BlackBerry has no plans to shut down handset business

By Adam Zeis on 4 Nov 2013 12:41 pm EST

While Thorsten Heins will soon be stepping down as BlackBerry CEO, John Chen will take over as interim CEO for the time being. We're not sure just what will pan out in the coming weeks for the company, but there are certainly many questions left to be answered. 

We joked a bit on our podcast today about what devices are coming up, not fully knowing what the state of BlackBerry's handset business will be. Thankfully it looks like it will stay pointed in the right direction however. In an interview with Reuters, John Chen stated that the company has no plans of shutting down the handset business just yet.

"I know we have enough ingredients to build a long-term sustainable business. I have done this before and seen the same movie before."

There will be plenty of other shifts internally though, including changing the company's executive team and promoting some current people as well.

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BlackBerry has no plans to shut down handset business



10.2.1 comes out first before 10.3.
BlackBerry just needs good marketing. People still think it's the same old devices and don't know about BB10.

Yes you're so right. Many people aren't aware of the amazing new features and devices that BlackBerry is putting out now. Always comparing old BlackBerry with new Androids etc

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I agree 100% that the marketing has been atrocious.

I agree that many people are unaware that BB10 is a sea change for the BBRY OS.

I don't agree that if and when they find out they will necessarily think it is better than anything else out there...or than anything at all.

I'm not saying that to deride the BB10 OS, but more to underscore the point that marketing needs to be exponentially better and it also needs to hammer on points of distinction. "You can't do A, B, C on that handset or that one."

Consumers are caught in a perpetual pissing contest between handset manufacturers, based on hardware and software specs. If BBRY falls in to that game it will continue to lose big.

There is definitely still a market for what it does (I was shocked not that long ago to see 80+% pf respondents to an online poll say they preferred a physical keyboard)l. It has to get out of its own way and start moving in the right direction, with marketing and PR as the prime directives.

I'm not optimistic, only because BBRY has trained me not to be.

BlackBerry should give us OS updates OTA via Beta Zone! Offer unlocked Z30s via shipped anywhere in the world! Trade in programs for legacy devices or even Z10 or Q10 owners looking to upgrade to the Z30!

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Well why shouldn't people compare the old legacy devices to new androids when BlackBerry still sends out mixed signals makes new legacy phones...

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What they need is something new to call there own again. Even if they had all the apps ios and android have it won't guarantee anything. But if they had exclusive apps kinda like what BBM was it would give ppl a reason to switch

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First, BlackBerry needs to address every single issue/comment/suggestion in the forums here and on their own site. Then, they can go ahead and worrying about marketing. Until BlackBerry and it's users stop opening their mouths for every single tiny issue, outsiders will continue to see BlackBerry as they've seen it for 2-3 years. Don't worry about marketing until all of your loyal customers are happy. Marketing starts from within--and if you and I aren't the best help for marketing, then what is?

Not to knock your comment niss63, but many say just that and turn to iPhone and Android because 'BB10 is not like BB7'. I'd like to ask those folks, "is your iPhone or Android like BB7"? BB10.2 is a lot more full featured than BB7 was, but some less critical BB7 features like keyboard shortcuts are coming and have come to BB10.2.

I can never understand people who say that. If they want to switch, go ahead. No need to come with excuses.

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the rush is to add marketing with the features....

Windows 8.1 and Mac OS Maverick was released as if the world changed twice, and, if you don't get them - you may not survive... buybubybuby ect.

There are ways to get it. Don't blame BlackBerry, blame your Carriers. US is the only country with that problem

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Do you see Apple waiting on the carriers? Do you see Google waiting on the carriers with their Nexus line of phones? There are ways to not wait on the carriers, that is BlackBerry's problem. If you want to be competitive you can't have another company put restrictions on your product. They will continue to stay the same course they have been on for the last 6-7 years. They need to make some drastic process changes if they want to be around for the next 3-5 years.

Nexus is a small line of phones put out by Google. The vast majority of Android phones do not share in this love. Be reasonable.

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Right but the nexus line get the latest os because they are a google product just like the os, same could be said with blackberry, they make the hardware and software. If htc or samsung made bb10 devices then you could expect to be a delay but I don't see how they can't just push the update ota when some carriers aren't even stocking blackberry phones anymore.

BlackBerry is small line in the smartphone market. Who is not being reasonable here. If you want another example there have been more Samsung software updates than BlackBerry updates and one Samsung model has out sold all of the BlackBerry devices put together. Or do you think the Samsung Galaxy and Note device line is small too?

Most of the Android phones do not have the latest OS, and most of them have a very long wait time just to see jelly beans on their product so go learn your facts before you post something up. We blackberry user, not your average Joe have ways to upgrade our os to the latest version. Same with androids or ios, in IOS you jail break, android you root it, blackberry you install leaked OS. All of this methods are not for your average dumb consumers.

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First of all I have forgotten more about smartphones than you will ever understand. Secondly if you want to talk "facts" how about you go read my post and address what I said and not what you think I meant. I never said Android, I said the Nexus line of Google branded devices. If you want to get technical I am willing to bet that the original Nexus One device is better than your current BlackBerry.
Just an FYI, you don't need to jailbreak a device to get the latest update, it is readily available and is available across all carriers. You cannot argue that and if you do you will just make yourself sound even more dumb than you already have.
I'm glad you agree that the average user is dumb, they will not jailbreak or root or load a custom rom. If they have a BlackBerry they will be stuck on that OS and receive no functional updates for the entire time they own the phone. Even leaked versions of the BB OS don't really provide anything useful.

Since you brought up Nexus...they have an official support cycle of 18 months. So Google could stop sending you the precious updates 1.5 years into a 2 year contract, as they recently decided to for the Galaxy Nexus. So when you look at one aspect, look at everything.

I would rather buy a Nexus knowing that in a year and a half it won't get updates anymore than buy a BB and be told there will be updates but never receive them. My point is Google can update their Nexus line 50 times if they need to, BB has to wait for the carriers to approve it which takes months to get one update approved. When I say months that is being generous, there have been updated in the past that have taken close to a year to get approved through Verizon. I work closely with both BB and the carriers so I understand the choke point for BB, if they want to legitimately compete they need to remove the carriers from their update process. Simple as that.

Nope. RIM or BBRY or whatever they'll call themselves are the only ones responsible for the quality of their relationship with carriers. Including carriers in the US. If the team responsible for this relationship cannot do their job then replace them.

How is this anyone's fault except for the device manufacturer? .

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As we sit here stagnant, the competitors are making their OS'S better... and you say what's the rush? That's what got us here in the first place. Z10 should've come with 10.2, the phone is lightyears behind in missing options and bugs that need to be addressed. Shame on you!

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I think you replied to the wrong comment or didn't understand the sarcasm. BB10.2 is even late. It should have released some 2 years ago or by the time PlayBook was released, if that happened we would be having most of the major apps by now.

Installing leaks is very easy. And nothing to terribly wrong with the leaked operating systems I'm on att and have had 10.2 for months

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x2 load a leak. Thank the leak team later :P

Btw if you want it flawless do not load a back up, start fresh. However, you can load your back up just know there might be some bugs.

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We all relate to this kind of statements. Cut to 8 months in the future and we may be reading a different story.

Right, he's not going to come out and say we are considering cutting the handset department off, especially when they just released a new phone lets sit and wait a few months and see if he's singing a different tune

Correct. I'm sure there are many issues/areas or which there are no specific plans - at this time. That's normal noncommittal corporate=speak.

It's not as though this caught them by surprise. They have gone over the cpmpany's financials before taking over it and would have already have come up with strategies to move forward before now.

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I don't see how Chen's statement supports Adam's headline. I mean, I have flour, eggs, milk... doesn't necessarily mean I'm baking a cake... I could just be making pancakes.

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Let's check that.... cake, pancake... check the word 'cake'... oh ok, I see what you did there....

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BlackBerry has no plan to shut down handset business because BlackBerry has NO PLAN on everything.

This company is DEAD! F+-$:)ing disaster.

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

Firstly I would like to say that it good to see that the handset division isn't going to close. I believe he can make blackberry the champion that it is.

9000 ----> 9800 ------> 9900----- > Z10

BlackBerry doesn't need to be Apple or Samsung in order to be successful. They just need to be BlackBerry.

Stop try to be the biggest and focus on being the best.

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Agreed. Be the Blackberry that you are. Quality, Secure so on and so on...just hit your deadlines :)

"Blackberry is the iPhone of smartphones"

what a lame content of your comment. cheesy and nonsense. BlackBerry do need a big partner, it won't do it by itself. we can all sheer and yell in favor of BlackBerry but let's not forget the issues BBRY has. "Being yourself" cliché won't work. BB10 is the best option out there but it won't sell because BBRY is been doing marketing wrong since ever!. So please no, dont be the best and dont be BlackBerry if you are not going to market your product correctly, with all the APPS people need to have.


Android and iPhone fan better thank BlackBerry for making their phone better. I prefer subscribers, not followers.

Goes double for BlackBerry World. Let's focus on quality of apps, not quantity of apps.

*Looks back at SB44*

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I don't want another device, I wouldn't care if I was the only BlackBerry user left. I waited for my Z10, I reserved it the minute I could, read everything I could about it every day, called the store and bugged them daily to see if my phone was in yet and tried to pay to move my name up the line. I have signed up to crackberry, defended BlackBerry on the Internet and bought as many apps as possible to show support, i side loaded Apps for people so they would have nothing to complain about I have shown off features to strangers, called out people for not buying a BlackBerry, I sadly had to give the sales person a lesson when I picked up my Z10 because at that point he didn't know there was a keyboard version coming too.

BlackBerry users are different then other users, we don't just buy because everyone else has one.

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Good news. I say keep on building handsets and improving the OS. I dont think the recovery would be that drawn out either

Unfortunately that isn't the main factor - we all know how much better the Z10 is than an iPhone but unfortunately the public don't. They all follow blindly like sheep and are brainwashed by the media. Since the news broke I have seen several articles about this and all of them have been very negative e.g. 'CEO quits as bid fails', 'no interest in Blackberry as they take 1bn debt'....yet again the press are just digging the knife in and so many consumers believe Blackberry is finished!

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I like Chen! Seems like he can really do something, i know the same was said about Heins, but Chens' backround is pretty damn good.

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop

Stop sucking the sack, the NUT!!!

Every time a new CEO shows up, we see this kind or like of statement.

Let's just wait until he proves his worth and abilities and can get the whole company to execute and return to higher sales and profits.

Btw, Chen took 10 yrs to get Sybase into shape.

Good news, but I hope they kick Frank Boulben out of his CEO chair, marketing of BB10 was poorly done, they need someone better on this position!

Either the CMO steps it up or gets fired, I know it sounds bad, however that needs to be the new attitude at BlackBerry.

Posted from my Red Zed

Well he can say what he wants and it would be great to keep the handset business going as I do beleive there is potential in that market that BlackBerry needs time to develop. Using enterprise penetration as a way to drive future sales is a great way to proceed. Not sure they need to make the handsets themselves as it is very costly. They need to downside and enough current users to upgrade. Still lots of legacy devices out there that can be upgraded once BB 10 seamlessly integrates the legacy OS operation so users can migrate with little hassle. Hey, things will change, people will get tired of apple and Google and I'd BlackBerry keeps improving and moving forward, the opportunity will be there at some point!!

Please, that's just like the company you work announces they have no plans for layoffs and BAM, couple weeks later you and many of your colleagues get pink slips. #frompersonalexperience

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A very big question answered, good news! That's not to say they won't shut down the handset business a year from now.

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Build a handset for every price point and keep on improving the already nice OS
Also pursue the big apps to come on to bb10... :)
Seems simple to image and hard to accomplish... but you can do it BlackBerry...

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Maybe they'll bring the Blade out and have a cutting edge standout looking product.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 on Rogers

This doesn't mean they'll still be making consumer driven handsets. But at the same time with BYOD I don't see that focusing on enterprise-only devices will do much to help the troubled company.

I'm sure Chen knows what he's doing, though. He has done this before.

I eagerly await the final outcome regardless if that outcome is within weeks, months or for the rest of my life should Prem, the other investors and Chen (for however long he remains CEO) be able to turn this ship around.


Well we are still a sinking ship at least we can still get handsets "for now" cuz he said "just yet"

Do they plan on shutting down handsets if trends continue probably!

We should thank god at least the z30 saw the light of day! We all thot we wouldn't see it!

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Thank Chan, not god ;) great to hear that, hope he will make a strong comeback for blackberry ;)

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What BlackBerry needs to do is educate vendors.

It's disheartening when I over hear a sales person say BlackBerry is too complicated just go with X device. I usually interject and ask the buyer what do you want to know and demonstrate what I can, I don't work there, but I like to take the time to clear the misconceptions these people give just because they're too lazy to educate themselves.

IMO, BlackBerry 10 is one of the easiest mobile OS's to use. I have a Z30 and an iPhone 5 running ios 6, and I know that my Z30 is a breeze to use compared to the Apple device. I have to use the iPhone for work and dread very time I use it... click, double click, hold, click... awful!

I know that this takes time and money, but this needs to be done to make BlackBerry 10 a success.

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Sales people will often say what they think people want to hear. It's important BlackBerry users speak up and tell everyone how great (and easy to use) the new BB10s are.

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Fuck that.

How about the company does its job and uses some of that cash on hand ( and the extra 1B$!!!) to actually... yknow... market the fucking things?.

In fact .. hey Chen.. hire the guy whose post I responded to. He at least has one idea. Which is more than your CMO.

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First thing they need to do is beef up the 10.2 JellyBean runtime and get the big name vendors to port their latest apps into BlackBerry World. Like it or not few people will want a phone that can't run Instagram and Netflix and Spotify out of the box. They work well sideloaded, but few people will tolerate the process or know where to get the versions that actually work. I'm surprised it's still not easy to do this ota for those that want to. BlackBerry needs to relentlessly hound companies to do the Android ports and worry about a superior native app later. Flipboard is a great win and they need more.

Then they need to aggressively market the phones as having people's apps and then change the perception of old, freezing phones and show how 10.2 has clear innovations in meaningful ways that show people having fun, saving time at work and play, and using it as a trusted part of their lives. Have fun with the ads. Position the devices as desirable and aspirational, and launch new phones with better designs with smart distribution and don't over produce them. Fix distribution problems and sell them directly - bypass the carriers.

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I think we will see a lot more things like this from Mr. Chen. From one of the panels he did many years ago(which is viewable on the post about him) he specifically mentions that lack of clear direction kills companies(not to mention morale within the company). I think with that in mind we will start seeing BB be more forthcoming about their strategy going forward and what is next. Ultimately that is really what's hurting them the most, it isn't the lack of advertising, it's the fact that many don't know what's going on so they don't know whether they should stay with BB or move onto something else.

Can Frank Boulben be shown the door right after TH? BBRY is in dire need of a CMO that "gets it" and can turn around a brand perception...unfortunately Frankie didn't seem to be that guy.

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Promote Michael Clewley, Alex Kinsella. Fire Frank Boulben, Kristian Tear, Marty Malik and most of the marketing/PR staff and rehire proven young marketing executives with a solid understanding of technology. Really liking Mr. Chen's resume so far I would strongly consider him for the long term with his excellent turn around history, successful startups, and government, international relations, educational and entertainment industry ties.

CB10 - Z10 -

Boulben definitely... Tear possibly... Mallick..not too sure about. I agree with keeping Alex, Alec, and Michael.. all great ambassadors for BBRY.

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I am wanting Blackberry to succeed and love my Z10. I think the first order of business is to sit down with the carriers and get them on board some how.
It was a real let down for me this weekend as I walked into my local Best Buy to take a a look at the Z30. I looked all over for it and couldn't find a demo unit at all. I talked with the sales associate who looked surprised that i even knew what it was. He said i have one unit behind the counter but no demo and walked away. This is not even in the US it is in Canada! How are they going to actually sell any devices?
My crazy suggestion is they give the top sales people at every carrier a Z10 to use and demo for a few weeks ( and tell them to research Crackberry website for How to help). Blackbery should offer incentive if they sell any devices. If these sales people can see what BB10 is all about i'm sure they will admit there are some advantages to BB10 phones and maybe that will rub off on the other sales people in the store at least enough to change the mindset and turn around the negativity for them to sell more. I know it's easier said then done.
Anyways that's my two cents.

Just a hunch but my guess is your Z10 would still work just as it does today if BBRY shut down their handset business.

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Yes, that is true but the lack of new and updated apps and system upgrades would likely take a toll on my mobile ADD.

Just don't make as much handsets have a online store and sell the phones at 300-400 unlocked. Slowly build up their reputation

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I have no idea who Chen is but the news regarding the exit of Thor & a management shift is definitely a necessity! I also didn't fully understand why Fairfax is injecting $1 billion & what that benefit is unless it's to be used to market the sh*t out these products.
Anyhow, this isn't rocket science & what BlackBerry needs is to PROMOTE & be innovative about it! Those lame commercials we've seen were pure run-of-the-mill 'we expect everyone to buy in, with little to no effort on our part'. FAIL!
They have the talent & the product but they need people at the top to do their jobs & move these handsets & get more companies on board with BES10.
Are Chen & Fairfax the answer? Time will tell. At the very least they've started with a necessary important move. Who knows what their real plan is though. This could all be smoke & mirrors to keep people from mass exiting until a more convenient time. I'm glad to hear they don't plan on leaving the handset business, I just don't know what else they plan. Just very skeptical when it comes to BlackBerry management because these guys, in some way, shape or form are in bed together.
Let's hope for the best!

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I have no idea who "Thorsten" is but the news regarding the exit of "Jim Balsillie & Mike Lazaridis & management" shift is definitely a necessity! <--- said everyone in July 2011.

Sure BlackBerry we believe you this time......Right???.... Just like BB 10 is coming to the playbook. It makes me sad that you can no longer be trusted.

Best news heard all day. This is where the nonsense ends and all the unlocked potential begins.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

A new CMO is a must, I still can't believe people in the street aren't aware that there is a new BB software called BB10 and that the Z10 isn't an iPhone but a killing touchscreen BB.

Posted via CB10 for the BB-Q10

AMEN!!! While BBRY's marketing under Boulben was better than it was previously (which really isn't saying much considering it was pretty much non existent to begin with), Boulben doesn't see to be able to get the consumer interest engine revved up. Time to bring in someone with a clue..

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That's great news, I don't want to lose my QWERTY!!! But how about some better naming of the devices! I think the first phone put out by the new company should be the BlackBerry GSD (Get Sh*t Done).

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I hope the naysayers and negative assholes are ready to eat crow. And 10.2 is fantastic. Like having a brand new phone again. Be positive.

Loving 10.2

For me BlackBerry need to focus on gaming experience, camera and better graphics. Maybe improve more on software. The OS gesture so good I'm in love with it, easy to navigate between apps. Stop making stl100-1 experience like I'm feel like now. Make it dual band all can use it. Z10 feel good in hand and solid and I hope improve on screen display 1080 p maybe

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Are we forgetting he's an interim CEO. Anything he starts in motion may not be followed up by the CEO that replaces him.

Posted via my sexy white Z10 STL100-2/

I love my PlayBook and would buy a spec'd up PB2 running BB10.2 in a heartbeat...they just need to drop the name is tainted and really is counter intuitive to what they want a tablet to be.

Posted via CB10

Maybe they can put a suit on a homeless, Guru, pseudo-philosopher - bet he could out-do Boulben!

It's amazing to my:i was at the sprint store where I live due to email problems(in a thread in forums)and people that came in went directly to the iphone!!!!!are they programmed to want apple?

Posted via CB10

Pretty much, Apple is a culture. People really know nothing about BB10, many people I know don't even care to take a look at my phone. They hate it as soon as I say BlackBerry.


I hope Blackberry don't shutdown cause I love there headset it better then any smartphone out there why they have the most powerful security software & email, BBM( I love what they are doing with QNX in car system)

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Time to use the write down to push BB10 devices to all with a trade in programme across the globe.

It's a shame that with all those redundancies, there was an amazing workforce ready to unleash the BlackBerry 10 experience onto the world.

Wasted opportunity!!

Retraining not redundancies!!!!

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"Chen stated that the company has no plans of shutting down the handset business JUST YET."

Am I reading into this too much or are we all getting a bit too excited? I want nothing more than to feel good about upgrading to a Z30 after buying a Z10 less than a year ago but that seems like an interesting quote.

Posted via CB10

I never thought the handset business was going anywhere but good to know.

Looking forward to 10.2 and selling friends on BBM. My contact list is slowly growing.

Posted via Q10

Well Mr. Chen I sure hope you are right! I truly wish you good luck and may you do better where others have failed!

BlackBerry is full of potential, no doubt, but bad management, lacklustre leadership combined with head scratching decisions have turned it into a clusterfuck!

Let's hope Chen can whip these numbnuts into shape...he has to purge any Lazaridis and Balsilille leftover bits...

Boulben, your ass is next!

Winter Is Coming

"Let's hope Chen can whip these numbnuts into shape...he has to purge any Lazaridis and Balsilille leftover bits..."

Many of them, but not all though. Some of them are really good and are stilling working hard while others sitting and playing politics.

Oh right, Boulben should absolutely be fired.

Same here, I love BBM, I've already added about 10 new contacts to my list. Hopefully the video and call features will come soon. BlackBerry cannot afford to lose the momentum. And as far as the 10.2 update, ATT takes for ever. I guess I don't a choice but wait :(

BBQ10 #IchooseBlackberry10

If I had to guess I would say the BB handset's days are numbered. They are losing a ton of money on it and will probably concentrate on other things that actually make them money.

I don't think so.

In fact I think they are the single most important ingredient to quickly turn BB into profitable. What they need to do is to tighten Quality Control, strengthen supply chain management, lower labor cost without hiring child labor, and focus on the right markets.

We know he's got an unsalable stash of Z10's in the back, saying they are getting out of the hardware biz might just make the rest as unsalable.

At least he gets that - that's a start

Blackberry has an incredibly patient and loyal fan base, I have had a couple of all models since the scroll wheel, loved the 8210 slider, now have Z10's, hope the perception of the product turns backed only by leading edge hardware, software and marketing for BB to become again relevant in a much more competitive environment, smart people can make smart things happen, mediocrity.....all is lost in today's world.

Why does everyone hate Thorsten? I don't think he did too bad. My problem with what Blackberry is doing right now though is that it seems like they are going to switch directions again. They just completely shifted over to BB10, they need to keep going in the direction they're headed. Although, maybe they will.

I tend to agree with you. From what I have seen Thorsten he appears to be a highly Intelligent person. Unfortunately, timing is everything and "Perception" is crucial. With the recent turn of events, It is my hope that the nay sayers will now step back and say "Hey, They ARE back in the game" and pick one up out of curiosity. Then they will be hooked.

I'm glad other people are questioning and noticing this as well; I find the hypocrisy of some people on here to be utterly astonishing; the overtly racist overtones to which are being used regarding his German heritage to be disgusting and downright embarrassing for a supposed "caring and supportive" Blackberry community to say nothing of the "Heinz Ketchup" misnomer which is just childish and immature to the core.

Prayers have been answered.....i know there is still some good stuff left in this old horse.....

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I am so happy "BlackBerry" took down their " For Sale" sign. I have a Z10 and it is amazing. The Z30 will do much better simply because the Z10 has proven BBRY's second to none but had the burden of public perception to overcome. Every person that has navigated through my Z10 is amazed.

To whomever reads this:

The comments on this article are reason #1 as to why BlackBerry is not a positive company in the public's eyes.

Shut your mouths, or switch devices.

Voice your opinions and suggestions, along with issues, but try to act a little more loyal. You are the di** carrying a BlackBerry anyway, so you better have more than complaints to explain to your friends when they ask "A BLACKBERRY? YOU STILL HAVE ONE OF THOSE?"

Marketing is BlackBerry's least important objective right now. They must please all of us here before they start worrying about changing the world.

Question? How much damage to the overall BB10 roll out has occured becasuse they put of the "FOR SALE" sign in the window.
Carriers don't want to commit to the Z30, Regular people are saying it's finally over, etc.... and I don't blame them! It seemed like a white flag was raised and now it's down??? Why did they even bother advertising this?
I hope Chen can get the train back on the right tracks, soon! Blackberry Manangement needs a resonable overhaul.

We've heard in the past the phrase "too big to fail", for BlackBerry I think "too good to fail" is appropriate.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Wow at least that came from the interim CEO right? I'm starting to like this guy already haha. My guess is that they're currently preparing for the strategy moving forward now that Fairfax will be giving them a billion dollars. I wonder what Mike L. has to say in all of this?

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Plz make a baby Z30 will similar ergonomics and a significant jump in camera performance! and micro USB on the bottom. and 10.3. :)

Please copy apple's marketing but do not be mistaken for apple.

A more truthful and appropriate title for this article would be "BlackBerry has no plan!!". Anything could happen with BlackBerry at this point.

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Im patiently awaiting my slider. And i"ll keep saying it again. Can we PLEASE fire Boulben and find a other CMO, Please. Is that too much to ask from a company devoid of any form of marketing.

I met someone today with a Z10 who rants and raves about how much he loves his phone. He is an amateur photographer and the shots he gets with his Z10 and nothing shy of amazing. While I own a Q10 it sure made me want to own a Z of some kind. We were showing off the features of a couple iPhone users we work with and they were both really impressed at what the devices could do. I think if BlackBerry just got the devices in ppl's hands somehow they would fall in love. They need a marketing campaign where they let people test out the devices. I picture a travelling BlackBerry booth with knowledgeable BlackBerry users showing future customers hands-on! We need this kind of marketing now. !! Hopefully we change in the company in this direction in the near future.

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

Please make more powerful devices, also bring back new Playbook. We don't have big screen BB10 device.

Posted via CB10 by Z30

Watching the videos the Kevin posted ... I like John Chen's thinking and his relaxed, authentic and captivating presentation.

Hell yeah BB! Still making great devices. I'm in the US and I used to chuck my 9900 across the room and it would turn back on like a charm. Keep sending software updates and bringing developers on board. Get us the apps that make us productive....ill take quality over quantity everytime!

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I can't see how they can serve business, government and military without making handsets. The hardware is part of the secure and reliable communications experience.

Posted via CB10

I think they should start licensing BB10 to updated touchscreen models. Say from HTC LG Asus

Carry on producing the qwerty phone by themselves. Until they could catch up.

At least learn how other people are doing their hardware business.

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Catching up is not the problem Innovating fast enough is

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Many people are impressed with our BlackBerry devices, but there is an overwhelming sense of iphone and Android hysteria that it makes BlackBerry hard to get the hardware devices in people's hands. It would be nice to see some BlackBerry commercials on TV but I also realize their target market is the enterprise and not the everyday consumer. Come on Chen, get people excited about BlackBerry again. Don't break it up, don't sell off the peices, show the marketplace that BlackBerry has the superior devices us BlackBerry users already know we have.

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glad to see some life back in these forums..even though i switched to imore and apple products. hope bb makes a return soon and brings xmradio capital one and bank america with them lol thats all i need phuck netflix!

Really I wanna say to mr.chen, can you please pull your ass back to China again? Please! We need blackberry alive in China. Loosing China means loosing everything. We Chinese market has a unprecedented market size before. So please.

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Blackberry will ditch hardware in comes Lenovo... BB10 OS will be licensed to other manufacturer... TH talked about it but could not execute Chen is the man

I see a buying opportunity once the stock nears $5

And I'm absolutely sure that if they were planning on icing the handset division, they would certainly tell us. :D

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if 10.2 is up to par ( I haven't downloaded it yet) and they can make a real advertising campaign letting people know that they are not the same old blackberry. I think there can be a turnaround it is a uphill battle

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What I really want to know is how much TH is getting as compensation? $55m or 5.5m? Ridiculous

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Well Tues morning has arrived in the UK, and for the media it's like Christmas has arrived early. They were a little nervous when bbm was doing well but they seem much happier to learn they can be negative again.

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Never heard of that website... they're probably making things up to get more readership.

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And get rid of that liar Alec Saunders... the guy is a complete liar... now that he can't suck off heins to keep his job maybe he can get a job working for a pizza joint and twitter about the wings and beer

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What would you expect BB to say? Up to the day before Blockbuster locked their doors for good, their CEO was saying everything is great keep renting. The day before HP announced it was shuttering Palm they were touting upcoming upgrades to the new WebOS. John Chen is an enterprise services guy, so good chance BB will head that direction. If the handset unit is bleeding then it's on the chopping block - BB no longer has the cash to gamble. It might be a bit premature to celebrate.