BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset - Win One!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Oct 2009 02:53 pm EDT

WIN a FREE BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset! Tell us in a comment to this post how you would put your HS-500 to use and you're entered to win!

BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset

Now in Stock - the BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset!

MSRP: $79.95 | ShopCrackBerry Price: $69.95 | You save $10!

Get the freedom of hands-free calling with the easy-to-use BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-500! With the simple touch of a button, you can answer, end, and mute calls, or activate voice dialing, even while you're juggling your keys and coffee in the morning. Plus, the volume automatically adjusts and background noise is reduced, so your calls and turn-by-turn directions can be heard loud and clear in noisy environments. With the quality and performance you expect from a BlackBerry product, the BlackBerry Wireless Headset HS-500 fits your life so you can hit the road with confidence!


  • Talk Time = 5.5 Hours; Standby Time = 120 Hours
  • Bluetooth Version 2.0; Range of Use = 10M
  • Call control button - Answer, End, Mute and Voice Activated Dialing with the press of a button
  • Automatic volume control and noise cancellation - hear and be heard loud and clear in noisy environments
  • Works with selected third-party GPS mapping applications - listen to turn-by-turn directions!
Contest Details: In honor of the launch of this latest BlackBerry Bluetooth headset, we're giving one away for free! Just leave a comment to this post (only one - multiples won't count), letting us know how you'd put it to work for you. While driving? In the office? Something else? Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck!

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BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset - Win One!




my wife will be having a baby around the 11th of November, and i could use this to call friends and family in safe manner while i'm on my way to the delivery room.

Hey! that's my Birthday! What a great day to have a birthday on... Speaking of which, I could use a blue tooth because i'm getting to darn old, and have hands that were injured in the military... so a hands free device would be very appreciative...

I will use it when i drive. and since its nice and classy. it will make my tour look so much better :). So yea i would flaunt it around.

Good luck my man I have the BB 655+ and I really hope you win this ^^^^ Pick the OP guy for this because you would not want to be held responsible for the injury of a father to be on his way to the delivery room. Plus after the baby is born we will be able to have his hands free to hold the baby and still make his usual calls to family and friends. Add that to his post.

+1 vote for me (like it makes a difference) If you were gonna pick me please send it to the OP

I agree with the guy posted before me, the OP deserves this.

Congrats with the baby!!!

btw.. is the baby a boy or a girl???

I'd put that bad boy on during school and let everyone know that I'm 'official'.

Also I'd wear it where ever I go, and even while I'm in the house because it looks that cool, and I'd look great in it!!

Especially with a suit on. xD

Probably mostly when I am talking on the phone at my desk. I work remotely, and this would be a nice addition to my tour for allowing hands free SFTP while talking to the client. :D

Utilizing the HS-500 while driving will allow me to not only obey laws but also keep me in contact with customers, friends, and family.
Please pick me.

Then I can leave my berry in my holster/ cup holder and concentrate on driving when I have the family in the mini-van and avoid an accident.

I soooooooo need one of these!! Im always on the run and am busy and this would help me from freezing my fingers while running to work with the dog!

I live in Ontario and on October 26th it becomes illegal to drive and talk one a cell phone. If i win this it will make it so i dont get a $200 for ordering pizza on my way home from work

it would be great to have one..since mine is on the outs and really can't spend the money for another one right is tight!!!

This headset will allow me to be hands free while making important calls to the hospital or other agencies as a paramedic on emergency scenes.

I drive a lot everyday so this would make my commutes safer. Right now I am using the speakerphone feature and sometimes it's a hassel. Having this would make my commutes a lot safer!!!!!!

Pleaasseeeee I need this!!! =]

with the handheld device ban law comes into effect on Oct 26 in Ontario, this will what I'll be using :) THanks CB

My car is a straight drive and this would help a lot on my drive to an from college every day. It would keep me and everyone else safer on the road.

while driving of course! and at work so i could type and talk at the same time. who doesn't love multi-tasking? i know blackberry users do!

I'm an audio engineer, and when I'm behind the board I don't have time to pick up my phone. This would really come in handy, I would just have to click the button and I'm answering calls. Would really be great if I could be at work and on the phone at the same time!

I would first take it out of its pretty packaging. Then I would charge it while I read every word on all the packaging because I'm a geek like that. After charging it, I would link it to my Blackberry Curve. And then I would listen to all my family and friends complain that it would take surgery to have the thing removed from my head as I would not be likely to remove it except to charge it. I have burnt through all other headsets I have ever had. I finally figured that I am not meant to have one, so I'll enter to win this one and if I win it, lets see if I can keep from wearing it out in a matter of months.

So my arm wont fall off listening to my wife nag me on the phone all the way home each night... in the car riding home.. Or on my way to the gym trying to write down what to get from the grocery store.. Man I need this!!! or a new wife?1!?!?!?!?!

this would be great when travelling and I am in rental vehicles without bluetooth built in. Please pick me.

I would use it while I'm riding my ATV through the woods, because there's no way I can hang onto my Blackberry to talk to someone and steer that thing in-between the trees and over the fallen limbs and branches at the same time.

Well my arm gets tired while calling verizon wireless stores asking when the hell the storm2 is coming out. With this I could call so many more times and ask without cramping my arm.

I could most likely use this just about everyday. As with life these days talking on the go is a must. So attempting to stay form the drive & talk issues this will certainly help !

Kevin, I really need one of these. I would hardly ever take it out of my ear. I travel alot and have a tough time holding the phone to my ear or using the speaker phone. I will follow crackberry forever. :)

I would use it constantly like I was born with it in my ear. Hopefully it will be good enough to use in a datacenter with 10,000 screaming pc fans.

i could really use the HS-500 Bluetooth Headset because im always on the highway and this would really help me to make and receive safer calls

That is one SLICK looking bt. I'd use it driving so that I dont get ticketed for being on my cell. :)

I would use this to keep my hands free while feeding starving orphans at a food bank in Somalia. This would have a significant impact on my ability to multitask.

In a long distance relationship, so I talk on the phone a lot. My gf doesn't like the voice quality of my jabra. I hope this is better!

I just started Graduate school a few weeks ago. The drive is over an hour. A good bluetooth is just what I need to help pass the time while on the road with my berry. Above all, I'd love to be obnoxious like every other bluetooth wearing weirdo walking around in public talking to themself (or so it seems).

In all seriousness, I need a good bluetooth!!! This is a safety concern, not merely the longing of my heart! I'm tired of using a rubberband as a bluetooth!!!!

I want to be the guy in the elevator who starts talking and the guy next to me thinks I am talking to him... but I am actually talking in my sweet blackberry bluetooth!

i could really use this for driving and around town and while shopping... i love using bluetooth and cant seem to find the right one for my blackberry.. this looks like a solide winner and would be the perfect addition to my berry

I would give this to my girlfriend who refuses to part with the headset that came with her curve 8900. She could finally stop getting caught on things while shopping!!

I would use this headset to help my small business while I am driving my stick shift car, and share with my wife who needs to keep her hands on the wheel while she drives cause she's a great driver! (I love you hun!) Sorry she loves your site as much as I do... :)

It would be nice to conduct phone conversations over this baby while driving. I spend a lot of time driving and I spend even more time talking to my clients. Let me do it safely!

Within my company I am moving up through the ranks. While I have the technical abilities, have taken the appropriate management lobotomy courses, and understand the skills of having a short attention span,.... what was I talking about. Oh yeah, I do not have the commensurate hardware. In order to be on par with my peers I need to look the part. Nothing short of a Blackberry bluetooth headset will work for this purpose.

It would be awesome to win one of these it would come in handy for when I am at my kids games and I can still do business and have my kid not see me on the phone.

I live in Philly (go Phillies!!!), but my girlfriend is in Arizona. I spend a lot of time talking to her. This would help me put the phone down and clean up the place while I'm chatting with her!

I drive a stick shift car, a Pontiac Solstice, and as it's my daily driver I don't have the time or the free hands to try to talk on the phone. I do all of my work via e-mail and mobile phone when I'm not actually at work in the office and I could really use a good bluetooth headset. Currently, I resort to returning a lot of voicemail messages because, for safety reasons, I strictly don't answer my phone when driving. Too much of a risk when driving stick :(

I'd love to win this :_)

id actually would like to win this for my girlfriend. she goes to school and works at two different jobs so she drives a lot all day but since were on such a budget we havent found the money to buy this. my job and school are really close so i woudnt need it as much as she would. hopefully you have an extra one.

I would use this especially at my job. it would be perfect for me not to have to manually adjust the volume because I am usually wearing gloves in a cold workplace ( -10 F* ) !!

I would use this while out and about. I need a good Bluetooth headset for when I am out walking with my daughter or in a mall or other place.

I will use this for work. Contacting cliets while at my desk, home or in my car. i will utilize this unit to the fullest.

I would use it at work! Heck yeah walking around the office talking on my tour via this awsome headset. And then people would think 'Why is that dude talking to himself?" Calling me a bluetool and stuff! Woo hoo!

I would use the HS-500 Bluetooth headset for a hands free conversation while driving and while I am work, allowing me to focus more on what I am doing. This would make my life so much easier.

I am so happy to see this, I have wanted one of these for so long, and now "need" one. I offered to take care of my niece and Nephew after school, for my brothers family. So much running around to do and I will not jeopardize safety to answer the phone while driving, especially with the kids in the car. This would be such a LIFE SAVER....

As an officer one of these would come in real handy while I am working. We get phone calls from dispatchers from time to time, and to be able to have this would be nice. It would not only allow for safer vehicle operation, but I would also be an example. Plus, it it pretty cool. Thanks.

..... A bluetooth is definetly needed, since Ontario's new law takes in effect next week, you need a handsfree device while driving otehrwise its a huge ticket, this is why i need this:) Thank you.

This would definitely help me prevent run-ins with California Highway Patrol. So stylish too! Representing that blackberry addiction!

If I had a HS-500, I would have one hand free in order to help carry and feed my baby boy while on the phone talking to my wife.

My insurance company will probably drop me if I have another wreck. Two in one month while on the phone. Both in my dang driveway backing out while texting. Maybe i just need to park on the road

I would use this headset to make sure that I am not that one person driving down the road paying more attention to his phone then the road ahead. So please you never know I could make your drive a better experience than what you had today on your way to work.

I drive over 800 miles per week. I could really use one of these! Hopefully on my Storm 2 in the next week or two :)

I would use while driving to work so I don't get a traffic ticket and telling all my friends about my great bluetooth and where i got it from ... They would come to buy it for sure!!!!!!

I am a service tech for good size carrier, my current bluetooth is going bad, in need of a new bluetooth to work with BlackBerry's.

This headset would fit in perfectly to my drive onto Camp LeJeune every day. The MP on military bases don't particularly enjoy when people talk on their phones while cruising around base, so this would definitely save some headaches, as well as the inevitable ticket!

I have a Tour, and I'd love to see if this works on it. I can use this while driving, or just while I belt out a message on!!!

Awsome site!


I would love to use a real bluetooth. I bought my plantetronics from a friend for $10...3 years ago. I drive 80 miles a night for security and would greatly appreciate this nifty device. Thank you.

After work I call my mother everyday on the drive home. The last two bluetooths I used broke on me within months and I haven't purchased a new one yet.. My mother is real paranoid so when I call her she doesn't speak to me for longer than a minute or two because she says ill get pulled over or get in an accident for driving with the phone to my ear.

She is retired and lives far away, I call her because she is bored until my Dad comes home from work and loves to hear from me and my sister. This bluetooth would do wonders to help my family!

Because I live in California I would use mine every minute I drive behind the wheel as well as when I am feeling lazy and don't want to hold the phone up to my ear

I would for sure put it to use every day by wearing it at work and demoing it to all of our customers, I work in a really busy Verizon Wireless store!!! Rocking a BB headset and along with my BB Storm!! Woo hoo!!

Four days a week I travel about an hour away for my son to have baseball catcher training. He is trying to get a scholarship. The reason this would come in helpful is my mother has cancer and being able to talk to her or get updates on her condition while driving would give me some peace of mind that I would not miss anything.

I would use it to keep from being interrupted while playing my XBOX 360. There is nothing more annoying than having to pause my game to hold the phone.

I would also use it in my car to free up my hands so I don't get a ticket from driving and talking on my phone.

Please help me with my problems and select me as the winner of the new BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset!


i commute over 150 miles everyday, mix that with traffic and you'll know why i love my blackberry so much, LOL! this headset matches my storm perfectly, and since its safer than looking @ my phone to call someone or to answer someone, i would love to have it! not to mention its very classy looking :)

I have a really ancient bluetooth. I think one of the very first ones out? Yeah, it doesnt work anymore. Anyways, i would use this everywhere i go. I could be on the phone ! while texting at the same time. Wouldnt that be tight. It has a damn BB symbol on the side of it too! how many ladies would i pull cause of this?

thanks thanks

I'd not only use this for my BB curve, but I'd put it through it's paces with my Playstation3 as well! Then I can get you feedback on how it works cross-platform!


I'd put that bad boy on during school and let everyone know that I'm 'official'.

Also I'd wear it where ever I go, and even while I'm in the house because it looks that cool, and I'd look great in it!!

Especially with a suit on. xD

I could use this, for work so I dont have to take out my phone every time, then the most common one driving...I cant afford no tickets in this economy. I cant afford to buy a good blue tooth headset on my own, at least a decent one.

I'm constantly on my headset at work and while driving! I would kill for a bluetooth headset! Not to mention I work with blackberries all day long and would be able to test for my users!

I could call the house on the way home from work to make sure all of the homework is done and put away BEFORE I get there, and not get in an accident while in the process!

well seeing as my old one just died on me i need one for when im driving. i do a lot of that for work so i could really use one!!!! :)

I would use while driving, I would use biking, I would use it while carring books to class, I would use it while me girlfriend is giving me the 3rd degree, I would use during boring conversations Pick Me please thank you very much

I have been out of work since January. I have been running around like crazy trying to find a job and drive all over town from one interview to another. It would really help to be able to talk in route to interviews and handle the rest of my life while looking for a job with a Headset!!

I made a bet with my friend that I could acquire more items than him which would leave Vincent Van Gough jealous. This would give me an awesome head start.

I'm a UK based EMT and would love one of these for when I'm operational so I can use my beloved CrackBerry Storm more easily in work! Cos the standard phone in my response car is awful but I can't use my Berry!

i would use this thing all the time.. im stuck with a 1942 bluetooth at the moment and i cant stand to use this thing. sounds like crap. everyone i talk to complaining about my voice etc.. etc.. I WOULD LOVE THIS!!!! almost as much as i love crackberry!!!!!

It would keep me from falling of my bike while riding into work. In fact, it's really more of a public service to let me win. Thanks!

With the BlackBerry HS-500 Bluetooth Headset I can now answer and end calls while away from my desk, enabling me to be completely free while I walk, talk and work. That means the headset will free up both of my hands to use a computer, handle documents, make notes, etc., This means less voicemail and less playing phone tag which all helps raise my personal productivity. So please CrackBerry, help me raise my productivity level by giving me one!! You guys are awesome!!!!


I manage a manufacturing plant and am constantly leaving my office to go into the plant where often times it is noisy. It would be great for me to have this headset so I can actually converse when someone calls my BBerry instead of having to find a quieter location across the plant.
Count me in please.

hey, I am a student and I would wear it in the back of class so that I could talk to my friends when I am in lecture! Seriously.

I do travel a lot for my work, so obviously it would be put to good use there... I also have a BT adapter for my desk phone, so if the headset is able to make multiple pairings, I'd use it as my headset at the office.

With the new law on hands free only while driving coming in to effect on October 26th, it would make my life easier while on the road. Plus i think it would go great with my Storm.

once you go black berry, you never go back!!!

I can almost imagine walking or driving down the city showing off my BB Bluetooth, my BB phone, BB watch and soon BB gear....lets do this!!!!

this would be great then I could talk on the phone while drive instead of holding my phone. and I will not have to put my book down while I am walking through the college when my wife calls.
Hands free sweet!!!!!!!

I would wear it at my work. I work for a cell phone provider and we sell a large percentage of Blackberrys. Having the headset as a demo would spark interest for sales.

Well I work on a Towboat as a Captain in the Houston Ship Channel and have my hands working throttles and steering and talking on the radio so the headset would free up my hands so I would not have to hold my BB to my ear.
And the volume control would be great for this noisy enviroment. The HS 500 looks to be a good addition to my BB curve

My BlackBerry is my business phone and I spend a lot of time talking with clients both in my office and while driving. This BT headset would be a huge help!!!!

To be honest, I would not use this. If I did win I would give it to my girlfriend who is an ACS worker. She is constantly being pulled over because of being on the phone with parents & supervisors. I have not found one that she has liked as yet and if I win hopefully she will like this one. (she has small ears)

How would I use this? Well, for starters, I'd actually use BT more often since this badboy has what seems like a nice noise-reduction system. My Moto H700 isn't so great at doing this.

I would turn it on and put it in my ear!

California is a hands-free state now. Of course, I'd use it while driving (because I prefer to keep my conversations private in case there's a passenger). I'd also use it for walking around instead of having a significant amount of blood drain out of my arm as I hold the phone up to my ear.

Unlike other commenters here, I would use this headset to talk to people on my phone. Normally I need to place the entire phone near my head to make this happen, but with my new headset I'd be able to do it while leaving it further away from my head.

My unique situation I described above is why I'm the best candidate to receive this device.

i would use it at work where i sell blackberries to everyone (even if they don't know or think they need them) and i would use it around the house when i am taking care of my 2 little kids.

I need this blue tooth to take care of business Ari Gold style with the blackberry in one hand and fist pumping with the other hand

This would help me so badly drive a little safer. It makes me so nervous to talk and drive.....maybe with this it would help.

I would not have one of these because it makes you look like an idiot with it growing out of your ear. Please don't pick me to win it! I hate these things!

I would venture to say that the best use for this handset would be while driving. It' dangerous enough driving in rush hour traffic - let a lone being on the phone and not paying attention. This headset would surely make talking while driving (or is it "driving while talking") more safe.

Here's keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

I'll be perfectly honest; since it's now illegal in Ontario to talk "with hands", I'll need it to talk with my posse while racing down Highway 401 at 250km/h in my Audi R8.

After all, do you know how much my street cred will drop when my homies find out that I broke the law not by instigating a high-speed chase involving 22 police cars, five spike strips, and one helicopter, but by not using a Bluetooth headset?

im gonna use this for driving, and believe it or not my PS3, which supports bluetooth headsets.. MODERN WARFARE 2 voice chat baby!

Sure could use one of these bad boys. I am, without question, a blackberry junkie. To have a headset with the blackberry logo on it, i would be in heaven.

I would put the headset to good use because I am in a vehicle most of the day. I drive dumptruck and also am on the road alot with a pick up truck. when I am not driving, I am installing water mains and repairing water main breaks in the dead of winter, so it isnt good to be always grabing for my Tour when Im standing in water ina snow storm. Als, since I live in upstate NY, it is against the law to use you phone without a hands free device and I havent been able to afford one. Thanks for the chance!

I'm an IT guy that is constantly in the car and on the phone. I love my 8900 but having a headset would definitly make me a safer person especially when my kids are in the car. I can honestly say that i have never had a headset before and would definitely love one.


This device would save me from many traffic violations.
I would put it to use every day during my commute.

please, pretty please!! Cheyenne, Wy just passed a talking and texting phone ban so I could really use this for around town!! It looks great too!!

Yes...that's right, on the toilet. I don't know how many times it happens. I'm on the toilet, usually finishing up, and the phone rings. What do I do? Answer the phone, or finish up? What if its an important call? What if I drop my phone? Ohhh the horror.

With a Blackberry HS-500 Headset, I would not have to worry about that. Hands free, all the time. Other uses could include cutting the lawn, hammering and to dance and play in the sun. And I guess you could use it for work to. Whatever you could do, with your hands, that does not require holding a phone, could now be accomplished. All with this wonderful headset

Yes please..... :)

i could use a bluetooth for my blackberry tour.. !!!! im always at work and making phone calls and this would defiantly come out very useful as well as in the car, i always have it on speakerphone and that is still not the best way to hear the other party so a bluetooth would work out much better. and not to mention keeping all my calls i make hands free would make my life that much easier !!

Well, there's only one place where I use my bluetooth headset, and that's in the car. And it's the law. Can't break the law, now, can I?

I just washed my old headset when it was in my shirt pocket. I could really use a new one! I feel so old-school actually having to hold the phone when I use it. Who does that anymore???

I could use this that instead of people bitching they can't hear me on my Moto HS-700, I can actually use a headset and not have to throw the thing against the windshield in disgust every time.

I want this so bad. That way I can ignore my wife while she is on the phone to me and still play with my berry. Life would be great!

I would put it in my ear and turn it on so I can look cool like all the other super cool and important people walking around Wal Mart. The blue light is obviously a sign if great importance! Then if I could find the "English" directions I might actually use it to make calls!

I would use it while driving and while around the house so that I be free to get all those little projects accomplished.

I would put a small pastic bag around my ear and use it in the shower cause it seems every one calls me when i am in the shower. :) :) :)

I manage a business that operates 24/7/365. I am always on call so this would be perfect for when I'm on the road and a critical call comes in. In the past I've almost run off-the road, had a collision, and freak out my wife who was riding with me. I would so look forward to making good use of this and tell others about it!

I would put a small pastic bag around my ear and use it in the shower cause it seems every one calls me when i am in the shower. :) :) :)

I have to commute an hour a day and I recently lost my Bluetooth. I'd love to win one for free as opposed to replacing it. Haha.

I am always talking to my family and if not them to my clients both in my day job and as a free-lance photographer. New Mexico is a hands-fee state, so this would really save my butt since my Jawbone died.

I would put this to work by using it 24/7. Definitely while driving, while at work, and any other time I can. Taking the phone out of my pocket annoys me.

Have you ever driven in Phoenix? Our drivers are terrible. I could use this to keep my attention on the road!!

As a stay at home mom with three under five I could really, REALLY use this!!!! I'm always juggling breastfeeding, changing diapers/pullups and keeping one of my three from getting into something or hurting themselves or each other. I often miss calls out of fear of losing my precious berry in a freshly filled pull up, a blow out of a diaper or whatever other gooey mess my children have managed to provide. Having a Blue Tooth headset would enable us to get out and about more, I could put my berry safely in the diaper bag or on my desk and never miss a call! Please consider me for this.. you could save not only my sanity.. but my blackberry from a truly nasty death

for driving obviously. and to replace my moto one which barely fits on my ear.

the bbicon on it is just sexy

I work in the interational development work around the world specialy in the areas of Africa, Sudan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

It's great and important for me to use a tool like the new bluetooth HS-500 while driving kids around in the bus and keep in contact with colleagues from the United Nations etc..

I won't need to say "hey hold, I need to pick up my actual BB. I would concentrate on driving when I have people in the bus/van and avoid accidents and of course obey the law and prevent negative things to happen.

Pick me won't be a lost :)


Lost my beloved H375 on a bachelor trip to Montreal , this would be a welcome and needed device.

I would use this awesome and useful device to make phone calls and recieve phone calls to help/consult my clients as I'am on the phone all day and my phone do occasionally get hot. I never bother to but the other earpiece as I'am very loyal to the blackberry name and want to stay geniune. so may I please have one?

so i often on tour in germany for school, work and other things

and so this freezing my fingers

please pick me thx

New hands free law comes into affect in Ontario, so it would be nice to have such a sweet looking headset on while driving.

i need a new headset when i drive around. :-)
here in germany it is not allowed to use a phone with handy while driving.

To ware something like this is gonna make everyone in my office preatty envy.

Thanks Crackberry!!!!

Not going to lie, I want this because when I'm laying on the couch and someone gives me a call, I don't want to have to be disturbed and pick up the phone and hold it to my head, I just want to strap this puppy on my ear and chat away!

I would put the HS-500 to use because of the new law coming in to affect on October 22 for hands free here in Ontario Canada. Thanks you!

looking at that one it would be perfect to wear inside my helmet which would be a great benefit if something were to happen and i got seperated from my bike where the phone stays in the tail.

for sure use it while driving...for sure since it's illegal to drive while holding a cell phone to your ear. Did I win?

I would definitely use this headset so I could keep both thumbs on my BlackBerry at all times!

I'd love this cool piece of hardware for my three hour commute! I desperately need this especially after Obama passed an Executive Order that no government-issued phones can be used while driving.

Help me to obey the law!!! Please!!!

Being a EMT, this would come in handy when I'm on a call and my hands are filthy with germs or blood, I would be able to use the headset and listen to people without having to touch the headset or phone in order to hear them.

This bluetooth piece would do wonders for my life. Though I go to school, I am also a treasurer in Michigan's third largest college, as well as a manager for an outdoor skating rink. Not only that, I live in one of the largest and most dangerous cities in America, anything that gives me a free hand and keeps me looking alert is a plus.

I am constantly getting calls by a plethora of organizations as well as Deans, asking questions about money and booking rooms and events for the University, having a phone is nice, but having this headset would make my day more more convenient.

At work, I deal with a gaggle of screaming children and teenagers, and I have to deal with my managers requests while hearing people scream and shout. Noise reduction on a headset would be wonderful. Also, I am running errands in Downtown Detroit, and having a hands free phone conversation while driving down Woodward would be another huge plus.

I also often go to the library a lot at night, and my girlfriend is always calling me, not only do I tire of her calls, but I tire of holding my phone up, not to mention that makes me a target to late night crimes, though I have never been a victim, I would prefer to have a headset, so that future criminals would not notice I am holding up a phone and if they do notice I am on the phone, I have two hands free to defend myself.

I would use this while driving of course.

I'd also work on using it with my iPod Touch and PS3.

I'd really like to get another bluetooth headset, but just haven't been able to afford one yet.

I have to commute a lot for work. I drive 3000 miles a month. Enough said.

I hope I win, I have not won anything in a while and never have won anything pricey :).

I'd wear it under my toque, it's only october and already too cold outside to pull out my phone.

i would use this while driving listening to directions when i have to go places unfamiliar to my job. i could use it while playing with my daughter that way both hands are free. i could use it in the office cause we use blackberry a lot and i stay on the move and on calls

I would use it to listen to Pandora radio. Or get directions from the GPS right to my ear. You know you can't hear the voice prompts with the windows down and the radio on. Plus as a conversation starter.

Oh, and for phone calls too.

Look i just want a Bluetooth headset that i dont work fulltime and go to school fulltime so this would come in handy. not as much as a new BB but equally doable.

I could really put it to use because I hate being without my blackberry so while even taking a shower, bath or even doing the grown man thing...I'd have it on to take my calls...LOL

Wow, Im in for this! With the crack down on driving and talking on your cell phone, its a great time and chance to get a with the new storm 2 I plan to have very soon(PLEASE verizon) I will be high steppin it! I drive my parents all over town and you know how a mother can be in the back that alone is just cause to get this headset!

I would use it to talk on the phone one side of my melon and my xbox headset on the other side!

I'm in the car a lot and need to reach out to clients. This headset would do the trick and make my job/life much easier.

I oversee the Facility Management Department of a major sport and entertainment facility. With all of the phone calls I receive each day, I always thought a Bluetooth headset would help to eliminate the need to take the phone out of my holster when I receive a call.
This is a great opportunity for me to give it a try.


I use a bluetooth headset because I currently have T-mobile and so have to leave my phone on a windowsill to get a signal. A headset allows me to actually sit at my desk and take calls.

I would use this headset, specifically, to replace my jawbone which is uncomfortable to wear and rather fragile.

Id wear it around college and make sure everyone of the 3500 students see me with my blackberry headset!

I would use it to look awesomely cool, while pretending to have important business discussions on it in front of people to enhance my blackberry appearance.

How would I use it? Simple, I would wear it all day at work in front of all of the OTHER BlackBerry users that I support. Then they would have headset envy and go buy their own. See, it's a win-win if you pick me :)


Well let me start off by saying I broke my one and only means to safe communication today (my wired headphones that came with my Blackberry Curve.

I work for the Air Force as a civilian security guard and there is no cell phone communication without a hands free device on base. I also have a 20 min drive to base and a 20 min drive home from base. I like to talk on the phone to catch up with friends and family to and from work. There is no safe way to do that without a hands free device. This bluetooth headset would be PERFECT!