BlackBerry hosting a BlackBerry 10 and ActiveSync Webinar

BlackBerry hosting a BlackBerry 10 and ActiveSync Webinar
By DJ Reyes on 19 Aug 2014 02:07 pm EDT

We've already seen that BlackBerry will be hosting a bunch of webinars for developers looking to know more about the Amazon Developer Program. BlackBerry will also be holding a webinar for those who run BES10 (BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10) and would like to know more about Active Sync and how BlackBerry 10 uses it. The webinar will be hosted by Brian Bernard, BlackBerry Principal Analyst.

The topics that will be covered in the webinar are:

  • Understanding the ActiveSync protocol
  • The move from native mail server APIs to ActiveSync
  • BES 10 Gatekeeping and Security
  • BlackBerry 10 ActiveSync Version and capabilities discovery
  • Parsing the ActiveSync connection logic
  • ActiveSync error codes
  • Troubleshooting

The webinar will take place August 27th, 2014 at 11am EST. If you're interested use the link below to register for the webinar.

Register for the ActiveSync Webinar

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BlackBerry hosting a BlackBerry 10 and ActiveSync Webinar


Btw, all this "movement", the upcoming official Amazon support and webinars along with the releases coming up is really making it feel like exciting times. Have to admit, Chen has really changed the narrative from the doom and gloom to a more "keep working at it" realistically knowing that tough times are still head. I bet Mr. Michaluk wouldn't have bailed so fast if he had known that there was still some fight left in BlackBerry.

Frosty white Q10/

I don't believe Kevin left for that reason at all. Dude has/had plenty on his plate for all of Mobile Nations not just CB. Leaving Parsons in charge allows one person to focus more on CB and not be distracted with all of the other duties and projects that required his attention. We would have felt neglected and many would have gotten bitter.

With that said I think things have been moving up here in CB land steadily.


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I tease Kevin. He knows that, I've had a little back and forth with him in the comments. Just playful sarcastic fun. He even said he loved me
All in good fun.

Frosty white Q10/

I'm not sure webinars for Microsoft's ActiveSync and Amazon's app store is excited times. Hopefully Chen starts doing instead of talking, he announced BB Classic and BES 12 over half a year ago and neither are close to ready.

This may be beneficial even to non-blackberry sysadmins that manage activesync devices. I'm signing up.

Anyone else tried to sign up yet? Wants a "Subscription Code" in order for me to register. I have seen this before and was not able to register for the last one.

Tenant ID? What is that and where do I find it? I got the email to my work email account. Clicking on it doesn't seem to help, nor does using my email address in the field before hitting Register (doesn't recognize me). Oh well.

Ask your administrator for their ID, maybe they will give it to you to join in the webcast or ask them to register you for it.

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Does it work with a free test server install?
Maybe we need to this first to get an ID.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

@Prem, I understand that if you have a "test" service like BES Cloud you can use the number assigned to you to register for the Web Chat.

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If you are how do you access your service? You should have an i.d./ Client Number appearing above your Sign in page.

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I think the point being made here is that neither of us have BES but are interested in it. Yet BlackBerry won't let us sign up without an existing ID.

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I have the non-cloud version of BES 10, and the only login info there is the domain account in my environment. I'd have expected I could use my email address that I used to get the license from (the same one they actually emailed me about the webinar in the first place).

Update: I got registered. I got another email, so I tried it again, and this time I tried to register (without my email address), and I filled out the fields and for the subscription code I pasted in the long string of numbers and letters that was hypenated that appeared at the end of the URL when I clicked on the link in the email.

Try just putting BlackBerry in the code field. I just did that and got a confirmation appointment?

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Yeah, I face the same situation with the Subscription Code for registration. Where and how do I get the code?

SinSim, posted via CB10

If your company has a T-support contract, you have to enter the code associated with it.

00 - Posted from my z10

<sarcasm>That makes complete sense ... especially for somebody looking to see the demo ... because they are probably interested in seeing what is going on. Of course they will have the software installed. </sarcasm>

Good. Maybe someone could ask if 10.3 will finally support Outlook Exchange categories in contacts synced over ActiveSync.

Because, right now, it doesn't. If your contacts have categories assigned to them in Outlook, edit any contact on the phone, like just modifying the address, save it and watch any and all categories assigned to it disappear from that same contact back on the PC within seconds. On the bright side, the edited address change occurs just as fast.

Still an issue as of

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Getting Contacts / PIM stuff right has been a plague for decades.

Different standards, more data fields, categories, etc. have made syncing across programs, databases and devices a pain.

I NEVER really trusted any syncing, and manually checked the result later, at least the first couple of times when using a new program or syncing to a new device / database. JUST TOO MANY bad experiences...

Time for BlackBerry to show the world how it's done...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

It's at 11 East coast time, so the UK is five hours ahead. BTW west coast time is 8 hours behind the UK.

So midday in New York would be five PM in the UK. Midday in LA would be eight PM in the UK.

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