BlackBerry hosting #EMMRealities Twitter chat tonight at 6pm ET

By Adam Zeis on 10 Dec 2013 11:28 am EST

If you want to dive into a bit more of the enterprise space, BlackBerry is hosting a Twitter chat tonight with Rob Enderle (@enderle). The chat will take place from 6-7pm ET today on Twitter where Rob will talk on emerging trends and key issues in a BYOD corporate environment, traits of a comprehensive EMM strategy, how new tools and solutions fit within corporate policy and more. 

You can join in the chat by following @BlackBerry4Biz or watching the hashtag #EMMRealities. You can also head to the TweetChat room if you prefer to view all the action in one place. 

The action starts at 6p ET tonight - see you there!



First* :O Kiss Mom and Dad :)


They got me again! LOL!

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Should be very informative tonight. I'm there.
2nd! Call me butter.....cause I'm on a roll.

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We all need to help restore the blackberry image, weather it be for business or prosumer.

On the other dad note, Kellogg is closing a big factory in Ontario causing 100's of job loss, I say let's boycott their cereals and email them to say we are very disappointed and not supporting their business anymore.

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Observation Junkie

Why not host this on the new BBM Channel as opposed to promoting this on a competitors site.

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If it was available to everyone. Maybe


BlackBerry stock is being "hammered", again, today and all CB is talking about is nonsense.

Great job.

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Lol. What are they going to do about it?

Adam Zeis

Nonsense? BYOD is srs bsns


Hammered? It's up 4%

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Good to hear. I like these low-key events better than their big ones. Only the people who are interested talk about it, without the general negativity surrounding BlackBerry


If we boycott Kellogs then we should boycott BlackBerry since they've laid off a lot of workers, just saying.

Sometimes it's necessary to let people, places or things go in order to improve our way of life.

Keep The Faith


These kind of things will help BlackBerry in the long run.

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