BlackBerry India partner up with premier cricket team Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians
By James Richardson on 10 Apr 2014 05:08 am EDT

We've become accustomed to seeing BlackBerry branding over the last year with the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 team (and they are of to a flying start this season), but it looks like over in India BlackBerry are going to be sponsoring a sport the country are far more passionate about - cricket. 

In conjunction with the new relationship, Mumbai Indians have set up their own BBM Channel where fans will be able to not only keep up to date with all the latest news from the team, but also some competitions. Even if you have friends using iOS or Android smartphones they too can get in on the action - just make sure they download BBM

To follow the BBM Channel you can either jump into Channels and search for Mumbai Indians or use the PIN C004BB797.

Another great example of spreading the BlackBerry brand. Let's hope we see more deals like this in the future. 

Press Release

Mumbai, India – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY; TSX:BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced its exclusive partnership with the champions side Mumbai Indian, a leading cricket premier league team April 16, 2014 for the forthcoming IPL season. As a part of the association, Mumbai Indians, one of the most celebrated franchisees of the IPL, launched an exclusive BBM Channel called ‘Mumbai Indians’ to engage and drive deeper connect with their millions fans and followers across the globe. 

Commenting on the occasion, Mumbai Indian spokesperson said, “Mumbai Indians have always derived inspiration from its over 5.5 million fan support, who form the nucleus of our on-and-off field performance. Over the last four years, we have looked for innovative ways to connect and interact with our patrons and this year will be no different. The exclusive ‘Mumbai Indians’ BBM Channel presents an excellent opportunity for our fans to stay closer to their favorite team throughout the season.”     

Mr. Krishnadeep Baruah, Senior Marketing Director for BBM Asia Pacific BlackBerry commented, ‘India is a land where cricket is one of the most widely followed sport. As Indians, we live and breathe cricket, and BlackBerry is thrilled to be the official partner of Mumbai Indians. We are hopeful that via BBM Channel, Mumbai Indian fans across the globe will be able to engage, interact and stay updated with their favorite team and its players.”

Riding on the IPL wave, BlackBerry has announced a number of exciting contests which will provide exclusive experiences to Mumbai Indians BBM channel followers. The contests will allow 11 lucky winners to watch the team practice from their dug out. There will also be contest give-aways such as autographed bats, tee’s and match tickets. BBM channel will allow fans to follow MI updates closely during IPL, experience exclusive content and have access to team members channel posts on given days.


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BlackBerry India partner up with premier cricket team Mumbai Indians


Get the IPL (Indian Premier League) team stickers on BBM.

NFL next, The English Premier league to follow.

How much is that worth ?

This has to happen .

BlackBerry...Get it done $$$!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Absolutely true..
BBM should get stickers of teams around the world.. Stickers for all 8 IPL Teams..
Football Leagues as well: EPL, La Lisa etc.

Even TV Shows can be a good idea.. for eg. all different sigils from Game of Thrones.. or probably even Ned Starks Head :p
Or probably something from the upcoming season of 24...!

Posted via CB10

Great news. I hope all Indians will support BlackBerry. So BlackBerry can survive even some Americans hate BlackBerry.

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Loving it BlackBerry ..have been a supporter of Mumbai Indians from the beginning and now an even bigger reason to support. Super Cool!

Posted from my SuperHuman Q10

Here cricket means business. Partnership with cricket helped Micromax, Karbon etc etc. Now I hope it will help BlackBerry too. Why it took 6 years to BlackBerry to realise an important fact about Indian market. A BlackBerry logo on Sachin's No 10 Jersey could have done some wonders for them.

This is a great partnership.

Blackberry and India are starting to do really well.

I think India can give blackberry a huge push. India show them how to do it. for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

This is amazing and a very smart move on the part of BlackBerry. Now I know why MI was always my favorite team.

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Very good partnership on many levels.

-The IPL is quite a big deal when it's on. Dominates prime time TV. I do wish they had partnered up a couple of years sooner though.

-The Mumbai Indians are one of the premier teams in the league, with big name stars, good, winning records and stable leadership/ownership from one of the country's leading business families, the Ambanis.

-While the sport played is cricket, the tournament's much more about entertainment. Wider audience=more eyeballs.

I believe the Channel PIN posted in the article is wrong. It's actually C0037459C. For CrackBerry readers who are unfamiliar with cricket or specifically the Indian Premier League, this kind of a tie-up with one of the IPL franchises (and one as big as Mumbai Indians) can do wonders for brand visibility. The viewership for any of these matches is insanely and it really dominates prime-time TV in India for the couple of months that it's on every year. And that's not even including the global viewership for the tournament.

Also, that's a pretty cool picture to go along with this article!

Guys that channel was a scam thought from the very beginning the real deal is C0037459C

Apparently the channel must be removed. Team Crackberry kindly take note.

Official Mumbai Indians channel : C0037459C

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Cricket and BlackBerry are big in the Caribbean, it would be cool if BlackBerry partnered with the Barbados Tridents in the CPL(Caribbean Premier League).

Thank God! Finally some wise step in marketing. It will be great if they launch z3 during Ipl only and promote it there. Will grab a lot of attention. At least people will start knowing the names of BlackBerry products which till now few knew about.

India is a nation with a billion strong population and great purchasing power... If you sell them the product with the right attitude.... the word of mouth is enough...

But please.. first do some TV ads and feature your products in a better way!!!

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