BlackBerry India advertising campaign calls for action in a very good way!

By Bla1ze on 9 Aug 2012 12:26 pm EDT
Action Begins Here!

Looks like RIM India is kicking off a pretty heavy advertising campaign, having taken out a full two-pages in the Times of India newspaper. We know relations with the Indian government haven't been the best for the past few years but looking at the advertising happening here it's pretty clear RIM wants to own the market. RIM hasn't, shall we say, always been the best at marketing but these ads call for not only action but attention -  I like them. Jump below to see the second page and let us know what you think about the ads in the comments or in the forums.

Thanks, to everyone who sent this in!

Action Begins Here!

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BlackBerry India advertising campaign calls for action in a very good way!


Not yet. There's nothing to market. RIM just needs to keep out of the U.S. media until January and focus on emerging markets in the interim.

Let Apple, Samsung, and Google keep suing eachother while RIM quietly re-builds.

RIM needs to start advertising BB10 several weeks before the launch. If launch is January 1, they need to ramp up interest in December.

+100000000000000000000000 x 10

I say screw samsung, screw iOS and android aswell, blackberry and rim are what can't wait to be supporting With blackberry 10 ... I got a torch n will sell both it my ip4s and unused android for there new phone. Blackberry by choice! @SDTRMG

The North American market is not full of people who do. And it's not full of people who love what they do. It's full of people who have way more than they need and don't appreciate a thing. People here don't want devices to help them take action, they need devices that create distraction. To forget about their job as a secretary or burger flipper or line worker. 1% of the market consists of business owners and "doers," the rest are just floating by, enjoying their day, having fun and playing games. They don't want more work, they don't want devices that make them think of work. The message in India is great; the message in NA will have to be way different if they hope to succeed.

I have yet to see the "view vs do" tension so well expressed. I'd like to post the bulk of your comments to my blog and credit you. All 2-3 of my blog viewers will see it - most converted "view" iPhone users now. Chances are one might see it. Not much chance he'll respond. Communication has died since he converted to an iPhone from a 9930. He still adamantly claims he is in "do" mode.

As someone with both a Bold (for work) and an iPhone (for home), I absolutely agree. I take far less action with my iPhone than my Bold, because the iPhone does NOT enable me to. It is purely for distraction and has none of the "action" elements that a BB has. I do find myself missing and replying to messages and calls on the iPhone days later simply 'cause of the poor notification system.

@supraking: Thank you for making this excellent observation, I'm posting it on my Google+, considering adding a hashtag of #BBAction.

People "do" things at work. People "do" things at play. BB wants to attract them all. This is what BB10 is all about. Work AND play. You do both.

That is completely inaccurate. Working has become weaved into the fabric of what it is to be American; it’s now a cultural dynamic. Compare the US to France, for two weeks of the year the French evacuate their cities and jobs, to vacation and you will never be able to contact them; while we might take a week off in the US, we take our phones, laptops and work with us. It is VERY rare that the people of the US are not constantly working. Even other cultures say we “live to work.” I’ve been studying culture in school for a while now, and although there are individual variances the US is defined as a very work/do oriented society. Life here is defined by what you do (accomplishments), as in other countries it's much more.

Based on what I have seen in the past; RIM's marketing team in India always does a steallar job. Take a look at their commercials such as the BlackBerry Boys, BBM ads etc. If RIM is really has a global marketing initiative; they should have India's advertising committee take charge of news prints, commercials and whatever else can make them sell more units.

Wow, empowering, inspirational, motivating . . . very nicely done. I love that action now has a symbol! nothing wrong in using that marketing in the US.

@sycoblast: I agree many, many times over. The blackberry boys campaign was done by Ogilvy and Mather for Vodafone India. Incidentally Vodafone here does a great job of marketing campaigns. RIM should really consider hiring Ogilvy and Mather for their BB10 campaign considering the same agency created brands such as American Express, BP, Ford, Barbie, Maxwell House, IBM, Kodak, Nestlé, Cadbury and Unilever brands Pond's and Dove.


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Oh how I love the BlackBerry!! <3<3

Just wondering but didn't most of those companies suffer heavy financial loss and almost went under with the exception of American Express and Unilever.

Or did Ogilvy and Mather help turn the tables for them? Because if thats the case;


@Cesare21: make that one more 'many' times. The guys at O&M have been turning out some stellar work for the BB. The new one is another fantastic job in distinguishing the BB amongst the heavy brand clutter here in India. That 'action' will truly speak a thousand words, if not more.

However on another note, I have personally lost several buddies once on BB to the iPhone and Samsung in the last few months alone. They all cite 'Big Screen', 'Touch', 'Fun Apps' as the most pressing features for the switch.

I do hope BB10 is a game changer and brings back the once loyal fans of BB back to their fold.

Nice. Kinda puts to words one of the thinks I like about Blackberry. Communications - nobody does it anywhere near as well.

I love the idea. Rim should include splat stickers with their new handsets like apple does with their product. I'd rock a splat in the corner of my back window like all those pretentious app-holes. I wanna be a pretentious BlackBerry user lol

Yeah was surprised to see the ad in the morning...went around talking abt it with all my friends/colleagues - mixed reactions from them.

Blackberry is generally received quite +vely here...its very often the first smart phone people buy.

"Action Now Has A Symbol * " Now that is excellent marketing and now it belongs to BlackBerry.
I love it.

This white BB9900 tells me with deeper OLED black, BB10 will look mean in white. And yes the "Action now has a symbol" line goes well with the "people who do" story line.
It certainly beats the 'shot in the foot' wake up thingy from the Aussies.

RIM's marking team should make their marketing campaign a beast that'll make past advetising campaigns look like kids playing in the sand box.

They need to have the same marketing campaign around the world, why does America have lame BE BOLD commercials with glow bikes?

I'm not sure if i'm posting this right, but BlackBerry and RIM ought to patent the usage of "asterisk in a red circle", or create a circular looking notification icon with the "BlackBerry" logo in it.

Why? Differenciation.

The red mark with white asterisk has done, in my humble opinion very well to compliment the LED blinking.

It should be further evolved (not too drastically) so that it becomes something that stands for BlackBerry, akin to how the 'i' trademark is usually synced with Apple's products.

Woke To Quite a Surprise That Morning....Trust Me This One Has Generated A Lot Of Hype With Many Indians...
This is Classy! ...Action Now Has A Symbol.
Go RIM India.