BlackBerry Hub spotted on PlayBook running over Bridge

By Adam Zeis on 4 Dec 2013 04:30 pm EST

If you thought all the fun of the BlackBerry PlayBook had worn off, think again. The latest discovery shows off the BlackBerry Hub on the PlayBook running over Bridge. The pseudo-Hub appears on the PlayBook after opening a hyperlinked email address on BBM over bridge. All of the accounts from the device are shown, however it doesn't go much beyond that.

Sadly you can't do much more than check out the Hub menu -- send emails or anything else is a no go. Regardless it's fun to see things like this magically pop up within the OS. Granted it's not nearly as cool as the hidden CB dongle in the alarm clock, but we'll take it. 

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BlackBerry Hub spotted on PlayBook running over Bridge


This makes me want to try side loading a leaked bb10 os onto my PlayBook. Just to see what happens. Lol. Keep ya posted

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Wrong. He'll either be stuck with a bricked PB that blacklists all previous OS versions or a very limited early dev version of BB10.


So is this a thing that's actually coming to the Playbook, or is this just a "this is what it would look like if it did" situation?

More like this is some leftover code that's probably never gonna see the light of day in this exact fashion. Think bigger.

I'm thinking that with the missing PIM apps from Bridge like we used to have, this is what we will end up getting to replace it. It may not be much, but I'll be happy to have it if it comes.

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Think Bigger huh? Alright. Maybe we'll be able to use the Playbook as an external display for our BB10 devices? Also maybe it'll make us snow cones?

QNX - BB10 on the desktop would kill Windows 8. That is the worst thing MS ever came out with.

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Mobile Computing is already taking place through BB10 and MDM (BES10). What Thor has promised has already been fulfilled. It's just being finished.

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Get over it. He never used the word "promise". Besides, companies change courses all the time even after claiming to be aiming at a given end-state. If no companies diverted from unprofitable initial ideas we would be seeing a lot going bankrupt. Cancelling a project in order to survive is completely OK.

Hey, if BlackBerry sold 10M BB10 devices there would of been many promises kept. It's taken a year and the Z30 with the leaked 10. 2.1 OS is the true BB10 device.

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Thing is...
I don't want bits and pieces of my phone on my desktop. I want my phone to be my desktop, albeit with a desktop friendly shell.

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Mmm... either:

New tablet, not PlayBook
Mirror imaging. Miracast like but from what device to what device is anyone's guess

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The beans have already been spilled, it just so happens they were in a bowl that fell on the floor and people gathered them all up with a dustpan and threw them away without even giving them a second look to see if some them were salvageable.

Go back and start looking at all the small details... BlackBerry Fuse / Dashboard, BBM on the Desktop, Cross-Platform BBM, The inclusion of WiFi Direct, Miracast and HDMI ports. Take a look at the rumors surrounding the 'desktop docks with HDMI ports', review the rumors surrounding the Ontario / Windemere and Tigris devices. Rip apart a leaked OS and look at all the pretty pictures within that you've never seen in a BlackBerry OS.

All the small things people look at but never give much thought to because alone, they don't amount to much at all but when put together, they almost look like a genuine plan for the future.

Everyone is looking at this and seeing Hub running on a PlayBook over Bridge but that's where it stops because no one is thinking beyond what's simply presented and laid out.

What if it was running on something else entirely? What if what is being displayed on the PlayBook here was on your computer screen or TV screen or being utilized with a projector in an office and it was all coming off your Z30 that's just sitting on your coffee table or desk or whatever? 

Only problem is ideas are great, testing things out is fun, it's making them all work right and releasing them that BlackBerry seems to have some troubles with at times lol

Using Miracast or an HDMI cable or an HDMI dock to extend a display onto a larger screen seems like something different. You can do that today but the Docs2Go suite doesn't make you want to. Also, BBs don't have consistent landscape support and that makes it really akward some of the time.

What BB should do is extend the Bridge concept to Macs and PCs and Tablets. There should be an App that you install on your PC that works over Wifi or Bluetooth to connect to your phone. That App should have the Hub, SMS, BBM, and all other relevant BB functions. In this way, you can have all of your information in one place: your phone. Plus, you can access all your PC files or other documents through Remote File Access. In theory, this should all work through BB Link, but BB Link barely works at the moment.

This would be useful. I could pull out my Laptop in an airport, bridge it to my BB, and use MS Word to edit and send documents through my Phone. I would happily ditch Outlook. I hate that program.

It is a nice vision but who really knows if BB really has this in mind?

HW IDs: 0xb400240a / 0xb600240a / 0xae00240a / 0xaf00240a
HW IDs: 0x9500080a / 0x9d00080a

These are the next lines. All quad core. All 1080p or better. All able to control the BES10 from the phones themselves to manage BBs, Android and IOS apps, and hardware. Wireless keyboards and monitors or TVs, connect to wifi printers - - real mobile computers.

Probably that it would have BBM.

Think bigger. Chuckle. That's like suggesting mobile computing is something bbry is going to own in the enterprise space. Or release some game changer. Like a curved Porsche phone. 500 of them! Available in Dubai!. Chuckle.

No one knows about the phones anyways. One more citizen commented about my z10 today 'didn't know bbry had a phone w/o buttons'. How would bbry possibly market something 'bigger' to the enterprise market? You can sideload Android producitivity apps?

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There is a way to make it work. I just tried it and it actually sends an email message out from your LinkedIn account. If you have the BlackBerry Bridge vers. and turn off the mobile networks.

This should work.

I suppose I could have just checked for myself. This totally works!

Kinda useless as it is, but really neat. I kinda wish they'd bring the hub over to the Playbook for reals...

I got myself a new playbook.

It's a bit smaller than the original one though, and it calls itself Z30.

Totally agree with this! I'm Not feeling the HUB is needed when there are more important things to be addressed. That said I have not been expecting anything from my old dated PB to be in the works. I'll take what I can get on the improvement front.

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Unfortunately I wouldn't expect anything like that. BB has already said(and I suppose it could have changed) to not expect any PB OS updates. If something like this came out it would just require a Bridge update, since the framework for it is already in place.

BlackBerry did not say to not expect any PBOS updates. I remember them saying that they'll still support the PlayBook with software updates but will not be updating it to BB10.

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Hardware is dated now. Even base Android tablets are running faster than the PB. Nice to see something is going on with it, but nearly 3 years after its launch, I think our playbooks have run their course.

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I disagree as this is purely dependent on usage pattern and needs. For general content viewing, playback, and some productivity the PlayBook is still a great device. I use mine regularly as a portable alternative for multimedia content.

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Hey congrats! A bbry device to browse the web and view videos.

But.... isn't the what all the rim fanbois said an iPad was good for? Ouch.

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I also disagree. The specs mean nothing of the performance isn't there. Performance is a combination of speed and efficiency, and I'm sure the masses would prefer a little slower and more reliable vs the opposite. I would still out my PlayBook's browser against any built for Android or iOS browser any day. The speed won't be there in most cases but the reliability and consistency with full desktop versions of sites will be. Plus the third party browsers are even worth using to compete against competition's third party browsers.

Then you still have the UI being unique. All BlackBerry has to do is put what aspects of BB10 they can into the PB without sacrificing performance vs BB10 as a whole - including the Android runtime and direct download / install capability and víola. Brand new tablet.

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My friend just said BlackBerry employees got a fire sale here in Waterloo on the 4g LTE play books for $ 60.....only issue is that for some reason the 4 g has been stripped, and native video chat is disabled. Looks like it's turning into a hobbyists piece of hardware now.

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The 4G model has a faster processor. If only they'd put another GB of RAM and they would have run BB10 ok!

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-2 on EE, UK

My friend said something about the Sim port wasn't installed, or left out, but the rest of the hardware was from the 4g model.

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It is so nice that a company, these days. Still supports there products 3yrs later. Yes a brand new BB10 table running 10.3 would be amazing. But I will take what I can get. Would like BBM Channels to work over bridge.

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Started a thread about this a little while ago. Very cool to see. Hope it's more than just left over coding...

Most of what I use my PB for these days is keeping updated on TV via ShowBox.

Call me crazy but I think with a bit of tweaks here and there the playbook could make a comeback, with a competitive price, improved memory , processor, and of course 10.2 OS with Hub, you can included it with a Corporate deals with BES, who knows, small steps could lead again to much large steps one day

Wait no sending of emails! Come on BlackBerry, what's the point then. Please bring back the full bridge like it was on os7.1 and I'll be extremely happy.

Keep The Faith

That would be awesome. I think it would be great to just emulate / mirror my Z10 on the PlayBook while it's charging away from me =)!

No large RAM needed I suppose =)!

Poster via CB10 on Z10LE

That's the ticket. Then you have a bigger form factor when you need a bigger form factor.
All we would need is an APP to reflect the gestures back to the BB10 device..
...and be able to receive screen changes as they occur. PB was a well built, practical device that could help leverage the OS environment without spending another 2 years building it from scratch for the PB. Go BB!!

Yup. That would be perfect! Love the Q10 not the screen size. Paired with a Playbook in the manner described - keyboard for communications - screen of Playbook for multimedia.... if only.......

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I think that's what Thor meant when he said tablets would be dead.

The fact is that I spend so much time getting my device to be exactly how I want it, but a bigger input screen would be nice too some times.

The perfect solution is one device that can be used in multiple ways with multiple screens and input devices.

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PlayBook is waaaay too slow for me to even use it anymore...

Maybe this is their way of showing us that eventually they will resurrect a tablet in some form or another.

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I found a nice nugget today with my playbook, using the app Files & Folders I was able to tunnel into my Z10 file folder structure and remotely connect into my network NAS drive at home.

My Z10 is connected via BB LINK to an old laptop at home that shares my NAS drive.

I was able to retrieve files, save files and create directories.

I didn't know this was possible.

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I found this out awhile ago while @ my wife's place in the US, i live in Canada, and went thru my Z10 using Files & Folders on PB to my home computer & copied over a few episodes of a TV show we watch. Was quite the geek achievement moment!

But really, why can't the PlayBook have a native BBM? Like android or Ios tablets.

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So a Playbook was spotted sprinting over a bridge carrying a wheel... impressive!

That's the mental image I had when I read the headline.

I tried side loading an unlocked Android runtime a couple of months ago & it didn't work. If anyone has had success, please post instructions!


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I love my playbook, but it's 3 years old and in technology years that might as well be 100. That's like rocking the iphone 4 or the HTC thunderbolt today. Which were good at the time. Time to move on BlackBerry, we need a new tablet!

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Might as well make a 10.2. at least for the PlayBook. Might as well do everything you can to maintain your company's somewhat good reputation. Personally I love the PlayBook and will use it over any tablet

I'm still a huge fan of my PlayBook. My family and I were watching the new Superman movie on it last night (HDMI to the big screen). I also used the broken Facebook app. I sure wish that BlackBerry would fix the missing pictures...

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+10,000 about the broken Facebook app! It's inexcusable that they've left it broken for soooo long!

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I wonder if there is some way to modify the BB10 OS to run on the PlayBook. I heard that someone had gotten a Linux OS to run on the PB. I'm not sure what one... anyone know?

I agree about the new tablet. I still use my pb every day. It's also cool how I can plug it into my 42" and control it from my z.

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Please. Tell me more. PB plugged into 42" TV Via HDMI and controlled from Z10 via Bluetooth would make me use my PB for more than playing music and reading work Emails from my work Bold.

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Why bother with PlayBook it's gone pass it sell by date.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

There is a way to make it work. I just tried it and it actually sends an email message out from your LinkedIn account. If you have the BlackBerry Bridge vers. and turn off the mobile networks.

This should work.

I just sent an email from my yahoo account from the Hub on the PlayBook. I cant see anything in the Hub as mentioned above but i see it as sent on the Z10.

You know what Adam?? Why would you even post a story like this? What do you hope to accomplish with this leak? Do you have any idea how infuriating this type of story is? You still have a huge demographic of CB members that are still pissed off about PlayBook. (Me included of course) How do we know this isn't just some photoshopped pic? How about some verification this time Adam. Get Vivek Bhardwaj or Michael Clewley to make a statement about it. I've contacted them both about PlayBook and they're thoughts have remained consistent. The answer has been clear and concise from them both. There are no plans to make large upgrades or bring BlackBerry 10 to PlayBook. It is what it is. The game plan from Vivek specifically when I emailed him was that BlackBerry is focusing on BlackBerry Handsets and developing BlackBerry 10. So your story essentially discredits both Vivek and Michael. So I ask you please, Adam, before you publish these types of stories, please have some form of verification available for CB Members. It goes towards credibility.


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Ya sure!! I'll bite!! Please post a screen shot for all CB Members, not just me. While you're at it, how did you get it to work? I do have a PlayBook and I haven't been able to do this.

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Just tried.

Send a BBM message (I did it from my phone) with an email address in ut.

On your PB in BBM over Bridge, click on the email address. It'll open up the "Messages" app that doesn't exist(through any shortcut) and you can see its empty.

For some reason I can't post the screen shot from the CB app.

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You can't post screenshots in comments to articles, just in the forum, and I think the forum thread about this already has several people having done that.

I'd love to see anything new come to the PB, but with any PB news you just have to ignore it and wait till it happens.
Less stress and heartache.

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Hi I got blackberry z10 for month but after download some app from app world the app world doest open it says it has problems and must be closed.what should I do I need it.???

Having a few people still working on the PB and bridge is a good idea. Its just steps away from a secure bridge between a BB10 an any table something know one else has.

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Maybe the guys at BlackBerry may do it for increasing the loyalty among the PlayBook users.... BlackBerry needs it!! :)

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If BlackBerry just brings BBM to PlayBook. I will be satisfied and not complain anymore. All my friends have ipads and Android tabs and they get to use BBM. I'm stuck with my 64BGB BlackBerry PlayBook with no BBM!! Come on!! I understand not getting Netflix or Instagram, but BBM?!! Ughh

Using unlocked BlackBerry Z30 on AT&T

I feel you man, I've got a 16GB playbook from about 2 years now and Bbm on it would bring back some more usage out of it. Kinda weird and unfair to see it Bbm on literally all other tablets but a Blackberry made one....

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If you have a BlackBerry phone, you can always use BBM over Bridge, you know ...

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With BB10 as good as it is now, a new tablet would be great! I would ove to have the ability to use my playbook as a mirror device. Allowing me to use all the apps on my z10 on the playbook but using the z10 processor. Control them on the playbook. Guess we will see what BlackBerry does with small batch manufacturing. A new tablet is needed for business though.

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We need a 12.2 inch tablet with stylus for note taking. Now that would move! (Like samsung SM-P900 due in next 30 days)

This should send the message to BlackBerry that the PlayBook isn't just gonna go away.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

This is not news. Try reporting back when a BB 10 version of the PlayBook surfaces.

Why report on stuff that doesn't work or provide an actual benefit to a user ?

I really don't see the point of this "announcement ".

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BlackBerry, Mr. Chen, please make a 4G LTE PlayBook 2.0! I need it to complete my BlackBerry babies!

Rockin' with the Q10…

Can the PlayBook input Chinese? We all Chinese BBers need Chinese input method in PlayBook. Please contact and help me !

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If BlackBerry do make a new tablet or super phablet, they should NOT call it PlayBook 2. The perception of the original PB was always wildly wrong and is seen by outsiders and those who have not used it, as a joke. However wrong they may be, using that brand name again would be product suicide. Seeing a Z70 or Z90 would be a much better play...

I'm quite interested in where this Mobile Computing will take us.

Ps. Still rocking my PB 32GB But itching for an upgrade!

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I believe I remember a while back about in car stuff so maybe a miracast system to project your phone into the in car screen so in car computing, sat nav is already in bb10, entertainment is also the list goes on, so for those who work out of their car an intergrated computer experience with a screen as touchscreen slave to my Z30. I think the playbook was the precursor to the in car tech.

I kinda wish that they would make BlackBerry PlayBook 2, their OS has a great potential.

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This is funny.
It works and I can send email with the hub on the BlackBerry. Crazy :)

Maybe there will ne an bridge update soon..
It would be really cool @.@
I love my playbook.
Don't want another tablet :)

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Did you actually manage to *send* a message with this method? I don't think most people achieved that ( I didn't). If you did in fact manage to send a message please tell us how.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Love my playbook thing screen is great etc etc etc. I wish BlackBerry would do more with it. I bought movies off BlackBerry World on z10 can't watch or get them on my playbook :(

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Tried this and it 'works'. I was even able to compose a message and save it with an attachment . When I checked my Z10, it also had a copy of the saved message, sans attachment though. The 'send' button was non-operational but navigation around the UI by and large seemed to work. Excuses for making his 'bridge hub' fully functional are kind of wearing thin, BlackBerry.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system