BlackBerry ID now appearing in an Options Menu near you

BlackBerry ID appears in Options Menu
By Michelle Haag on 21 Jul 2011 06:20 pm EDT
CrackBerry member Kryngle noticed today that a new choice has appeared under Options on his Storm 2. It looks like you can now set up your BlackBerry ID from this menu, including your name, screen name, username (email address), password and recovery question. This Storm is running OS 5, and I didn't see this option on my Bold 9700 on BB6. Anyone else see this update, and if so, what triggered it?

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BlackBerry ID now appearing in an Options Menu near you


I have it showing under Third Party Application options.

Possibly from the foursquare update and BBM intergration?

9700/ Telus.

I'm running 1015 from VZ and I do not notice it at all on my S2. Ill be sure to keep an eye out.

Just noticed this under Third Party Applications. It wasn't there last week so I'm assuming its the Foursquare BBM integration too. 9700 os6

Correct. If you installed FileScout or Foursquare with the social platform integrated, you were prompted to download this from RIM. However, I've never successfully logged into it.

+1.. I watched it go from not in options to being in options.. I don't know abour foursquare, but with gpslogger2 (by matthias same dev from filescout) you have to manually/promted to enable bbm6 integration and when you do app prompts to exit and reopen, then starts downloading and installing BBID. I'm sure some other app vendors have this process run in the background.. Gpslogger2 shows the download and install process. bbid didn't come with any os. It was most definately pulled to the phone by enabling bbm6 integration in w/e app.

I have bbm6 etcetc and there was no bbid in options until trying to enable bbm6 integration. BBID 2.0 is a requirement for bbm6 integration

I also have it under Options->3rd party applications on OS6. I think it was installed with the installation of GPSLogger II with BBM integration.

What i can confirm is that it has nothing to do with the OS you are running on, because I have a friend who is running v6.0.0.600 as well, but does not have this option available.

I just went to see if I had it after reading this post. It's there for me. I opened it and it already had my BB ID screen name and username filled in. I updated my name, pressed the blackBerry button and hit save. It asked for my password, I entered it, then it did the little green spinning circle loading thing and then it saved it. I closed it then opened it again to check if everything saved and it did. Not sure what it's for. As I have been typing this I received an email confirming the update.

Provider: Telus Mobility
Model: Torch 9800
OS: (telus official)
BBM version (beta world)

Foursquare version 3.0.2 (app world)
Facebook version (beta zone)

I listed all the apps I have installed, that if I'm not mistaken said had BBM intergration when released. Neither Foursquare or Facebook have ever shown a connection to BBM. Never seen the option in Facebook and Foursquare never logs in, always get an error. From the little I have read about this it isn't working for others either.
My app list in options also says I have this installed.

BlackBerry Identity version

bold 9700

you can reach these options via appworld -- my world -- BB menu button -- account info

There you can change everything

I remember a few months back, there was a leaked version of App World and News Feed that required a download called BlackBerry ID to be installed for them to work properly. I've had that there since downloading and installing BlackBerry ID.

This was an option on all my .600 installs, in apploader you had to check it off in the application list! Have it on 9650's, 9330's, and a 9670....I've never been able to successfully log into it though,

Sprint, 9670 with .522 and it's listed under Third Party. Just updated all my info and got an email confirming it had been changed. Seems to be working for me. I've installed way too many apps in the last few weeks to even begin to guess what may have caused it but I am running the Beta Zone Versions of several apps.

I have an S2 and I noticed this a couple of weeks ago at least. I registered but am not sure what it does or what the benefits are currently.

This has been under Third Party Applications since the release of App World that required you to log in to download apps and such. For me anyways. Having PatternLock (which also houses it's configuration utility under Third Party Applications) I am in and out of that menu frequently. It's definitely been there for awhile.

I may be wrong but I remember reading an article that said the RIM was moving away from associating your BIS with your BB Pin and shifting to BB ID. I believe it said that you would access BlackBerry services & 3rd party services using the BB ID. I know that when I installed the foursquare 3 with BBM integration, it asked me to log in with my BB ID.

I have it as an option (under third party apps) on my VZW Bold 9650. When i click into it though, I get "Unable to update your Blackberry ID account information." This may be because i get no service at work, but i'll try again at lunch. Not sure if it matters, but i have OS Guessing it's there w/ the install of the new 4SQ, like mentioned before.