BlackBerry in India to launch healthcare services program

By John Callaham on 4 Jul 2014 09:52 am EDT

A new report confirms that BlackBerry plans to help launch a new healthcare services program in India that will be designed to link thousands of medical devices together.

The Economic Times quotes Sunil Lalvani, the managing director of BlackBerry India, as saying, "We are running trials with multiple hospitals in India. It includes integration with different hospital information systems as well as various medical equipment." However, he stopped short of offering an official launch date for the program.

Blackberry announced it had made an investment in medical solutions provider NantHealth back in April. Today's report confirms that BlackBerry and NantHealth are teaming up to launch the India healthcare program, which will integrate NantHealth's Clinical Operating System (cOS) platform with BlackBerry's QNX.

NantHealth's system is already in use in 250 hospitals worldwide, which links up 16,000 medical devices that collect vital sign data. What do you think of this latest effort by BlackBerry to expand its business beyond smartphones?

Source: Economic Times

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BlackBerry in India to launch healthcare services program


Did you not get the memo?
"NantHealth’s Clinical Operating System (cOS(TM)) platform is the first operating system of its kind in healthcare. The platform integrates the knowledge base with the delivery system and the payment system, enabling 21st century coordinated care at a lower cost;
NantHealth and BlackBerry can combine secure cloud-based and supercomputing services to provide data integration, decision support and analytics; and

- BlackBerry’s devices are the global standard for secure communication and collaboration."

Meaning a true END to END solution

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Actually, there was a blurb about the passport being ideal for viewing patient x-rays. I don't have the link, but perhaps someone does.

Well I would argue that Samsung's Galaxy Note devices would be better for viewing x rays lol. The passport has nothing to do with this

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The problem with using Samsung devices for this is that they run Android so the user will be looking at the wrong patient's x-rays without even realising it.

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"Sir, you have a broken collarbone..."

"I'm not a sir, I'm a woman in labor!!"

"Right... Maybe Samsungs next phone will be able to give me the correct information...."

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This has the power to change indian healthcare setup. Im from india working in the hospital sector and im loving this new piece of info!!!!!

Waiting for the BlackBerry Passport!!

This is awesome news for BlackBerry shareholders.

It's an untapped market with huge potential.

Go BlackBerry

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He actually wes first yay!!

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Waiting to hear how every doctor and nurse will be bought a new Passport. Orderlies will all have Z3... Admin will all have Z30.

One can hope, right?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Most Doctors and Nurses (lol) don't know BlackBerry even still exists. Some Doctors in Hospitals even hate mobile internet.

I work in a huge hospital in Germany, but maybe India is different.
So don't get too exited but dreaming is allowed :)

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I don't know if they hate it at all, at present I think the younger doctors depend on it too much. Imagine going to the doctor and he pops out a phone and recommends an app that could help me with diagnosis. Then reads the symptoms to me from the phone. Happened to me twice and they were doctors from the top med school in the caribbean. Used to be the largest hospital and med program in this hemisphere. That has changed now though.

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They had a little thing called a physician desk reference before they went to pda and smartphones. As a paramedic if I need to look something up, I'd rather be able to access an app and do it quickly, than have to hunt it up in a book. Just at my level, we are fed a ton of info. Some is just useless, some rarely comes up, but the fact of the matter is, if you don't use it you lose it. Dr's down to emt's have to look stuff up. We are human and can't remember everything. I'm 42 years old, I have the same Dr I've had since I was 10. He looks stuff up on his phone when treating pts. Used to watch him look it up in his gigantic book. Trust me, it's the same thing, just a ton faster.

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Not sure where you get this idea from. Doctors consult the Internet a lot in practice. I'm a medical student and my dad is one. There are also loads of apple apps doctors use for lab report interpretations as there are many values which are specific

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No the patients would be the ones with apple and android phones... at least the mental patients anyway.

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Think admin will get Classic ;-)

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Thus, the phoenix rises. Slow and steady wins the race. Chen understands how to get Blackberry to play to its strengths.

Couldn't agree more. At first I was skeptical and expected more of the same, but wow, the moves he is making are downright methodical. With every deal, big and small, I am starting to get a glimpse into the overall strategy he is aiming for. This won't be an overnight job, but if he keeps putting this puzzle together as carefully as he has been, then major success is not far away.

Win the small battle one by one and not too long the war will be won.
John Chen is applying Sun Tzu's Art of War.

ॐ BBM channeling at C003910CB

I'm past the point of judging Chen. He is obviously a man of his word and gets things accomplished way faster than the Blackberry of old. I can't wait to see what he does with the new device launches this fall. It will be nothing like we've seen before.

You mean devices will actually launch when they say they will? Lol. Yes, that would be nice...

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Great direction and forward thinking from BlackBerry. I think healthcare, government, and fortune 500 is a niche big enough to keep our new phones and updates coming. Things are looking up for BlackBerry.


If done correctly, I have absolutely no problem saying this could be the game changer that BlackBerry has been looking for.

I am not thinking only India here, but this could easily become the blue print for other nations' health care communications.

This company has now made shareholders and fans alike proud to be affiliated with the brand. Aligning themselves strategically will continue to change the negative stigma the media houses have placed on the company. I believe this is only the beginning of the power of QNX!

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I really like that BlackBerry is diversifying their portfolio of services. Still difficult for many folks to get their head around the fact that BlackBerry doesn't 'do' just phones.

It's the beginning of a golden age for BlackBerry and BlackBerry fans :) It is so nice to see the differences in the stories coming out now compared to post BB10 launch, it's good news, followed by great news, instead of wham bam BlackBerry jam... let's keep moving :)

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BlackBerry golden age started many years ago, it's just that in recent times those who've pretended it ended are realising their folly.

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Why? I have never checked the market other than to see if they have ginger beer in stock...

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Passport was designed for a purpose and no doubt the 1:1 rendering ratio will make it the perfect tech companion for all sorts of industries. Passport will rule the handheld PC space in no time.

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2014 for BlackBerry just seems to get better and better. Keep it up. BlackBerry forever. Wooo

Apple, The New Evil Empire

This is such a huge opportunity that will keep Blackberry competitive for years to come. Once you get your software and devices in place, it cements you in the field for years to come. Mr.Chen is definitely laying the ground work for one of the biggest comebacks in Tech history.

I also work in healthcare, but in the us. And this is the bomb. This says bb does it all end to end.
BlackBerry is Not just another pretty face.

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India is the next emerging economic powerhouse after China. This is a good seed for BlackBerry to plant in. Let's hope the company has the leading start in the healthcare department. Healthcare is big big business now and in the future. The huge opportunity for BlackBerry is certainly there.

I knew this deal with NantHealth was happening I just had no clue it was going to happen this fast! Kudos to JC for not wasting a spare second to unravel his master plans! #GoBBFTW!!! --Joz

Posted on my Q10!!! BB10 FTW!!!

The health industry business is endless and Blackberry was smart to make a move on it. Long live BlackBerry!!!

Via my Z10 #Ichooseblackberry10

Nanthealth is the large partner Bbry cited for the birth of passport. This is my educated guessing.

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I think over the next year we are going to hear a lot more of these types if partnerships around the world. I know that even the big three telecoms within Canada are trying to get into the m2m business.

But this is a fantastic start for BlackBerry in india and to show the world that this company is not on life support but instead making new waves and trends.

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Passport will be first device of many to fully support this new health care infrastructure . Good job BlackBerry.

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This is good news from blackberry. Chen keep the flag flying high. No need to compete with Apple or Samsung but keep developing niche market.

Posted via Z10, Supported by angry BB 9860 which became angry and died as soon as i bought Z10. BlackBerry must not die but let Apple die.

Said it before and will say it again... health and medical research is a great fit for BlackBerry. Security and privacy are huge issues and there are lots of opportunities in this area

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Only BlackBerry is capable of launching such a thing securely.

Seems the USA continues to be blind by Apple and Samsung Propaganda style brain washing marketing.

Hopefully people wake up from there iSheep slumber.

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"..loyal Indian Blackberry followers—reduced to a comparative trickle today—have seen the company's market share in India freefall, from 14.8 percent in the April to June quarter in 2010-11, to 7 percent in 2012, 2.9 percent in Q1 of 2013 and finally to a miserable all time low of 0.5% in Q1 2014 according to IDC." (source: ZDNet)

Any article on BlackBerry handset/OS market share (not only in India) on the horizon, CrackBerry?

I would just like to hear what are BlackBerry plans to regain market share.


This is good, I can see BlackBerry ruling this like a king of kings!

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Question. When they talk market share are the referring to share of new phone purchased or are referring to all activated phones.

The reason why I ask is for BlackBerry to go from a 14% share to less than one percent in just two years means a whole lot of people either switched to android or apple or both manufacturers really flooded the market with their phones.

North America will come around to BlackBerry again when all the famous people start coming back to the Classic; give it air time. Then all the little people (us) will decide we need to own one again because (insert famous name here) uses one.
I'm actually curious if Obama starts using one. White House issued BB10 Classic!

And the haters say BlackBerry is shutting down.
In your god damn face you haters.
BlackBerry is really trying hard to get hold in indian market, hope they succeed.

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BB is trying hard to get integration in place and automate all systems... so the moment you step into the hospital... they have your previous case history. not necessary now to have multiple tests... walk in with an ailment and walk out free of it... :)

Good stuff BB... way to go...

This partnership in India is blackberrys testing ground for their eventual and complete dominance of the Healthcare information sector. Huge population, good and getting better health care standards and a medical system similar to many in other countries. Good strategy with a first rate product and a country's Healthcare system that wants to innovate. BlackBerry are hipaa compliant right out of the box!
talk about a perfect storm-and that storm is named blackberry and QNX. And it's going to drown Samsung and the I sheep in a sh*t storm of innovation and security.....
Thumbs up for Mr.Chen!!!

BlackBerry by choice, blackberry for life...

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Great here that it is being implemented in India. This will give them a first movers advantage in India.

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BlackBerry can not make a decent OS ( with a decent OS you not call people by mistake and take pictures by accident every day) and then healthcare market?? lol
They can not even code a facebook app!
RedBerry Z10 #00167

PS: I love my Z10 but hands down OS10 is Kindergarden OS. And 10.3 is not better. Let's hope they use their brains and OS11or whatever is next is better
RedBerry Z10 #00167

Very intelligent strategy for BlackBerry and John Chen... better to dominate a few serpents than take on the Lion. By concentrating on the world's fastest emerging markets, BlackBerry is getting well planted in Niche industries within these places. Instead of working their way from the top down, they're doing it the old fashion way from the ground up, although in reality, they are hitting the roots of the targets that actually feed the stronger markets. Hence, while the health-care company Nant is actually in India, they feed other healthcare markets globally. Healthcare is to be the biggest growth markets in the world over the next 30 years, and Blackberry is taking a foothold in advance. Healthcare isn't the only market they are sinking their teeth into, but aside from gov't, of which they already have a good hold on, healthcare is the most difficult to place into and that whereby security is most needed. This will in turn feed the high class business market back into getting hungry for BlackBerry, and in the end, it's the upper class that actually determine trends and direction. There are MANY more factors to this, but I'd be typing on my Q10 (which I could do till tomorrow morning!) for a loooong time. I can see where the Passport and devices such as the Z's will place well and be useful for these endeavors. Let's see how all this continues to unfold, but I like the plan so far.

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I think it's a smart move. #build
Also, less competition from Apple and Samsung here, so to bring a phone that is specifically made for this industry (maybe next year) would be a great move.

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Blackberry is wise to harmonize their business exploration with the strong reputation they have with privileged communication.

I prefer a trusted company like blackberry over a companies like google, apple, and microsoft who seek to make their main profit from exploiting their users social media. Those companies should be kept away from health records at all costs.
Blackberry has social media, but it feels like it is something they offer - to keep up with the neighbors.
Blackberry will do itself a favor by helping EVERYONE and help to keep medical records secure.
By practicing in India, they can work out the problems integrating health care and mobile device privacy. Then they will be ready to take over the north american market.

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Wall Street is aware of this news after I prodded a contributor to SEEKINGALPHA.COM

I recommend reading it.

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I think this great. It has been needed for a long time. Also integration of smartphone for devices in villages so the check much needed vitals. Way to go. Smartphones can be used for diabetes and heart rate monitor. I heard of this a while back from someone about another heath care looking at this.

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