BlackBerry ID Update: Fixes made and more improvements on the way!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2011 04:43 pm EDT
BlackBerry ID

Last week I wrote a bit of a rant on the BlackBerry ID Registration process, based on separate less-than-stellar experiences I encountered the week previous while setting two new Bold 9900 owners up with their BBID. I was *hoping* whoever at RIM was in charge of BlackBerry ID would see the article and do something about the issues I experienced, and the great news here is that's exactly what happened.

RIM was quick to get to work on addressing the issues I highlighted, and was also quick to follow up to let us know their status and also get further feedback from me on some of the BBID concerns I addressed in the post (Screen Name and Username terms are sort of confusing, etc). RIM was able to duplicate and confirm all of the bugs I encountered in the BlackBerry ID app and on the website while registering, and has been working to resolve the issues and improve the entire process as noted here:

As mentioned on the call we investigated aggressively the issues you flagged re: the BlackBerry ID user experience on BlackBerry 7 devices.

The first server-side fix to BlackBerry ID, that:

  • ensures that creation of a BlackBerry ID on the device delivers a successful confirmation, and avoids the "loop" that you encountered
  • corrects the display issues of the captcha on the BlackBerry ID web interface so that it is discernable by Users 

Was successfully deployed last night. All BlackBerry ID Users should experience these benefits now. We are now focused on the next update to better clarify on the Web that UserID need be an Email address. This will be introduced in the next couple weeks, and a number of other improvements that address your additional concerns are in planning as well.

So there you have it folks. RIM listens, RIM responds and it's looking like BlackBerry ID will only continue to improve. BlackBerry ID is really an important piece of the BlackBerry experience and is only going to become more important. I'm really happy with the quick progress made here along with the knowledge that they're going to continue to work on improving the process and BlackBerry ID experience. Good stuff RIM!

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BlackBerry ID Update: Fixes made and more improvements on the way!


It would be even nicer if RIM would listen to the calls actually being made for technical support even once in awhile, instead of only addressing issues when a article is written by staff experiencing the same issue(s) as those calling support! Wow what a turnaround when Crackberry posts!!!

They are banking on BBID heavily. It runs AW, BBM6, and probably PlayBook stuffs too. Yer darned skippy they better fix it fast!

Wow, this is actually great!, not that I had any problem with my blackberry ID but it does show that RIM monitors and pays attention to this website and care about its users... Thanks RIM, keep doing it...

RIM knows to listen and respond when they're dealing with someone in a position such as the leader of the CrackBerry nation, but if one of us wrote in it would have been a different story.

What happens if I move to a place where my ISP doesn't have service, and have to change my email address? That BlackBerry App World account is no longer usable, i.e. I lose my apps?

How long do you thing will RIM need to fix the biggest problem on the 9900 - the very weak battery? I cannot work more than one day with the phone. Thats absolutely crazy!! I was used to get out from my 9780 two-three days operation without any need to charge the battery. RIM, what have you done??? I didnt want a thin phone with a weak battery, I wanted a solid phone.

You can't have it all (see every Android phone ever made). If you want faster processor speed, you're going to sacrifice longer battery life.

What's so hard about plugging it in at the end of the day?

If I would like to have an Android, I would buy one. I was used to work with solid longlasting business phones called Blackberry, not with a slim iPhone-like device. Most peolple didnt even need a touch screen on the 9900. I dont think its a good strategy from RIM to forget its current business customers. The financial figures of RIM shows that I am right. Young people will buy iPhones and Androids, the business poeple neeeds something else.

I guess you're right -- I don't want to see them go all the way over to those type devices either. But the faster processor speed is really nice.

If it were the case that non business people were going to iPhone and Android and RIM were to only focus on business you would have people pulling the rest of their stock out. RIM is trying to get a foothold in both markets because they realize that the business market is too small for them now.

Young people will never buy in a big quantity Blackberries. The biggest problem of RIM even for their typical customers - business people was the slow introducing new technologies and phones. Phone like the 9900 had to come 2 years ago, not now. Its to late. Look at the problems of Playbook.. RIM is simply not able to be in touch with its competition. And the worse thing is, that hunting the competition, RIM gives up their biggest advantages from the past against it (f.e. strong battery). To be better than competetion you have to be better and different, not to be same!

Nice off topic rant. Not everyone is experiencing these issues with the 9000 battery. There is either something wrong with your battery, or there is something wrong with the way you have set up your phone. Visit the multiple threads on the forums for a solution.

I use Blackberry for years and I know all the tips how to improve the battery very much. Just compare two things, please : 9900 - 1200 mAh battery for a touchscreen and 1,2 GHz prozessor. 9780 - 1500 mAh battery for a non-toucscreen and 620 MHz prozessor. There is no big difference between the OS6 and OS7. A have only one comment to this : stupid decision from RIM. 3 mm more thickness would be fine for the 9900 and we would get a nice battery and autofocus on a camera.

My brother gets more than 2 days on his 9900... There are a few ways to improve battery life, for example: turn NFC antenna off.., turn bluetooth off when not using it, turn wi-fi off when not using it, tweaking the display brightness, also programs that utilize a constant GPS signal can drain battery life... Just a few things that can be done to maximize battery life. Im pretty sure there is a whole section in the forums that talks about this...

Mine was bad like this for about a week, not it lasts two days with bluetooth on *for seamless ford sync

Good job, RIM!
Now.....if you would fix the issues on the PlayBook with such urgency, you might sell a few more!!

Thanks Fearless Leader :)

I wonder if it had anything to do with the data spike I posted about two nights ago.....

A little off topic but can someone tell me how to access password recovery in OS5? I keep getting ""unable to connect" or the equivalent even with good signal and all other connections working fine. Thanks!

rim needs to hire kevin already. many if these problems coold have avoided this if they let kevin test their hardware before release

I must say I'm pleasently surprised at the quick response time from RIM, this has gotta set a record.

Very nice RIM :D

now, if we can use the screen name to sign in or use pb video chat with others so I don't have to give out my email address for my bb id that would be real awesome. I don't like to give out my email address and using a screen name would be shorter and easier anyways. :D

You go Rim ! This is how you show people that you're moving forward. Well done ! I'm happy they listen to their faithful users and abusers.

Thanks RIM - it is obvious you have been listening and truly are moving into a good place.

Nice one, Kevin ... you are good!. Could I interest you in taking on the economy or that Middle East situation next?!?

Couple questions about the BBID:
1) This ID login is the one you use for the BB download site and not the BIS site, right?

2) Is there a good reason to set up a BBID on your phone? Or is simply another tracking type of thing?

not so lovely BBID experience myself.

Had to do with visiting UK right after acquiring my new 9900.

Unfortunately when inserting a new SIM you must login to BBID or wipe the device.

Unfortunately you can't login if you dont have a data connection

Unfortunately you can't activate the SIM card if you can't access the phone.

Damn near threw the phone at the london eye

This scares me. I mean, it's not like Kevin was the first to see these issues. There are dozens of other serious issues with App World, the PlayBook, and everything else. Are they truly unaware of the problems until a user tells them? No internal testing by people qualified to find such (fairly obvious) issues?

And if they do rely on people to tell them, wouldn't it make sense to have formal channels in which to report the problems, and staff at RIM to read and respond to the reports? It's obvious that they don't do that for the forums, or there would be a lot more of these issues getting jumped on quickly as happened here.

Kevin, please write a rant about how recording video on the PlayBook will often freeze for a second, though audio is unaffected. Meanwhile, I'll start making a list for future rants... clearly the "rant in a blog" approach (remember Jamie M?) is the only way to get RIM's attention! ;-)

That's how bug fixes work. RIM may have originally assigned this a lower priority at first. Now that Kevin brought it to the masses, their ears perked up, and they got it fixed quicker. Always nice to have someone influential on your side.

Obviously nice to have many friends in high places esp in BB nation. Not sure if Joe Blow BB user like me will get similar attention or ridicule !

our blackberry bold devices arrived yesterday and i jumped right in to switch our curve javelin to the bold touch. with all the precautions about not transferring applications helpedour setup went smoothly. my wife didn't have a blackberry id yet and i was very please to see it's easy to create one. good job RIM! and thanks to kevin for pointing it out.

I just got a new Bold 9790. Nice! Oops, new BB ID!

To verify your BB ID, you need to fill in your BB ID u/n and p/w.

Then your device asks for the BB screen name:“

From the internet: "The BlackBerry ID screen name is the name that appears when you submit app reviews in the BlackBerry App World storefront.”

But one cannot submit app before the BB ID has been verified.!!!!

Who invented this sh&t? Fire him/her!!

Also, I am a business user and do not have time for that app stuff. Let kids play with it. These apps are not worth it, shortened my battery life and slows down the software of the phone so it comes to an almost stand still


So RIM sorted it out? Good for them. My question is: What is my screen name?