BlackBerry to Have Native Web Browser as Good as iPhone's Safari by Next Summer? And other BB Browser Tid Bits...

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Aug 2009 05:15 pm EDT

BlackBerry Browser To Be On Par with Apple's Safari Browser by Next Summer?!

I just finished watching a pretty comprehensive video evaluation put together by equity analyst Chris Umiastowski that was published earlier today. If you have 17 minutes to kill, you can jump on over and watch the video in full for yourself. The premise of this briefing was to demonstrate how BlackBerry is doing compared to Apple in the consumer smartphone space in terms of core features, and to point out some of RIM's strengths and shortcomings and highlight the things they'll need to hustle to improve quick in order to maintain their sales momentum moving forward.

Though it's not said in the video where the analyst's info is coming from, it's pretty obvious that some of the statements made must have come via RIM (during an interview with somebody higher up the chain would be my guess).  A few of the most interesting points made from a CrackBerry Addict's perspective were in regards to the web browser and include:

  • RIM acknowledges it needs to improve panning and zooming within the web browser and that the issue is an on-device one - it has nothing to do with connecting through the NOC. The key issue is memory management (not enough device RAM). RIM says it's a fixable problem and expects to have a browser on par with the iPhone's Safari browser by next summer.
  • Javascript support will be enabled by default within the web browser this fall. Currently it ships with the JS support setting disabled (enabling JS support tends to slow things down... remember my Bold's Buggered browsers post which was written nearly a year ago?).
  • And very interestingly, RIM gave a reason as to why WiFi on a BlackBerry can often be very slow (not any quicker than using Edge/3G). Apparently RIM has diagnosed the culprit and it has to do with being too conservative on BlackBerry battery management in that the device puts the WiFi radio to sleep too often. Not many details are given here (other than devices being released in upcoming launches should hopefully have much faster WiFi transfer rates) but it's quite possible that if you're using your WiFi browser at the same time that you're connected to Edge/3G but your device doesn't seem to be browsing any faster than if WiFi was turned off, that well, WiFi may actually be asleep and you are actually on Edge/3G.

The presentation goes beyond web browser talk, but the points above are what I found most interesting and newsworthy (news to me anyways!). For the full nitty gritty, be sure to check out the full video.

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BlackBerry to Have Native Web Browser as Good as iPhone's Safari by Next Summer? And other BB Browser Tid Bits...


Heh, looks like I'm not as crazy in my viewpoints in the forums as people seem to think. Maybe more people will view things my way now that a "securities firm" has evaluated RIM for the near future. I told you guys they have about a year to get things right. Well, we'll see just how quickly they can make changes. I'm a firm believer that they won't be able to match the current iPhone OS offerings within the next year (mid 2010). I belive that they will fix a few things, but they will not be close to matching Apple. Take for instance the whole browser thing. RIM seems to think their own issues are panning and zooming??? Yeah, ok, how about HTML rendering lamos?! That's right, you stuck at HTML rendering in the browser and you also suck at it in emails. This is where the iPhone platform excels in and like it or not, it's the truth.

3rd party app development, 3D acceleration, HTML rendering improvements, removing bandwidth limitations (i.e. truncated emails and 2.9MB filesize limitations on attachments and downloads), and UI changes.... yeah, RIM's got a nice bumpy road ahead of them in the next 6-12 months. I think they'll come up short and fail... someone prove me wrong, because if they come out short and open their mouths about "We still have the best push technology" I'm going to puke.

In simple words.... BRING IT RIM!!!

There was a lot of "we believe that they can fix this problem". The question that leaves me with is can they fix it on current devices as well as new devices?

I think RIM is on crack and they think that we are too.

Why do so many peoples are coming to BB and then leaving them. Pretty simple not enough changes between the BB phones. They are basically all the same with either 3G or Edge or ED-VO.

Imagine Apple having multiple devices with multiples carrier within the next year... no more rim that's for sure.

RIM is definitely on crack if they think that they will make significant changes IE: the bb browser within a year. They didn't care before why should they care now? Their platform is secure right?

Everyone here automatically gets defensive and starts naming the things that the iphone, pre, and android operating systems cant do without realizing what this whole video was about. It was about showing how much the CONSUMER market matters to RIM, stop using the argument "well im not a child that wants a toy, I use my blackberry for business and it works just fine and if i want a browser ill get my laptop if i want media ill use an mp3 player if i want... ect ect ect..." Sorry but this is a new age where our phones do almost EVERYTHING from internet to music to videos to unlocking our cars(Wow crazy time). For you to say that all of those things dont matter is ridiculous and might as well let RIM file for bankruptcy now. They wont make it if they dont deliver better to the consumer market. The point of this article was to point out that RIM is FAR behind the iphone in the areas like browser, apps, multimedia(needs a much better video camera the, the 3gs video was amazing), performance, games, and overall look and graphics of the OS. Webos looks amazing and android looks like it could be the closest that can challenge the iphone if they were to give it good hardware and the functionality of the hero. RIM is being left in the dust in the places that are starting to matter in this business, RIM has to work quickly and not wait a year to be on the same level they need to blow everyone away, i thought they would try with the storm 2 but now we obviously know its just the storm one with a better screen and sturdy OS, same camera, same everything else, not impressive at all and in fact disappointing. Yes RIM is amazing when it comes to push technology but that will only get them so far for so long because eventually the other big platforms will develop good push systems and then no matter how loyal you are you might switch when you see an overall better product. You are forgetting why you started to love RIM in the first place, Innovation and great technology, but that is not the case anymore they are no longer the trendsetters they are the followers trying to keep up with the other guys. RIM is too good to be a follower and need to blow our minds and it looks really bleak for OS 5.0, it seems like just a slightly better OS system and nothing that is going to make anybody go crazy, just say "oh thats helpful" and thats it. You can get mad at what i just said but its the truth. I dont want an iphone and will never want one and i own a storm and LOVE it but when i see the things the iphone, android(will do), and pre i really want those features like the video of the iphone, fun of the pre, and future functionality of android(hero android not g1). But i still love RIM and hope the Storm 2 wont be what i think it is but it sure seems that way and all future RIM devices look the same and thats not bad just the OS's are all the same and that shows a lack of innovation because there has been no big improvement in years in which everyone has stepped it up. But like i said i love blackberrys and my storm but im sick of not having it be reliable. Dont give me the whole leaked OS discussion because thats not even a worthy argument because you should not need a leaked OS and that fact that apps like quickpull and memory booster exist is embarressing and dont give me the jailbreak an iphone argument either because its still great either way, same with webos and android. To not see RIM needs to do something big is ignorant, RIM should not just work "fine", RIM needs to work GREAT. But i hope they make a change to the storm 2 since they have already seen the 3gs, pre, and hero in the last year. But it doesnt look that way now. But i only say this because i want to have a RIM product that blows my mind because i am a big RIM supporter and will hope to see some major changes to future devices, THANKS!

I am glad that you said that. I love my Storm, however the iPhone runs circles around it. RIM really needs to open their eyes and step it up a notch to be on the same level as the iPhone and the Andriod. I really hope that they are listening to their consumers and watching their competition closely.

I agree with you and infinitig35... my wife has an iPhone and I am a proud owner of the storm... we throw jabs at each other about who has the better phone... lets just say I raise a white flag just about everytime.

Awesome Video! Looking forward to the day when my Blackberry is my actual computer and all i need to do is pair it (Bluetooth) with a monitor, keyboard and mouse if I want a full PC experience, but can take it with me and be mobile! Now wouldn't that be something! Then stick my credit card paypass chip (password protected) in it so it can serve as my wallet also.

My Blackberry Storm…
- is my Internet browser
- is my Weather forecaster
- is my Calendar and organizer
- is my Digital Camera
- is my Twitter connection
- is my FaceBook connection
- is my BB, GTalk, and AIM Messenger
- is my GPS navigation system
- is my Map
- is my Secure Password/Account number keeper
- is my Laptop/PC remote controller
- is my GPS Tracker (Measure distance for bike trips and runs)
- is my Movie ticket purchaser
- is my Local business finder
- is my Memo Pad
- is my MS Word editor
- is my MS PowerPoint Editor
- is my MS Excel Editor
- is my Calculator
- is my MP3 Player
- is my Mobile video viewer (I have a few full DVDs on my phone)
- is my Contacts organizer (I can add other Blackberry owners by scanning their unique barcode using my phones camera)
- is my Alarm Clock, Stop Watch and Timer
- is my Restaurant reservation maker (OpenTable App)
- is my Internet Radio (Pandora)
- is my Google Voice phone
- it can even lock my computer when I walk away from it (using Bluetooth technology)
- it can unlock my home using Bluetooth and a PIN (3rd party hardware required)
- it can alert me when a door in my home is opened (3rd party hardware required)
- oh and it also makes phone calls, sends text and email, etc.
I think I’m missing a few things… but I think the point is made.

RIM has a simple business model: it makes phones for networks and their specifications. Apple's is: it makes phones for people to love.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint, Vodafone, and Rogers each have their footprints on their own Blackberry models, some features purposely crippled or dropped according to network specs (i.e. Storm no wifi?, Bold not touch-screen?, Curve 8900 and 8520 not 3G?). On the other hand the iPhone is untouched not even by AT&T. This makes RIM as nothing more than a manufacturing client for networks which bring in their own specs on the table for RIM to manufacture. Whereas iPhone is built with people's happiness in mind. Did AT&T made a final say as to distribution, marketing, themes, etc. to the iphone? Never. That is why Verizon turned down the iPhone in the first place because that virtually takes VZW off the iPhone other than use it in its network.

We've had Storm 9500, Bold 9000, Curve 8900, 8520, 9700 Onyx, Tour 9600, Pearl/Pearl Flip. Each model specifically built for certain platforms and networks. What about the OS? Simple, endless patches of updates, official and non-official. Sometimes it leads me to believe that non-official updates were purposely released to the public just to avoid embarrassment and to count only the official updates.

It's funny how Blackberry has a myriad of models in the market place, Palm also has variety, Nokia has N97, E71, E63, E72, Samsung has fancy-named devices, LG has several also. But Apple only has iPhone 3GS/3G yet it breaks ground. Because iPhone is all about the OS. You can make as many phone models as you want and still miss the OS. While Apple made just one line, the iPhone 3GS/3G and perfect the OS, and what do you have a near-perfect phone.

It's about time that RIM makes phones for people, not for the networks.

Oh about Push technology, wake up people it is not something that only Blackberry has. iPhone has push email too (Yahoo and MS Ex) and GPush (Gmail, AOL, etc).

Yes I agree with everything you said unfortunately.

When using my storm it seems many apps are awkward they don't seem to fully utilized the touch screen capabilities. Then I realize all BB apps must take into account other BB that do not have touch screen. So apps are made for the lowest form factor. The result is an sub-par customer experience.

I think the only OS that can compete is the Android since is open source it will benefit from the hackers that continue to make the phone a success, but the Android is far behind the curve.

A year is a long time to play catch up and RIM has many more fixes needed to be on par with the iPhone than vise versa.


Because BB has this myriad of phones, it needs to fix or develop an update and send patches every now and then to different models. It's OS and User Interface also has to be specific to certain phones as some are candy bar type, some are clam shell, another is touch screen, some are trackball, and now the trackpad. Look at how much resources RIM is wasting having people develop and execute fixes for different phones. Whereas Apple only need to focus on one device, the 3GS/3G and perfect the OS.

You bagged it right. RIM's downfall has been not expecting their phone niche to expand to the consumer market. That caused them to walk waaay too slow next to the behemoth called Apple.

It won't be long. Seems that RIM is working toward making bb the best comprehensive package available in smartphones! See...? Competition is good! Bring it on, iPhone!

Wow, lots of "we believe RIM can do this" and "we were told that....."

I love my Storm (now on .148) but man, we're far behind Apple on the iPhone!

will we be able to upgrade our version on our blackberrys now... or will it be on NEW BLACKBERRYs... that is the QUESSTION?

Taking 3 years to catch up to the competition is pretty sad actually. When are they going to fix the browser to seemlessly transition between wifi and network?

Nice try, and what happened to the supposedly iphone killer (Storm)? interestingly it was the biggest embarassment in RIM's lineup.

Yes, bring it on, by next summer we'll have OS 4.0, who knows how big 60,000++ apps could be by that time.

One small step for RIM, one gian leap for Apple.


(oh, BTW, i ditched my Storm long time ago. I couldn't live without my soooo wonderful apps)

Very interesting material. I look forward to following RIMs progress. I am a fan of Push technology. And would like to see a more progressive OS. by the summer of 2010 my Blackberry might be as user friendly as a 2007 1st generation iPhone, which by that time will be on it's fourth generation with new features...?

if RIM is even agressive on breaking the competion, why would it wait next summer? why not bring it on Storm's next OS update. I mean why wait? who knows what is cooking in those months in Cupertino and Redmond? When you are competing, you don't wait, you act now.

yes, OS 3.0 got the cut-and-paste feature on iphone, but it is way better and more accurate than on the Storm and my old Blackberry 8330.

Before this year ends, Apple may add flash support to the Safari. It is now in fact at least 3x faster on the 3GS vs 3G. And we can even make webpages as widgets or apps themselves without having to open your browser and click favorites or history.

Oh, and have you seen the latest blackberries? noticed how geriatric the graphics are? Wake up RIM, all I needed was buy a theme and install it on my Curve 8330 and it looked the same as newer ones. Geez, two years after the release of the old iphone and nobody yet has even came close to the iphone's mac-like graphics.

Good corporate video.

I am with some of the others as far as about waiting until Summer 2010. I know it has to do with the contracts of the iPhone with AT&T, but why hold off until the phone can be released to all carriers. RIM needs to make some of these improvements before then so that the word can spread. If not i fear that many blackberry users, including myself may jump ship for the iphone once it is available for Verizon.

I hope it does not take that long for RIM improvements, I really love my Storm.

Haha thats funny next summer lol. Man this is kinda sad to me. They are not achieving to be better than the iphone browser but as good. Are you serious? Lol And a whole year. What happens if Apple comes out with a something else innovating. Is it gonna take another year 2 years plus another summer to be as good. Even palm took a chance. They took a shot at apple tried to mimic the web browser to best of they ability then guess what threw in they own spices. Lol Seriously Rim makes me laugh. They tackle each problem one by one. First they are supposedly adding threaded messaging. finally. Even Lg has jumped on that band wagon and added it to their env3 and env touch.Lol Here is what you should probably do Rim instead of pumping out hardware devices with basically all the same features try focus on software now. Never seen a company put out 8 forms of the same thing. lol

I'm getting tired of RIM releasing a new BlackBerry EVERY THREE MONTHS with the SAME things on them.

It's like having Beyonce OVEREXPOSED everywhere.

Give us a break RIM...for as popular as your devices are: there's no excuse for deficiencies in an area such as the web browser.

Btw; why is the iphone's browser only noted? Forget the 'popularity' of a device as a comparison; take into consideration the actual 'capability' of a phone's broswer as a comparison...with that said; the Pre's WebOS should be compared to just as much as the Safari's browser is.

Sadly its true that by the time they plan to release their fixes might be too late and you might have to fight to win back your once loyal fans. Its sad that the Iphone is beginning to run everything. Their app store is running the market and they are making leaps into the future. In the close future some banks now will make it possible for u to take a snapshot of you check and send it into your bank and that will count as you depositing your check. If that isnt innovative I dont know what is. All that email talk rim is still on is old. WAKE UP RIM GROW SOME YOU KNOW WHAT because Apple 8th round and the scorecard is showing a blowout on apple side. When iphone becomes available for all carriers look out Rim because your in deep trouble. And this is coming from a person that works in the cell phone business. Thats the number 1 question I get when is the Iphone coming to Verizon. But best of luck to you RIM. I do want you to succeed. It isnt personal just want the best phone possible and you are really slacking.

I love my Blackberry and will not switch anytime soon but that video is right and RIM does need to improve and I think they are and we will see this in the 9700 and Storm 2. If not I can not see Blackberry surving in the coming years. The Iphone will impove on their email and be on differnt carrier in the future. I can't wait to see wait RIM has up it's sleave in the future.

it runs on a different server...would take to much time to get the info back to the phone...not a good solution

LOL, this is sad. Why next summer? The way apple is going. By next summer it's going to have a digital projector on the iphone to broadcast your 3GGGGGG super mega seed browser onto the wall. I can read it now. 2010 Crackberry - "BlackBerry with browser speed as good as iphone's safari(in 2009).

summer 2010? WOT???

it was better NOT say anything (and just let ppl hope..)then say this next summer...

very WRONG move...

skyfire HURRY UP... ty (or Skyfire ffs)

next summer is a slap to the face. im not waiting that long for a product that is so essential to everyday life. lets hope rim gets back into the game

bitch, bitch, bitch

I mean seriously.

The BB browser is fine, by no means perfect, but fine.

What do you want from the OS. I think the iphone has created a smartphone consumer equivalent to a child staring at bright shiny lights.

The OS is solid, intuitive and works.

People keep clamouring for a new skin. Be thankful you have something that works, well.

A hard reset at least once a day? Either that is complete B.S. Or your just not trying to have a good Storm. Are you still running .75?

With the newest leaked hybrid OS from Lyricidal my Storm Has yet to need a hard reset. Starting since the day 6v4 came out. The only time my Storm gets a reset is when I delete or install an app, Maybe once or twice a week. My meter berry stays at 46mb to 42mb free for days on end. I've never seen it drop below 42 free.

Seriously if at this point you are unhappy with your storm it's most like your fault. Plenty of easy solutions out that address the majority of issues.

If you seriously have to do a hard rest at least once a day to keep your Storm running! Please add me to your BBM or shoot me a PM. I would be more then happy to help you have an awesome device like I and many other Storm owners do.

But let me guess you wont do that, Bitching is to much fun right?

I am the proud owner of a POS BB tour. It is just as bad as the storm I had before if not worse. It is worse because it was supposed to be " a big improvement" all I did was trade one set of problems for another. After the new os was released my storm lost a lot of its issues but come on, the front buttons came off of the thing for petes sake. I dont have to worry about doing a reset on my tour it does it all by itself. Right in the middle of calls, or web surfing or texting just when ever it feels like it needs a break. I am sick of the whole RIM s%$#. I am on my second tour which I have had for a whole 48 hrs and it has literally reset itself 5 times each time taking approx 8min before I can do anything with the phone. I call verizon and they say we are documenting that there is a problem. Take it back to a verizon store and they will replace it. I would rather be hit than to have to deal with the incompetent bunch of idiots who work in the store closest to me (40 miles). I then travel about 70 miles to the next closest store. I feel like sending RIM a gas bill for all my travel. I would be the first in line to get the iphone if it ever comes to verizon. I would not look back at BB. So tomorrow I will be getting up early to make my 70 mile journey after which I hope to leave the store the proud owner of a HTC or Samsung or hell i might just get me that knack phone that has no add ons, carry my camera,laptop and get me a backbrace and a really big purse and I will be set. Who needs convenience anyway.

read the forums of any new BB

the OS is anything but intuitive. deep text menus to get to the option you need.

how do you delete a theme? go to options > themes > hit delete?

No, you gotta go to Advanced Options > Applications > then find the theme

stuff like that.

Oh no way do I agree with it works. Its a problem when alot of bb users use a third party browser to do everyday browsing. I myself use opera mini and i have a storm. Iphone has created a smartphone user that is more intelligent. I am not in love with the Iphone or anything but its sad what the browser is on the blackberry.The Os is solid intuitive? What OS are you running. The storm OS is a lot of things solid and intuitive definetly is not 1. And if everyone went by your policy then there would only be one car manufactor because you only need one company to make one that works and is solid lol. The point of the matter is that Rim got comfortable and Iphone came around and put them to shame. And instead of doing what palm did and making a valiant attempt they took their same os and stuck it on a Touch Screen and expected everyone to go crazy. You know why I have a storm because I got mine free. Thats only reason why. And having it il say phone has potential hardware wise but software sucks. So Iapologize if I acutally want to the best that I could possibly get within reason.

I have a bold, so I cannot comment on the storm.

However, I find the bold always ends up exactly where I want it to be. Even if I hit the wrong key. It always seems to take care of me.

I am also very new to the BB world. I had years of Palm/WM experience (and even a tad of Symbian (ug)) and I find that the BB is just perfect.

I am actually a little bored. It just works, I don't play, tweak or adjust my phone. I always always doing something with my WM to change, adjust.

Back on point, I still think (and I know I am in a minority) that the browser experience on smartphones is unbelievably overrated.

I use my BB for a handful of sites, some which I get off an RRS Feed/Twitter and a few bookmarks.

They all load, work and I do what I need.

If I want a full web experience, I'd boot my laptop.

Maybe if Xmarks synced my BB Bookmarks, I'd see things differently, but I doubt it.

Trust me, talking to a lot of iphone users who are not totally irrational people, the grass isn't always greener (unless you jailbrake)

They're not fixing their browser till next summer?!!! WOW, that is sooooooo slow. I hate waiting this long to have a user friendly blackberry.

I know people want the browser to be better, and it should be better, but I use the BlackBerry to get stuff done. I usually use the web to find out bits of information or RSS feeds, and for that it works fine with Viigo on the RSS and google works fast enough for me to get the info. I tend to use my phone to triage, do, and put away. Seems to me iPhone users want to pull it out and use it for long periods of time. Which is fair enough

My browser on the Blackberry Tour 9630 with os opens just about everything. It's pretty quick...and with a higher resolution screen (480x360) than the palm pre (480x320) or even the iphone (480x320), web pages look crisp and accurate. On the Pre you cannot save images off the web unless you print the whole screen and then the image is not the original resolution.

People who say they get tired of scrolling just havn't turned up the sensitivity of the tracball to 90 like I have & nor have they taken the time to use the keyboard shortcuts like pressing U removes the title bar to see more of the web page, pressing T or B for top or bottom of page, or I & O to zoom in and out.

The pre even lacks video recording, text forwarding, wont sync with outlook, poor battery life, only 12 available applications, inabiltiy to have different tones for different system sounds, & ringtones have to be loaded via computer in mass storage mode and can't be downloaded over the air or via email attachment, can't delete a track off the device without again returning to mass storage mode to remove those tracks manually (during which there is no phone service until mass storage mode is exited), the battery terminals jar loose on a mojority of devices when closing the keybaord or when the device is bumped thereby causing the phone to reboot, can only download mp3s while using wifi

The tour does not render pages half as fast as the iphone, or the palm pre. Also most everything you mentioned nagative about the pre has is, or will be resolved with os updates, and I can guarantee palm users will get updates more often than with rim... Lets be honest here, I'm sure you like your tour, but its still behind the pre and iphone. Yes the pre is low on apps, and it needs an os update or 2 To get fully functional, but it, and the iphone run circles around all bbs for the most part. As for the browsing experience, nothing can match the pre and the iphone. While I do like blackberrys for the keyboard, rim needs to do something fast. Everyone is moving ahead, and if they aren't ahead, they will be shortly..

I bought my Curve 8330 because it is a work horse, not because I want to shoot vid of my 4-year-old kid or play games.
The iPhone is a neato phone, for sure. It has great "cool" appeal, but I always though intelligence was more sexy than "big uns" and a nice facade. And, the BB is the smarter phone and therefor sexier.

What I appreciate about the iPhone (and I came into the smart phone game just earlier this year) is that it has got RIM on its toes and the competition has caused improvements and more are to come. For the longest time, the price point of BB phones and the necessary data plans meant BBs were for business only.
iPhone made the smart phone cool and Sprint brought in competitive pricing, so now smart phones are consumer phones and we all benefit.

It was clearly stated the browser shortcomings are a HARDWARE issue.

This means that no current phone will get a better browser, and we will have to wait a full year to have a BB with enough umph to browse well, and then buy the most current phone just to get better browsing from a Blackberry.

In a time when I have to watch every penny, this hardly seems like good news to me.

BroadbandAccess Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO) network from Verizon Wireless has been enhanced with EV-DO Rev. A to deliver fast data speeds and greater efficiencies. Fast downloads - typical speeds of 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps. Fast uploads - typical speeds of 500-800 Kbps.

With Sprint, you get average download speeds of 600Kbps to 1.4 Mbps, peaking at 3.1 Mbps, and 350-500 Kbps average upload speeds, peaking at 1.8 Mbps. Similar to DSL, and about ten times faster than using a dial-up modem

AT&T's latest 3G devices provide typical download speeds of 700 kbps to 1.7 Mbps for downloads and 500 kbps to 1.2 Mbps for upload

Tour has faster internet speeds, higher resolution screen than the iphone/pre, Tour has 3.2 megapixel camera (iphone & pre have 3.0) Tour keyboard is definitely better to type on than the pre's & it multitasks very easily.

Wow. I cant believe the comments here. Have we seriously become so dependent on our smartphones, that we expect them to be as fast as our desktop computers? I mean come on people. Its wireless. The networks were never designed to have your phone load the internet. If you want your fast internet, hook up a netbook. My Storm is 100% capable of loading web pages when I need it to. I have PATIENCE, which apparently not many of us have. I use the internet on my phone for ViiGo, Vlingo, App World and thats about it. I dont see any other need than for news feeds and such. The internet was created for a COMPUTER, not a PHONE.

i think its cuz we all have browser envy. we see iphone users loading pages faster, zooming in and out faster, and scrolling up and down pages faster and our eyes are green with envy. i love BB but this is something rim needs to address before they can REALLY get a good holding into the consumer market

Yes, we have become this dependent on our smartphones. And if the consumers want internet on their phone that is equivalent to a little laptop, that's what they should be able to get. The technology is here, RIM is just behind the times. I love my BB to death, but quite honestly the only reason I still have it is because of the physical keyboard. I know everyone talks highly about "push", but I don't even use my phone for business, I have gmail. If the iPhone had a physical keyboard and the ability to run background apps (and apps not approved by the app store) then I would probably already have one. RIM still has the multitasking thing down, let's just catch up on the browser already. It's kind of embarrassing trying to defend my BB against my friends iPhone's when the browser sucks so bad we end up using the iPhone's...

RIM really needs to step up there game, Im running out of things to do on my phone and although Im in love with my blackberry if I could find an iPhone 3GS 32GB for a reasonable price I would switch over (at least for a bit) in a heart beat. Sorry guys but Apple really stepped it up with the 3GS and Im a huge web surfer and my bold just totally lack in that department.

If RIM had spent more time working on the software and less time creating 10 different versions of the same phone we'd already be there.....

only going to buy a new bb if there is a big innovation like when i used to own 8100 to the bold.. till the next phone that has a major upgrade that's the only time i'll be buying a new bb...for now i'm happy with my bold

This is excellent news. I really hope they fix this problem. Browsing isn't the greatest on a BB but it is doable, and way better than any wap browser :P but hey! If they're striving to make it better, then that's good :)

+1 to Civic's comments. Next summer for something that might be as good as iPhone broiwser etc etc.... when will RIM realise that taking a year to catch up wil still leave it behind where Aplle doubtless will be in a year's time. Hardware issue - duh! Memory and bandwidth issues are nothing new, wifi doesn't even work properly apparently because of power management issues.

If RIM had just come up with the entire concept for a consumer touchscreen BB and the iPhone hadn't been invented yet, you could probably forgive some of this stuff. But the iPhone had been out for a while, Windows Mobile has been around for ages and its shortcomings well known. It's like RIM took aim at the side of a barn and missed, by quite a way. Yet more stumbling round for another year and presumably hardware that gets out of the dark ages.... great, I'll have another 6 months left on my contract and a Storm 1.

I'd love to know just how 'bad' iPhone and Exchange is compared to BES and the exorbitant charges for it.... it's need to be a whole lot worse to justify it.

iPhone and Exchange is NOT bad at all. Far from it. It's actually awesome! It syncs your entire mailbox (including contacts and calendar) completely wirelessly with ActiveSync. Email is instant as well as it's Push in that config. There are no additional fees associated with it and it supports it "out of the box". Anyone that says iPhone and Exchange pairing is "bad" is an idiot that doesn't know what they're talking about. I have a bunch of clients on Exchange servers that use iPhones and they all WORK. I don't ever hear anything from those people. With SSL enabled, it's just as secure as BES is in communication between the handset and server as well, RIM's got nothing on it "out of the box"... you have to pay extra to use and have BES and even then, navigation and view of the folders in your mailbox is a joke. The problem with BIS/BES is that a 3rd party server has to "mirror" your Exchange mailbox layout, which BLOWS! With ActiveSync, what you're looking at on the iPhone (or other ActiveSync device) is exactly what the Exchange mailbox looks like. The sync is between your device and the actual Exchange mailbox, not between your device, a 3rd party sync server, and then your Exchange mail server. It's so much better then BIS/BES, it's not even funny. People saying otherwise are brainwashed into thinking RIM is the cutting edge of email technology, which they aren't.

Oh, let's not even talk about the HTML rendering limitations of RIM devices... no such issue with the other handsets on the market that do ActiveSync.

But I rarely use the web on a mobile platform. I don't get it. I try it on my wife's iphone - I hate it. I try it on my bb using all 3 browsers - I hate it. I try all the browsers on Windows Mobile - I hate it. All the scrolling around, pinching , zooming, yada just gets old immediately.
When I do use the BB Browser (Which I find to be more efficient than my wife's iphone browser) its for quick look ups at best.

There are improvements I would like to see made to the BB experience but an iphone like browser falls way to the bottom of the list.

That being said....
What I have discovered really quickly is that the BB experience is not for everyone. I am troubled by the trend that folks want the BB to be more like <> If I wanted an iphone or pre I would have bought one.

Although I enjoy the web browser and several other things posessed only by my iPod Touch - I actually don't want to watch TV, videos, or surf the web on my Blackberry. However - it would be very nice if these experiences (on my Blackberry) were as good as or even better than those I have on my Touch.

So bring it on RIM and please make it available for older model Blackberries, too.


Unless Crapberry starts using Webkit for their browser, they are destined to eternally suck! The crapberry browser makes for a good joke.

This is completely not true and not based in reality. The webkit engine is not the only way to make a good browser. Opera Mobile (or the desktop version) is NOT based on webkit and it is a very good browser. It is entirely possible for RIM to develop a good browser in house.

The reason webkit is used by so many mobile platforms is because it is cheap to integrate into a mobile platform and works well. Webkit is open source software. This allows companies to use the webkit engine in their browser without paying any licensing fees. By using webkit, companies don't have to invest a lot of resources to develop a browser from scratch.

There were reports a while ago of RIM investigating webkit for use in the blackberry browser. That effort may have failed, or it may be on going. We don't know. Either way, RIM is aware of the short comings in their browser and they are working to fix them, webkit based or not.

Sadly I think his review was spot on. I only wish he used a Storm instead of a Bold/Curve. He seemed to pick the worst features of the BB to compare against the iPhone.

In short he believes RIM has a year to get their act together or else they will get crunched by the competition. iPhone, Palm, and Android. I think he is right.

I kind of felt he seemed to down play BB strengths and over emphasis the iPhones strength. But in the end he's review summarizes what I've seen in all reviews. People get excited over the iPhone and all the others look ugly next the it.

I'm a bb addict and will definitely welcome the improvements mentioned in this video. Appreciate the vid Chris. I await in earnest to see what happens next.

so either they will play follow the leader, and keep doing what apple does (stupid way to run a business). or they will actually innovate (not likely). IMO, the browser works. i am running 5.0 and having tabs does help. and the browser for me is much better than 4.7 for speed. i am on the storm, so i can't say anything about wifi integration and whether it is seamless or not. I wish i could. maybe with my next berry. and though i do consider myself a blackberry fan, i do admit, if the iphone came to vzw, i'd atleast consider switching, if i didn't actually do it. but even if the browser works for me that is in no way saying that it is as good as the iphone, I use bolt, as my back up browser, but even that has gaps. in any case we do need flash, if blackberry could do that, I'm sure a lot of iphone people would consider jumping ship to come over here. my fear with this statement from RIM is that they will, next year, match what the iphone browser does this year. which would be great, but that would still make them a year behind. and with the new htc hero getting a flash player, it really makes me wonder how much longer RIM will continue to add on to the same old OS and not do what Palm did and just wipe off the white board and start from scratch. yes they are selling phones like crazy right now, but they are never going to really get $400 for a contract phone again, like they could four or five years ago. Verizon customers know that blackberrys are under $99 now, why pay more than that? I guess we have three choices, we can wait and see, we can jump ship, or we can do a combination of the two.

"RIM says it's a fixable problem and expects to have a browser on par with the iPhone's Safari browser by next summer."
So "fixable"... As in software upgrades or is this going to mean a push in hardware development? i.e. Are we gonna have to buy new equipment to reap these benefits next Summer? Smacks of political rhetoric phrased carefully to provide a loop hole out.

With this said does this mean the new Storm2 will have the new and improved wi-fi incorporated or will we have to wait til further down the road??