BlackBerry IM Clients Updated to 2.5.30

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2009 12:56 pm EST
IM Clients

The native BlackBerry IM clients (Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo!, MSN and ICQ) have been updated from version 2.5.27 to 2.5.30. As usual, no change log is available, but and update is an update right? The clients are all available from their individual download pages, or you can head to from your device to check them out. If you figure out what is new, drop a comment and let us know.


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BlackBerry IM Clients Updated to 2.5.30


havent really noticed anything different.

would like AIM to show peoples away messages when i hit ther info. also.... how come there are places for pics next to peoples names but no actual pictures in those spots?

The download size via the site is smaller, 862 KB, versus the 2.2 MB download size via BB App World, for Yahoo! Messenger. IDK if it's the same for the other IM clients.

It fixes the yahoo messenger bug that refused to connect on blackberry phones. Two weeks without it i almost went mad.

Personally, I haven't really noticed much change...a few small things but nothing huge. Also, I can only speak for Yahoo! Messenger because that is the only one out of the bunch that I use. First, I did notice the download size was considerably smaller! Definitely a plus there! Second, haven't had anymore random connection issues (it would randomly sign me out from time to time). And third, my "nickname" is finally staying at the top! Before, I'd sign in & notice my username was at the top instead of my nickname...I'd change it to my nickname and the next time I'd open the app it would say my username again!

We want to see peoples away messages on AIM. And we also want to be able to upload avatars via our device photo albums as well as see our buddies photo avatars.

Likewise, I would love to see an AIM app that displays contacts' icons and their away messages. Would also love to change my own icon ...hope these things happen soon

I'm not sure if any other Storm users experienced this but in my IM clients when I would try to use the icons at the bottom of the screen while on the contact list (add contact, contact details, find, and scrolling buttons) instead of the buttons working it would scroll down the screen. I thought that this was an OS bug but it seems to have fixed itself in this version of Y! but I am still experiencing this bug in BBM so mabey this is one of the fixes for this update.

I use these messengers *heavily*. I use google talk, windows live, and yahoo messenger on my bb a few hours a day and I must say that all of the updates above 2.1.44 have been atrocious when it comes to useability. The lag is ridiculous, the memory use is unacceptable. For those who don't use these much, you probably won't notice, and for those that haven't used anything below 2.5, you don't know what you're missing.
These 2.5 vs 2.1 is simply prettier, but its way slower, especially if you like to chat a lot, and it hogs up so much memory. I'd reccomend all of you who can to downgrade to 2.1.44.

I'm on a 8900 btw if that matters.

if you see that much lag there is probably something wrong with your device...i've seen the latest versions fly on the 83xx curves without issue no lag.

Don't know about all the other messenger applications but the new version of YM still automatically saves one of my screennames and passwords without my permission.

Yes We would like to see the Avatar and read away messages!! i think they are working on it already those, thats why all the options are there...

In version 2.5.30 bug with "save password" fixed. In previous version if device went to reboot, password dissapeared and I was requested to retype it again and again -it was a real trouble b/c of that I was obliged to disable Auto On/Off

Now I'm totally happy :)

On my Storm 2 MSN Messenger doesn't seem to be on and Application Center is still showing 2.5.27.

Any idea why?

MSN Messenger doesn't appear on for me either, and I'm on Vodafone UK and using the Storm 1. The version on the App World hasn't been updated to 2.5.30 yet either.....

Any ideas people?

the history bug is still not fixed eh? After installing this new one, I can't view the history.. Anyone else getting this same problem?