BlackBerry 'Hercules' concepts bundle phone, watch and tablet designs

By Adam Zeis on 30 Dec 2013 12:23 pm EST

We've seen plenty of great concepts for BlackBerry phones this year, but the latest (and most likely last of 2013) shows off not only a phone, but also a tablet and smartwatch. 

Forums member Ziro1 posted up these awesome concepts for the Hercules Collection -- a bundled set of BlackBerry phone, updated PlayBook and Smartwatch. These are some pretty awesome ideas and I could definitely get down with the whole collection thing. 

The phone has a huge screen plus a physical keyboard for some awesome BB10'ing. The Hercules PlayBook would finally bring BlackBerry 10 to the tablet. And the smartwatch -- let's just say shut up and take my money.

Check out the gallery above for all the designs then hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

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BlackBerry 'Hercules' concepts bundle phone, watch and tablet designs


my gf's sister just got an almost new green Cadillac ATS-V Sedan only from working part-time off a home computer... this page
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I love the idea of getting 3 new matching items.. I'd certainly buy all 3, but not THESE 3.. props to the designer for creativity but I don't like these at all.

Any of these? they are all the same.. one is a phone, one is a tablet and one is a watch but they are all the same design, and it's not the design for me..

I like my Blackberry devices black, clean and sophisticated looking.. this design might be 'cool'.. but its not something I'd carry into the board room or wear on my wrist with a suit on.

I hate all of these "concepts". They're nothing more than "fan art", but it seems like the majority of readers think they're from BlackBerry, and many go so far as to believe they're the next big thing. And CrackBerry seems to encourage that - is sensationalism all you have left?

It wouldn't be so bad if they were correctly labelled but most of the time these articles don't include any indication that these things are just fan art, seemingly in an effort to get more page impressions.

It is quite odd really as pushing these designs in this was is potentially harming the company that is the sole reason for the site's existence as people get mad at BB when their actual phone designs do not match up to these concepts in some areas due to minor things like the need to obey the laws of physics.

I agree with you. As a committed Blackberry customer, when images such as these are posted and suggested, even if indirectly, as possibly coming to market and then they do not become reality, the situation breeds disappointment. While I would be delighted should these products become available, I think CrackBerry should do more to make it abundantly clear when images posted are from Blackberry or some hopeful fan. That way any confusion and disappointment can be avoided.

Adam, you're missing the point. First of all, the title just says "concept" and makes it look like they're concepts from BlackBerry. And like @Skeevecr said, they potentially harm BB because people get excited for devices that will never be produced and are completely different from anything BB is working on or planning. Maybe just stick to reality...

Don't worry Adam, there are some of us left in the world that read the full article before going off on tirades about not being informed fast enough up front that what we glanced at was something other than the picture presented.

What a lame, kiss-ass comment. Did YOU even read the comments. No one is "going off on a tirade" and everyone read the full article.

BlackBerry 'Hercules' concepts bundle phone, watch and tablet designs

To me, the heading suggests this is an actual BlackBerry concept (and I doubt done so on accident), not a fan concept. Headings are what draw people into an article (and whether they want to read it or not) so by not actually stating they are fan created does give the idea that this is truly a BlackBerry designed concept and inciting the reader to click only to then find out not so much.

A more accurate headline would be "Fan-created Concept 'Hercules'Bundle..."

Just my. 02

Posted via CB10

+1 Same here. But I am happy after all that this ugly concept was not from Blackberry. Also the poster placed his topic at 'rumoured devices'; moderators please move to general or fantasy topic.

Title is very bad.

This stuff should stay in the forums.
How about crackberry encourage some 'fan made' advertising and marketing, that might actually help....

Posted via CB40

Including some clarification that it is a fan-designed concept in the title would be the best approach if you continue to write articles on these designs since there are no longer as many leaks to keep the site going.

Even the watch? The watch is the only one which really looks good... the phone design is horrible...


As much as I would like a next-generation tablet from BlackBerry they are going to have to copy the Apple iPad Air in terms of thinness and light-weight. The seven-inch screen is ideal but again we need the resolution to adjust when connected to an HDMI-capable display and provide a real desktop environment UX. And full integration with the BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Oh and not priced in the stratosphere.

The biggest flaw for me with pretty much all these fan-made concepts is that they are always a bit too fiddly just for the sake of it, with things like needless corners, edges etc. that would make a phone less comfortable to hold onto while at the same time making the casings more difficult (and thus more expensive) to make.

You mean that they're in poor taste. I agree. Just because you have technical skill does not mean that you have good (or any) taste.

I think it is time to bring these people in from the cold and offer some freelance contracts.

Some of these designs are worth looking at. They are looking better than the official designs.

The Hardware division could be next on Mr Chen's list. I'm sure that with the Foxconn deal going through. They will be under more scrutiny than ever.

Digital Homeboy and others adds an extra dimension to what BlackBerry is and could be.

Posted via CB10

I'm lovin' that smartwatch! Just make it work CROSSPLATFORM and we are good to go!

Posted Via CB10 using the power of "Q"

1 year before bb10 CrackBerry was posting concepts... but from blackberry that finally made it out as BB10 devices...

1 year after bb10 Crackberry now posts fan made concepts... mmmm interesting...

I'd love to buy those but come on CB you can do better than that

Posted from my Q10 with only 1GB of RAM

I really like how the phone looks. It brings a very modern and fresh approach - it basically injects some life into BlackBerry's otherwise "dull" designs. I do love the design of my Q10, and I think it's one of the better looking phones out there, but IMO a little more daring design (and perhaps some color) would maybe help in removing BlackBerry's "old" and "not cool" image from consumers perception.

Dude completely taken from a cross of the synthetic and metal band offered by Sony SW2!!

Even 2 of the icons being recoloured are exact. Oh and if you want it now with function check the forums and it lasts 3 days of heavy use and charges via microUSB or can use your own watch metal band since the connection is standard.

Posted via CB10

I truly hope this would happen. Especially the PlayBook, I am truly missing some of the bridge features that we had with the earlier BlackBerry. Chen, make it happen!!!! Please. ;)

Posted via CB10

I think the these concepts look great, especially the wrist watch, and I like the idea of a tablet, ,

Now only if blackberry was reading these blogs and sites to see what the fan's like it would be in a better place.

Let's see if we can forward these ideas to the company itself.

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

If only Blackberry would learn the art of advertising and marketing.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

I like them all but I'd keep my z30, I'm in need of a new watch and I definitely need a pb2, if they do 2 sizes of playbook I'd get a couple of larger ones for my parents :)

Posted via CB10

These concepts are really pointless. The shape the company is in they'll never in the next 5 years be able to turn something consumers want out.

The problem is not the design the big problem is the software (to many errors and base
errors ,freezing, it is supposed to be a bussiness phone but the errors make it a beginner phone ) .
They have a lot of old specification ( horror camera,not full hd resolution,poor app,etc freezing all the time )
I was a big fan ,but now everything is old memories :)
In december i bought a samsung S 4 galaxy and the diference between S 4 and Z 10 is hugeeee
Now i feel i have a phone and all my wishes are accomplished without any kind of delays :) also the bussiness sector is covered very well.
Thank you samsung for keeping the flag up !
For all who have blackberry i have a word : dont lose your time to be angry on your phone....just buy a better one!

Can't argue with you that BlackBerry has made a lot of stupid mistakes. Having said all that, did you ever try a Z10?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

A BlackBerry 10 device "Freezing all the Time"?
Not sure if you are just making this up or have an issue with BBRY overall, but let me stress, BB10 does not freeze up. And especially with the new updates, no such thing.

Baseless comment. BB10 does not freeze, app gap has almost disappeared with the latest leak. And I'm sorry, but the S4 has got anything on the Z10, BlackBerry has the best OF on offer at the moment, they just need to let people know it exists.

Posted via CB10 on my sexy white Z10 rocking

Is this guy serious. BlackBerry10 is the best, never had a problem with my Zed10

Posted via CB10

My eyes just fixed on the word 'tablet'! There was some other vague stuff about a new handset, best go back and read that...

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Wow, the Playbook looks sleek and sexy. Wonder if Chen is looking at these concept devices :)

no that was.... I like this phone is the best phone I hope that BlackBerry make this phone

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I think they are all beautiful, so props to the artist. As for me, I just hope BlackBerry comes out with PB2. both of mine are so heavily used I don't think they can last much longer and I don't know what I will do without Bridge and HDMI out. (said with groveling sob in voice). I probably need to get out there and buy another one before they are all gone.

Very nice Idea. the smart watch actually looks like a decent watch. Nicely done.

this might be a good marketing idea for "prosumers" and enterprise. Tablet needs to be "done up" so it doesn't look too much like the old playbook. not for any other reason other than people like to see new things.

The only bad thing with concepts is that no company will EVER take a concept and make it into a product. A lot of legal issues exist so unfortunately this will never be a reality!

The Q10 is sweet looking, but I would go for the PlayBook tablet and watch in a heart beat. The RED makes them look unique and stand out. Hopefully BBRY takes the Rednes look before the competition does.

I am loving the phone with the keypad and the watch, I just sold my pebble watch when I made the switch to BB10. Miss the convenience of it in my busy environment.

Posted via CB10

That is an awesome lineup! I did get excited too....not the same old blah look. They look fresh and fast! How much and when can I buy!!?!

Posted via CB10

These are nice looking devices. Although I'm not sure that Blackberry would adopt these particular designs. Coming out with three devices would be awesome if they'd be high end, like 4 GB Rom and 32 GB Ram for the phone and something similar for the tablet. I'd like to see the phone with a replaceable battery. Does BlackBerry read our comments?

Oh my how boring? not home button and small screen like the world famous iphone? good god give me something more like Thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Looks so cool

I would give up Z10 hands down because I want the keypad but I didn't wanna sacrifice the screen size, this would be absolutely perfect. Best of both worlds =]
I hope this is taken into consideration somehow I support it 100%

Posted via CB10

This phone with the Qwerty keyboard is very awesome and everything is well designed!! Continue your nice work and you should open a BlackBerry channel to put your Ideas!

Posted via CB10

this is not innovative at all. you know what is cool? stuff that changes the world. somebody put a matching cool paint design on a bb10, a playbook, and a watch. so what? no wonder. i hope R&D is cooking up something better than this.

If BlackBerry actually made something that cool they might actually sell some phone.

They also need to bring back the track pad and the two buttons if they plan to target the business market. People are hanging on to those bold 9900s for that reason alone.

Posted via CB10

I like this concept a lot and hope BlackBerry is paying attention. They have the platform now and could follow up with a killer phone for all of us die hards... The only thing my blackberry is missing is some essential apps.

Posted via CB10

Doubt BlackBerry would ever do this (though I like it a lot).

They seem to firmly believe that people who like physical keyboards only want tiny tiny screens.

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No. Just, no. These look terrible. And putting a physical keyboard on a Z10-type phone is ludicrous! How do you type when you turn the phone sideways? Extremely poor design and not appealing at all.Kevin said it best above, "watch strap looks cool." That's pretty much it.

I hope BlackBerry looks into this and listen to their fans. Fans like us helped Rogers to carry z30. I know there is also a thread about people are writing to their MPs so government don't carry iPhone. We are keeping BlackBerry alive. I appreciate the concept design from BlackBerry fan. Thank you!!

Posted via CB10

It always boggled me as to why Blackberry doesn't hire some of these concept designers. Sure some concepts may not be plausible, but it will help give the brand some distinction and style in a very saturated market. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of my Z30 but hiring some designers going forward could do wonders.

BlackBerry has always had style. But it's a highly distinct style. Something like this can appeal to the people who still think BlackBerry is dead. The Z30 is a step in the right direction (though I think it's a monstrosity that never should have been made) because it bridges the gap in people's minds about what a BlackBerry is.

Interesting you feel that way. Why is it you feel the Z30 should never have been made? It is easily the best phone BlackBerry has ever made.

Posted via CB10

Gangster! I want a phone sized like a z30 but with a physical keyboard slapped on the bottom!


Q10 ~

I really hope to see all of these devices in the near future... I will get them all!!!

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry should come out with a 12 inch Playbook running bb10.2.1.xxxx preloaded with choice android apps.

Posted via CB10

I'll change my stupid iPad into those without hesitation. Damn! That's a very sophisticated design, I love it!

Posted via CB10

The Hercules Q10 is sexy! I hope BlackBerry is watching, because I want!

Oh... I forgot! I want the Hercules Playbook too!

I don't get why the guys at BlackBerry can't come up with these designs when fans seem to be cranking them out effortlessly. THIS, THIS is the BlackBerry fans want. A Qwerty Keyboard with a MASSIVE screen. Its really that simple. Put at least a 4in screen on a BB10 device with option of 32gb AND a real homescreen screen design and i'm in... signed, done! You got my to buy both a Z10 and Q10 at FULL price. Its obvious you still have my loyalty. I Just want the phone I always wanted to go along with it.

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These, I think, are ugly. Just like simple cut and paste from 9900 keyboard, storm screen and put on a Z10 body & back. I won't buy any of those. But I like the idea to have 3 devices: phone, tablet and smartwatch

Anyone got a 'why did my comment get deleted' rant in stock? I was too incompetent to post it correctly, now I need to blame someone other than myself. Happy New Year to all BlackBerry owners!

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

The concept of concepts itself is not for me, even though the designs themselves are nice and pretty. I prefer reality. These concepts will never be realised. We need to quit dreaming and concentrate on manoeuvring BlackBerry in any small way we can in a direction which helps it to survive. (Just don't ask me how! :)

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

This concept only looks nice that's all.imagine typing in that phone
Awfull to hold while typing, not practical will never be on market

You are right, these are fan created concepts.

This is part of BlackBerry new device strategy.

To save money, devices will now move from concept to end of life, without a costly production and marketing period. Support will still be limited.

Tufcustomer, it is a personal opinion that monolithic 5 inch screens aren't necessary for BlackBerry. Now, knowing the masses like big, generic looking devices I can't truly argue its existence. However, I don't have to like or agree with it. A more powerful Z10 sized device would suffice for me in place of the Z30.

Posted via CB10

I like the Playbook, and I would buy it. Don't see the need for a smartphone watch from any brand. My 2 cents...if it is not a Blackberry designed product, I don't want to see it. It is just fluff otherwise...

Calculator watches were soooo cool in the 80's...

....the new generation calculator watch idea is just as cool. NOT!

Competing with a bad idea is.....uhhhh a bad idea

...just sayin'

Posted my fancy BB10 pager thingy

Can we stop the mindless concept BlackBerry smartphone articles and focus on the problems plaguing BlackBerry, the company and the brand? BlackBerry already has a tablet yet abandoned it for all intents and purposes shortly after its arrival on the market. They can't even get fully functional BlackBerry Bridge between BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 smartphones. The time for these concept articles has come and gone like an unwelcome house guest over the holidays. And who needs a smart watch? All I except of a watch is the correct time and date and durability to last at least a decade. Oh a user replaceable battery too.