BlackBerry Hate Mail Roundup - I wonder if PR firms will ever quit sending us this stuff?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Sep 2011 01:14 pm EDT
Haters Gonna Hate!

Another week, another round of annoying emails sent in by PR firms with clever subject lines like BlackBerry: Dead on the Vine? and The Fall of BlackBerry. I was hoping that after we publicly posted the PR email we received a few month back proclaiming The Death of BlackBerry that maybe we'd quit seeing this kind of stuff get sent directly to us (seriously, we're a community of BlackBerry FANS). Since that's not the case, you can read the two new examples below.

As I said the other week, with the release and positive reception of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones in the market, I'm feeling pretty positive about BlackBerry these days. Yes, they have to make it through their tech transition and get the QNX platform rocking and rolling on new phones, but it feels like BB7 device sales should pull in the $$ to buy RIM the time it needs to make that happen. But with a RIMM earnings call coming up next week, I guess the timing is right for these companies to ramp up the BlackBerry hateration in the media once again. It's always funny to receive these emails - as it allows you to google around and see what tech/media publications actually follow up to interview/get more data from the sources being pimped out to write their own BB hateration. Enjoy the show. And stay positive BlackBerry faithful, these new BB7 phones rock and the best is yet to come!

And now for this week's roundup of BlackBerry Hateration...

This one just came in today.....

From:     Mark LoCastro
Date:     Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 11:35 AM
Subject: The Fall of BlackBerry: Deals Illustrate RIM's Losing Battle with Apple & Google

Hi Kevin,

Once the dominant smartphone platform in the U.S., Research in Motion's humble BlackBerry now finds itself in grave danger of becoming extinct, as both Apple and Google continue to swallow its market share.

Making matters worse, earlier this week an outspoken RIM shareholder demanded that RIM sell itself or its patent portfolio in an effort to remain relevant in the cut-throat smartphone market.

Is this the final death bell for RIM?

To find out:

If you use any dealnews content, it would be much appreciated if you attribute and link to the article and/or

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Mark LoCastro

Public Relations Manager
718.618.4050 x 1101 │ @MarkL3883
To remove your email address from future outreach, please reply with the word "REMOVE" in the subject line.

And here's an awesome one that Bla1ze received earlier this week too:

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 10:47:47 -0400
To: Chris Parsons
Subject: EXPERT// Blackberry: Dead on the Vine?>>

Hi Chris,

With RIM's share of the smartphone market dropping from 25.7% to 21.7% in just three months, many are left wondering whether Blackberry updates are innovative and timely enough to compete with Android and Apple phones. Jason Katz is the Founder and CEO of and is an authority on mobile technology, instant messaging and on Web-based voice and video systems and can speculate on how and if RIM's Blackberry can make a comeback in the mobile industry.

Jason can also discuss:

* Why is Blackberry failing to appeal to consumers in the market for a smartphone?
* Which features of the Blackberry have kept the phone as a player in the mobile industry? Are these features now outdated?
* Does Blackberry still maintain a niche in the mobile market of devoted followers?

Jason oversees the strategic direction of Paltalk and manages the company's system architecture. Jason previously co-founded MJ Capital, a money management firm.

If you're interested in speaking to Jason, you can contact me at 646-XXX-6166 or at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

I look forward to hearing from you,


About Paltalk

Paltalk is the premier provider of software and technology for real-time, rich media, interactive social networking. The Paltalk platform powers the largest collection of video-based communities and has continued to grow since it was launched in 1998. Paltalk now boasts millions of active members with nearly 100,000 people simultaneously chatting in rooms engaged in lively dialogues, meeting new friends, singing karaoke and attending family reunions. Paltalk has a long history of technical innovation. Paltalk owns 13 patents that cover core technology related to multiplayer online video games and video conferencing. Paltalk supports IM pals on Facebook, Google Talk, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ and is available as a free download.

For more information, please visit:

5W Public Relations
888 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10106

Reader comments

BlackBerry Hate Mail Roundup - I wonder if PR firms will ever quit sending us this stuff?!


I have some nasty blackberry haters in my group of friends. About 97% of them use iphones and I have to listen to the bashing of blackberry all the time, especially when I got my playbook and my 9900. Haters hate because they are threatened that they have an inferiorer device.

I normally don't post too much because I get frustrated with the people that get these devices because everyone else has one, and they want to be cool. Most people dont think about what they want or need. I know this one gal that has an android phone, and all she does is complaign about it, and I say why dont you pick up the new BB Bold 9900. She say my dad says they suck so Ill get another Android that reboots on me all the time. See how people would rather go through (Rebooting phones, She is always muting me when we talk or hanging up on me, her email after 500 messages has to be completely cleared out or the mail is useless) termoil then actually get a proper phone for what they do with them (She does mostly email, and texting).

Well her dad actually does use blackberry, but they are the SUPER OLD ONES Mostly V4 models and maybe a couple V5. Miss information for every angle. I'm thinking of buying her a BB Torch touch just so she can see how powerful they are and do exactly what she wants her phone to do. (She wants a touch screen one). (Please excuse any mistakes LOL)

"I'm thinking of buying her a BB Torch touch just so she can see how powerful they are and do exactly what she wants her phone to do. "

I think that the girl is playing the complaints right if you want to buy her a phone...

On the other hand, if you have an old BB that isn't SUPER OLD, might be a time to sell second hand!

I've had 2 friends in the past month switch to iPhone 4 then switch back. Something haters refuse to believe ever happens. BBM is just too much more important then fart apps and being preceived as being a hip person.

Strange... in Canada more people have BBs than iPhones or Androids. There is a bit of a skew here - I do go the University of Waterloo so I've had a bunch of friends work for them (and their 30-something buildings are beside campus), but I only have 3 people in my family and group of good friends that have iphones, everyone else has Blackberries.

Yeah, it's the same from what I've seen in the GTA. The first week of school just finished and every time a prof said "these are the important dates..." only 5 iPhones came out and about 20 BB's to note them all down. iPhones may be popular for people who don't use them for keeping everything in their life organized, but those who do like to stay on top of everything, use BlackBerry's.

Uhm, perhaps they should think for a second and realise that, it's not that they're lacking positive feedback toward Blackberry devices...It's merely just that iPhone users have more time on their hands to send negative feedback regarding Blackberry devices. I mean, for an iPhone user to have time on his/her hands...sort of tells you exactly the type of person an iPhone user is. Bunch of status-loving wannabes. I wanted to get me an iPhone...used one for about a week, and the device is just not practical. Everything takes you about a f***** half an hour longer to do! iPhone fans, don't contest me, because I'm very certain that 80% of you have never used a Blackberry before in order to do so.

I think it's time for all Crackberry users to fight back and flood their inboxs with nothing but positive comments about our Blackberry experiences and let them know why we haven't switched to Android or apple products

I think their inboxes are going to get flooded with something other than positive comments. I'm thinking more along the line of beastiality, etc.

It really is sad to know that many of the articles that appear on the web are driven by people trying to damage RIM for their own gain.

"If you use any dealnews content, it would be much appreciated if you attribute and link to the article and/or"

Something tells me this is a little bit more "credit" than they were looking for :)

Nice job!

Nobody is disregarding the market share trends in North America. However, EVERYONE is disregarding the marketshare trends in all other parts of the world. RIM has a thriving business in North America and a BOOMING business overseas. How does that spell the death of RIM? all it means is that as a company, they will not see 200% growth. Maybe a more modest 5% or something.. These haters are so stupid. It's like bill gates coming up and saying to you "Oh my god, you are bankrupt... you only make $200k per year? well I make 200million...."

Well Mark LoCastro got all he wanted. You posted his link just like he asked ;p I'm sure he'd concider this a success.

Don't forget to follow the instructions in the first one and say "remove", ok Kevin? And by the way, let's set a date and time. At that exact time every CrackBerry person will spam these people (and any others Kevin wants us to) all at once, in the hopes that their email systems crash from having thousands of emails at one time. Who's with me on this?

yea! we're going streaking! the others are right behind me! through the courtyard and into the quad!

Let's take note. How is an article about BlackBerry a "Feature Deal"? That's the only article I can find by doing some light browsing around their website. Everything else is just them hawking products they sell.

"If you use any dealnews content, it would be much appreciated if you attribute and link to the article and/or"

Of course they want some free advertising. Just looks like a sad attempt for more website traffic.

...and when exactly did the webcam site Paltalk become a mobile phone authority?

I'm a multi-smartphone user, really, I am
In the past 5 years, I've owned 1 iPhone (3G, 16GB, sold for £80), 2 Android devices (HTC Wildfire, stock Android 2.2 Froyo, swapped for XBox 360 and HTC Desire/Bravo S-Off, custom HBOOT and CoolKingdom Android 2.3 GingerBread with HTC Sense 3.0, given to my stepdad to replace his busted-ass old 'Droid), and NINE BlackBerrys
Pearl 8110, Curve 8250 x2, Pearl 8120 x2, Bold 9000, Curve 8900, Bold 9700 and now I have a Torch and a Playbook.
I still have 7 of them. 1 Pearl went to the mrs, and my 9000 broke :'(
I've never really taken anything but BlackBerrys out of the house with me.
Work, personal, play, liesure, whatever, it's only my BlackBerry that rides with me all the time.
And you'd be AMAZED how many people have them!
I live in Milton Keynes (roughly 60 miles North of London, UK), and I swear us BlackBerry die-hards outnumber iPhone and Android users 2 to 1.

That's the point someone else made, RIM is only sliding in the US market. I do a lot of traveling. All over the US and multiple trips to Japan and I can tell you this, anyone that is a mover and a deal maker only users Blackberrys. Anyone that says different has no idea what they're talking about. As a case in point, I was in a bar in Roppongi last trip to Tokyo and we looked at a colleague with an iPhone and said, with a lot of laughter, no time for "angry birds" rookie we got to go. I'm by no means saying that the other phones don't have their market niche but Blackberrys are quality phones for those who see their phones as tools to their trade. With my 9930, I no longer tether my blackberry to my Mac to do work, its all done with the phone now. With poynt and wikitude, with some nice games also, I'm getting a lot of things done at work and relaxing. Two of my piers already traded in their phones for a 9930. I think RIM has a winner here and all it will take for those who negate is to just try them. Kevin, you should send them that video with the two guys trading phones, priceless vid that it was. Show them what we're about. Sorry, I know this was more than two cents...

Hmmm....Before you start sending them emails, just wondering if they know that they will get slammed with emails and then will have everyone in the CB nation's address? Best to use an address that you don't mind getting spammed.

It actually reminds me of the premature obituaries we saw about Apple in the mid to late 1990's when OSX was on the way but unreleased and right before the launch of the iMac. Words are cheap.

Apple suceeded by not playing "me too" but cut their own path, RIM seems to be doing the same, but probably should do more of it. If I wanted an iPhone or Android I would have one. I want a Blackberry - and there is no sense in trying to be an iPhone or an Android phone.

You do realise that by doing this, you're playing right into their game, right?

GoogleBot will see this post ( has a PageRank of wooping 6/10, great work guys!) and then see the links to their cr@p and say "hmm CB linked them, must be good stuff".

Guess what? Their lame posts get PR boost, show more in google search results and all the SEO.

So, you're not hurting them any. Quite the opposite.

Living in multiple international hispanic countries, all that is seen are blackberries. I hardly see any iphones, probably 1 for every 15 blackberries and it's always a foreigner. If they think RIMs only business is in the US, then think again! The RIMpire is long from gone, so don't expect us to be the ones to drop out!

When BlackBerry stop making devices that freeze up every 10 minutes, there won't be any more talk about the "Death of BlackBerry" and articles of that nature. Whose fault is it? BlackBerry's web browser was a POS for years while Droids and the iPhone came in and mopped the floor with them. Face it, the main reason BB still has a following is because the ones using BlackBerry can't type on the touchscreens. If they could, they would have left a long time ago. The business user loves the email, but IPhone's email works just as well these days. Droids and iPhones have legit GPS devices while BlackBerry is still stuck with their inept browsers that are incapable of supporting GPS functions effectively.

my 8330 didn't freeze every 10 mins, my 9780 only locked up once or twice a day, my 9900 has only hourglassed (apart from app installs) once since launch day.... I can type on a touchscreen, but the 9900's keyboard is a pleasure (feels so good it makes you want to just keep typing) to use. GPS works for me just fine... your hateration is invalid. move along.

Dude, my Storm 2, which is more ADVANCED than your 8330, froze once or twice a day and it was during usage. If you're working, that's a death sentence in some industries. And the hourglass occurs more often if you're texting a lot, and I do so for both business and leisure.

And GPS does NOT work like it does on other platforms. Please don't BS me nor pom pom the readers/bb users on this site with misinformation. The GPS checkerboards and doesn't give live traffic like the iPhone does. iPhone gives you to the minute traffic congestion for FREE. That's why I'm upset with BlackBerry and their ancient phone.

- Let's face it, the storm line was a failure. But I've never had problems with my BB freezing consistently like you describe. Maybe once in a blue moon. Additionally, other devices freeze too. That's a fact
-GPS checkerboards? That's due to data not because of the phone. If the network doesn't send you any data (or fast enough), obviously it's going to checkerboard.
-Blackberry Traffic is free. Google maps is free.. and that's not OS dependant either.... both provide up to date traffic info.

I just don't see where your points have any weight. You might have had that one bad experience and hated it ever since. That's natural and understandable though. Same way how people say things like "I will never buy another (insert auto maker here) again. It died after only 10,000kms!!!" but that was way back in the 70's or something.

Your reply about email.... I just don't get what you are saying...

BlackBerry traffic does NOT give live traffic conditions. iPhone's maps does. I don't see how you can even debate this. It's faster, more precise and accurate than anything BlackBerry spits out. The OS' browser is INEFFECTIVE. That's why it checkerboards, because it doesn't download the information as smoothly as iPhone's does. It has NOTHING to do with the network.

As for other devices freezing, sure they do. The difference is a "bleepin" BoooshytBerry takes 10-12 minutes to re-boot while the iPhone and Droids take a minute @ most.

it sounds like you are living in the past bud. to say all blackberrys freezes up just cause yours does is pointless. i have the 9800 and have experienced no hour glass or freezing up unless i install an app. maybe once annd a while, like 1 a month or something. why dont you go and try a newer device before whining about it or if you hate bbs so much move on to apple or android.

I really think you need to try a more recent device before you make any more comments because none of what you are saying is accurate. I've had 1 Blackberry that had problems freezing and after I deleted a Weather app that was always running in the background and my problem went away.

You think email on Iphone and Droid can equal a BB? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about...

The email on an Iphone or Droid is about the same level as pre OS6 web browsing on a blackberry.

Yes, rim kept doing business as usual and it bit hem in the arse. However, rim continued to grow very quickly with its os6 line vs iphone 4 and the best androids. Its just that everyone else grew that much faster, and everyone whos not rim, apple, and nokia is using android, so thats a bit skewed. Now that os7 is the pinnacle of bbos, it really never freezes and only spins slightly during app installs. It doesnt lag and its extremely responsive and apps can be partially stored to memory much like with froyo.

I still use a 9530 and I usually pull the battery weekly if I make excessive use of apps. Otherwise its for weeks, Even with zero app memory available I can still go for days before it really slows down. Every 4-6 months I find I need to reload the os in order to keep it running optimally. It should have been the 9550 that launched first and rim shouldnt have rushed and blah blah blah yes but whats done is done and it looks like rim os learning.

Os5 browser does suck yes, but opera works wonders. os6 was a huge improvement and os7 is now equal in speed to safari and android browser.

GPS is indeed the fault of data networks being slow or something to that effect. traffic and google maps is free as has been said. They provide all the traffic updates needed.

BES email remains the best. ios and android however dont truncate or anything like that nd can be said to be better, yes. I remain satisfied with bb email even after seeing how ios and androd is.

There remain plenty of good instances of bb, get over it.

Well, I have had my OS7 phone for well over 10 minutes and it has not frozen once on me.

Does this mean there wont be any more talk about "Death of BlackBerry"?

I guess not...

If you are still using S2, you have a right to be bitter about the past, but you're ignorant of the present.

I'm with Verizon so I wouldn't know about the OS6 since we didn't get the Torch and I don't like the Qwerty pads. SurePress was decent, but hopefully the 9850 can be a smooth transition.

Not that I don't trust any of you, but I will test out that phone myself and see how it works. If it doesn't function well, I will DEFINITELY put out accurate information. Not a BB hater nor iPhone lover, but there are things BB's simply DON'T do effectively. The #1 reason is their browser sucks like a porn queen.

"Not that I don't trust any of you, but I will test out that phone myself and see how it works. If it doesn't function well, I will DEFINITELY put out accurate information."

You have already proved that you can't put out accurate or truthful information. Please keep the information to yourself, we have enough mis-information to deal with unfortunately. Case in point:

We recently had to attend a graduation ceremony that we had no idea where the location was, just an address. My wife was driving and my daughter, her boyfriend, and I all had our phones. My daughter and her boyfriend both have iPhones and I have a BB Torch. I was able to load up GPS and map the location before either one of the iPhones got up and running. And please before you make yourself look even more foolish, we all use not only the same network ,all the phones are on the same account plan. My daughter has yet to get her iPhone integrated into her school email (she is a teacher, not a student) and the IT admin told her to get a BB, they don't do iPhones due to the low level of security.

So please, use what works for you, but don't bother us with your banal false trivia.

Give me a EF'in break with your story, you self-serving fool. Like I said, I trust myself. I have the damned Storm 2. I don't CARE what device you have, first of all. Secondly, I have seen FIRST HAND both my Storm and an iPhone 4 go head to head with GPS and my Storm 2 blew chunks. I'm not even going there with browser speed. That's what opened my eyes to the iPhone. The map gave directions AND traffic jams. I never have been able to replicate that type of activity on ANY GPS app via BB. I still have to use my Garmin GPS because BlackBerry maps is such a travesty.

Sorry Jimmy- you are generalizing here. Did you even use a blackberry? I had Storm1 and 2 and now the most awesome 9850 and NO freezing for me. I use touchscreen all the time. Tried your iphones and droids and - no thanks. Blackberry works for me- and not as a business user- as the consumer that I am!!!
Think and know before you speak!

I have owned 5 Storm 2's. Learn how to read, Maddie. I'm a Storm 2 user. Do I need to type in Yiddish for you? Man, people on this CB forum are so paranoid, they can't accept the frustrations from one of their fellow BB users. Sorry, I don't live in the land of make believe so I can be part of some cult called the smartphone fanatic. You're as bad as the droid nerds.

One more time, in case you're dense...I AM A STORM 2 OWNER!

I get you Jimmy, your opinion is valid here. The frustration is well founded. No one can refute the issues you mentioned, every BB user here is more than familiar with what you mentioned but believe me OS7 is in another league. Try the 9850, I almost went for it myself. You just might see everything you wanted in a BB realized. The 9930 did it for me. And if it doesn't, no worries...

I have no problem admitting that the Iphone 4 is superior to the storm 2 but I'm really curious to know why you are having all these problems with it freezing.

Unless you have a Storm 2 (or various Storm 2's like I had since the hardware was the biggest POS ever), you really aren't in a position to question the freezes we go through with our device.

"IPhone's email works just as well these days". I had 2 differetn BBs and switched to iphone seven months ago. Can you help me out with this? How can I do the following with my iPhone? I receive an e-mail with 2 attachments and I want to forward it, but I want to remove one of the files, besides, I want to attach two different files kept in different folders in my mobile's hard drive (well, previously I needed a third party app to be able to explore MY hard disk and save and move files and folders). Have not found an intuitive, user friendly way of doing it if there is even a way, I end up doing that kind of stuff from my pc. My 3 year old BB storm 1 could do it nice and easy, it saved me time, but could not play bloody boring angry birds.
Just dying to grab one of those BB7 devices.

I have a bb 9700 and iPhone 4. Unfortunately my 9700 has broken. My 9700 is much better than the iPhone 4. The email of the iPhone is slow my bb received emails instantly so never missed an important email ever.

My 9700 needed charging once every 3 days and my iPhone needs charging twice a day. I cannot wait to be able to afford to get a 9900. As my carrier still have not released it and prob won't this side of Christmas.

I wouldn't give them or their articles the time of day. Why increase negative propaganda? It's time to start doing a weekly article of "How Blackberry helps you through your day." We need to keep it positive. Why do haters come to a BB Forum to b*itch?

I feel like us fanboys in general need to be more vocal about why. iPhone fanboys are always declaring to the world why they think Apple is awesome and everybody else sucks, but we don't really bother talking too much about why we like BlackBerry best. If you're a blogger, write some blogs about cool stuff on your BlackBerry. If you have a Twitter, write some pro-BlackBerry tweets. Facebook, Google+, etc. We can do it without bashing the others (or we can do it with bashing the others) but I think there needs to be more than crackberry talking about why BB's are awesome.

No offence to any other people, but I find that the maturity level of IOS and Droid users are tipped on the negative side of the scale. If you start that topic of conversation it's like you just lit a bomb on fire and they start attacking you. I have had an IOS user in my office play with my PB for 5 minutes and say "yeah, it's alright I guess..... but Apple is the mother of all innovation". I just laughed and didn't want to say anything so as to avert being attacked

Personnely, I would have told him to do his research with his innovative claim. Tablets have been around a lot longer than the main stream knows. Apple doesn't innovate they do what RIM does, make the hardware and software. The man has a point, we may need to just represent blackberry as others do, with emphasis on what is positive about the platform. You are right that they tend to be much more juvenile with their brand loyalty but that plays more to the demographic those phones cater to. I've always felt that the way they shelter their phone bias shows more about them than they think. Blackberry owners, I've found are much more mature, young and old. Much more pleasent to be around. I think OS7 is going to change everyones mind. My 9930 has already converted two people and they are glad to be back.

Kevin you do realize that by posting the email with links you just helped the PR firms achieve what they set out to do which is have traffic directed to their websites.

I have a Blackberry and I love it but let's be mature here, those are market analysts with a perspective on a company, not a personal vendetta. Articles with numbers and results are the answer to emails like this, showing clear results and an objective analysis. Fanboy spam is going to obscure their points of view even more.

Right... and "analysts" said that the economy was in perfect shape because the govmint told em so, then just a few years later ... "Err, Houston, we have a problem!"

"Analysts" - hogwash.

If you buck the trend, you're cast aside as a shite-disturber and lose all credibility. If you "tow the line" you're an analytical genius. Keep people's thoughts and desires centered on mind-numbing i-toys and let them fall for the marketing hype. Sure, interesting products, but not the only product.

- wow! See that? Nice "analysis".

Unfortunately BB's may not be popular in the US, but look around the rest of the world. More unfortunate is that the most vocal "analysts" (hence ppl with "influence") are in the US who "analyze" through the prism of what goes on in their backyard - no other news or analysis counts for much if it didn't originate there. pffff

Numbers are meaningless - anyone can pull numbers out of a hat to fit their argument and never address the real issue(s).

But I agree, fanboy spam won't do a much but entrench their views and "analysis".

Sry, needed a little rant myself.

all i have to say is when you become a grown up with life and a schedule you'll buy a blackberry.
if what you're interested in is a handheld media device that struggles with emails and facebook/twitter notifications get an android, and if you wear your sisters pants, have seen "the fray" 12 times and have a haircut that screams "i hate my dad" you'll get an point is rim has had loyal customers for going on 10 years and other platform users just jump from phone to phone in search of something that a blackberry has....practical reliability.

Ironically, that I why I like Blackberry, social networks notifications, no other platform has the same ability to push content so promptly. Among other things off course.

How can anyone count blackberry devices out simply on the basis of moving from a quarter to a fifth of the market. That is still alot of BB lovers out there.
Blackberry users many of whom were silently waiting on Rim to produce an up to date product got frustrated , they switched to Android or iphone in favor of all the glitter and have slowly been coming back to the gold with the release of these fine 0s7 devices and soon to be QNX.
For me its simple, I dont like the Android OS. IOS (iphone) is great but its not for me. My blackberry is a secure device that does everything fine except for its browser. ( I still sport a 9650) In 0S7 that has been resolved and I can now say I have a complete device in the 9930 or a compatible os7 device. Like the Webos fans out there, if rim bales, many like me will be left scratching our collective heads.
We must continue to support and believe in Blackberry, especially with the advances in the last two months. The horizon looks good too !!!!
Keep your head up Rim!!! Your new devices are awesome!!!!

I was visiting my friend this week and she was writing down appointments with her clients on paper. I asked her why she didn't just use the calendar in her phone (Android based) and she said it was just too difficult to use. I showed her my 9930 and how easy it is to put an entry in and she couldn't believe it. I even showed her how she could maintain her separate calendars for her work email and personal stuff as well as Facebook having it own calendar for birthdays and events. It's obvious Blackberry needs to do better marketing because she was filled with phone-envy lol

I sat next to a guy on the flight back home who was checking out my Playbook and then my 9930 when we landed. He was a Blackberry guy and loved the Playbook, but had no idea they had come out with a touchscreen/keyboard handset. I asked him if he used BB Travel too and he hadn't even heard of it. I asked him about some other key apps like Poynt and he didn't have them either. He thanked me for showing him how much Blackberry has advanced and said he was going to Sprint to get a phone like mine. He said he thought he was going to have to switch to Android but now was glad that he didn't have to.

C'mon RIMM! Do some dang MARKETING already!

:::If you don't have an iPhone, then you have a phone that makes and receives calls:::

:::Blackberry, There's no app for that (we built it into the phone):::

Get a celebrity who has had their phone hacked recently, and someone like Jennifer Garner who uses BB, to do a commercial where Celeb A complains about getting her texts stolen and then Garner says something like "That's why I BBM!" "What's BBM?" "Well, it's...." then people will know what they're missing!

Maybe start a campaign "iBBM" where it starts out looking like something from Apple showing people who use BBM saying "I BBM because..." (preferably famous people) and during the commercial have a graphic of the word iBBM in the corner with the i starting to slowly drift away from the BBM. At the end, the separated graphic moves to center screen, the color scheme goes from black on white to white on black, the i morphs into a capital I, the BB dots show up in between the I and BBM, and a catchy slogan like "Time to move up to a professional smartphone". Add a URL for BlackBerry . com and a 2D barcode to the screen and call it a day

Sound good to anyone else?

Me likey!! Are you a Marketing major at Uni, cos that is the kind of stuff BB needs... New marketing. Here in Australia there has been NO marketing for the new OS7 devices... I had to walk into my local store and ask to see the 9900, and even then it was "out the back"... :( We NEED MARKETING!!!

I absolutely agree with u on the marketing of BB's, they have to do more to get the people's attention, apple has so many ad out there n are just shoving it down the people's throats and they just take it. RIM has too do the same thing if they are too make a comeback. They cannot do another stand still and rely on their existing customers. GET MOVING RIM!!!!

P.S. While writing this, I already seen 6-7 iphone ads on tv. Like C'MON!

After reading these PR Emails that Kevin posted, I am wondering if Engadget got the same ones. On their recent podcast they stated that Jaguar Financial is a Majority Shareholder of RIM who feels RIM has no future.

Do I feel that RIM is completely out of the woods? No, they have some work to do.... but these over exaggerations of things is just way out of hand. Makes you wonder if they so called experts/analysts are the ones who are poised to make tons of money by shorting RIM stock.

I have a Bold 9900 and the best way to describe it is it's a Blackberry/iPhone4 love child. Absolutely WONDERFUL keyboard! Great style, build quality and super fast. A full qwerty and touch screen has its benefits, such as being able to use the trackpad to click on weblinks means my sausage-like fingers never press the wrong link, which is nice. I'm enjoying it very much and I think a lot of people who left BB might return.

Hey Kevin,

I wonder what is CB's take on J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey that I have been reading about everywhere....I am pretty confused by all the -ve vibe surrounding BB in North America because BB is doing extremely well here in India - especially with the new bold 9900 [ours is mostly a GSM market].

I had an Iphone 3GS for one year. It was very undependable as a business device. The battery life was horrible, reception was sub-par, and it was plagued with dropped calls. I sell the Iphone on Craigslist, and venture to the Sprint Store to buy my first Blackberry (9650 Bold).
Two years later, I can say that my Bold is rock solid as a 24/7 device. No regrets here.
My Iphone friends are always plugging their phones in my noon every day so they don't die on them before they get home, they are always running toward a window or door so they can make calls, and they are always complaining about their expensive plan and dropped calls. Of course my Iphone buddies are always showing off their cool apps that they rarely use.
Now, I look forward to a new Bold.

The BlackBerry 7 devices are getting a great response and so it's time for the haters to publish more negative BS. You see, the OS7 success doesn't fit in with their story that BlackBerry is going into the toilet.

Blackberries are a must have for lots of people in Mexico. In here we are Team Blackberry!

I guess I've been blessed with my Storm 2, I have had absolutely had zero problems since I got it over two years ago and that was my first smartphone and my first BB and I just love this phone! The battery still lasts for over two days before needing a charge. My wife's iPhone has to get charged EVERYDAY and she has it turned off during the nine hours she is at work because there is no reception in her building. What's up with that Apple and she just got the phone in July. As far as GPS not working correctly while you are in traffic and you are upset at BB might I suggest you get a new vehicle that has that, they make those you know? Are you upset at your auto maker or dealer for not selling you a car that has it. That feature has been around for awhile now, kind of like what you were saying about BB and the GPS in you car will be much faster and not depend on any cell phone tower.

These people who wrote these articles were just desperate and were probably close to getting fired and needed to save their own ass, why better way to do just that then to get on the bandwagon and bash someone when they are down. Funny they never mention the down years for Apple, why is that. Maybe they should read the review of Apple and why it won't be an enterprise service for some time.
But then what do I know, I'm no better than anyone else. Oh wait there is one thing...Go Pack Go!

LMAO! Only on CrackBerry do we find people who have Storm 2's that "have had absolutely had zero problems" with the device. Yeah, and the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus live on the same block with the Tooth Fairy....SMH

Same bat time. same bat channel. RIM will be reporting earnings soon and the rat bags start to emerge. So predictable.

I believe there is corporate money behind this. Just like FaceBook did to Google the competition is doing it to RIM, Its the errosion facttor, the perception factor, Over time it works! Sadly thats how business works in the USA.

RIM should stay and never be bought or sold. RIM trademarks when it comes to hardware - QWERTY keyboard, trackpad/ball, LED light, longer battery life, clearer calls while for software- BBM & secured push email. All of this would be lost just in case RIM would be sold which I really dont want to happen. I guess RIM should focus on adding both hardware & software features that would appeal more people to use. BB App World also needs to improve and provide more free & usable apps. BB fanatic & long live RIM users woohoo..!

i dont get jimmybx's point... jimmy boy, you are trying to convince us that a 2010-released phone is better than the ones being released in 2009.... technology is driving fast, u can get many updates in half a year, & it is not clever to compare storm 2 with an iphone which is newer at that time...