BlackBerry Holds High In Top Selling Smartphones for Q2

Curve Sells
By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2009 10:56 am EDT

In May we saw the Curve 8300 series sitting on top of the list of the best selling smartphones for Q1 of 2009. Yesterday research and consulting firm IDC released their findings for the top 10 selling smartphones in the US for the second quarter, and BlackBerry clearly stood tall taking 4 of the 10 spots (including the Curve series still sitting at number one). The top 10 are:

10.HTC Touch Diamond
9. HTC Touch Pro
8. Palm Pre
7. T-Mobile G1
6. BlackBerry Storm
5. BlackBerry Bold
4. Apple iPhone 3G (8GB and 16GB versions)
3. BlackBerry Pearl (81xx series but not the Pearl Flip)
2. Apple iPhone 3GS (both 16GB and 32GB versions)
1. BlackBerry Curve (83xx series and 8900) 

Really no surprise that the Curve is outselling the rest as it is a widespread device sold on multiple carriers (and also add in the 8900 this time around). The Pearl came in at number three and both the Bold and Storm still hold their own as well (each being carrier specific). Not surprising that the iPhone is at number two since it is only available on AT&T. You can bet if it were available on more than one carrier (ie. Verizon) it would likely be taking the top spot based on the volume it's doing being available only from one US carrier. So who is surprised that the Bold is ahead of the Storm? Could it be that RIM is now putting less Storms into the retail channel to make room for the Storm 2?


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BlackBerry Holds High In Top Selling Smartphones for Q2


I'm all for the cheerleading, but iPhone would probably be number 1 if you combine 3G and 3GS the way they have combined the Curve series.

I believe its all iPhones sold in the second quarter, not just 3gs. The same goes for Curves, not just 8300, but all 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i and 8900.

Wow!!! Look at the the iphone and AT&T losers (Sorry, users) crying! Remember, the Carrier with more bars!!!!!!!!!! Ya, right!

The stats don't look right. Back in May the iPhones were grouped together and so were the Curves. Now, they combined even the 8900 into the Curve numbers and then separated the iPhones to settle on spot 4 and 2. WTF? I'm no Apple fan, but let's count the numbers right, shall we?

It's going to be very interesting to see what the iPhone will do in the US once it starts being offered on more then just one carrier. I'm placing my bet that you won't be seeing a BB at the top of that list. Consumers will outweight the business folks by a large number and that'll tip the scales on the numbers, big-time.

I'd have to agree with this.....or even if they were sold by different carriers...then I believe without a doubt the iphone would be holding the #1 spot..

but until then BB's are still at the top!!!

Thats what I was thinking too. G1 is only on Tmo and Tmo is way smaller than Sprint. Then again, who knows...?

Sprint also lost close to 1 million post pay customers in Q2.

Palm should have thought long and hard before getting in bed with Sprint.

The Storm got to the #6 spot based on blind hype. The phone sucks. The Bold on the other hand does not suck. It's pretty simple.

Actually, since the .148 and later updates the Blackberry Storm has been great. Just because you had a bad experience with the phone when it first came out doesn't mean it sucks. Just my 2 cents

I know the story sounds great but in all fairness how many different versions of the Curve 83xx series are there?4?With almost every major provider.Plus now we're going to include 8900 series too.And I suppose we'll later include the 85xx series as well.The only device that comes close to this much widespread use would be Moto's RAZR.

So you have the 8300, the 8310, the 8320, the 8330, the 8350, and the 8900 all counting as one curve for the top spot.

But the iPhone 3g and iPhone 3gs are seperate? I hate Apple but RIM and Apple are being treated differently here.

Woot! This is awesome! I love it when BlackBerry comes out on top! :D I hope BlackBerry and RIM keeps making great phones and never go out of business!!


Combining the 8300/8310/8320/8330/etc is one thing, but combining them with the 8900 requires much more of a stretch. If you're going to combine 83xx and 89xx models, you should combine the iPhone 3G and 3GS models.

In response to this little line-

"So who is surprised that the Bold is ahead of the Storm? Could it be that RIM is now putting less Storms into the retail channel to make room for the Storm 2?"

I'm not surprised that the Bold is outselling the Storm.

Maybe consumers are FINALLY realizing that the Storm is crap, and not worth buying.

It's easy to believe RIM is planning this, but that's just wishful thinking.

The numbers are slanted to due carriers....when the PRE hits ATT and VZW, I would not be surprised to see it shoot up near the top.

Whoever compiled this list used some odd reasoning...combine all types of Curves, don't combine the Pearl types, and don't combine the iPhone types. Huh?! Also, what shocks me about this list is that the Pearl ranks so high even without the flip added in. All that tells me is that RIM is making a big mistake in not developing that platform more. Pearl owners are quite often diehards, and the only thing they did was develop the flip which was definitely not what most Pearl lovers were looking for. You can't even get the traditional Pearl anymore on VZW.

yes, it is not surprising the iphone 3g and 3gs to land in the 2 and 4th spots because they are on exclusivity, whereas the blackberries are available in all 4 carriers in the US. take note here, the iphone 3g and 3gs are only available on AT&T yet both phones made it to 2nd and 4th spots. if you combine both models (you combined all 83xx variants), then iphone 3g/3gs would land in first place, considering it is carried only by AT&T. what more if they are carried by all four carriers, iphone will be the runaway winner.

i dumped the storm long time ago for my iphone 3g, for the apps alone it is not worthwhile to go back. i can live through the day without emails (push email if you have yahoo), but not the precious apps while on the road.

Combining the curve 83xx series and the 8900's makes no sense whatsoever, why not combine all the iPhones then? The iPhone would without a doubt be number one by a very wide margin. This list is definitely warped and can't be taken at face value. Too bad, Crackberry feels it needs to skew the numbers in BB favor. I own a BB Curve 8310, but I'm not going to be fooled by this nonsense.

Impressive that the iPhone 3GS managed to take #2 despite only being on sale for a whopping 12 days of Q2 '09... Looks like Q3 will have an obvious winner. (Not a fanboi--I have an 8330)

I believe it's because the Tour didn't come out until the start of the 3rd Quarter (July-Sept). Maybe when the 3rd Quarter numbers come out, we'll see just how well the Tour did.

Its funny how the Iphone fan boys are trying to justify why there phones didnt come in first. Just face the facts, numbers dont lie, YOU LOST.


Don't get me wrong I love RIM and BlackBerry, but if they are including the 83XX and 8900 as the same phone, should iPhone 3g and iPhone 3gs be the same phone too?

This list sort of confuses me. On the other hand it advises me which phones to avoid since everybody has them.

cheer all you want. the number 1 reason why the Curve is number 1 is because both Sprint and Verizon have them for $49. Who isn't going to pass that up. At the end of the day the BB OS is still dull and obsolete compared to those of Apple and Android or even WebOs

first off comparing all these blackberry curve variants and taking all the carriers that iphone isnt selling through and trying to skew numbers to say more blackberries are sold is so funny i cant believe they actually wasted time doing it..if iphone 3g alone was sold on tmobile,vzw,nextel,etc iphone would be so dom in the number one spot it wouldnt be funny...i have had all blackberries and a iphone and i really am not a apple fan per say but patting your self on the back for this is
pathetic..a more fair comparison would be if iphone had a phone on each and blackberry had one on each then lets compare..curves are so dirt cheap and all the cheapass customers flock to it like they did when the razrs dropped to near free..

So why arent there more new apps for it?!? I feel scammed even though I still have the top selling phone. Everything is for the storm etc.


well it doesn't really matter if its exclusive or not if you want that phone you will go get that phone.. if you really want an iphone you will switch carrier.. end of story

All of these numbers just reflect peoples tastes. Sure, I know plenty of people who switch carriers all the time to just get the hottest phone, but I can't lump myself in that group. Been with Verizon for 10 years and I go with the phone that suits my needs best. I hope other people choose the same. Then these numbers won't really matter in the end.

Dear all: I am a BlackBerry user and of course I'm not going to change for an iPhone, but we have to recognize that the business of Apple is not to sell phones, they sell software and iPhone is just the mean to do it. That is the reason of its success. The rest of companies need to realize its marketing myopia and to change their strategy if they really want to compete to Apple. If you analyze the BlackBerry App World, this is the answer to Apple strategy. And we shouldn't have to surprise about this, it is the same strategy of iPod. If we coult talk to Steve Jobs, he would say "I don't care about this kind of ranking because my goal is other"....

Why are iPhone fans even on this site? LOL And why all this talk of combining the iPhone models vs. Blackberry? If we want to do that just combine all the Apple phones to one and all the RIM phones to one? Clearly, RIM would be on top! Let's see Apple make an iPhone with a physical keyboard, or an iPhone that flips...face it Apple's got one phone whereas RIM has a handful!

Even if we don't group phones by manufacturer, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place will be for Blackberry.
And, with those places in mind, is obvious that RIM will hold the 50% of all mobile phones, and the other 50% will be divided between Apple and the others.

I'm a proud owner of a BlackBerry 8330and never leave home without it...and have no intention of jumping ship. The ease of it functions, what more can i say?

if this info is correct then thats great...although i have a Bold, i doubt if they sell more than Storms...but i couldnt possibly have all the real facts

I'm afraid I have to agree, the numbers seem a bit warped in favor of the 83xx & 8900 series... As others have mentioned, if you combined Apples two iPhone models together, the results would probably look a lot different in terms of "top spot".

Personally, I have little doubt that if you take all the smartphone models manufactured by one company and added them together, RIM would be on top. They have a greater variety of styles spread out across a wider range of carriers - and they continue to diversify from being just a "business-tool", into the average consumer marketplace.

If we're looking at smartphones in terms of specific MODELS and their sales ranking - I do believe the iPhone would take top slot - (3G ? 3GS? One has been out longer than the other, but either way ) - this is impressive, considering that currently the iPhone is available only in two models, and is restricted to (by?Lol) AT&T's carrier service.

I'm a Blackberry user, but I have to admit - if the iPhone were to match the Blackberry in a couple areas... Such as push eMail, had a bit of a wider model-style range (like a slide-out keypad version), and was available on somebody else besides AT&T, I'd probably be tempted to try one on.
As it stands now, all RIM has to do to keep me happy in the future, is improve their web browser from 1998, and make the Blackberry a bit more user friendly for us Mac-users.
Yes, it's the honest-to-God's-truth... You can find Mac's being used in the business arena too.


Blackberry is the best way to go made the switch from Windows mobile and was amazed how easy it was to actually learn how to use .... Glad i went to Blackberry......