BlackBerry Haiku Contest - Vote For Your Favorite!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Mar 2009 11:00 am EDT

Vote for Your Favorite BlackBerry Haikus!

Time to Vote CrackBerry Nation!! Last week WHERE and opened up the BlackBerry Haiku contest on the blogs, where you write a BlackBerry Haiku in response to the question WHERE is your BlackBerry Smartphone Right Now? for a chance to win a new BlackBerry!

With 1899 BlackBerry Haiku entries submitted, it took the the WHERE team a bit of time to narrow it down to just TEN finalists, but that's exactly what they have done. Click the image above to see the top ten Haiku entries and place your vote. The lucky writer of the Haiku that receives the most votes will win a FREE BlackBerry of choice!!! A Big thank you to everybody who entered (that was fun wasn't it?!) and congrats to the finalists... Good Luck. Now GO VOTE!!!

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BlackBerry Haiku Contest - Vote For Your Favorite!!!


easy of course...mine lol

I poke on my screen hard…
I poke on my screen harder…
I realize the harsh reality
WHERE did RIM go wrong

For all you people complaining about the top ten. Stop the negative post.

If you don't want to vote, don't vote. Don't call somebody's work lame. If you don't have something nice to post don't post at all.

Don't be mad cause you didn't make it.

No matter if I win or lose I'm proud to have made the top ten. Not bad out of over 1800 entries.


I'll have to work on my haiku skills I guess.

"No matter if I win or lose I'm proud to have made the top ten. Not bad out of over 1800 entries"

I'd feel the same way :)

Til next time!

My Blackberry Storm.
It could be on the dock, lit.
Or else it could be...

Placed in my pocket.
People might get curious...
And ask are you gay?

Because of the bulge...
That will inhibit my sway.
My Storm always seems...

To get them talking.
It gets girls to start flocking.
False advertising.

Is what I may feel...
But I do not care because...
Girls and phones? BIG DEAL!

But now I have WHERE...
The hottest application.
To find a place to...

Take a vacation.
I left my blackberry home.
And now I am screwed.

Because my smart phone.
Compensates the obvious.
Adored no more dude!

My time is now spent...
Alone with my blackberry.
Reading Crackberry...