BlackBerry IM Clients Updated to v2.5.32

By Adam Zeis on 18 Dec 2009 09:31 am EST

Native IM Clients

It looks like the BlackBerry native IM clients have been updated once again. Not too much of a leap here, but they've clicked up from 2.5.31 to 2.5.32. No word on the changes in this round, but who doesn't love updates? You can grab the new versions directly from their respective download sites, or head over to BlackBerry App World. Thanks to everyone that sent this in!



same thing happened with bbm


When I go to it wants to download 2.5.30 (the one I have installed).

Anybody else get this?


may be false alarm.. :(


i cant see any updates from ?
from , me getting 2.5.30 ..did anyone got newer version ?


Adam Zeis

Maybe the update is only showing in App World .. should go through to soon I would think.

DarranP shows me .30 but app world is showing .32


They made better clients in general..Like an AIM client similar to that of the T-Mobile Sidekick. That client was WAYYYYY better than the crappy AIM client we get on BB.


i too only see .30 for them

edit: bb app world has upgrades.. not bb site directly.. weird.


Why is it that Apps in App World are always atleast 1MB larger in size than when you download the apps directly from ??


Windows Live still not showing any update. Perhaps it will take some time.


it does through bb app world software...


App world has the update for windows live. Thanks for the info.


downloaded yahoo from appworld. Can't tell what the diffs are. Oh well. It works.


Downloading it on App World as we speak. Just downloaded the new BBM last night and was unhappy to see that I've lost the ability to back up my contacts.

Hope the new WLM isn't crippled :(


actually you still can backup on the new BBM, it just got moved. it's inside the option menu now


I have Yahoo, Windows Live, and gTalk. When I press the menu key on my name, I see 2 "My Details" options that take me to the same screen. Bug?


agreed - noticed the same thing...


Sending messages to invisible ICQ users (they have me in their visible list) isn't possible at all. Why don't they fix this? Offline messages would be great, too.


Just about to reboot my BB, but I'm hoping this new WLM restores the ability to edit contact names.


The site still shows the .30 versions (which is what I have installed). As someone else pointed out, the AppWorld versions are always 1+MB larger. I'm going to wait as I have limited memory on my Storm. I think the difference is the AW version has all of the language files whereas the version on tghe website are English specific. Hopefully they post them on the mobile site too.


Oh that's why. I may try and redownload from when I see it there to save the space. I have plenty, but why take up the space if I don't need to.


AIM needs an entire revamp of its BB App. It's pretty cr@ppy.


No offense, but AIM by itself is crappy.


I was on .27 Yahoo. Werre there any problems with .30? If not, and if we don't see .32 on before the end of the day, I may downgrade to .30 to save the space now, as I may forget to check down the road for .32 on


I hate AIM for BB. I constantly get spammed on my BB that I'm signed at 2+ locations when I'm on the computer.


I don't know why it would do that unless you were signed in at 2 different locations, like on your Blackberry and on your computer. And since you're obviously not doing that... oh wait...


Yes, but there is NO WAY to turn it off. I know I'm signed on at 2 locations, and I get spammed with it all day long, and I just want it to leave me alone.


Yahoo keeps getting all these updates. However, they have yet to fix the conversation history issue. When is a soultion going to made for that?


What is the conversation history issue? Specifically.....


When you go to view the history of a user, all it says is "Loading." It never loads.


C'mon RIM put these up on!

Ham Sandwich

The biggest difference I've seen for wlm is that there is no longer the "out to lunch" status. That kinda sucks, cause that was my favourite status.


these seem to be only available from App World for the moment


it's not 2.5.32 it's still only 2.5.30.. so it's a false alarm... but if is a false alarm they will be updateing it soon then... so keep watch...


What are you on about?

FACT = The IM Clients HAVE been updated to 2.5.32 BUT it seems they're only available via App World for the time being.


it only shows up in app world..

soo i juz download app world and download these things and i deleted app world bcuz i dont like it...


ya, exactly. that is what i do with anything that only comes from app world because app world is the worst thing ever. i srsly loathe it.


It is only on App World right now. I'm downloading it on my Storm, but I'm having a few problems. When I tried to install Yahoo Messenger, it crashed my Storm and it rebooted. Now the icons aren't displaying on the home screen, so I can't figure out how to open these new versions, but App World insists they're installed successfully. Very problematic...


It's finally working! Well anyway yeah, it's on App World for now.


Still not available from


Only available in appworld, and appworld is the biggest piece of trash I have ever seen. My phone freezes everytime I try to install the lastest version of messenger. RIM clearly does not give a damn about its customers.


It's not App World doing it. It's BBM. Ever since BBM 5 it's had issues installing via App World. All you have to do is once it looks like it's installed, escape out of App World, then go back in and it will then say installed successfully and you go on your Merry way.


The version on BlackBerry App world is correct.


Why RIM don't just release .32 via ?

I also bought Druglord Wars a few weeks back and have noticed that although my App World still shows the version I have installed, if I browse app world online then there's a newer version! WTF?


Y I use nimbuzz for multiple chat, and so far so good..


Does anyone at RIM have their skulls outside of their backsides? Do they test this crap before they release it?

Since Yahoo Messenger was updated it has not worked - just freezes the phone. (Bold 9650)

Next time ya blog the wonders of RIM-ware please cover the uninstall / restore methods since DM won't let us roll this crud back either.