At least that's all I ever saw him doing, showing how it flows from one task to the next, not showing what the phone could actually do. Sometimes I wondered if he even understood the OS and it's capabilities at all? Actually it could still be of good use if they did it now.

Terrific marketing video. Well done!

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Great video. But BlackBerry should have done a more competitive pricing for India.
They made the same mistake with z10 @ 43k, and when they reduced to 18k it was a smash hit.

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