BlackBerry has 4 new devices in the works, no wearables in sight

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2014 10:56 am EDT

BlackBerry unveiled the new BlackBerry Z3 in Jakarta earlier today, and in addition to showing off the latest device, CEO John Chen also dropped word on what is (and isn't) on the current roadmap. In addition to the BlackBerry Classic which we should see later this year, BlackBerry also has a few more new devices in the works — both full-touch and keyboard.

There are still plenty of rumors about what new devices we'll see from BlackBerry, the biggest of which is the BlackBerry Windermere. Chen said that working with Foxconn, we could see a new high-end, flagship device as well.

"After BlackBerry Jakarta, now we are again working on the latest BlackBerry with either 3 to 4 [new devices planned]. Yes, there is the keyboard, and one of them is [all-touch] not a keyboard, "

So things aren't slowing down at BlackBerry, and it appears that there are indeed a handful of new devices still to come, however just when we'll see them is still unclear. One thing that John Chen says we won't see at all however is wearables. He noted that BlackBerry has no intentions of getting into the wearables space in the near future.

Source: G4Games; Via: N4BB

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BlackBerry has 4 new devices in the works, no wearables in sight


Yes, "Nice!" as in "This article is so informative with its informative information! Which is so nice!"


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Better than nice! Great news!

That full touch screen BlackBerry better be a cracking good high spec device!!

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But that takes longer to type so he might lose the first comment spot. So simply "Nice!" is it...

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If the only all-touch this year is some low spec Z3 with LTE and western market antennae, it'll just be another nail in the BlackBerry coffin. In smartphones, you can't be at "maybe" in May when it comes to releasing a flagship device.

This is pretty much an admission that BlackBerry will stay dead in the USA (and many other valuable markets), so what are the latest iPhone, Android, and Sailfish rumors?

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Hope with Foxconn they can settle on a yearly release schedule and upgrade cycle, just like Apple, that makes things more predictable, once one the product lines are fleshed out (keyboard, high-end touch, low-end, etc)

If a new all-touch high-end hits in November, it's one year after the Z30.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I managed to get a Z3 while I was in Indonesia a couple of days after the launch. It is a 4G device with a pretty good screen and is noticeably fast. There is no NFC so my Timmy's application doesn't work but otherwise the Z3 is amazing for only $182 list.

I wonder if Foxconn can make as good quality keyboard as made in Mexico keyboard.

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Hahaha! Nice! The new First.

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  ‎BlackBerry Q10...oh wait a sec....its my new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The holy grail of phones! Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! LOL!

I'm always looking to upgrade my phone! The more blackberry options the better.

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Agreed! I'm happy there will be new touch screen devices coming. In not a keyboard fan at all. Love my Z30 but always look forward to new devices!

...we are all connected...

Not me.... I'm pretty content with my Z10. However, I am not going with mid-range next, and I do not want a keyboard device. So they better have a new flagship soon, because "upgrading" to the Z30 after it's been in the market for a year (a year by the time I'm ready to upgrade) is no upgrade at all.

Have Z10 and Z30. At first doesn't seem like much of a difference. But after a few days, size and battery life matter. I do find form factor took a little getting used to, not as easy to "stow" in clothing as Z10. But after using Z30, no looking back... I keep my Z10 sync'd for backup device and iPhone 5 for apps.

Agreed. We should be hearing an approximate date if the launch is going to be in August. It sounds a little bit like we're talking November for Windermere and February or March for Z50. But, who knows when the Classic will make it's debut?

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Can't wait. Hopefully a new all touch screen will be available when I'm ready to upgrade from my Z10.

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March of next year for me too, hoping they release the next upgrade for the Z10. I don't need something giant like the Z30, that's what I have a PlayBook for :)


From the rumor mill:

Windermere - That square mofo with the touch keypad
Ontario - Full touch, long overdue
Khan - Porsche Q10
Classic - Q10 with a trackpad on it
Ivan - Updated Z3 for the rest of the world

If one of them is left out, it's probably Ontario (sadface).

Say it ain't so!!! Do you really think they would NOT make a successor to the Z30? With all the people who are waiting to upgrade their Z10's? I hope that the Ontario WON'T be the expendable one, Thurask!!!

I was hoping for it too (hence the sadface), but they haven't touched it in eight months. Maybe a successor some time in 2015, but the chances of a high-end full touch this year are slim.

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If you think about it, that does actually make sense unfortunately, a high-end all touch is much more of a me-too device than the more innovative Windermere that at least has a chance of being different enough to get people to try bb10.

Plus it's too mainstream and BlackBerry isn't mainstream. It's kind of unique, at least right now (which is a bad thing as well)

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But since we don't know who needs cell phone, we can't make a call to any toll free number.

 CB10 

Meanwhile Samsung and Apple when they come out with theirs, will make hundreds of millions on wearables and BlackBerry will once again play catch up in 5 years like they did with the PlayBook and all touch devices like the Z10 and Z30. There will be plenty of real world applications for wearable secondary devices in the workplace. Those that say otherwise are the same that said tablets were a fad and had no place in the workplace smh

Z10 with OS

With Foxconn, they can catch up quicker this time, if this watches and wearables thing really catches on...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Well, except for that QNX Would be the perfect wearable OS. I think that wearables as they are now might not be BlackBerry focus, but connected wearable feedback monitors and other small accessories should be a focus, even if someone else develops them.

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Agreed! Just make an app that allows a Pebble or even a Google watch go connect with my BlackBerry. I'm fine with that.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Read again it says 'things aren't slowing down at BlackBerry'

Maybe try accessing quick settings and adjusting your contrast / brightness perhaps?

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Volume up + volume down if you're using CB app on your phone or "PRT SC" on your PC, and you've got it forever....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

We need specs specs specs to shut everyone up and proper marketing to finally get BlackBerry 10 in the minds of the people.

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You give specs way too in advance and then the competition knows..and then it's also not a surprise. These are also still in the works, so specs wouldn't all be ready anyways, no?

Also perfect timing would be spring release for a new full-touch! Just about the time canadian users will come off their two-year contract times from their Z10!! Woot

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For sure. Release a VERY good phone with the right timing.

I mention specs not because I necessarily believe it to be most important factor but many people are fooled by numbers.

We need to give people one less reason to overlook BlackBerry which is where marketing comes in ;)

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I think the real BlackBerry community doesn't want a stupid wearable electronic. I don't need another thing to charge... I think only the people running the CB website want the stupid wearable crap... let's run another poll to see where we are at on the stupid watch stuff

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Unless it is a new nanotechnology ink that actually does create some form of liquid crystal display within the eye? The tattoo is what defines the form parameters.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Technology is only adopted when it meets a need. Can't for the life of me figure out why I would want a watch or glasses.

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I can't figure out the need either, but I've been wrong before. If someone does find that, we'll all be clamoring. Seems like a novelty for now though.

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The only line that mattered to me was one flagship touch screen!!!! either way I'm getting both the windermere and all touch when it comes out :)

Yeah! New all-touch! :)

Excited to see what that looks like. C'mon BlackBerry -- let's see a highend design for this bad boy! :)

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Flagship qwerty is the way to go. Qwerty is the big gun. Not touch

And as always apple sucks and apple owners are scum. Like Kia owners and beats headphone wearers and Starbucks drinkers

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It's the smart move. Let others build the accessories.

I would really like a nice BlackBerry 10 tablet though.

Dominate the MCAT C0012A8A6

Personally, I'd love to see that flagship all touch screen device be a replacement to the Z10. A slightly smaller Z30 would suit me just fine!

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I can't see a flagship being much smaller than then Z30...many devices are now at that or bigger these days.

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Need a new z10 replacement with good specs, better camera and a REAL battery..

Don't price it out of the park this time.. Can't charge premiums like it's an iPhone.

Yes, had they not done this in the first place I feel BlackBerry 10 would have done much better. Z10 should have been in the $350-$400 range at launch, Z30 in the $450-$500. Q10 should have been no more than $350. Aggressive pricing like that would have moved some devices.

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Maybe. There's a danger in pricing too low also. I've seen it first hand where cheaper pricing turned people off and the run rate declines as well as the asp. Agree that it's not to be priced against the iPhone or Galaxy but trying to undercut Huawei might not be appropriate either on something like the Z10

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Where is the '10 ' in BlackBerry 10?

Have you seen it?
It's not on the devices or in the start up sequence.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!! ©

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"BlackBerry 10" is shown after the startup screen reaches 100%

I agree that it should be shown before that and on shutdown too, just showing BlackBerry doesn't reinforce what the platform is called in the user's mind.

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I'm due for an upgrade at work soon.. would be great to know when the full touch flagship will be out.

Chen.. don't commit to timing unless you can hit your dates.. would however be fantastic if it could be released this year.

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If John Chen puts the cool back in BlackBerry, and also releases several new devices that include a high-end all-touch device and the Windermere unicorn, I will personally make a YouTube video eating every bad word I have ever spoken about him. Literally.

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Give us "a cool phone" for every form factor, qwerty, qwerty / belt, all-touch, etc.... ... slider...?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It'll be tough letting go of my Z30. I still haven't come across a better phone but who knows, perhaps one of these will impress me enough to switch.

Cheers. :)

*PLEASE* let one device be a Torch-like device running BB10!! I would LOVE the option to use a physical keyboard OR touchscreen whenever I wanted to change!!

By Torch you obviously mean a slider phone. The last Torch to be made was full touch, and not a very good one for the money either.

There is next to no market for a slider phone anymore, even less than there is for a permanent physical Qwerty phone. It's a form factor that has been consigned to history by lack of customer demand, partly due touch screen keyboards being a lot better than they used to be.

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Positive to hear 4 devices on the road map :) now for some official info and timing on the Q20! Please?

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That's good. No wearable and no tablets until they right the ship.

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Wearable is just another gimmick anyway, the smart watch isn't new anyway. Good job BlackBerry.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

Would also love a torch like device but until then I really need this q20 or classic to come out. Excited for the return of the tool belt and bigger screen

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Surely wearable mobile glasses are a no brainer? If done right these must be a future option. But they are likely a long way down the road. For business/ enterprise their implications are huge. Also for personal use. Hands free information will be the future. Blsckberry security no less important here.

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Medical, manufacturing, race car driving...I could think of a few that a heads up display would be useful for.

Posted from my Z30 using CB10

Well no Z30 then. Poor availability and pricing not great on the device for how late in the life cycle it is. Hopefully new all touch available later in 2014.

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BlackBerry classic is most important phone BlackBerry need right now On tell then BlackBerry 7 will always Out sell BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Z30!!!

I'll never go back to keyboard now. Wish I had money for Z30, but will definitely be getting the next touchscreen. Hopefully it's a monster.

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If there's a Z10-size but with a full-day battery life and the rest of the features they've worked in since its release (e.g. Miracast, powered USB host), I'm probably buying that. If not, I may go back to a physical keyboard.

Stop making qwerty phones blackberry you are loosing ground whit them. Concentrate on touch screen now please

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Please O please let one of them be a slider! I would come back to BlackBerry in a heartbeat if that was the case.

Posted via CrackBerry App

My thing is though, the regular public consumer will look at them all as "another BlackBerry ". How would anyone know what the high-end flagship device could or would be, compared to just a regular touchscreen device..? We as CB members read the forums so we know which is which...

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I don't want BlackBerry to emulate Apple, but I think it would be a good idea for BB to follow Apple's strategy and do new devices every two years. Every other year just do a refresh. I mean, the Z30 is a great phone. I love it, but we don't need to scrap it at this point. Update the specs, make it thinner, add some enhancements. But you don't need to start over. Same for the Z10. It's a fine phone. Increase the battery life and udpate the specs and the vast majority of people would be happy. BB needs udpated hardware, but they really need to focus on software improvements more than anything. Not just BB10 too, BBM for iOS and Android needs work.

One thing people fail to realize about Wearables is the very fact you will have that Radioactive device strapped onto you all day. No Thanks,

I think BlackBerry should be look to a wearable device, only for get ready.
Get some info about the phone in your clock is always useful, moreover if you have to know your next event.

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Wearables? No Thanks, BlackBerry does not need this headache just yet. Perhaps sometime in the distant future.
I am sure the Full Touch Screen Device mentioned is the same device John Chen stated that its meant to gain new customers. The high end spec'ed device that's suppose to be released by Sept 2014, but he could not confirm that date just yet.

It's good to see they aren't trying to be on the cutting edge, I don't think they can afford the misstep. They should wait and see what's really important to people then get in on that.

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Surprised Blackberry is not planning a tablet just yet, with the PlayBook being left behind, a gap has to be filled.

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There is a future BB10 tablet coming, as stated by BlackBerry, just not at the moment. Reason for the tablet? Its because the Enterprise and Government have asked BBRY for one.

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Hoping for a successor to the Z10. Love the size of the phone. Actually, I like it so much I want to buy another just in case.

I'm not a fan of wearables and I don't think BB users will really subscribe to the idea. Wearing a "smart watch" gets in the way of what BB users have on their wrists: a real luxury watch that means something. ;-)

Wearables are a dumb idea and I personally don't think the idea of wearable phone technology is going to take off. The samsung phone watch for example looks absolutely ridiculous, so I'm definitely glad BlackBerry is steering clear of that route.

Posted via my love powered Q10

Old news being repeated? Mr. Chen stated that several devices other than Z3 will be released over the next 18 months, didn't he?

Awesome news! I may look into the full touch phone because of the Q10's double typing issue.

 BlackBerry Q10  Keep The Faith 

I posted this on CrackBerry after I asked my wife for a Smart Phone for Christmas.

Daughter, "Why do you want to wear what caused your cancer?"

I have had Lynphoma since 1998, you can read about how the Motorola brick phone casued it.

I think BlackBerry and John Chen is smart to stay away from wearables.

No Wearables. GOOD!!!

These things are only money grab gimmicks imo. You still need your device on your person to have the Wearable tethered to. What has this world become. We are either staring at useless garbage in our phones or wrists. I see this in the cafeteria of the hospital where my son is currently undergoing chemotherapy. We are losing human interaction.

A table full of people all staring at their smartphones without actually talking to each other. Now add Wearables to this equation and we've got a world of waking zombies.

Sorry for the rant. Just hearing the word Wearables makes me cringe.

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

I'm still high on my Z30 bliss, so I can't imagine another high end device coming! But this is very exciting and I may just have to add that latest all touch phone to my growing stash of BB10 devices!

Who cares about the hype "wearables" ?? (What a pathetic name. Wearables.) Why you mention that hype? Next time make the title: "BlackBerry has 4 new devices in the works, no TABLETS in sight."

Or "BlackBerry has 4 new devices in the works, no desktop in sight". Really CrackBerry. WTF???

P'9983: Q10 designed by Porsche
Classic Bold: Q10 designed by Chen and Obama
One: qwerty with 2013 high-end internals
Z60: recycled Ontario touch by Foxconn
One Touch: 64bit monster they're still trying to figure out

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

If they dont want to make wearable tech, they should encourage comp ability with the ones are making it also RC cars helicopter & drones etc..

Like parrot bebop, i really want to flight it in my BB

Posted via CB10

The wearables thing is a bit over blown. I haven't seen any wearable I would be cought dead with, espcially for the money they are asking. If they get the curved glass thing working I would consider that but wearing a HUD is ridiculous.

Cool - though with two keyboard devices in the queue, not sure for which I'm waiting for ...
How will they differ?

and "working with Foxconn, we could see a new high-end" doesn't this contradicts itself? I thought Foxconn = low level mass market while as BB produced = high end, robust (and more expensive).

Aaahhhh can i please have a slider!!! I miss buttons but love the bigger screen of my z10!

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Here's hoping they're working on a full touch device with a small screen like the Z10. STOP THE STUPID SCREEN SIZE RACE

Posted via CB10

I'm hoping for all-touch that's similar size to Z10 with Z30 internals and MUCH better camera.

Posted via CB10

Full-Touch, so when will it arrive? Who's going to carry it? Will it be the same situation as with the Z30, only Verizon was willing to sell it. Will there be heavy advertising or will only people reading BB sites know of its existence? How about getting T-Mo back in the fold, so us folks who are on T-Mo may get a chance to get a newer BB10 phone. For some reason I'm not very optimistic!

What do you mean no wearables in sight? Jeez let them stand back on their feet once and then I'm sure innovation in new fields won't be too far behind.

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Last year, there were 5 new models in the 4G segment (Z10, Q10, Q5, Z30 & P9982).

This year Z3 already launched. So, the remaining 4 models must be Q20 (Classic), Q30 (Windermere), Z50 & P9983.

I wouldn't even want a wearable smartwatch or accessory, my blackberry is enough. Can't wait until the new devices are officially revealed, we have surprises!! :D

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I hope it's not too little too late
They need to release a good all touch and keyboard phone soon! (good as in 1080p screen 3gb ram and quad-core)
Oh wireless charging please and keeps z30 speaker

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