BlackBerry India give the Q5 a new price for 2014

By James Richardson on 6 Jan 2014 02:59 am EST

BlackBerry already do pretty well for themselves in the Indian market, but today sees them reduce the price of the BlackBerry Q5 to Rs.19,990, which is always nice to hear. Although the new price of the lower end BlackBerry 10 handset is still higher than with legacy devices, I presume that BlackBerry India are hoping to make it more attractive for both legacy users who are soon to upgrade, as well as new users to the platform.

Press Release

Keeping up with the festive spirit, BlackBerry today announced a New Year Bonanza offer for its popular BlackBerry Q5 smartphone. Under this offering, customers can now purchase BlackBerry Q5 smartphone at just Rs. 19,990.  The BlackBerry Q5 is available in three colors, red, white and black.

The attractive offering on BlackBerry Q5 is in line with BlackBerry’s commitment towards the Indian market and will help the brand to reach out to more potential customers.

Sameer Bhatia, Director – Distribution for BlackBerry India said, “The New Year Bonanza aims at providing a powerful mobile device, with cutting edge BlackBerry 10 OS at an affordable price point to the consumers.”

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BlackBerry India give the Q5 a new price for 2014


That's about £199.90 which means you can get a sim-free Z10 in the UK and spare £30 for an evening with something new from the Bollywood (e.g. Dhoom 3) - with your girlfriend & popcorn :) This is much better solution, Z10 is much better piece of BB10!

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z10 is already available in india for 20k(ebay), why would anyone consider getting a Q5?
z10 feels way more premium

+1. Q5 for about 12-13k, Z10 for say 18-20k, Q10 and Z10 - not exceeding 27-30k is going to help their case much better. To regain their market share or sell more devices than what they are right now, they have to reduce the pricing. 15k still gets you many good phones from the likes or Nokia and Samsung. 22k gets you s4 mini and the likes. BB can really do with much cheaper pricing for the current line-up or rapidly introduce new devices within sub-10, 15, 20k and thats what gets you the volumes.

if there were no senseless Rs.400p.m. for internet services, blackberry curves and bolds could have been sold off like hotcakes.
even their Q5 is very overpriced. 20k for a mediocre handset is senseless.
why do they ignore india so much

I wouldnt call that senseless considering the benefits and security that the BIS network offers. However, BIS should have been optional. However thats not possible due to the architecture of the OS. Now that we have a device that doesnt care if its connected to BIS or regular edge, I was hoping popularity would surge but the pricing killed the prospects!

not everyone needs that high security. most of the people dont even care about the pendrives which they put in their computers, they just want to get their work done, anyhow.
especially, alot of their customers(myself) of age group 15-20 cannot even afford such hefty data plans. also, they dont need it for any kind of business purpose. most of us just need to check fb/bbm/whatsapp/mails(occasionally).
my friend really likes my 9220, its simple and sober, with that best in class keyboard, but he was reluctant to get one because of internet plan, not even apps, but the plans. and he ended up buying some htc desire.

my friends make fun of Blackberry because android users can chat on BBM at no additional costs, whereas the legacy blackberry users end up paying 129pm additionally(for only bbm and mails).

why bb expects that sales will increase. when you start up, you start up from the bottom, then get at the top.

i wonder when blackberry will listen to its legacy fanbase.

Cool. Bit to late but the right move. Anyone from India knows exactly how BlackBerry is doing there?

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BlackBerry 10 is starting to pick up now after they slashed prices for Z10, which is also the popular BlackBerry 10 phone here. I've seen a couple of Z10's in my office and a few friends have also bought it. Seen few Q5's and a single Z30 and Q10

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Maybe that's the start of a good thing. As soon as you see friends starting to buy BB10, it usually catches on once they see how great a platform it is.

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Ya that is especially if they don't need one of those native apps that's not in BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry should just really try to sell all those z10s that they have inventory at a very reduced priced since they re kind of an old model now in 2014 to appeal to the masses. Just get those z10s in the hands of the masses!!!

India is a good market for any company giving good value proposition with its products, one of the main reason Lumia 520 has done so much better in India than in any other country. North American markets go too much by peer pressure and carrier motivation and subsidies. I would say too much of a herd mentality. Blackberry should mostly target emerging markets for its consumer devices with good value and it should be able to regain some market share quite easily.

Not that great! I saw two BlackBerry retailers close down all operations within a span of 2 months!

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BlackBerry should have got the pricing right from the beginning itself! Because I still know many users who are holding onto their legacy devices mainly because of the prices but also because of the uncertain future. But I also think the majority don't have a clue what bb10 is! Many people still relate BlackBerry to the curves and bolds. I have shown my z10 to a lot of people and most of them didn't know it could run android apps. Almost everyone was pretty impressed with the OS. I think it's a combination of pricing as well as marketing!

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I leave in pune big city. But only seen 2 z 10 since release ( apart from mine) but yes lot many legacy devices. People are not interested in new OS. They are not bothered at all.

History - Nokia 8310, O2 XDA II, Sony Ericsson W610, BB 8520, BB 9380, now Z 10 & very happy

Its doing not at all good, i had a tough time convincing my friends why they should go for z10 and not other really cheap android phones available here in India, cheap means by cost. When i bought z10 it was Rs42K :(, now its available for Rs23K, just last week had a furious argument with a friend over z10 vs iphone4 which is available at Rs 18K here, people here really dont see the specs, finally convinced him with the specs comparison of both the phones, he was stunned and finally he bought z10. So thats the second person i know who has BB10 phone in my whole list. :( very sad.

The trend here is a big big screen with android in it. Very soon i believe people will be walking with samsung led TVs in their hands.

That's nice, hoping to see more people using bb10,
And here BlackBerry isn't doing great.
The store I purchased from, I enquired how many z30 have been sold by them, they said mine is fourth.
Apart from this I have seen one z10 while travelling in a bus.

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BlackBerry 10 has very less awareness in India.. I have seen very less OS10 phones in people's hands.. All my friends who used BlackBerry legacy devices and I could convince them in buying OS10 devices, majority bought Q5 and they are happy with that..

This price slash might be helpful.. I keep my fingers crossed!

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The price is still ridiculously high for a failed handset in an low income market where competition offers better phones at cheaper prices...

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Z10 lags atrociously. Not only that, but the hardware is not manufactured well at all; freezes up frequently, after a couple months the headphone jack doesn't work, the phone speaker you put to your ear is so low you barely hear anything (a few people I talked to have same problem with their Z10).

After getting the Z30, I realized this is the phone they should have launched. RIM is their own worse enemy. Tsheep will buy any garbage tech companies throw at them. No different than fans of the Oilers cont. to buying tickets in support of the trash they throw on the ice.

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Not quite a failed handset, maybe more to do with marketing and how they market it.

Most people still think it's still only a business product.

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Have convinced 2 iPhone users and 4 android users in my friends and relatives and they all bought it. 5 Z10 and 1 Z30. Yahoo. I am so happy to change their perception and they all are loving it

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See this is the vibe I've been getting too with iPhone users. Just have them try a BB10 phone and they tell me its sort of addicting to them, as if they do not want to put it down. Going back to there iPhones is like going back into the past.

The new price is also way to expensive. These days at this price one gets loads of Android and Windows phone with a far better camera and other features. These idiots don't get it no ONE in India will even think of this failed and out competed brand for nothing but Rs 15000/- and lower. Z10 is at Rs 22,000/- Who shall buy Q5 at Rs 20,000/-? Simply stupid pricing strategy yet again as always by Blackberry India!

Its quite disappointing that even after z10,q10 failed pricing strategy still they are not able to come out with a competitive pricing....

I fully agree the Q5 is still priced too high, but you shouldn't compare cheaper WP8 and Android handsets, because the Q5 is a higher quality device, not to mention BB10 being the superior OS.

let me tell you guys,in india its the worst ever times for BB.In almost all shopping electronic malls for last 2 months i am yet to see a bb10 device.

Man I can't wait any longer for the Q5 and Z30 for AT&T all ready. Can someone put a fire under there ass all ready

Parma love my Z10 and PlayBook but want more Berry stuff

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Timing is the essence of business for any product...... Market grip for mobiles being not more than 6 months it is really bad on Blackberry's strategy to hold back to launch its products in every country........even after a year after the launch of BB10!!! .Why should we wait for it with lots of hopes and excitements??? BB.....Do or Die!

Great to hear, hopefully this will generate some significant traction, especially in a country where there is still a lot of growth rate to be generated in mobile phones.

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In India the only BB which we come across is 8520 curve.That sold because of its very low pricing.If they are brandimg q5 as a low cost model why they are selling for 20k when masses have optiomns of devices like lumia grand etc...Cmon BB india get your pricing right.In india people ,especially hard core business professionals abandoned BB not because bb10 is inferior but..just because now there are better things at better price in the market...

Q5 isnt that bad of a phone if you ask me. If the price in Europe could be just a bit down. There was a promotion in Belgium recently: 199€ which i think is Perfect :)!

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I'd say not bad if the price was $50.00. Any higher and I wouldn't even give it a second look. Looks cheap and feels cheap. The OS is the only thing good about it.

Here's a prediction, those who buy the Q5 will develop an after taste like the curve did with people. And that will become another image people will have pertaining to BlackBerry products.

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Bro,we the BB community knows q5 is a good bb10 phone even it has lower specs.But the point is to get traction in Indian market which is not at all possible if they stick to this pricing strategy.There are series of other super smart phones with better camera and specs in 16k - 20k range in India.To add to sammy and lumia there are micromax and carbon too.So for me this revised price wont make any impact.We want BB to succeed and hence cant stand these kind of idiotic pricing strategies in markets like India.

There used to be a store who use to sell BlackBerry near my place and that was the single store in about 100 km radius and he has abandoned the ship stating that it's not worth it anymore and instead got the iPhone franchise.

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Most people in India equate blackberry with the old OS and are unaware what the new OS can do for them.

Discounting will not help if people don't see the value in the new OS in the first place.

Competitors pitch hardware and screen specs in their ads and this is the way that people seem to be evaluating their mobile devices right now.

People don't seem to realise that a better OS can give you great performance from hardware that doesn't seem impressive on paper.

I have a Z10 and know just 5 other blackberry 10 users.

Everyone else is on Android or iPhone or older feature phones.

Maybe an EMI deal for people looking to upgrade from feature phones might help them gain traction (less demanding users who won't miss their existing apps)

Not sure whether a price cut is the best way to go.

Posted via CB10

You just said it Bro.The only option is keep it at an affordable price(12 - 14k) and EMI scheme.When the competitors are advertising about easy EMI schemes BB should pitch in asap

This I admit, they should be giving EMI schemes for youths to buy. When I purchased Z30, I had to pay entire 40k with cash or credit since the store said bb10 is not having EMI options at all. I'm not sure about how the scenario is now.

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You hit the nail on the head.
Marketing and carrier pushing the hardware is key. Though dropping the price is still a solid strategy. BBRY should also concentrate on getting existing BBOS users onto BB10. Give them an incentive to upgrade.

I'm not too sure how much of an issue a price of a phone. Look at iPhone, premium price, yet sells millions.

I think it's more to do with people knowing what the phone can do.

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The Z10 is cheaper, and has better specs than the iPhone5. What more could you want?

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Still overpriced for such an ugly looking phone.

I know it's suppose to be low end, but cmon, it looks like the designers got tired after the z10, q10, z30 and decide to churn out some mashed up Q5 and price way above the entry level market.

I like it, must say I prefer its *design* to Q10, yet cheaper materials make it ... cheaper ;)
P.S: sporting Q10/Z10/Z30 (my daily) here and I was a early Q5 tester in FR back in July/August 2013.

You find the Q5 ugly? Difference of opinion I am guessing, though the Q10 looks a lot better and sexier vs. the Q5.
On a side note, I find every single iPhone ever released to be a dogs breakfast. That is how ugly I see those nasty devices.

About $320 (US) according to SayIt. That sounds pretty expensive to me. Some claim they can get unlocked Z10s for about that in the states

Still way to expensive for Q5. Should be 199$ but not more. Here in germany it is over 320euro, that's ridiculous you can get TWO Motorola G for that price

Jscan44, can you tell me why q5 is ugly compare to q10? Look not much different from my non-designer point of view.

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q5 is not ugly.Its cheap looking.Q10 is not plasticky and its a well bulit device with better quality materials than q5

Good step, With this price drop of Q5 now and earlier Z10, this will help BB to catch up some good sales here in INDIA.

Positive news and a positive way to start the new week. Amazing device at an amazing price. Hopefully India will respond and go out and get this device.. time to support Prem. And for those of you who have a negative twist and comparing Z10.. they are all good devices and let people make their own choices. Some prefer a hard keyboard over the all touch.

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Ya that is especially if they don't need one of those native apps that's not in BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry should just really try to sell all those z10s that they have inventory at a very reduced priced since they re kind of old model now in 2014 to appeal to the masses. Just get those z10s in the hands of the masses!!!

Z10 is available for 24k from stores and 20k from eBay.. they should rather bring Q10 to 20k!!
Lol.. anyway, nice to see BlackBerry putting efforts!!

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Q5 start to reduce its price in Indonesia from Rp 4 million to Rp 3,5 million. And you know what? It look like it sell like hell. Sold out in BlackBerry Center in Mal Kelapa Gading

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I'm sorry. I do not at all mean to be negative. But $320.00?! When the Z10 can be had for about $200 in most secondary markets. The price for the Q5 should be half that in my opinion.

I do agree that the Q5 should be at least $100 cheaper than the Z10. At least BBRY is giving people choice.

Well I was about to say "and it's great" but as you can see, sometimes it's a little too eager to read a touch input. :)

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Q5 has radio antenna and physical keyboard. IMHO better than Z10. Now, Q10 vs Z30: which one did John Chen go with?

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With os10 you do not need an add on to get onto the network. With the older blackberry this add on costs about £6.00/month so if you take out a years contract that's £72 extra.

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I wouldn't get too bothered about the price of the Q5. In April the new lower cost BB10 phone will be coming out. It will have better specs than the Q5 and much cheaper. It will be an all touch screen phone similar to the Z10. Then you will see BB10 phones selling like hotcakes. And the bonus is that it will have native BBM installed on it. :)

Q5 hardware is garbage. The iPhone hardware is even better. Only thing good on the Q5 is the OS.

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The Q5 is the same price range with iphone 4. And I'm sure that Q5 has much better hardware than iphone 4.

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It should be 15,990 if anything.

I mean, if they want to get rid of them, even if they lose money they can recover it through other means, be it people buying upgrades later or buying from BlackBerry World.

Now, if you want people to buy iPhones and Android devices you just keep it like it is.

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Here In India BB has still got some traction but, it is very poorly marketed(No TV/print ad's) & by the looks of it I do not think it is very well marketed by the distributor/India office as well.Where ever there are BB devices available there is very little product awareness on the part of front end sales staff.The color choice is simply not available.Recently I asked for a white Q10 in a particular store( where the price/discount suited me) the guy asked me to enquire after a fortnight!!