The BlackBerry identity

By Team CrackBerry on 29 Apr 2014 02:47 pm EDT

Android users buy specs, iPhone users buy brand, but BlackBerry users buy an experience. I have heard variations of such a statement throughout my time here in CrackBerry and it has me thinking if there is any substantial truth to it. As we consider where BlackBerry sits currently and moving forward, CEO John Chen faces one of the biggest challenges with the company, its perception.

If I could ask any one question to John Chen right now it would be, "What is BlackBerry's current identity in the world and what identity are you trying to create and achieve for it?" After meeting him it is evident that he is a very intelligent and capable man who can turn the company around to profitability, no question. But is this enough? Smarts, charisma and confidence can only get you so far.

Let's consider mobile users and how they identify with the devices they carry. Now ask yourself a few questions. When you think of a Windows Phone user or an Android user ... what comes to mind? Apple? BlackBerry? The loyalty of brand remains strong in the mobile world with many. For others it lies within the very evolution of technology like Kevin, who is agnostic when it comes to mobile tech.

We understand the nature of business and the way it works but we defend, sell and fight for the devices we love even though we aren't rewarded for any of it.

Why does this happen? Do our devices really reflect some form of ourselves? Do our phones tell a story of who we are? Or have companies created an identity that consumers relate to or associate with? Or are we led to believe that the phone we carry determines our identity and social status? Perhaps these questions bring up another topic that need to be re-visited at a later time.

CEO John Chen faces one of the biggest challenges with BlackBerry, its perception.

Whatever the case may be BlackBerry needs to re-imagine their perceptive value. Till this day, my biggest gripe with BlackBerry 10 has always been the name itself. The history of BlackBerry's OS and devices has always been numbers. Yes, I know they've had the Storm, Curve, Bold and Style names but they were really defined by their numbers. So after years of numbers, BlackBerry acquires QNX, develops an entirely new OS from the ground up, unlike anything before, then presents the world with the launch of — wait for it — BlackBerry 10. Yawn. To further this, they introduce the Z10, Q10 and Q5. Really? I think the devices are great and the OS is amazing but how they are all identified? It's just more numbers and now letters, great.

And this is where I believe lies a big issue. You see the world has recognized BlackBerry and their devices for years now in a very particular way. However with the huge changes that BlackBerry has now undergone and continue to make, they only managed to reintroduce themselves to world as just another number. BlackBerry 10. Sound epic? No. Just sounds like more of the same. I can't blame public perception for this one.

BlackBerry had the chance to really come up with something unique and different, but they didn't. Remember Apple OS 9? Few do. But we all know the "X" and all the cat names that came along with it. Look at Android and all their OS names and devices. Some may call it a gimmick but they're memorable and we can all name them. Others have always found cute/cool names for common technology and you know what? It works. I'll continue to argue that BlackBerry should never follow a "me-too" strategy but it's imperative they distinguish themselves. Not only from the competition but also from their past.

It's imperative for BlackBerry to distinguish themselves. Not only from the competition but also from their past.

People are simple. They usually want to be identified with the latest and greatest or at least something unique and fresh. BlackBerry 10 means nothing to people and it's hurting sales because most people aren't even willing to give it a try due to the name alone. It's just a sequential number. Which means what to them? It means more of the same and nothing different.

If BlackBerry could create something that really establishes a new identity for the world then its possible things could roll out differently moving forward. Is it too late for them to do this? Better late than never I say.

Truth be told, the CrackBerry community could've come up with a better name than BlackBerry 10. I won't bother bringing up past marketing because it's embarrassing.

Seriously, how difficult is it to show something cool and sexy? For example, I photographed the image of a female model wearing a CrackBerry shirt. My guess is that CrackBerry is going to begin getting requests for them. Is it this simple for BlackBerry? Probably not but despite the setbacks, I will continue using my BlackBerry device because "There's something zen about BlackBerry 10." Again, see how easy that was?

Article Written by Jubei Raziel

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The BlackBerry identity



Jubei, your articles are well worth looking forward to reading.

Well done sir.

Great way to open people's eyes and imagination.

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Bitches?! Come over here and have sex wit Charlie Murphy!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

I was just thinking the same thing. With all due respect to the other guys I feel like the substance has been lacking a bit lately. I still really enjoy Chris' observations and Jubei is proving a great addition to the team too.

Yes, definitely an interesting read and well written articles.

I have to disagree with "iPhone users buy brand, but BlackBerry users buy an experience". I have access to and have used all the latest devices including iPhone, Galaxy, iPad, Windows tablets, Android tablets and I've used every BlackBerry ever made except the Z3. I believe iOS currently offers the best and easiest experience overall. I think BlackBerry offers strong security through BES and the QNX kernel which is why most users and companies buy BlackBerry. Since BBOS is actually selling more devices I would say a large number of users are buying BlackBerry for it's data compression and secure email delivery (BIS) in countries where data plans are very costly. Also a lot of people buy BlackBerry based on brand, you might call them CrackBerry addicts.

Can't say I've ever bought an iAnything but I have a few hot / dumb girl clients who frequently need help with getting their iDevices to do things, and the few times I have had to troubleshoot then, I found the interface sluggish and unintuitive. And having to hit that one button (at the bottom) all the time got annoying fast...

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Interesting question...

Unless they know you as the "tech nerd" like the girls know me, then I'd say they're using excuses.

Data compression could bring BlackBerry back simply by saving money on plans. If marketed effectively.... The difference is crazy!

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Absolutely! I miss the days of data compression. What a wake up call when I switched to BB10!

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I agree. I used BB (OS 5, OS 6, OS10) iOS (5.1, 6, 7.1), Windows Phone 7.5, Android 4.3~4.4... And iOS does offers the best experience amongst all.

I Used to switch to Android and used BBM on Android because my bold9700 battery keeps killing me~ And after the switch, I found out that Android is a bad ass smartphone... in the term of memory drain. Yes, Android's BBM App can eat >200MB of my Z Ultra's RAM. Imagine that...

And also, I still don't get it either because of my Z Ultra having bad antenna for GSM Reception or my internet provider is sucks. Most of the BBM Messages always delayed and come in several messages all at once. Really delaying my productivity as well...

So, I made a radical choice to sell my old bold9700 which keeps me a company for 4 years and buy a new Q10. I found Q10 really enhances my experience in messaging.

Yes, messaging! Starts from email, WhatsApp and the root cause I made the radical choice is: BBM.

After I used Q10 and upgraded the OS into 10.2, I feel so significantly better in receiving my BBM Messages back, and enhances my productivity again!

to me: BlackBerry is a BlackBerry.

Yes, I admit that I am a die hard for iOS. Yet again, iPhone was not made for messaging experience, it is made for browsing and other entertainment experiences.

BlackBerry's best for messaging and productivity. And I will stick to this Q10 as long as I can to stay on the track for my routine work.

Thanks BlackBerry for such an upgrade in Q10 and BB10 OS. You've made my work life & productivity increased and only you can done it right.

Android?? Oh c'mon~ How come a fragmented-copycat can even give a best messaging experience? :)

Data compression is one of the major reasons legacy BlackBerry devices are selling better than BlackBerry 10 ones. The BlackBerry plans offered flexibility and were a unique feature of BlackBerry or RIM as it was called. BlackBerry is losing guaranteed revenue by abandoning data plans, but it's fan base disagrees, hence the surge in sales of legacy devices. John Chen understands this, that's why he has placed a new order for the BlackBerry Bold. Going forward, the BlackBerry plans should be retained.

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I'm torn. The use of eye candy as a distraction is blatant...yet I love eye candy.

Curse you, evolutionary bias toward scantily-clad females...

The girl is definitely hot (probably why she's a model). I read the article, and became somewhat irate when my first thought afterwards was, "I kinda want one of those CrackBerry shirts."

I have more friends because I do drugs!! Baby!

I'll be honest, I did try to read the article, and the few that I read was spot on.... BUT, that girl sort of took away my focus!

I did and found a typo. Oooooh!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

I don't think that renaming the OS to other than OS10 is a problem.

When iPhone users talk about their devices they are influenced by the extensive/excessive marketing that they have the best of everything on one package.

When Android users talk about they devices they are influenced by the wide range of apps available (the iP folk have a similar feeling). They also are influenced by the range of device packaging that they can select.

When Blackberry users talk about their devices they are more likely to consider it an extension of their business relationships. Many have corporate BB phones for business use and a personal iP for fun. Security is only a concern to some but not all personal users. However, BB users are faced with an uphill perception problem. They have been hanging onto these BB devices because they are workhorses that last a long time. When it comes to replacing a worn out BB, they have trouble to keep the platform since they have a perception that the company is almost ready to die.

Just look at how we get into the frenzy of the '' windermere'' or '' ontario'' if those code name were numbers, I don't think that we'd be that caught up into that wheel, I very support your theory on being clean,strong and memorable.

Exactly my first thought after reading the article... the "windermere" and "ontario" names, imagine if those were not just code names of hardwares but real names of software updates. Just picture it!!

Z10STL100-1/ "the iPhone Nemesis"

Maybe I am a very small minority, but I think the letter/ number combo is clean and concise. I would not purchase a phone called 'Windermere' or 'Ontario' just to name two of the silly names given to potential devices.

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Jubei, I agree. The press has degraded the BB Corporate image.
It will take a big boooom for the image to change, like a steady increase in corporate profit due to many paid BES users.

On another note, while not a major profit center, sales of many phones will perk ears. It matters not that the phones are the new $149 units or premium $400 one's.
It is better press to say BB has 15% of the worldwide phone market, rather than 2%. Nobody (except a stockholder) cares that BB made almost nothing on the transactions.

You say a clean "identity", yes!
I am waiting for the press to say, 'Blackberry has risen from near death'.

The press has "degraded the BB Corporate image" because RIM gave them a reason to and BlackBerry allowed them to.

Remember what Chen said about names.... would you change the name of your kids if they got bad grades....

his focus is not on this... and sony did fine with the z1

Ya seriously I never heard of it either. I think Chen was referring to the company name though, not product names.

"Blackberry 10" says absolutely nothing special except for another iteration from a falling company, when in fact the os they built is really something special and just deserves more. It just reminds me of "that guy" that named all of his kids after himself.

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The Z1 is Sony's flagship phone.

You guys need to visit the Mobile Nations sister sites to see what's out there and what BlackBerry is up against.

I have a sony tablet thats a flaming peice of shit since day 1 so imma pass! But thanks for lookin' out.

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What makes you think that the name BB10 is not clean and strong enough? Is it just your opinion or are you implicitly saying marketing is BlackBerry's problem, which a majority would agree.
Of course "sex sells". :)

True about 'sex sells'.
Apple ads make you feel good - like the iPhone can do everything ... and more than you ever need.

What BB needs is a campaign that makes you feel like you want it (whatever 'it' is).
The problem is that cell phones are now a 'commodity'; there is very little that differentiates one premium phone from another. This is evidenced by recent quarterly reports by Apple and Samsung that their premium phone sales are steadily declining. On the other hand, anything that BB does to build sales from 2% market is a PLUS ... $200-250 LTE phones for the US market?

Ah. What is Apple's biggest profit center? Stuff they don't make, rather resell- music, movies, books, paid apps.
So, they can (but don't) give their phones away cheap just to get secondary sales.

Um, iTunes makes very very little in the scheme of things at Apple. It's the gateway to hardware sales where the big margins are though.

If you were to look at this identity issue in a bit more of a re-marketing perspective, yes BlackBerry has a very tiny market share which is a pretty big problem. So you can either try to make it look more more "fun" or "popular" but if it was me at the helm I would bring up that in my country (Australia) Mercedes has around a 2% market share and Toyota has around a 20% share. Does this mean that Toyota's are better than Mercedes, hell no. Mercedes is one of the originals to the market and changed their name along time ago into the prestige car.

So cutting to the chase BlackBerry should realise that advertising themselves as something funky and new was never going to work. Be like Mercedes and take your place as the best, the kings of the market. Not everyone can afford a Mercedes and the people that can't feel jealous. Apple rebooted their sales by creating their place as the "prestigious" computer company, now macs and iphones are common and everyone has one. So if BlackBerry is to reclaim their sales let's look to the past to recreate a future.

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"So if BlackBerry is to reclaim their sales let's look to the past to recreate a future. "

This was changed when BYOD and universal BES for all major devices was widely adopted.

There is no going back.

Another way of saying: BlackBerry marketing sucks... which I completely agree.

Posted via CB10 with Z30 on

I always think of the people that use the devices, not the device features themselves. IPhone users are quirky and enjoy a collective feeling. Android users are more techy and spec-centric. Windows phone users are becoming 'users of that other phone to be different'. Blackberry users are power users. The have very specific goals in mind. I feel powerful using my blackberry.

Watch season 2 of 'house of cards' to better see my point. Quirky reporters use iPhone. People of power use blackberry. I think this is the direction they need to take. Differentiate the lifestyle, not the phone.

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I totally agree with the feeling of power when using a blackberry, I love how I can receive and open spreadsheets with little trouble and set important email contacts as my priority from the hub etc.

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Having every means of communication possible at my finger tips, in one concentrated place, is quite a fame changer for the productive minded folk. Get in, do what you need, get out, done. I just wish there was a gesture to shut off the phone like there is one to turn it on. Maybe long swipe, top to bottom?

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This! +100 to this...

The feeling of power.. the feeling of successful..

Go back to the days when BlackBerry were reserved only to business people and only the manager got to use it or given by companies.

People on the street look at it as status symbol. They find it cool. That coolness factor are the one missing from aura of BlackBerry now. It used to be cool to have blackberry and use bbm. But other competitor caught up.

Give us that coolness factor back Chen. Launch something that makes BlackBerry looks cool again. Pay a good marketing company to do the job if your internal marketing team can't do it right / better...

Z30STA100-2/ from CB10

The very best marketing is needed to bring aura to the image!

Bite the bullet BB - hire the best.
Do not use insiders who have had limited success

Many Android users just buy Android because it's there. I am talking about simple Joe Does, not tech geeks.

If they think an iPhone is too expensive, not for them, too small, etc. there is not much left, if the store person doesn't push (show or at least offer as alternative, which is rare) Windows Phone or BB, it's gonna be Android by default.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Can I get one of those tee's for my g/f?

But seriously, you're article is great (as have all of your pieces). Keep up the good work. It's noticed here... and hopefully noticed by others who can make a difference.

I am 100% Pro BlackBerry...
but iPhone is not "brand"
Most of my friends are not to willing to switch because of the symbiosis with their iPads, MacBooks,... so it's the whole package why they use iOS...

Since 2010 

Apple beat the i(insert noun here) name scheme to death. I was tired of it even when I worked for them.

emPowered by 

You ain't never lied! It got so bad that the i(Object) naming convention spread to other companies! iHome, iThis, iThat, iSoTiredOf"i"Names.

I don't agree entirely with this logic because if that is the case, people who own these devices will never switch to any other device but I know that has not been the case. I personally use to have an iPhone, iPad and Macbook but I let the iPhone go for a Z10 and now a Q10. Yes the devices work well together but not to the extent that people would not switch to another platform.

Wondering too. Hahaha.

But seriously, I really enjoy your articles and the way you write them. Not that the other authors aren't doing a great job. But yours are in their own league.
Will we see more articles with your lady friend in them? :)

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Nice article Jubei and great photography. Makes me want to start up my hobby of photography that have been putting off for such a long time.

Wohoo... i have spent quite some time reading and practicing the ins and outs of digital photography and using the only lens I have that came with it when I bough the camera. I just need to buy a 50mm IS lens and wash my hands with it and then try for a bigger / larger lens later.
Thanks for your encouragement.

Thanks for the advice again. I will do exactly that and hopefully my pictures turn out like yours soon.

Just buy the phone you want and use it...looks like some of these writers have too much time on their hands. A phone is meant to be "a communication device. Not sexy. Weirdos.

Posted via CB10

That's true for some. But look at those who buy colorful cases or those who put stickers of hearts, shiny stars or sprinkles and etc on their phones ( well girls and women do).

Normal phones back in the day where just considered communication devices nothing special. But with smartphone s now being differentiated by what OS is running it and how much you can do it's war on who has the best phone and what it can do that others can't and etc!

 Posted via CB10 on my  Z30

Exactly! BlackBerry for all!! LOL.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

Well, you are certainly not speaking for me, I can't recall electing you as "our " spokesperson.

Great thing about Jubei, is that all his article are thought provoking. It's simply not passive reading, it gets you to ponder about what is being said.

Not all writers are going to appeal to all Crackberry followers. While it's nice to have a little banter, joke and leg pulling, however if you don't like it, fine, but don't speak for the rest of us.

If you don't like it, then don't reply with some flippant comment which does not contribute. Instead is just an insult and ruins it for the rest.

If you want to bitch and moan, take a break, breath a little, relax and then make some contribution, whether it's a joke or whatever.

Don't forget, for these guys it's a job, and it's not one I'm sure they enjoy being slammed every time they put up a post.

Let's enjoy the forums s little more.

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Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

Mr TranceRomance, where you been sir? This forum has been one musketeer short lately. The team seems to be drifting......


 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Trying to stay more active. Been busy with gig and stuff.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

Some say if you look at this page long enough, you will notice some text :P LOL
Got so distracted and lost all train of thought.

I've often wondered if RIM/BlackBerry should have just re-branded itself as QNX. A "QNX" branded phone could enter the market without all the negative perceptions that unfortunately have been associated with BlackBerry.

Never underestimate the power that lies in the role of The Underdog... The best chance possible lately was the launch of BB10... but we all know that this was a bit screwed up, to say at least... irrespective of the branding/naming...

But as the author wrote, it's never too late (...but you have to play the underdog card well...!!!). The problem is: this costs a load of money, money they do not have for right now...

So, dear John Chen =), stick to the plan (Enterprise customers do not care about the name...), return to profitability, bring the company to at least the point of being perceived as a financially healthy, serious company that holds what it promised (that's already a lot considering the general perception... but you seem doing well in this matter, keep the good work on!!), and then in 2016+ or so... why not thinking about a well deserved real marketing concept for the iconic BLACKBERRY brand...

because branding is just a tiny part of a real corporate communications and marketing strategy (after having written twice the word marketing... Frank Boulben comes to mind... Aaaaarghhhh!!! =)

Ferrari ZetaTrenta - STA100-2

I carry a BlackBerry, not a QNX.

And BlackBerry needs to demonstrate to people how good their products are, and tell them why they want one.

You want a BlackBerry because it's a fresh operating system, because it's different from all the other rectangles out there, and because it's well made.

Most of all, you want a BlackBerry because owning one makes you part of a group of people who are 'in the know'.

Posted via CB10

Keep in mind that "QNX" refers to the RTOS kernel upon which BB10 is built, and that that kernel is used in a crapload of other applications, so making that name change would be confusing at best. But that aside, it would also come across as a cheap, transparent, and desperate move. How would it have come across if RIM had renamed itself That Amazing Tribe after that acquisition? IMO, this kind of move tells the world not so much that a company is reborn with new vision and purpose so much as that a company is desperate to rebrand itself before toppling into the abyss.

I felt the RIM-to-BB name change was the right move, and was a long time coming. They should have made that change years earlier. The BB name is where all of the brand recognition is, and where all of the brand value is; those outside the circle of BB cognescenti had no idea who RIM was.

I would say stick with BlackBerry 10 and begin to name the phones with a marketing codename i.e. what they did with the 'Jakarta', coupled with a numerical i.e. the 'Q20' to represent the technical progression and high/low end.

Second of all, they can keep the OS versions but name them as well.10.3 could be codenamed for the market as 'Streetsweeper' for example.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

I think that's a BRILLIANT idea! "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet!" QNX presents... The next step in mobi Mobile Evolution! The QNX FRONTIER! *sigh* But I digress. Attention is definitely paid to a name though, because now you don't hear anyone saying "RIM."

Posted via CB10

But here's more food for thought: They could release a new device under a new name with the same OS and it would still have a great impact because of how ignorant the masses are of BlackBerry 10 anyway!

Posted via CB10

I hope no one gets too upset about this but being a totally loyal BlackBerry supporter (Rogers knows all about me with their Z30 ignorance) but I wouldn't mind seeing the QNX branding. QNX By BlackBerry. QNX Z series. Anyway my 2 cents.

Posted via CB10

Ironically, when I clicked the link to the story on my laptop I got a pop up ad for a Samsung trade in offer.

Posted via CB10

The obvious answer is a very valid one: BlackBerry brings a secure and stable mobile computing platform.

The only question is: How big is this market?

IPhone buyers get a piece of Apple that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, yet the majority are sporting some sort of Windows machine for main computing needs. If Apple is really so good wouldn't they have better market share in other areas?

Android buyers get to jump into the heard mentality. Bigger, faster, more more more...Probably not sure why they need all this, but follow anyway. Floods of marketing help a lot.

Blackberry hold outs go for the productivity, plain and simple. IMO

Until society gets back to productivity being a mass priority BlackBerry will struggle. IMO

Posted via CB10

That's so true. The dumbing down of society creates a market share for products like the iPhone and the Android powered devices.

I must admit, the iPhone is a awesome gaming device and pretty much multimedia... but, it lacks productivity. Especially if you rip it of ALL apps. I mean, a out the box iPhone is just a phone, compared to a out the box BlackBerry, which is a productivity ruler!!

Jubei 's' articles are too long...and why does he put his picture in doesn't belong there...there is no need to put his picture in's not a dating site there is no reason for him to do that...

Posted via CB10

this generation loves using pictures/selfies for everything. It connects with the younger crowd.

Chill, buddy! He's doing a great job! Re-read the title and study the photo. If you don't get it, try again until you do. It's done with a purpose.

Don't read Jubei's stuff and stop looking at his picture if you don't like it. I think I speak for most of us when I say that Jubei is a welcome addition and a real breath of fresh air at CrackBerry!

He's just making sure all audiences are covered. Attractive woman, attractive man. Now, nobody can complain (except you, sorry).
Plus, the whole identity thing.

Posted via CB10

You are arguably playa hatin' right now. Jubei's got this sh*t on lock, as it were.

Powered by BlackBerry Z30

When I think of BlackBerry users I have 4 different images in my head:

1) People who despise change
2) Crazed fans who defend BlackBerry at any given turn (and do so by attacking other brands)
3) Friends and family of type 1 and 2
4) People who are open to all platforms and genuinely like BB10 but equally accept the pros with the cons

Being on this site and reading comments and forum posts over the past couple of months it really saddens me to say I only really see 1 and 2 with the few 4s helping out the 3s and offering constructive comments without putting down other ecosystems.

(For all intents and purposes I found myself under #4)

Posted from my TARDIS!

Of course, all 4 types exist in the user bases of all phone brands; BB is no different here.

I too fall under category 4.

I believe I own the two most underrated phones, my excellent Z30, and for Android, the Moto X. Both deserve to do much better in the market than they have thus far.

A well-written article!

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z30

This is spot on. I've only been using BlackBerry for about a year and I hated BlackBerry before.....not anymore. I feel like I was born again and feel my eyes were truly open to this amazing OS. Having used every OS now, I am definitely number four but will defend BlackBerry to the end. I get made fun of at T-Mo sometimes because I'm staying with BlackBerry but since I got my Z30 It's a different ball game in the store.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

Yawn. Meaningless article that the readers walk away with nothing besides that hot pic of the girl in the crack berry shirt. Truly pointless.

Posted via CB10

Hey can I get those pictures for background on my Z10 Lmfao

Posted With My ZL1 OS:Unknown Via CB10

It's ok. I enjoyed reading the post.
A little fluff piece is needed every now and then. It's the nature of the beast.
You can't have historic groundbreaking stuff all day everyday.
Good job on a well written post to the author.

Posted via CB10


Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

What up big perm.....I mean big worm!?

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing)  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new Z30, son! The holy grail of phones!

Jubei you are one handsome mofo. Thank god you put the hot girl at the end to get me back to my senses (DAT ASS). Great read.

Posted via CB10

Good article, great pic too. I think the past will always be the hardest thing for BlackBerry to shake, a revealed of BlackBerry 10 might help, but I doubt it. I've never seen an ad for BlackBerry on UK TV - what we need is the mother of all PR campaigns, focusing on all the little details of the OS that make it so good.

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You sir read my mind blackberry can be sexy and we all know Sex sells, put a blackberry logo on that t-shirt and it will catch people's eyes, wrong message maybe but at least it will get attention

Posted via CB10

Great article, as all the past ones have been. I've always believed that BlackBerry 10 should have not had BlackBerry's name on it.

Perception of those phones is pretty bad.

Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E

Just like Android has no traces of Google on it. At least give people a reason to try the platform first and they can make their own judgment if it. I bet Android wouldn't have had that great a market share if it had any Google on its naming and it's OS releases.

Google as a company is greatly associated with ads and people generally hate ads! For instance, peeps are more willing to pay for a paid app than to download a free version of the same app with ads even with the full features of the paid app.

Z10STL100-1/ "the iPhone Nemesis"

Good article. Identity.... strange I'm watching Person of Interest and clearly would like to see BlackBerry phone more often in it. BlackBerry means privacy, identity, business, PHONE and *connectedly* (sorry Kevin... too long). but I repeat BlackBerry should clean BlackBerry World app without any Android port or fake app that L****NB or other cheater have put in the store. BlackBerry means Professionalism.

@refnor2000 ...really? REALLY??? I think you are only speaking for yourself. Many of us on this site love his articles and look forward to them. I think it is nice to have a someone that is so enthusiastic writing about the phone of my choice for a change.
And as for the pic- while I prefer a pic of Jubei in that shirt- I don't object to the woman's pic there. I don't think either would have me mistake this site for a dating site. (I have to admit I haven't been on a dating site lately.) lol

How about BlackBerry ION, where the IO are the ten?
BlackBerry Quantum with NX running down vertically from the Q?
BlackBerry Safe - because your data will never be compromised.
BlackBerry Bell - because it's a phone first.
BlackBerry Belle - for ladies only.
This is fun! :-)

Posted via CB10

I.O.N. or ION is great.

Something technical, chemical, or powerful ...

I look at Corsair memory and products, and think they have some great product names (not stuff like th CX-600 etc.),

Vengeance, Dominator, etc.

Nvidia's got a Titan working for them.

Any ideas? How about Avenger, ..., ... ah.. something is in the tip of my tongue ...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Name is fine, # is fine, even lack of marketing is ok if they fix (and they seem to be fixing) the new OS, timing issues, pricing, etc. Sales will happen. We will soon see.

From my Z30.

Well, BB10 did launch as BBX, incorporating both BlackBerry's legacy image with QNX and a roman number for ten, but had to re-brand to BB10 since someone else owned the trademark.

For me BlackBerry is all about efficiency, security and flow. In terms of brand recognition I would think the one that sticks out is security.

And if I remember correctly, didn't Kevin mention that they had some internal names for the OS updates that never went public?

John Chen is allready wrecking havoc with the naming convention: The limited edition z3 for Indonesia is the Jakarta, and q20 is the classic. But he had also gone on record and said that he prefer RIM over BlackBerry, but that he really don't care either way 'cause if the products were where he wanted them to be they would sell whatever they were called. And I think he is right, especially for the enterprises and governments.

Anywhoo.. I've played around with androids, iPhones and windows phones, but all of them lack the "stickiness" that BB10 has. On the other platforms I want to do what I need to do, and then stop using the phone. On BB10 I don't want to put the phone away.

[sorry if you find the post random much :)]

Posted via CB10

I agree the name is somewhat secondary. If the phones are a flop with the intended demographic of professionals and enterprise users, the current names are unimaginative and stodgy. If the phones are a hit with their targets, the names are Zen.

Names and sexiness are, I think, much more important with the app-centered consumer crowd.

The legacy BlackBerry devices created their own cool because of their exclusivity and the unabashed word-of-mouth advocacy of their corporate and professional users -- not because of their names (or numbers). The fact the legacy devices weren't in "everyone's" hands created its own cool.

What I perceive to be Chen's strategy seems sound: Be a niche player -- or, rather, be "the" niche player.

Well-written article; and in all seriousness, the photo really does help Jubei's point.

I would agree with Jubei were the strategy to unseat Apple or Samsung in the consumer, Candy Crush, Twitter world.

Posted via CB10

Great article, but the biggest thing I took from this was one line, "For others it lies within the very evolution of technology like Kevin, who is agnostic when it comes to mobile tech." He used to be called CrackBerry Kevin and was the "Fearless leader of BlackBerry users." I'm surprised this went relatively unnoticed.

I agree and he has announced it, but he's also created a perception that he's moved on to bigger and better things, losing his enthusiasm for BB. I understand his bigger overall role at Mobile Nations, but all of the other seniors have remained consistent with their niche, despite their contributions throughout Mobile Nations. Phil Nickinson is still clearly the Android guy, Rene Ritchie is clearly the Apple guy and Daniel Rubino is clearly the Windows guy. It's not so clear with Kevin anymore. Just my opinion...

Jubei is definitely the best writer on CrackBerry right now, but it really says something when you start losing the enthusiasm of senior leadership. I'm sure Kevin could still push out a weekly "From the Editor's Desk" if he wanted to and even Adam has been relatively quiet lately. I understand that writers like Jubei were brought on to revive the enthusiasm, but the Editor & Chief and senior staff still need to lead by example with inspired and enthusiastic editorials (at the very least). Otherwise, what does it say...

Agreed. He does give the perception that he's "moved on". When the BB10 launch didn't pan out as we hoped, Kevin basically gave up, and he hasn't come back from that. I remember at one point he said he had called up Daniel and "ceded defeat". It used to be he would claim to be "BlackBerry's No. 1 Fanboy", and you believed it. Now the claim would be laughable, and I could even see him being insulted by it. In my opinion he should complete the move to CMO and appoint a new EiC for CrackBerry. He doesn't have the time for both jobs. CrackBerry feels leaderless as it is. On the other hand I don't really see anyone fit for the role since Adam started Smartwa... Connectedly.

Also, I've enjoyed some of your articles Jubei, and I thought the podcast you were on was good.

Interesting article, makes a good point about the lack of a BlackBerry identity, although this may be subjective. BlackBerry seems to identify more with enterprise and government, which is fine to me.

Article author makes good articles but I don't get why you have these emo selfies.

Posted via the Z30 on CB10

Damn straight. I was never a BlackBerry user but was a fan of their work before bb7, sorry. I decided from the intuitive looking nature of the bb10 I would give it a go. I have never regretted it. You would have to peel my Z10 out of my cold dead hands... unless you were giving me another BlackBerry! Their image is a huge problem from almost everyone, even those that do don't always have much faith in the companies future. Most other BlackBerry users love their devices new and old so the quality of experience seems there. Still most of them don't even know what os they have, shame. BlackBerry needs to catch people's eyes and mind, not just drop a random alphanumeric combination and hunk of hardware on the consumers lap and hope for the best. Every one likes apple why? Modern simple look and use, and they advertise to now end. They are about status not substance. If BlackBerry can add status to the ample substance they have, they can totally nail it! IMHO :D

Z10 the mighty... until BlackBerry comes out with a 64bit

so zen homie, love the pic ;-) i have a buddy who would come work with you guys in an instant too ( )

Few remember the primary goal was to have it all out as BBX but we know what happened to that...

I would love to see Blackberry Titan tho.

Ok but windows do the same and the userbase is bigger every day. I like the OS name...BB10!!
BBX would be even better!

Get some CrackBerry pasties and let's do another photo shoot. Seriously, it was hard to read all that text after scrolling to that image. A bit distracting. Maybe you need to create a BBM channel for CrackBerry-themed photos.

Great article. However I do think 10 means something. It sounds like they hit a milestone. Like a new level with experience or a new generation etc. You are right regarding the creativity part. They have always tried to keep a business persona in mind so stretching out in the imagination department has always been short.

Sex does sell and apparently so does the names of a variety of ice cream and candy bar names.

Maybe we will hear about the new BlackBerry Magic Muffin.

Who knows...

Posted via CB10

I wish, if they can change the OS name to BBX1 instead of 10.3 so we can called as Blackberry BBX1, BBX2 etcc... then in devices naming should change to ( for touch screen lower model Z3, Z4 etc... keep going but for higher end GLX, GLX1, GL X2 etccc sounds good, ) for qwerty devices without belt should be QX, QX1 etcc.. and keep it classic model as it is, then further classic1 or classic X, so my basic thought is instead of 10 if they can use X which sounds good :)

Posted via CB10

It would still be a letter followed by a number. And 'BBQ' is a no no :)

BlackBerry Classic makes sense!
We need more names like that for BlackBerry devices and OS.
BlackBerry Wallstreet?

Posted via CB10

OK perception is really important but I don't think in the way you suggest. Reality builds perception and it's difficult for a company like BlackBerry to shake this. BlackBerry has always been slow in adjusting. It has rarely listened to consumers. Now it's listening to regulated markets, but these do not listen to BlackBerry because corporate consumers are also personal consumers and they want to integrate the two. BlackBerry insists otherwise. Again failure to listen.

So in perception most consumers don't see BlackBerry anymore. Period. No presence in the market. Most consumers think BlackBerry is dead or almost dead. That's perception but almost reality too. Consumers go with the market. How many apps are available on BlackBerry and not on ios or Android. Precious few. Want to integrate music, photos etc across devices, such as a tablet etc. What about cloud integration? With BlackBerry it's not as simple. Not as safe an investment. I have spent about 150 dollars on apps. But they are only good for my phone. Then look at device hardware. I like my z30. But not viewed as state of science.

Reality determines perception. Sexy adds sell to some. But it is an app that you need or your neighbour has, or take months to deliver on promises if at all, and you are dead in this market. BlackBerry has to perform.

Posted via CB10

I agree with you when it comes to marketing. How about BlackBerry 10 for your ten fingers (emphasizing the keyboard advantage)

Posted via CB10

Totally agree on this issue. BBX would have been the way to go. Even BlackBerry QNX OS.
I do think BlackBerry Classic is a step in the right direction. But they have to make people understand that Classic doesn't mean "same old ".
BlackBerry is one of the great names but it needs to be polished until it gleams.
And in keeping with your closer, why not call BlackBerry 10.3, BlackBerry Zen?


Posted via CB10

Outstanding article Jubei, as usual. I'm totally inclined to agree with you. I thought they would originally come out with the "BBX" name and symbol, but silly me, what was I thinking? Guess that was too much of a QNX thing. By the way....your article is not too long, nor is it pointless. It's totally well written and has great points in and throughout.

Posted via CB10

I think with the new BlackBerry 10.2 update, people will begin to buy blackberry for specs too.

Posted via CB10

Jubei, your articles are awesome. Crackberry has done great job by getting you on board. I hope folks at Blackberry are reading this stuff as well. Blackberry does need some kind of brand refreshing, specifically in the developed countries.

Nice sexist puff piece. Again with the beef cake look.

Posted via Verizon Z10 - OS v10.1.2.2174

If we assume the arrival of Chen is a watershed for the company, than we need a watershed event too - like renaming the OS, not just the new devices...

On letters and numbers - have you noticed that some car manufacturers call their models with names Corola, Camry, Accord, while some other stick to letters and numbers like S, CL, M5, RS6, G63 AMG? :) and i'd say it's the latter group that offer the ultimate driving experience.

Not making any direct analogy but just a thought! :) (the French also prefer letters and numbers btw)

CB10 + my Q(3!+4)

I'm not sure what the first picture has to do with anything. You can keep the last picture on there though, at least it's BB/Crackberry related.

I definitely agree that BlackBerry has always offered an experience that is part of its brand. For me, a lot of that experience was tied to many of the features that came with a BBery, from BBM to easy email to being able to develop custom sound profiles. Hell, I totally miss that flashing red light!

That said, I did move gradually away from Bberry as that experience became limited overtime. BBM, like any good social media platform, is measured by its population. However, many of the features that make BBerry great are still going strong - it's a really great communication tool.

For me the move away from BBerry (for now) was a more practical decision. I was taking on freelance contracts that required either Android or iOS devices. As great of a tool that BBerry is, it was the first time that it became an obstacle to doing work.

There's still a future in BBerry is some capacity - secure device management and OS to name a couple. Excited to see what iterations of the brand and experience are coming down the pipeline.

I have nothing against Jubei, just that his articles are long and when I see just how long they are, I loose interest...that's all

Posted via CB10

Dude, you're great! I don't know how you took so long to join crackberry. Nice article and great girl!

My awesome Z30 just impressed you again!

I find that their prototype names would have done them a lot better. What better way to grab customers by naming the devices after large cities.

Posted via CB10

Not sure what BlackBerry could market at this point other than the fact BlackBerry 10 can run compatible Android apps most easily and reliably from Amazon.

Re branding is the name of the game here.

BlackBerry 10 should be the new name for BlackBerry.

All their current thinking is revolving around the 10 operating system.

This is my suggestions for those who have not heard this before.

1. BlackBerry has a brand but BlackBerry 10 does not. Create a new website called BlackBerry 10.

2. If the operating system is new get the 10 as high profile as possible. Why haven't we seen BlackBerry 10 in Formula 1. Lewis Hamilton should have 'BlackBerry 10 'on his uniform not just BlackBerry. He has a BlackBerry 10 device.

Where is the 10 in BlackBerry 10? ©

3. All new devices should have a BlackBerry 10 logo just the BlackBerry symbol with the number 10 in the top right hand corner . Lose the lettering just like Nike and Apple just the symbol is enough. BlackBerry has been around long enough for people to recognise the brand.

4. Partnership deals similar to the Foxconn with Panasonic for camera lens improvements. Like Nokia and Carl Zeiss.

5. Marketing contract needs to be outsourced to an agency . BlackBerry can't even show how good their devices are in real time. Leave it to someone who can.

6. Create a 'Built By BlackBerry' competition, the prize is to have your device built by Foxconn . Design is the only missing ingredient in the BlackBerry revival.

7. Build a BB10 tablet. You have to show that BlackBerry has learned from its mistakes with the PlayBook. Furthermore with its investment in Health care. The medical profession needs a tablet for it day to day needs.

8. We need more native apps. Too many pay check heads of department not out there earning. Get those apps in BlackBerry World ASAP!!!

9. Get those devices to the people!!!!
And stay relevant .

BlackBerry...Get it done

Posted via CB10

I've got to agree with you on this one! The emphasis should be on the 10 operating system the more you mention it the more people will want to know what this 10 is and would want to find out and that is enough to get the interest you need!

Posted via CB10

I just wanna say I enjoyed reading all your articles.
I'm not sure why some people are being jerks, if you don't like something just move on, no need to be a d*ck about it.
Oh and by the way, you don't need to read the article to see that the picture is related to it, just read the title..

Every OS on this earth have numbers and what's wrong with BlackBerry 10 ,Z10/Q10 and so forth ? IPhone 3/4/5s galaxy 3/S5, can't even read the rest of us article YAWN /SLEEP

Posted via CB10

This guy knows how to write thought provoking articles. Well done CB team for bringing him to the surface.

Now granted, I'm a guy and it's no shock that I find this CB T-Shirt photo perfect.
But you know what? I've never wanted a T- Shirt so bad.
Seriously, it's not that hard to promote a product and make it cool.
I'm so sick of saying this, BUT WAKE UP BLACKBERRY!
How hard can it be to outsource the best Marketing Company and make BB10 the
must have product that it already is?

Great Read Jubie!

Great article. I think you hit the nail on the head.
Great writing. I always look forward to your articles.
Keep up the good work.

Posted via CB10

I was just wondering, how do most people buy a new smartphone? Do they first read reviews, spec comparisons, ratings online? Or do they directly go to a store and ask the store guys what they need so that the store guy can suggest what phone they want? Or just go by the popular opinion among the friends and social groups? Or follow a brand with eyes shut?

While the reasons for changing could be anything, understanding how people buy could decide a strategy for BlackBerry.

If any of my friend has a BB10 phone, that's because I coaxed them to give BlackBerry a chance have when they were moving from there curves and the Bolds.

Posted via CB10

Thanks. I will put my thoughts on the forum too. Link between perception and sales is directly proportional.. however what drives what is a good chicken and egg question.

Posted via CB10

We shouldn't just tell everyone how great BB is.. but also sex it up. The picture of the girl made me stop and look... got my attention. We have to make people stop.. and look.. and talk. Please take another picture of a girl in a BB shirt with a BB10 phone. i'll post it on my Twitter and FB. I'm guessing i'll have a few people on my friends list asking me about it. Then i'll tell them all about BB and how great they are. :-)

Good read and well written. I think the BlackBerry identity could be fixed by changing the look of the devices they release and/or simply advertising.

Imagine if they released a device following one of the many concept designs that have been released on CrackBerry - my favorite is still the BlackBerry Blade but many others are nice and would turn heads too. If people were to see a radical design AND the name BlackBerry, I believe many would believe they have reinvented themselves or at least would be curious enough to check one out. The masses still recognize BlackBerry as the former king of smartphones. This approach would show they are making a comeback (or at least trying to).

If they advertised, they could show people with various commercials the different capabilities of a BB10 device. That, in turn, would educate people about the product having been reinvented, which the masses still don't seem to know.

The name BlackBerry may be tarnished but it could easily be fixed. They just have to actually do something about it. Chen knows he has a brand perception to change and has someone in charge of marketing (doesn't he?). I would love to know why no moves have been made yet and whether or not any such plans exist.

Posted via CB10

They are waiting until they feel they have the OS the way they WANT it. Probably see some advertising after 10.3 release.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

What the Hell is a porno photo doing in a CrackBerry article? This new writer plagiarises articles until he is called-out and includes NSFW images along with the latest article?

There's nothing NSFW about that photo. (Nor do I find it nearly as sexy as many others here seem to, but tastes will vary.) You simply don't like Jubei and want him gone from the blogger stable, so come out and say it.

He digging his own grave. The plagiarism of recent days should have been a wake-up notification to Mobile Nations. In my opinion he does rise to the standards of quality I've come to expect from the other CrackBerry bloggers such as Bla1ze and CrackBerry Kevin to name just two of the bloggers.

Posted via CB10 on BlackBerry Q5

What do you think of the name connectedly?

Also I agree with this article completely and pray BlackBerry has some kind of catchy slogan or empowering ad campaign coming up

Posted via CB10

Since you asked for my opinion, I will give it: I hate everything about the name "Connectedly."

I think one of the biggest problems at the moment is, that people only want good looking devices and not good phones... see the antenna issue on iPhone 4... a blackberry don't have such problems... but people stay with apple?! :(
The second problem was the Storm devices... these phones were shit... blackberry brings devices with bugs... on the storm the screen... not good for image...
And the last problem is, that the old OS was too long used for BlackBerry devices... BlackBerry OS 10 was released too late... :(

I love my z30 but these things make it hard for BlackBerry...

The biggest problem BlackBerry faces is that John Chen does not care squat about the class and style of BlackBerry, and he has also been very vocal about being indifferent about the future of the handset arm of the company. Mark my words: the BlackBerry John Chen is saving is a fast food version of what once existed and is nothing more than a DBA. Where Heins had true BlackBerry passion and vision but lacked management and leadership strength, Chen is the Dr. Jekyll to his Mr. Hyde. The combination of the two would have been more promising.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I believe John Chen does care about the class and style of BlackBerry. If he didn't wouldn't you think he wouldn't waste his time saving it. He actually once called BlackBerry the "Porsche" of the Mobile World. That right there tells me he does care about the style of BlackBerry.

Powered by my BlackBerry (Z10). Join my #BBM Channels C001227CF, C00476C37, C003829C9, C002454C9,C002190AC, C00120CE3

Some people will say anything to gain business. That's called saying what you want to here. John Sculley said similar things about Apple. How'd that turn out?

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Anyone who knows me on here knows that I live and breathe BlackBerry, but I also recognize when something is more harmful that helpful to the company. Hedstrom was a company that made rocking horses on springs and a frame when I was a kid. They were awesome. Hedstrom filed for bankruptcy over a decade ago, and the brand was purchased by another company. Now they make inflatable beach balls but no rocking horses.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Well, Mr. Chen did admit that he does not know how to produce a cool phone. He also said he has picked a crew around him that knows how to do just that.
This tells me that he does care and will do what it takes to make blackberry's device division work.


One of the best policies in business is to hire people that are smarter than you. That seems to be Chen's style and the Classic will be an interesting test.

Oh my you guess right.. my problem will be my wife may not approve..
Oh and the t shirt is great as well

Posted via CB10

For those who make things happen!

Posted with my Z10 or Z30! ..mostly on my Q10. ..while I wait for a BB slider.

Crackberry think to negative. I stay with BlackBerry until they give up. But what after? IPhone don't like. Samsung don't like. Not much left. I don't like android maybe I take windows.

Posted via CB10

Great article, really thought provoking!!

Btw I'd take 3 shirts please and thanks lol

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry's brand stands for Luxury, Boldness, Seriousness and Security. These are the things it portrays. As John Chen once said "BlackBerry is the Porsche of the Mobile World". Actually I've been saying that for awhile before he said it. That's how I saw the brand. That's how I saw it as I held my Z10. Check out this site, it includes BlackBerry's logo:

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