BlackBerry holding mystery event on Sept. 18th in Malaysia

By Bla1ze on 13 Sep 2013 01:29 am EDT

Everyone loves some BlackBerry rumors so here's just a few for you all to ponder. There has been several reports now of BlackBerry's PR firm sending invites out to the Malaysian BlackBerry community and media outlets for an event to be held on September 18th at 3:00PM at a location in Kuala Lumpur. Thing about it all is, no one is saying what exactly the event is for though it could be a number of things.

Many have speculated that it will be for the BlackBerry Z30, after all there was some rumors about it being officially announced in Malaysia first in the past and it wouldn't be the first time such a thing has happened. On the other hand, some have speculated that it's for the cross-platform BBM launch as we've heard the launch date was adjusted a few times and is now set for the 19th. Finally, it could just be the BlackBerry 9720 getting released as it's making its way to new regions already with India being the most recent.

In any case, there is an event happening and it's specifically for Malaysia only at this point. You guys can sound off in the comments below or in the CrackBerry Forums and let us know what you all think it may be while we dig it into it a bit further.

*UPDATE* - Looks as though this might not be a Malaysia only event after all — there have been reports of a similar event happening in France and India as well.

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BlackBerry holding mystery event on Sept. 18th in Malaysia



OK so, Z30 will launch BEFORE 10.2 in my opinion as this is what happened with 10.1 and Q10. Mind you apple releases the OS before the product but I think BlackBerry will reverse this as a selling point. With that said, IMHO now we balance whether it's the Z30 or bbm. The cross platform BBM makes more sense as they said it will be released before summers end so they technically would EEK it in before the 21st (announced 18th launch 19th coincided with Kevins prediction).... thoughts?

BlackBerry has a long history of releasing OS updates with new devices, with older devices getting the update later or not at all. It has been like that for as long as I can remember, at least going back to BBOS 5.0 on my Tour (I believe).

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Came in to say this. Hopefully they have learned their lesson and are prepared to start taking preorders right away a la Apple.

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I don't understand all they hype. If it was that big of a announcement wouldn't it be made in the US? I want to be notified when they go private or something of the sort to see it rise to the greatness it once was.

I think this is about blackberry customer support for Malaysia, indonesia, and indian customers.

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The ad says "to find out how to make every conversation feel like you're there"... Sounds to me like a BBM feature, maybe showing text chat, voice and video cross-platform capability for all devices (perhaps even screen-sharing and other features across phones). I'm willing to bet this is BBM related. By why only Malaysia/India regions? Hmm....

Usually not a fan of your cynical remarks but i've got to give it to you this time. The trademarked 'coming soon' is quality.

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Yeah! All the way up where it used to be. Wouldn't that be a surprise. I can just see the headlines: "BlackBerry stocks: $165", "Dead company alive again", "Waterloo wins"...

We can dream, right?

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

I'm kinda skeptical. It's not an event that has been officially announced by BlackBerry. Nowhere to be found in the media.

Let's wait on CrackBerry to reach out to BlackBerry to find out if it's legit and report back to us before we get too excited. Can you do that please Bla1ze?

I believe the part...."I am Kind of skeptical part!"

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Yea I think this will definitely be a more realistic event and many people on the region will probably be more excited for the 9720 than BBM x or Z30

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Unfortunately I'm with you on this one, BlackBerry's big surprise events haven't always been too exciting.

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But why would they send out these secretive invites? Everyone knew the 9720 was coming, right? That would be pretty lame in my opinion. If they're going to send out invites and hold an event, it better be #BBM4ALL at the very least!

The wording... notice the grammatical error? "make every conversation FEELS like you're there" ??? Jeez.....

I'm calling it fake or at least highly suspicious. I noticed the typo last night and posted this in the forums. The creator of this image likely took this into account and modified it to make it appear more legit. Unless of course, blackberry uses crackberry for proofreading.. wouldn't surprise me. A lot of people have been let go lately.

My guess is 9720 although I hope it's BBM.
Or Instagram.
Or Vine.
Or a decent banking app.
Or 10.2.

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I like the Instagram possibility. LOL!

I don't get it how people think we in Malaysia are only for the low end 0S7 models. Is it really that hard to imagine the Z30 making its way here first?

Still.. could be cross platform BBM.

And if it's 9720 - all I can say is I'd be glad that I have a flight to Osaka on the same day, because right now, only the Z30 or 10.2 is worth my time.

*snaps* LOL

PS - a little off the topic. Dear Crackberry, isn't it time to make a little room for Z30 on your forum sub category? :-)

"feels" should be "feel." I wrote that on N4BB too. Hopefully someone sees it and changes it-- I know BlackBerry has gotten into the good habit of listening to us lately ;)

I have a feeling they are going to launch the Z30 with 10.2 (included)... probably end of October for everyone else and finally (drum roll....) BBM Cross Platform along with Channels

We can only hope BlackBerry will deliver (crossing fingers) :)

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Yes I see that too. I think Z30 will come with 10.2 BEFORE cross platform BBM.

PS - I think the media invite was a minor mistake. Am I the only one not turned on by it, but by the prospect of Z30? LOL

This definitely has to do with the Z30, look at the caption on the bottom; "To find out how to make every conversation feels like you're there" #z30 #screensize You'll feel like you're there because the image is so sharp and vivid and what you can do with BBM Video chat...

ali1t : nice spot there. everyone's going for 'conversation' to indicate BBM. you might have something there. or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my end

Invitation with error has been 'rectified'. Just got another email. Posted in forum thread linked by Bla1ze

No- It's the right thread. Everyone who buys a Z30 gets an entry into a contest to win a new Mercedes!


If its bbm they need to do it right.

BBM channels could blow up !!!! Has so much potential !!

I know video and voice call will come later but goodness what a package.

Yeah could be big like Facebook and Twitter I think. Just needs to catch

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Channels and 50 other social apps could be like Facebook and Twitter if they just "catch".

Channels isn't even out of beta yet. And I don't see it replacing Instagram anytime soon. Facebook has a billion users and they can't get Instagram past 150 million users with full integration.

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When it catches on iPhone and android users every business will have a channel

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BBM Channels isn't competing against Instagram...

BBM-C is definitely a competitor to the likes of Twitter but with deeper features I would say. Had they release this a few years ago... *insert the rest of the story*

Exactly. I didn't mean over night. Think about all the groups on Facebook, small business big business, buy and sell in small and large cities, pro sports teams each have a channel, it will be big

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You better start making your plans to come over then neighbour!

And to those thinking that this will be some lowly blackberry event just because it's in Malaysia you are wrong this will be the Z30.

Mobile phones here are big status symbols. Smart phone penetration rate second to singapore which has 100%!

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I think most of them just don't get it. The interest and demand for Blackberry is higher than they think here.

Well when you combine the date with iOS 7's release date, which is Sep 18, it kind of makes sense. Although i don't think they will put an event just for that so I'm guessing it a launch of something else as well.

Anyone notice the invitation is kind of shaped like a Z30 but something tells me otherwise

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BuuKarim88 - you can contact Text 100, the PR dudes if you're in KL. I think it's open to media only though.

This is what I wanna see with blackberry something that grabs people's attention and makes them wonder! :) and shows them blackberry's back

Hmm...wish it was this past week. I am in Singapore now and will be in Thailand next week. Any BlackBerry events set for Thailand next week?

Hold on, who has the invite ? i think there must be a genius idea behind it. Can someone match the Z10 with the invite see if the size is bigger or not ... if the invite is the same size as the Z10 it means it's more likely BBM x but if the invite is bigger than the Z10 it might be a " silhouette " of the Z30

My 2 cents.

"how to make every conversation feel like you are there.."

I am putting my money on Cross Platform BBM with Video.. :)

Hopefully Thorsten announces that he is firing the ENTIRE marketing team and starting from scratch with some young talent, who have shown their skills by creating some awesome ads already on youtube.

I hate for anyone to loose their job but marketing is horrible at least hire more young fresh talent .

Run a contest - on guess what's happening and what will be launched and as usual, winner will be selected at random (with correct answer of course) - Prize :- Z30 (I.O.U)

I believe they will anounce some partnering with some asian big player on the phone market..except samsung or something.also i believe they will unveile the new os 10.2 and. maybe BBM going seprate from BlackBerry...i a m confident that they will anounce new partnership..thats it...not so sure about the Z30...but who knows :)))

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lol... ppl of Malaysia are called Malaysian, not Malays.
Malays are not the only citizens of Malaysia, there are Chinese and Indians, and other native races too.

Yes, we're Malaysians, not Malays. Malay is a race... I'm Malaysian Chinese. And no, Getting the 9720 is not 'lucky' Kevin. LOL

What would be nice...

• Release of the Z30
• Release of the official 10.2
• Release of the official Link 1.2
• Cross-Platform BBM

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Why not make it a big of a bang as possible... Why would they spend all that money to launch one thing one week and do another launch the next? do everything at once and have maximum press coverage

BlackBerry - keep moving...

Yeah that's true... "moving" is the only thing that counts for BlackBerry

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From the look of the add, feels like the back of a white z30, I believe it's the launch of z30 featuring 10.2, and 10.2 for the rest of us will follow in a months time to give z30 a little edge over the rest.

I also believe bbm X platform will be launched with z30 also as a strong selling point for it making it a more "social phone"

As such large sizes are cooler for media and social ratjer than business.

Hope am right

Crackberry Q10 / Playbook

"Find out how to make every conversations feel like you're there..." > BBM for sure!

Maybe it's the day that it will be available on Google Play and App Store.

For the sake of BlackBerry and this community, this "surprise" event better not be for the release of the 9720. It just doesn't make any sense no matter how you look at it.

I doubt anyone in their right state of mind make so much noise to launch an outdated phone.

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Actually it's a hush hush event. Blackberry has been no less than secretive, and I'm digging deeper because I'm really feeling the Z30 here.

"to find out how to make every conversation feel like you're there"

Hinting BBM Video with huge Z30 screen?

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Please I want to have an invitation for this Event ! I would go to France just for BlackBerry !!! Please be an awesome event !!

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It doesn't actually have to be ready for launch . . Remember everything with BlackBerry is "coming soon" ;-)

I one of person are working at BlackBerry Centre in Subang. So I'll be there on that day. They are not launch Z30 but the wants to launch BlackBerry 9720.

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No way. BlackBerry 9720 is already on the market man! I saw it around KL being sell. The event must be the introducing of Z30 or perhaps BBM cross platform shout out.

I won't be at the launch because I'll be leaving for my flight to Osaka, but I think you're going to eat your words. LOL Kita tunggu dan lihat ye.

I don't think it's the z30 it would be a waste at the same time apple is doing their thing but BBM for Apple could piggyback some media attention

I don't see having a invite for a release of a BlackBerry 7.1 device either

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I had a Viatnamese friend who worked with Keep Moving Project has said that on that day, Z30 will be on Malaysia market and for some countries around Asia also.

3 PM Malaysia = Midnight on the west cost of US & Canada... what a nice thing to wake up to, morning news reports about BBM being launched and having all the press there to cover it so it is not yesterday's news... ;)

" to find out how to make a conversation feel like you're there "

It is BBM, Yesss!

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Wish I could be in KL that time. I'm in Terengganu and i think except from my wife and I, there aren't any hardcore BlackBerry fans like us.

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BBmystery.. I will be there..lets see what will land to the world that day..

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I heard from BBin that the announcement is only for Malaysia, so it can't be BBM. Sad.

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It seems to me that it is the Z30. The invitation card is like the shape of the phone??

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The screen size matches iPhone 5s. since not launched in Malaysia or anywhere in the world - That's iPhone 5 running BBM

Did anybody got this from blackberry? I am not sure what it's

INFO RESMI ‎​BlackBerry
Research In Motion Limited (RIM)

- Mengumumkan Kepada Comunitas Pengguna Smartphone ‎​BlackBerry di Seluruh Dunia, Bahwa PT.RIM Canada Melalui Cabang di Tiap-tiap Negara Mengadakan Gebyar Promo & PT.RIM Indonesia Memberi Selamat Kepada Anda telah berhasil Memenangkan Gebyar Promo Dari Research In Motion Limited Canada Melalui CEO Suite Jakarta, 1 Unit Mobil Honda Jazz RS. (Pajak Sudah Ditanggung Oleh Perusahaan RIM Canada).

No.Rekapitulasi Pemenang :
Untuk klaim Pengambilan & Proses Pengurusan Hadiah, Silahkan Menghubungi Langsung Research In Motion (RIM) Indonesia.
Biaya Mutasi Balik Nama STNK & BPKB Di tanggung Pemenang Sebesar Rp.1.750.000, Melalui SAMSAT POLDA METRO JAYA Jakarta.
INFO Hub Center Line ;
- Call Mobile 0852 8177 8777
Tidak melayani SMS
- Terimah Kasih Anda Salah satu Pengguna Smartphone Blackberry Yang Setia.
- Keputusan Hasil Pemenang Promo RIM & Ketentuan penerimaan Hadiah Pemenang Adalah Mutlak & Tidak Dapat diganggu Gugat Sesuai Dengan Surat Pengesahan yang telah di Legalisir oleh Instansi Pemerintah yang Terkait

- Program Promo ini Resmi dengan Surat Pengesahan & Di Legalisir oleh :

No.Lampiran:Ud.03.RKP 39.IIV-5/SAH
No.217-01-Ⅳ-UND/Depsos RI/2013
- PT Research In Motion Indonesia
CEO Suite Jakarta
One Pacific Place, 15th floor
Sudirman Central Business District
Jl.Jend.Sudirman Kav.52-53 Jakarta 12190

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I've gotten those. It comes as a pin to pin message and I don't know how to stop them, or what they are for.

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As crackberry has updated. Its not only for Malaysia. Its happening in Mumbai and Paris too. Z30 for the world. Go Blackberry!

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"To find out how to make every conversation feel like you're there ..."
Unless it's a marketing baseline they've previously used, I believe the message is pretty clear !

Hear hear my Crackberrians, it is for cross-Platform BBM. I'm calling it. Hopefully this will translate to a bit more Blackberry handset sales. It's a risky gamble. At the very least, it should give a boost to blackberry's market value for when they sell-off the company in pieces ( oh yeah....that's happening). In any event for me this will also keep me from jumping ship now that my friends (a lot of them live outside the US) will have no excuse for not being able to communicate with me real-time. Email is so 90's.

The pic looks like the back of a white Z30....maybe launch, with an extra colour?

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You guys are missing it. The object the text is printed on is the back of the z30, BlackBerry logo and everything.

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It can only be cross-platfrom BBM. Hopefully, everybody will be able to download it the next day.

The image clearly looks like the back of a telephone. Even the blackberry logo is in the middle like on the Z10. I bet they will announce the Z30 and cross platform BBM

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Hope it's the z30 and 10.2 plus announcing all the apps that come with 10.2 ( instagram etc.). BBM cross platform. And then the 9720? Might as well make a lot of news and the stock price jumps up.

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LOL it looks like they are gonna re-launch Z10 because it looks like Z10 back cover!

C0001799F sub to my channel! Posted via CB10

That is to confuse people. I believe its going to be the Z30, BBM Cross-Platform, 10.2 update and its unique features and another secret surprise.

It will be the z30 presentation, the cross BBM announcement and the official 10.2 release. That would be great!

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This looks like its developing in a major event. IMO, it may very well be the launch of the Z30.

Let's put the puzzle...Z30 cases has been posted in eBay...BlackBerry Link 1.2 has leaked...the invitation card obviously lookslike is a Z30 preview!..which came with BBM cross, OS10.2 ..

This one is got to be BB4ALL.. the event description speaks of conversations.
Less possibility of a device.

I'm not sure why they can't just have these events in waterloo to keep costs down as much as possible. Instead spend the money on marketing and/or apps. Am I missing something here?

So no one noticed that the ad is shaped like the Z30?

Via my Zormtrooper running w/unlocked r/time, and dark themes.

Might make marketing sense to release/introduce the Z30, 10.2 and BBM in the same event.
The audience/media for BBM will attract a wider audience (iOS and Android + BB) if they launch Z30 + 10.2 features at the same time, they'd get bundled in the same media stories/blogs etc.
Throw in a few big names apps that now run in 10.2 (or are waiting for 10.2 release) and it adds to the story

i.e. BlackBerry release the Cross platform BBM today for iOS and Android along with their newest 5" flagship phone Z30 running BB10.2 OS.
With BB10.2 Instagram, Vine, ... now make their way to BlackBerry World.

Non-BB customers would otherwise probably not notice/read anything about the Z30 as they aren't following BB.

Also doesn't make sense to have a large scale event to introduce only 1 thing.

Wooo hoo in malaysia, im from malaysia. Will always go for blackberry...blackberry are inventorrrrrrr! samsung is imitatorrrrr!!

Posted via CB10

I'm really hopeful for this event, as past events I feel were a bust. I'm a huge BB fan, and had my Z10 since day one, but this event needs to be a biggie! If they want some positive media, and the stock to rebound a bit, they need to do the following for this event: Announce the Z30, with a for sale date the following week "WORLD WIDE", annouce that Cross Platform BBM is NOW available for download, announce 10.2, and demo the living crap out of it at the event, and show off the big missing apps like instragram, Netflix (yes, I know...). If they can pull that off at this event, that will be awesome! That would make blackberry be a 'player' again by doing this event right!

If they're planning on selling by the end of this month is does rather makes sense to clear house and just annouce and launch everything whilst you still can.

BBM cross platform seems legit, look at the comment in the photo: "to find out how to make every conversation feel like you're there..."

That would seem like a BBM cross launch to me.

"To find out how to make every conversation feel like you're there." "Conversation" means mobile chatting which equates to BBM. "Every" means BBM4All Android and iOS phones. "Feel like you are there" means BBM video with a nice size and resolution smartphone - meaning the Z30. The Z30 will launch with 10.2. There you have it!

I read through every comment, because I'm proud that as part of #TeamBlackberry Malaysia, a lot of my fellow mates from my country have spoken of their excitement.

I got excited over the invite simply because :
1. It makes sense. Perfect timing for Z30 with the i's just launching, and Nokia's Lumia 1020 launching in Malaysia the very next day. So even an unveiling would steal the thunder from Nokia.

2. Malaysia has always been one of the strongest ground for Blackberry. Come to Malaysia and you'll be surprised at the number of Berrys around. Being part of the south east Asian stronghold for Blackberry, it makes perfect sense that Malaysia be chosen as one of their focus markets too. Again, as I said in the forum - our launch of OS7/9900 was just before that in the States as well.

3. While it MIGHT be the cross platform BBM, I have doubts, because I think Blackberry has proven they're going into overdrive, and I'll put my faith in them this time to get it right : meaning at least an unveiling of the Z30 (not a piggyback event to introduce cross platform BBM). Besides, there is no word of approval of BBM as of yet, and it would be premature to expect one.

4. The often mentioned 9720 undoubtedly would have a market in Malaysia, but trust me when I say, Blackberry is still pretty much alive here. When P'9981 was out, I heard it immediately sold out on pre-bookings alone. Walking around with my P'9981 was not so much of a rarity, as I bumped into many people using it. Anyone remember the cost of it? So don't think just because it's Malaysia, we're only up for lower end phones.

5. I wanted to inspire the excitement that the invite has obviously generated. In times of doom and gloom with Blackberry, I believe (and this is bordering on cheesy), that we should all stand together, and rally behind Blackberry. I am not a paid employee or affiliate of Blackberry officially. I have no insider scoop. The only bragging right I have is as a member of Blackberry Elite of Malaysia and also an online 'friend' of Blackberry (again, unpaid). And yet my love for the brand is something that is real enough for me to want people to stand up for their favourite! We don't have to be zombie fanboys to say something nice, or to hope something big for Blackberry. And I'm REALLY hoping this continues the momentum that Z10 and Q10 offered.

I am willing to place a friendly wager. I am betting it will be the unveiling/introduction of the Z30. Anyone fancy a bet?

We'll bet something small - like a Blackberry Z30 case/pouch (in true Crackberry fashion with an IOU).

If it's the cross platform BBM, or the 9720, I'd gladly spend to keep my part of the wager if it means someone will grab a Z30 to use it with. LOL.

If I win, guess I can accessorize my Z30 when I eventually get my hands on it.

Anyone keen?

Meanwhile - #TeamBlackberry Malaysia - keep strong, keep believing. And Crackberry, thank you for bringing us all together.

To Z30 and beyond! Woohoo!

I'll take your bet.
Even though I am super excited for the Z30 as well. This will give me something to look forward to in the even one of us is wrong.

Haha! sounds good. I believe I will choose the Transform Hard Shell Case Cover in white then!
So let me make sure I'e got this right:
You are betting that they will be unveiling the Z30 on the 18th. If you are correct (which I hope you will be), I will get you the leather/micro fiber pouch.
I am betting that they are unveiling something other than the Z30*. If I am correct I will get my choice of case for the Z30*.
*When the Z30 is available of course?
Is this correct?

PS - Kevin and the whole Crackberry family, fancy sending me an autographed Crackberry shirt with the whole team on it? :-) Anyways, cheers from Kuala Lumpur, dudes. Keep up the good work.

I don't think so, I think they will meet there own forecast and some. Though all the negative rumours and speculations, all based on here-say and un-names sources may have hurt BBRY sales. Its nuts how so many suspected articles designed to manipulate BBRY and make it seem as though they are going out of business have been published to spread such false information, without facts. Freedom of Speech I guess.
People just need to use common sense and not fall victum to the nonsense bashing. Seeking Alpha has been a joke as of late, the Anti-BlackBerry articles are getting to the point of crazy, rehashing the same nonsense over and over again.

Yeah heres a great idea release bbm on the same day ios 7 comes out....sigh blackberry you make it hard for me to love you

Klubbkidd, add me, from Malaysia.

The first Pioneer user of BlackBerry when launched in Malaysia.


MY Q10


Fellow msian, always good to know more BlackBerry people from back home :)

*sent from an australian Z10

Is it that hard to see its shaped like the z30. It even has the blackberry logo on the back of the phone the way the z10 does.
C'mon team blackberry!

9720 launch! "Sick and tired of the modern smart phone? Blackberry has the answer ! The all new retro-designed 9720! Live in the past, laugh at the future!".

I jest. I suppose we should be happy for any effort of marketing these days.

Totally awesome if it is the Z30 and cross platform BBM simultaneously. Why not, bigger bang for your event bucks and great marketing push.

We will see if BlackBerry has learned a thing or two about marketing to consumer from the past mistakes.

BBM will bring relevance back to BlackBerry big time. With BBID, consumer can pick up any BlackBerry phone later and hit the ground running!

Consumer loves BIG screen and battery life. Z30 fits the bill. With the refined 10.2 OS. It will be an awesome mobile computing machine. Thanks to Apple that they did not announce a phablet and left the door open for BlackBerry. Hope this is BlackBerry jumping on this chance and announce Z30 just one week after the Apple event.

Go BlackBerry Go. you got the products. Just market them right. No need to break up. Get a few partners and carry on. You can do it!!!

Really hope its the Z30!!! Been looking forward to it for a long time. Plus, its my birthday so that would be an awesome gift. :D

I'm going to miss this.... How do I get myself invited to a BlackBerry event?

Will be in Indonesia & coming back 18th evening :-(

Posted via CB10

I'll be playing GTA V so I will not notice this announcement for about 6 months, you may also see a dro in my comments on the blg and in the forums. Whatever they announce, lets hope its a smart watch coupled with the z30 and maybe that they have found a buyer. Maybe they will also announce that I did indeed win a car, amongst the other 5 people that got that pin message.(yeah right)

Also they should run a BBM for android and ios contest to win a z30. that would get a lot of people downloading BBM and spread the word much faster.

I think they will announce Z30,10.2, and BBM with video for ios and Android..."To find out how to make every conversation feel like you're there..." sounds like something video related to me.

Posted via CB10

No, they're announcing talking to people in person as an alternative to using a phone after BlackBerry is no more :/

(I joke! Flame off!)

Since iOS7 is to be released on the 18th, I think BlackBerry will officially be announcing BBM on iPhone & Android on that same day. If I remember correctly, it was said that BBM would be out on iPhone/Android in the summer, and the last day of summer/beginning of fall is September 21. This means BlackBerry would keep that promise (we'll find out soon if this actually holds true). Plus, when you think about it, where the announcements are taking place are where the heaviest BBM users are (Asia/Pacific Rim, I heard maybe even India). While I wish it was the Z30, I doubt it would be. BlackBerry Jam Asia would be a better place to announce the Z30, but as Kevin pointed out, it conflicts with the quarterly earnings call. So I agree with Kevin that it most likely will not be announced at BlackBerry Jam Asia. Plus, I highly doubt it's to announce 10.2. It makes more sense to announce 10.2 at the launch of the Z30. Personally, I think it will be announced in early October along with 10.2, and then slowly rolled out across countries/carriers through the rest of October into November for the Holiday season. I won't be surprised if the U.S. has to wait until November to get Z30. Plus, I recall when Sprint (I believe it was Sprint, correct me if I'm wrong) said they were not going to carry the Z10, because they were holding out for a new flagship phone from BlackBerry, they hinted at a November release time frame. So many rumors, much speculation, and some leaks to churn up our excitement. I guess the only way to find out what is actually going to happen is to wait and see.

Posted via CB10 / BlackBerry Z10

If it’s the 9720, it would be an embracement. It should be BBM and the Z30 along with the 10.2 update and a possible mention about the 10.3 future update. Who knows, could also be a 10" PlayBook 2.

Hey Folks !
I'm a BlackBerry french user and the Chief Editor of (french blog)
There is no invitation to sent to France !

I made a call to BlackBerry France, this new is false for France.

NO EVENT on September, 18

Posted via CB10

Zamal, I think Bla1ze added in the updates based on info he may received. Check with him.

For now officially I know Malaysia has announced. Is there anyone from #TeamBlackberry Dubai or Indonesia who can check if there's any word there? I would think if this is that important they would be possible spots too.

Salutations de New Youk City USA. Serait-ce peut-être une fausse rumeur? est habituellement correct sur ​​ce genre de choses. J'espère que vous avez tort mon ami.

10.2 or BBM. I personally can't wait for 10.2, the few bugs I have on my leak are starting to get annoying and I also really need wifi calling. I can't check in places and I can't use my hotspot. Cmon BlackBerry let's get 10.2 rolling out, this should have been 10.0!

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I find it a little more than curious, if not amusing, at how excited people on these forums get over a press event from Blackberry. Of course, assuming that history repeats itself, within hours of the press event concluding, there will be anger, hostility, and cries of how disappointing the event actually was. Along with the requisite posting that Blackberry lied to us or Blackberry promised something that, yet again, is coming soon. So today's lesson is: keep your expectations in check and low, that way, you may actually be pleased by what occurs. And seriously, Blackberry is going to buy Apple?!? You might want to check your medication on that one. :)

Seems like a little much just for an announcement of a cross platform IM. Logically, can't see this one being plausible. On the other hand, this would be an odd location to announce a new 'mid-tier' device such as the Z30.

Well, if someone bribe me with a God Father Pizza, I would definitely say it is BBM cross platform. Happy Friday the 13th CrackBerry!

"To find out how to make every conversation fell like you're there..."
This can only mean BBM is launching in both Apple and Android stores.
Right now BBM is only available for BlackBerry, which makes the "every conversation" only applicable for BB owners. When launching in both app stores will allow users to make EVERY conversation fell like they are there. Forget the Z30 or any other possibility.

We will finally see it by end of summer as promised. Goobye Whatsapp, hello BBM4ALL !!!

Its got to be BBM. Cool marketing strategy to do it on September 18, the same day Apple makes IOS 7 available for free to the public. BBM is either going to be a stinking flop for Blackberry or a screaming success. Hoping its the latter.

Rumors! rumors! and another rumor! So this is what replaces the party line. Did you hear that Betty and ......................................!

Does this mean that CEO will be there, let's hope so, and also let's hope that he ((Thorston Heinz) will make a speech, and let us know that bb is going okay and will be carrying on with plan b, keep believing and going on in their own. And BlackBerry is not for sale.

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Rumors say that BlackBerry 10.3 will be released on the 18th. lol. We are we kidding, we all know that isn't going to happen another year. At this rate BlackBerry 11 should be coming out in 2017

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I think we are all going to have a buffet Zed 30 coming with 10.2 plus bbm along with it fireworks all over to the moon blackberry forever