BlackBerry India managing director claims BBM arriving on Android in September

By Bla1ze on 17 Jul 2013 06:26 pm EDT

Since the initial announcement of BlackBerry Messenger's arrival on Android and iOS there has been plenty of dates tossed around. BlackBerry has made no secret about their plans to have it arrive at some point in the 'summer' but at the BlackBerry Q5 launch event in India, Sunil Lalvani, managing director, BlackBerry India, may have dropped a little bit more of a defined timeframe. Here's the exact wording from IBNLive:

"The service is coming to Android this summer. But summer as per North America, where it remains till September." When asked if that means that BBM for Android would be available before the end of September, his response was in the affirmative.

Nothing that couldn't have been pretty much assumed really but I digress. In any case, we'll see BlackBerry Messenger on iOS and Android by the end of summer, it's pretty much just a matter of time.

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BlackBerry India managing director claims BBM arriving on Android in September



Will this work on the Android player I have on my PlayBook? Would be great to use BBM on my PlayBook with iOS and Android devices.

Or would that also make Mr. Heins 'unhappy'?

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Nah. I like to watch the interplay between the apologists and the disengaged.

Today's topic: when is summer?. The legal, seasonal, educational and market interpretations and how they align to BBRY product cycles.


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That would just take the f'ing cake..

I was annoyed when they announced that BB10 wasn't coming to the PB. I was a little peeved when I read that Alec Saunders stated that there would be no more major updates to the PlayBook.. Now this news is just par for the course. BBRY creates a tablet... yet doesn't even offer BBM on it. Sometimes I wonder WTF are people thinking in Waterloo. SMDH

Things are REALLY bad when mn starts losing the faith!

But I have to agree with you... :/

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I get the business decision behind not investing a lot of time and resources to make BB10 work on the PlayBook...but they seriously can bring BBM and/or JB support to the PlayBook? Cmon is like you want people to hate you and not buy your products...

2 years ago, I had some buddies who worked at RIM in Waterloo, they had a PlayBook running native BBM and were showing us. It was always around, but never made it mainstream.

While that is good to know that they had a PB running a native version of BBM, it really doesn't help me any unless they decide to provide it either as an app I can download or include it in one of these lousy bug fix releases.

Sorry BlackBerry...I've moved to whatsapp already using Q10 together with the whole family. I'm a huge fan of physical keyboard on phones and I know only you can make it right. But with the apps, I'm looking somewhere else. It's so sad that even GoogleTalk made by BlackBerry is not available for download in my country. I'm very frustrated with it. I didn't even have any reply from BlackBerry about this app. Expensive phone that doesn't even have good IM services. But I'm still using it and loving the HUB very much. It's just that I still keep an iPhone for the apps. Will keep BlackBerry for my communication needs. Hopefully IMs will be available on the coming months.

I know, I looked it up right after my comment, but I had visions of bbm "during" summer, not "before" fall I suppose

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Maybe I missed something but nowhere in the quote does the managing director say that BBM is coming in September. All the guy was doing was clarifying that when BlackBerry says BBM is coming "by the end of summer," they are talking about North American summer which ends in September, not East Indian summer which is March to May.

"The nation is largely subject to four seasons: winter (January and February), summer (March to May), a monsoon (rainy) season (June to September), and a post-monsoon period (October to December)"

As per a Google search for "End of Summer 2013", the result was:

The astronomical summer (Northern Hemisphere) 2013 began on
Friday, June 21
and ends on
Saturday, September 21

The last official statement made by BlackBerry (either at the time when the fake Android app came out in the Google Play store or when that BB Twitter account outside of North America made an incorrect announcement for the release date) said that the app will now be coming at the end of Summer.

Given the Google results above, I'm sure the release date is either September 20 or 21.

The BlackBerry definition of "end of summer" would historically mean something like January 2014 :/

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Surprise, surprise... BlackBerry delays yet ANOTHER promised deadline. The problem is YOU, BlackBerry. The Z10 sales would've been pretty decent if you were just ON TIME!!!.. Since the Bold Series, we fans have been plagued with delay after delay. The Q10 would have launched WITH or just a few weeks behind the Z10. WHICH would've boosted sales numbers and brought you to a profitable quarter. Instead of the shit show we have today. People don't believe in you anymore because of these piss poor issues. GET IT TOGETHER!!!! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH of having to defend you at every turn. If the ship does go down, we fans want to at least go down fighting for a cause.


It's still summer, but still too little too late.

It's like when the HVAC/cable/electrician/plumber guy says he'll be over between 11am and 6pm to make repairs and shows up at 5:55pm...

Granted, I'll still use it on my Android devices, that is, if anyone else is willing to use BBM by then...

Maybe that could be a topic of your next poll?

Then crackberry could confirm what the market already knows: the overwhelming population of the world believes 'summer' lies between the end of /beginning of school year.

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They did say END of summer, therefore it being released on the 20 or 21 or whatever would in fact be the END of summer

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Wow. Nowhere in the article does it give a time line that was cancelled. Where do you get delayed again?

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Another missed deadline that "oh technically we didn't miss since you thought we meant Summer as in heat and off school but we really meant the technically correct but totally misleading date"

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Move on, buddy. You're acting like another troll who's acting like a grade 6er who got his lunch money taken by a bully at recess and his BMX bike stolen after lunch.

That's way too late, they need the summer buzz, people being there's friends not at the end when everyone going back to work and school.

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Yeah, just a matter of time. Just like BB1 for the PlayBook. I wonder if we'll get BBM on the PlayBook?

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I wonder if they are hoping to get 10.2 out first. Or maybe it's just a matter of getting Channels out of beta so it'll work across the board and they can get a real push for brands/companies to use it for social media.

A bare bones BBM will the the second stupidest thing BlackBerry can do. If they don't differentiate themselves from the get-go, they have a very difficult time creating a following. The experience on iOS and Android CANNOT be anything less than on a real BlackBerry or else it will get knocked down by all critics and WhatsApp users.

BBRY fix BBM on BB10 first before making a better product in iOS and Android!
- in line picture notification in groups
- C&P parts of a msg
- ping buzz

All this company does is over-promise and under-deliver. They should know it should be the other way around smfh

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Typical BlackBerry. Wait till the absolute last moment of Summer before releasing. Just like the Z10 in the USA. Said it would be out in Q1 and waited till the last possible week.

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I love people's perception of things:
"They said summer and now they say September"
God forbid it gets released on a cold summers day. How many people will cry foul? Lol

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how many times do we have to post it in order for people like you to understand??? summer ends on like september 21... so either way it will be released DURING Summer. even here in canada like the coldest country ever, it has always been like 30 Celsius during September...

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Everyone should have known this. If BlackBerry identifies a time frame, the rule is that it will be no earlier than the last possible time when that time frame can be said to be true. A summer deadline obviously means no earlier than late September. If view view deadlines this way, you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that a delay to fall or beyond is still possible- if history can be used to predict the future.

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Except BlackBerry's trying to get customers that are not necessarily as rationalizing, willing to wait, or as familiar with the pattern as you or me. They will see this as the old BlackBerry they left: failing to perform, underdelivering, etc.

I have to say that this kind of frustrates me because some of my family and friends have recently switched to Apple and Android and now I have to use SMS. I can't stand what's app, I had to delete it. Once you use the best (BBM) you can't go back.

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Not surprised at all. We are talking about BBST BlackBerry Standard Time. Now at least bring the channels to all. I want more subs.

ChannelX C000D3759 We review channels

Lol sf491980

Don't be surprised these forums have the biggest whiners cry babies out of any I've seen on the Internet. I think Kevin needs to start handing out diapers.

Some of you are worse than a female at the end of the month.

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The fact you had time to make a "sorta coming soon" icon for BlackBerry shows you have too much time on your hands. Waiting a little longer shouldn't be a problem then...

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I know, eh. They're people who are just trying to crash the party because their lives are so empty and miserable they feel they need to rain on anything BlackBerry.

"Yuk, yuk.... heh heh... I told ya so... yuk yuk. This is proof BlackBerry will fail now"... smfh

Before the new school year!!! Why release after everyone already added their new friends to whatsapp??? Do you have Bbm? No...but I have whatsapp!

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Yeah... if their smart, they'd get it out by end of August before the students go back to school... But as we know, they are always behind schedule (even their own schedules).

Why is blackberrys bs always defended by fanboys? Thor lies says bb10 will launch before 2012 is over. Fanboys defend it saying it's the fiscal year. Bbry says bbm in the summer. Now fanboys get technical on the actual end of summer. The popular north American idea of summer is june/july august. For all your fan boys, take your kids on summer vacation from sept 1-21st. Tell their "stupid" teachers it's summer so relax. Oh and the aristo will be out by the holidays. Aka Canada day July 1. That's a holiday right?

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Because trolls spit garbage. At no point did Thorsten tell anyone BB10 would be out before 2012 is over. He pushed back the date promised by others because the OS and Device wasn't ready for consumption.

Nice try. NEXT!

BB should have announced cross-platform BBM the day of launch. You would think BB by now would know better but I guess not. I'm 100% expecting a delay or a very buggy launch version. I hope not, we'll see come September 30th.

Also would be nice if they were able to launch a full BBM app including a cross platform video chat. I think the video chat is what BBM CP needs to be a huge hit, that would give BB that extra edge.

I think the disengaged have a better argument then you. Apologists always run out of steam, especially when the rebuttal is 'quit bitching little baby'.

It's fascinating watching this company make so many missteps with their product cycles and their ongoing inability to align better to consumer habits.

Feel free to call me a baby now..

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I actually respect your opinion. We don't have to always agree in these forums, but what are these issues compared to people losing their lives for what we take for granted?

We may feel slighted at times, but these issues, in the grand scheme, are trivial.

Why would they release any earlier than iOS7? Why waste resources developing an app for an old platform like iOS6 just to rush it out to please silly people's demands. Yes yes I know this isn't Android but they will be done on similar schedules so I expect some time after the 15th.

This has always been the time line so people acting like this is late are foolish. It will be in "summer" still so nothing was over promised or under delivered

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Ahh one thing, I'm kinda worried about it is will bbm include any type of video sharing abilities like whatsapp does?? I hope it does!! Orrr even a separate library for video's like how they added a separate location for pictures in the bbm group section.

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lol....BB just loves to push the limits....*rolls eyes*
so now we know "summer" means the END of summer....probably Sept. 20 @ 11:59:59.999

I've coined a new term for this company: SlowBerry...and if you're dyslexic, it's initials will read BS which is quite fitting...

Oh cmon. It doesn't take this long to make an app for ios and android. Bbm should of been released 2 months ago it's simple stuff. Jesus!

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Give me 5 grand and a weeks time and ill port bbm over to ios. Whole team of idiots working around the clock at waterloo can't get the job done ru fkin kidding me???

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Might be the same team they had working to move BB10 to the PlayBook ... not exactly known for stellar execution.

Can you imagine inheriting some of those guys on your team?: "uh Dave... we would like you to de dupe addresses in the BBRY World database. Take your time"

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I'm assuming by "summer" means we will receive the first notice if additional delays on or about Sept 21.

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This is funny to me. I will be able to run BBM on my dual boot HP TouchPad running CM9 (Android 4.0.x) without issue but it WON'T run natively on my PlayBook since BlackBerry killed development for it and there is a very good chance that it WON'T run on the PlayBook via its Android Player (2.3.x) either. Actually, it's not funny, it's tragic...

BB wants us LOYAL fans to move on and support them by buying the latest over priced A10. Imagine if BB10 is available on 7inch PlayBook, why would anyone want to buy the dual core 5in over priced A10?

BBM as in for BlackBerry devices is integrated wid unique bbm pins! what if the bbm works on cross platforms? how will the pin designated for every user? how will the contacs get added in the list widou bbm pins??

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Using this logic bbry defenders use "coming soon" means years later. Because in the terms of humanity that is soon.

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I remember reading one of your posts. I recall you claiming that you sold your Z10 cause of all its many flaws. I really don't see a reason for you to be on this site.

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It's actually funny that people are arguing over whether September is summer as if BlackBerry will deliver the product when they said they would. Of course they won't.

We'll be lucky if it comes in 2013.

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Wished they released it before school starts. That's when all the students and parents reconnect and hopefully they'll get everyone to use BBM.

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There was no deadline. And yes, summer deadline is Sept 21st. BlackBerry can't make any head way if their own fans debate about this kind of crap . First people thought it was a bad idea. Now, when they're actually going to make their own up in the air deadline, all we hear is complaints. Just bring it out when it's good and ready I say.

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What is next BBRY? Are BBRY devices going to run Android gingerbread or Ice cream Sandwich? Well, another reason not to buy blackberry devices cos it is going cross platform

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Blackberry really needs to read these comments to see how people's perceptions have changed in the last few months.

Actually Thorstein really needs to read these comments. But he should not take them as a license to push the teams harder, instead he needs to understand what is possible before making promises to the public. In other words, don't promise BB10 on the Playbook and don't promise BBM on Android until you are absolutely sure when everything will be released.

Someday it would be nice to get a surprise from Blackberry. Like something that more than meets basic deadlines. Under-promising would really help this and it's totally in their control..... Sigh.

Does the Android and iOS phones require minimum 2GB RAM to run BBM? Will the project be shelved due to performance issues? Poor BlackBerry is too bad in understanding the minimum requirements before starting a project, it happened before. Just saying...

Iwasspartacus so what you are saying is that the world population goes by something that largely is only a north American thing and even from what I've heard from relatives in the us, is that Canadian and American summer holidays were a fair bit different.

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This is coming like the promised bb10 for playbook. Then these guys will defend when end of summer is, then at the last minute Thor will say it wasn't feasible, you guys wouldn't have liked the client on android or ios , the experience was poor and the quality we expect blah blah. Then these guys here will make note excuses, same old bs. Oh I forgot Mobile Computing.

people need to chill out. they said summer release, as long as it's before the start of fall they've kept to their word.

I personally don't care if it's august or september, as long as it releases without one bloody issue so it doesn't give people a chance to hate on it and go back to whatsapp. no bbm outages, no problems with message displays in groups, accurate delivered vs read notifications, etc. they have one chance to do this right, so I hope they take their time and perfect it.

I think a September release is actually smart partly for that reason...test the crap out of it from every angle to ensure its flawless, and also time it with the start of school (1st week of sept) so that when all the kids start they have something to chat about and use right at the getgo...NFC taps in the hallways and lockers, i can see it now!

kill it blackberry, kill it!

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"Coming Soon..."

And they probably will write the app to require a newer android runtime than what the PlayBook has to offer, unless they plan to bring BBM to even the crappiest prepaid android handsets out there.

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Why didn't they tell everyone it would be out in the fall and deliver it early. The optics of saying end of summer and having it out in September are not good. While it's technically true that it won't be late if it comes out September 21st on the equinox. Everyday people in North America especially people in school view summer as the time they have off from school. It's called summer break. If your in post secondary May and June are part of summer. These wishy washy deadlines are killing them how about give yourself a buffer and anounce a date if it won't earlier it's positive media.

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So if you're in elementary school, summer is only two months long? Nice logic there.

By the way, to all the naysayers, we're not even at the mid-point of actual summer. Chill out!

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I think the problem is that right now, someone in BB says, we can have it ready by September which is still Technically Summer, so lets start hyping it up, and they seem to not realize that when people hear summer, they think June, July and August. Instead they should be saying something like having it early fall or in time for back to school. Let people be prepared for the wait, and potentially surprise them. Perception is reality in this industry.
Its like as a child when your parent's say "Maybe". There comes a point when you remember all the times you got your hopes up for something and found out no, and forget all the times that maybe became yes. Its that time when you ask, and you hear maybe and get disheartened.
BBM on Android is functional now. I suspect they are getting to the point of being at the mercy of the app store , but the bottom line is that if for some reason it doesn't get allowed, and blackberry misses September to no fault of their own, people won't see that. It will still just be seen as a promise that they made that they had no business making, and right or wrong, that will be perception, and they all add up.

the service is coning to ((((((android))))))) this summer.. android only guys.. the ios will come later

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Who cares what this guy said. I remember the most recent comment that bb10 was coming to playbook by a BlackBerry exec in Mexico.

It makes a lot of sense to bring BBM to android before ios due to the number of Android devices - and I think- the willingness of Android users to try different things. I.e. They're, in general, less brand conscious than Apple people.

If my playbook doesn't get BBM and android and ios do, I am going to post it on eBay and will PAY someone to take this misery off my hands. No kidding.

BlackBerry owes pb owners this much

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Get ready for a number of fanbois to argue that BBRY doesn't owe us PlayBook users anything.

They will ignore the promises made, assurances made - that fact that BBRY intentionally misled a customer segment regarding the road map of their product. Many suggest just buying a PlayBook 2 (if released) or an A10 (when released... with marquee apps coming soon!)

Some of them even state that an app store credit would be ok. Could you imagine? You could get that soft core bondage ebook you've always wanted ... chuckle.

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I share your sentiments. I'll have bitter taste in my mouth for a long time and I have currently stopped promoting BlackBerry products to folks.

I actually support bb's decision not to bring the new os to the tablet from a business standpoint. However, if the company were smart, it would throw pb users a bone or two.

If BlackBerry somehow makes this right by updating browser, bridge, android runtime, or even better, by unlocking the dumbtablet so I can actually use it in the ways it was touted by the company, then all is forgiven.

BlackBerry 10 brought me back to the fold and this decision reminded me of why I left.

I'm serious about the ebay thing. What's the point of having it if I can't really use it. And besides, seeing it just reminds me of how I was bamboozled by a company that probably had no intention of implementing, but rather just looking to move old inventory

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