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BlackBerry hits the road with Mercedes AMG PETRONAS

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2013 10:47 am EDT

A few weeks back BlackBerry announced their new partnership with the Formula 1 Mercedes AMG PETRONAS team. Things have been moving along and today they have dropped a new video with deeper look at the team, the cars and how they use BlackBerry 10 to get things done.

Aside from the sweet BlackBerry branding across the cars and race suits, the team uses BlackBerry 10 to stay in touch and tackle their everyday tasks. Team drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are both big fans of BlackBerry - Lewis loves BBM Video while Nico is all for BlackBerry Balance.  Check out the video above to see the whole team in action as they talk about why they are loving BlackBerry 10.

Read more about the BlackBerry / Mercedes partnership
Check out the BlackBerry Mercedes F1 Photo Gallery



One of the best relationships BB could have signed up for. Top notch team with a top notch mobile device. Lets hope for some wins this year!


I agree

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Typo! Petronas not Peronas...

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Awesome... Lewis Hamilton is G

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It's peTROnas, not peROnas, Adam! (commenting from the country of Petronas's orgin) :)


Ok, now we need a QNX Formula 1 Mercedes.

R Field

Awesome now time to troll my friend with this who owns a Mercedes AMG vehicle who's a Andriod fanboy lol


I wouldn't be surprised if we find Lewis tweeting from an iPhone or an Android!


Too bad the partnership isnt with S.F.


Not really he was voted best driver by all team principals. He only lost (by 3 points only!) because Ferrari was way slower than Red Bull (constantly more than 3 tenth of a second) and he made up the difference.

In truthfulness Alonso lost to Adrian Newey not to Vettel.


BB chose the right team imo, seeing how big the market is for BB in UK and S,E Asia and will continue to grow . This exposure will be good for BB but likely they paid through their nose too.
Oh and PetroNas is the national oil company for Malaysia and they have oodles of money and associating with Mercedes ain't bad either, perhaps Thorsten's German heritage comes in handy again


I follow Lewis on Twitter. He uses an iPhone :s


So? He's got more then one phone...


His 'primary' device is his iPhone. But yeah, he surely has boxes of phones he does not use hehe.


I stand corrected! He has been using the Z10 since they gave it to him hehe.

He posted a lot of instagram pics the day before. Then he showed off his Z10 on the track.



How can you be sure with these celebrities that it isn't just their PR person or personal assistant tweeting from the PR/Assistant's own phone?


If that's true that would be a PR fiasco for BB


That makes sense, I'd sent a tweet askin him to share experiences with BB10 for all BB/Hamilton fans... never received a follow up... but then again, he must receive millions of tweets a day..


Leave it up to a German to run the company to success and Partner ship with a formula 1 team. Proud to be a German living in Canada...

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So where's the Mercedes Silver Z10? lol


That would be absolutely gorgeous!!


My favorite F1 driver (Lewis) and favorite technology company on the same team. Hopefully they get the aerodynamic issues worked out sooner than later so the car can grip better. Love seeing to BlackBerry logos on the cars on and suits!

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They should have done this when Jim B. was trying to buy an NHL team. Better late than never. Good luck to them.

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Kriilin Namek

How about a limited edition AMG Mercedes carbon fibre/aluminum Z10?


The timing of this article is perfect. I'd just reached out to them to check where I could buy co-branded apparel (MB AMG & BB). They still seem to be in the product development cycle. If you guys know where we can get some F1 branded stuff, pls let me know


Info Mercedes <> 8:29 AM (4 hours ago)
to me
Dear Prajith,

Since the partnership still is new we have not been able to get any co-branded merchandise yet.
It might take some time since the production takes time.
I am sorry that I can´t give you any more information right now and I apologize about the inconvenience.
We are working on it and we really want to get co-branded items on the market as soon as possible.

Med Vänliga Hälsningar / Best regards

Alexandra | Customer Service
+46 31 764 47 40 (phone) | +46 31 764 47 41 (fax) |
BRANDON | P.O. Box 48030 | SE-418 21 Gothenburg, Sweden
+46 31 764 47 00 (phone) | +46 764 47 01 (fax) |



This was pretty good timing for Blackberry to form this partnership with the NBC network going to air the 2013 F1 season hear in the states as well as Mercedes getting a popular driver like Lewis.


Anyone notice the voice-over at 2:12? You hear him say "BBM Time" but you can see him mouth "Face Time".

jojo beaconsfield

i knew about this a while back and could never figure out why they didn,t push this partnership more . i think they will hv more incredible news to come as we hit the us market. bring out the big guns.


Benz'n'Berry #lovethat

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Sweet #blackisback

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Adam Zeis

What's this F1 you speak of? The only formula I know is baby formula. 


Yeah, but that goes pretty fast, too!! ;)



Now thats what i call advertisement !!


Look out for Sergio Perez this year in his McLaren.. you heard it here first


My AMC and BlackBerry go hand in hand! Can't live without both.

Kevin Michaluk

I wonder who's **faster** on their Z10, me or Lewis?

Adam Zeis

Doesn't matter. His car is still way cooler. 


Naw...Perez gonna get smoked by the silver arrow.


Woo! Hoo! New season starts this weekend and I've got the entire weekend off work!!!

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Oh, and it's so much funny posting these Crackberry articles to my Facebook page and annoying my isheep friends.

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So weird seeing Lewis with PETRONAS... Awesome seeing Blackberry on a car too.. and not just one in some random location.. its EVERYWHERE..


Class meet Quality This Just gets better day by day Mercedes & Blackberry


Class meet Quality This Just gets better day by day Mercedes & Blackberry. BLACKBERRY BABY


Hey Kev , u wont hold a candle to that Lewis guy once he gets going. He's fast and furious like that P Tracy but way smarter. I have been watching F1 for years and perhaps this year Mercedes will challenge for no. 1


so are they releasing a "mercedes f1" edition bb10?


cant wait to see the blackberry mercedez edition

Patrick Pierobon

Awesome! I love Ferrari but going to have an extra little cheer for Benz and BB! Amazing team to sign on with!


I was hoping they would sponsor McLaren eh=( at least now I'm proud to drive my CLK63 now=p


So when are they going to release an F1 app for the z10...


There is one...F1 Connect even has Reader for the links :)
Just check out BB World.


just the way I Love it... I Love BlackBerry and I Drive Mercedes... well the old 1988 300E one. So much Love this partnership... Probably there will be the next BlackBerry - Mercedes Limited Edition... #wish I would be the one hahahahah #daydream


Nice. Maybe I'll go to the Canadian grand prix this year. Lol


Season begins the 15th of March with practice in Australia. Come on Hamiliton, bring that BlackBerry Mercedes into pole position to start the season!