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BlackBerry Hard Shell Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Review

BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2011 04:26 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Hard Shell Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900!

Hard Shell Case + BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 = Winning Combination!

Following up my BlackBerry Soft Shell Case Review, I switched it up to the BlackBerry Hard Shell Case for the Bold 9930 / 9900. It's available in two color options - black or white. In this review I take a look at the black version, but I'll be sure to do up another photoshoot for the white one when I get my hands on it as it's looking pretty hawt! 

Like the Soft Shell case, the Hard Shell case was designed with tight tolerances and fits the phone perfectly, making you almost forget that there's even a case on the phone. If not for the cut outs for the headset jack, microUSB port and camera, you might not even know there was a case on it. The Bold 9900/9930 is so thin to begin with, even with a case it doesn't feel big. On a few occassions now I've handed my 9900 over to friends to check out. After letting them play with it a for a few minutes with case on, they were actually shocked when I then grabbed the phone back, took the case off, and handed them the phone back naked. That says a lot.

Overall both the Hard Shell and Soft Shell cases deliver very similar experiences. The Hard Shell case features a hard plastic back, featuring a bit of a dotted grid pattern that looks nice, and it also gets the chromed BlackBerry logo like the actual phone has. It's definitely tougher than the Soft Shell case when protecting against bumps and drops. The soft touch rubber around the perimeter of the case is grippy and makes the buttons easy to use. Getting the phone in and out of the case isn't difficult, which is a good thing as if you also own a BlackBerry Charging Pod you'll have to remove the phone from the case. And if you're looking to use the incased Bold with a holster, while it will not fit the 9900 holster it will fit into the original leather holster from the Bold 9000 (see this post for more details).

The BlackBerry Bold 9930/9900 Hard Shell case has a list price of $29.99, but you can get it for less at ShopCrackBerry.com. With such high demand for Bold 9930/9900 cases it's been hard to keep inventory in stock, but you can still order now for first crack at the new shipments and we're even giving away a chance for you to win one for free (details below). Keep reading for a video, more photos and details surrounding this awesome case.

This Case
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BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case Video

More BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case Photos

BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
The Box - One Hard Shell Case for the BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
The Hard Shell Case leaves a touch of the stainless steel band of the 9930 / 9900 showing - classy!
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
With the BB logo getting the chromed touch, it looks like a native phone back (without a case)
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
Cut outs for the headset jack and microUSB don't compromise the Bold 9930 / 9900's functionality
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
The volume and convenience key buttons are easy to use
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
Soft touch rubber around the perimeter offers visual contrast to the shiny back and is grippy
BlackBerry Bold 9930 / 9900 Hard Shell Case
No charging pod contacts on the bottom, so you'll have to remove it from the case if you have a charging pod

BlackBerry Hard Shell Case Final Thoughts

Overall I'm really happy with the design and quality of all the new BlackBerry brand cases for the Bold 9930 and Bold 9900, and the Hard Shell case is no exception. It looks good, it feels good, it protects the device. With my Bold 9900 in the Hard Shell case, I don't panic about scratches when putting the phone down on the table. And with the case on, the phone is still thin and comfortable for slding into my front jeans pocket. Overall, I give the BlackBerry Hard Shell case TWO CrackBerry Thumbs Up! As for which I prefer more between the Hard Shell and Soft Shell cases... honestly, I'm not sure. You can't go wrong with either.

Learn More / Purchase the BlackBerry Hard Shell Case for the Bold 9930 / 9900

BlackBerry Hard Shell Case Contest - Win a Free Case

Want a chance to win a Hard Shell Case for your BlackBerry Bold 9900? All you need to do is leave a comment to this blog post with your review feedback or letting us know what color you'd like and why you want one. Contest entry closes Sunday, September 11th at midnight PT. Please leave only one comment.



OH BTW...last year a friend of mine found an 8700 (holster and all) and I'm pretty sure IT will hold my Bold "cased". It hold it "naked" AND hold my 8530 with The Otterbox Commuter...so those old BB's STILL have SOME use!!!
**Oh DIDN'T know I WAS first...HA!!!**
**ALSO did NOT know this was a contest to win a case!!!...I'll take white. But ANY color BUT PINK will do**
**FIRST!!! HAHA!!!**


I think this Hard Shell case is the best one ever constructed for any BlackBerry to date. I would really like to have this in Black.


First again, YES. Luv the review. If ATT stopped playin games and released the 9900 already, then I can make good use of this hard shell case.

***thought I was first, but I got beat to it


I love it. I need to get that case


Glad you reviewed this. Lovin my 9930 nekked but only a matter of time before I drop it. I'm debating between this and a case-mate.


Loving the black hard case! So I can rock it out together with my Bold 9900 and protect it at the same time! :D


I certainly need a case of some sort on my 9900, and this seems to be it. Now, where exactly did I lay my original BOLD 9000 holster?


Looks good. I'm definitely buying one.


Can somebody Please Please Tell me what Case Blaize is using on his 9900 ??? Check the Vid --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Ela2MvQXM


I believe that is the casemate barely there case in white.


I would loooooooove to have a white one........


Picked up one of these in black from shop crackberry. Loving this case. Gives great protection with little bulk!!


I'd love to have one of these in black. I'll have to find a holster but that's ok with me.


I just got mine yesterday and it is an awesome case. It is very slim and adds no bulk to the phone at all. I feel very safe with this case on my phone, and bonus it fits in the bold 9000 holster. Does anyone know if the white is currently in stock to order?


Great shots. Good review. Can't wait to get my hands on that slick black! I'm sporting a clear TPU soft shell at the moment. Its neat and all but I'm not loving the feel on the media, convenience and lock keys; they are tough to press and the media keys are hard to differentiate without looking: difficult to use in the dark. This shell is just ideal and it spells BlackBerry: definition, class, style. I need mine NOW!


I saw the White case @BestBuy but hesitated and decided to shop around some more. I would love to win a white hard case because 1) the 9900 probably won't come out in white in the near future, and 2) if 1) is true, then the next closest thing is to have the white hard case to emulate what a white 9900 could look like! Which is sexy AND sleek!


I have always kept my 9700 in an Otterbox, but I'm digging the Blackberry symbol on the back of the hard case. Sign me up for the black hard case for my new 9900 that I'm going to be getting as soon as AT&T gets off their arse and releases it. I'm not sure how white and silver will look together.


It would be great to get the black one, as you said it seems there is no case, it feets perfectly to the device, realy great job for rim........


I would LOVE to win a white hardshell case! They look fabulous and I believe it is what I need to properly protect my phone from scratches or even falls! I love the thinness and design of the case and i believe the rubberized edges are genius! Please pick me!


*please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me, please pick me*


Love this case. Can't wait for AT&T to actually release the frikkin phone. lol ;)


I would love a case please! My 9900 has been naked since day 1 :(


Wow, this look really awesome. I love the rubberized sides, it show that RIM really put some thought into this cover. A black one would be so cool. Thanks CrackBerry.com, Kevin and RIM for the cover and contest.

@Kevin, thanks for the info that a 9900/30 with this cover will fit into a 9000 holster. Do you think it would also work with an OEM pocket pouch?


black one would be awesome...good luck everyone...

Alberta Blue

Would love a white one, need to protect that sucker! Awesome review.


Black! :) Need protection lol


*raises hand* Um, can I win an OS 7 device instead? Since my Torch got totaled in a car wreck, and now in stuck with my 8520..


adding the video and pics makes for a great review. i would really like to have this case in black for my verizon bold 9930 because i've dropped my cellphones on more than one occasion.


I love the look of the hard case. It looks like part of the phone without taking away from the sleekness.

I'd love to get the black style.


white one so i can protect my future at&t bold 9900... when it comes out

El Platanero

where is the white one?


I want a white case because it will make my 9900 look like Eve from Wall-E!


I adore this case, it's the first case I've owned that was actually pretty on the back. Feels great in the hand also. A must have in my opinion.


I didn't read the review but this was on my order from the Crackberry Canada store together with my extra battery, battery charger and cradle within a day or two of picking up my 9900. Great case. I strongly recommend it.


Already got an Otterbox Commuter case, but might really like the black hard case!


i'd love one of these in Black. This is a great looking Case!


Between this and the Barely There Brushed Aluminum case (that looks pretty similar), which one is better?


i would love the black case to go with my 9930 cause i love my 9930..thats it all..lol

BlackBerry Guy

I have a soft shell case now, but would love a hard shell in black to go along with it so that I can switch them up.


I would love a white hard shell case for my new 9900!!


Nice and convincing review. I would want a black color hard shell case to protect my precious and premium look of Bold 9900 from scratches. I prefer the slim profile case because I always carry my BalckBerry in my pocket.


I'll take a white case. It looks super sexy!


Black one please to baby my 9900 even further!!


I would love to have the black case to keep the gorgeous 9900 from being overly bulky. Really sharp looking case!


i would like a black one because it's the closest thing to a bold ill have till at&t releases it!!


This case in black looks so nice and I love how thin it is. Would be a perfect match for my new 9900


Thanks for covering all the little details that need to be considered for cases like ease of putting it on and perceived bulkiness - it's not such a simple decision! Would love one for my bold 9900 in black!


Definitely need a black one to protect my new 9930!


Looking good. Please I want one for my 9900 to protect it and I hope it's white :D


I just bought a Bold 9930 from Verizon Wireless at full retail price (recent college grad still) cause I've wanted one so bad since I played with it at the store. If I could save my money on the case then that would just make this entire experience even more worth it!! I'd love a black one, if possible :D


i'll take black.
by the way, two blackberry 9900's for my wife and me are on the way. we are very excited.


Love look of the hard case on my phone.
My only grip is that the plastic cases cause the phone to slide around a lot.
I'll try the soft case when I get around to buying it.


I would like one for my husband's new phone which AT&T has YET to announce. So, maybe it will actually be for his SPRINT Bold. Whatever. He's going to need this case one way or another. I keep making a pest of myself at the AT&T store, but it doesn't seem to be helping.


this is a great case! I would love one in white!


The black one will look good around my 9900.


I would love to have this case in black to protect my new beauty. My new 9930 is my forever phone! even if it turned into a back up one day, its built solid, it has an amazing keyboard, and I can use it anywhere in the world on practically any carrier.


cool... I'd love a free case.

BTW does case interfere with nfc antenna?


I'd like the black one. I find this case makes the bold most sexiest than any other case.


1862 messages? Damn, man. You're a beast! I'd love to win one of those cases btw.


I want black. I want the case because it looks like there is no case with it on.


Looks like an awesome case ! Love how it shows the berry logo! Hope to win!


It does look great. I like how they kept the soft sides but the hard back. Also, the case will protect the lens on the camera from direct scratches a bit since it is raised.
Hmmm... Still not sure if I want this one or something I can clip on like the case that came in the box.


This review is awesome the quality and detail of the pictures and videos are really good. I would love to have one of Black Hard Shell case for my Bold 9900

Thanks CrackBerry

CrackBerry.com and BlackBerry Rocks


I have this case. I really love it and it's a perfect fit. Although, I paid $40 for it at Sprint..


I would LOVE the white one! it is super sweet and want it because i always have a case for my BlackBerry to protect it but hate when it hides the beauty of the phone! This one looks a lot like the phone so it complements it so i can protect AND not hide it's beauty! love love love it! plus the white one reminds me of what a storm trooper might have if he were using a 9900! oooh yeah!


Please give me the BLACK HARD SHELL CASE for my BB 9900! PLEASE I REALLY NEED IT FOR MY CURRENTLY NUDE BB 9900!!! I've just spent half of my savings on this stunner and really hope that the kind and generous CrackBerry could help protect my love!!! I REALLY NEED TO SAVE MONEY IT'S MY FIRST YEAR IN COLLEGE


Black for the incoming bold 9930!!


I want a black case because I'm getting my 9900 next week and I'd REALLY rather not get it scratched or worse on the first day I have it ;)


ill take the white one please! my 9930 would be so damn sexy!!!! and protected from scratches! (already have a small one on my battery cover:( ) love your contests CB! keeps me comin back for more!


hi everyone...
i got a casemate barely there case with my bold 9900. its a simple black one that covers just the sides and back.

however, it's been driving me crazy not knowing what the little hole in the casing is for. it's located right under the hole for the flash led.

it reveals just a slight bit of the battery cover and a silver lining...

i may have thrown away all the packaging in excitement... and now i'll never know what that hole is for..

anyone help me please!!!? i need to know!

thanks in advance :)


black because i love how it makes it look extra clean with the thin strand of stainless steel showing. so hot right now.


Need one for my future 9900


I would love a black one for my 9900 :)


The white one would look amazing on my new 9900...need to protect my baby as much as I can!


I hope i will win the black one to protect the bold 9900 that I am buying tomorrow :)


Wow! I like how the Blackberry Hard Case looks. Don't look bulky, and really looks like naked but protectect. There is just one problem- the same problem of every case except Seidio: No Charging Pod Contacts. There is the ethernal dilema "To be or not to be protectect". I like the Charging Pods but I never use it, Why? Because I use my BB has an alarm to wake me up at 4:00 a.m. If I put it in a charging pod it could be beutiful, but when I will try to deactivate the alarm there is a high probability of....RIP. Nobody (except Seidio) think in make a case with a charging pod? It don't look complicated.


I love my 9930! This case would be perfect!! Can I have one???


Black, please
I like it because it's Blackberry branded.



wow! great review, loved the video most! that is a GREAT looking case, and I would love to win the black one!


I definitely want one of these when I get my AT&T 9900. I have a similar setup on my 9000 and the phone looks brand new.

Hard Shell + Screen Protector = Functional Protection for Your Precious Blackberry!


Just upgraded from Bold 9650 to the 9930 and I couldn't be any more satisfied. Had chrome hard shell for the 9650 and loved it. This case looks like it mimicks the same classic look of the phone...would love to have it protecting my new phone.


I definitely need one of these! Need some protection for this beauty of a phone.

White one!


the white one would be awesome and sleek!


WOW would love one in plack. This would become the everyday case for my 9900. Please.


I would like to win a Black one for sure....

I think RIM should make cases or encourage third party companies to develop cases that either works with the OEM charging pod OR at least make custom charging pods to work with cases.

I like the OtterBox Defender but I don't like removing it every time. I would love to win this snap on case in black.


Would love to win one, either black or white would have been appreciated very much.


i'd like a black one. it just looks great!!


I'd love to win a case for my 9900 !


I already have the soft shell case - so the hard shell case would be nice to have too ;)


Now only if I could get AT&T to release the 9900...


Would love it in black...as soon as AT&T get their act together so I can buy a damn 9900!


Black hard case forsure, been waiting for something good without huge ass bulk.


Very nice review, especially the pics from all angles, given the 99xx's aesthetics. I especially like how you can still put in in a holster. I'd like a black one to protect my 9930 that I hope to have soon!


A sweet black one to protect my 9930 that is on it's way would be perfect!! I am waiting on my charging pod to come into stock anyway, so I might as well wait for this to come in also! Thanks!


My new 9900 is waiting for a case and this would be perfect


Great review, I would love to snag the white one if they are available...thanks for the reviews


Personally prefer the sleeve or holster, both provide battery-saving feature.

I didn't post to participate in the contest, just to express an opinion. If my name should pop up as a winner, please pick another poster as participant in the contest. :)


I want a white one for sure!

the brother



I would like the white one.


This looks like good protection for my phone. I think that I would need a larger holster to accommodate both.

Allan in T.Dot

Interesting review...the original plastic that came with my phone is coming off so I'd def. like to win one of these!


would love to win...my new 9930 needs it!!! white would be amazing!


A black case would go nice with my 9930. The review was great but didn't narrow down the soft or hard case any since they both are good. Guess it comes down to which one I can win!


I love that case - BIG WOW :D


I think I'd like the white one! In the meantime, I might have to try a soft shell case... ;)


I'm not sure if I want this or the "pop"


Great review. I have been looking for a case for my Bold 9900. I would likethe black hard case...... Curious if these are now selling at Rogers Plus store in Toronto


I'd love a black one like the one you did for the review. Will make it look classy slick and sexy ;)


Nice review looks awesome I need one I'm going to get my bold very soon and I need a case or something for a little protection I'd like a black one I need something to protect that chrome finish



Although they still make them slightly too thick. If they can have a cover that is very thin in the main back section, it would be a winner for me.


Case looks awesome and the rubber accent is nice. Black please.


Black would look great on my 9930.


I'd like the black one because it maintains the awesome looks of the 9900 but this adds protection!!! Love my bold so much that dont want it getting hurt


Wow excellent review,love one in black!!!Crackberry Rules


A black one to keep the scratches away would be amazing!
Rolling. . .


Blackberry is doing a great work on their cases, i´d like the white/grey one, looks so hot, come on Crackberry :D


A white one would look amazing for my new 9900!


please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please I need tht new case and for the price I paid for the bold thru Tmobile I need a free case from u...thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u


Would LOVE to have this case on my shiny new berry :D


Great looking case! A white one would be perfect for my soon to be 9930!


I want one to protect my new baby boldie-woldie

If you think a white case will look good on a black bold then I want white. hehehe


YES!!!! I would love one :) Crackberry 4ever

Lovin Life :)


Great review! Please pick me I would looooove to have this case its beautiful and functional at the same time, cant beat that! I definitely want the black one :)


I would really like to win a hard shell. I have been trying to decided on which type of case to get, because the unfortunate drop to the ground from my lap as I'm getting out of the car will be coming soon (I can feel it). I have been trying hustle up coupons/discounts to get an otterbox defender, but I still haven't convinced myself (or the gf) that I can spare the $


need this to protect my new berry


I love the review as it's very detailed. The pics show that, as stated, you really can't tell it was a case on it so you get the protection without a lot of bulk. that's a win in my book. I'd like it in blue or red :-)


Would love to have a white case just to stand out from all the other "black" berry users. Since there is no total white phone. Just to stand out of the crowd.


.. great protection for a great device!! I'm in...


I need a black one. My poor 9930 is already getting scratched up on the back. Even with the hostler :'(


pls, pick me for my 9900.


After reading the reviews here, this is the case I'd love to get for my 9930.


The bb bold 9900 is fucking beatiful even the freaking hard case is beautiful this definently would protect my baby


my 9900 and white case are meant to be together please make that happen


Black case with a white 9900 bold. Yes.


I need that case.plsssss


They should have one in coltbat blue, but black will do. I don't have any cases beside the leather pouch and would love to win this hard case :)