BlackBerry goes to judge over continued Typo distribution

Typo for iPhone
By Simon Sage on 21 Aug 2014 03:41 pm EDT

The Bluetooth-enabled keyboard case for iPhone back by Ryan Seacrest, Typo, continues to earn the legal ire of BlackBerry as they're still on sale. Apparently 11,000 Typos have been sold at $100 a pop, causing BlackBerry to issue another request for a sales injunction from California federal judge William Orrick. The sale of Typo keyboards violates an earlier court order barring their distribution. The letter to the judge apparently calls the move "brazen and blatant."

It's unclear whether or not this complaint applies to the new Typo Keyboard design, though the letter to the judge does link to the online store currently listing the Typo 2 on pre-order.

Obviously we're all well aware of how great BlackBerry's keyboard design is, and it really is an asset you can't blame them for trying to protect. Why Typo has gone ahead and ignored the injunction is a little bewildering, but we're eager to see what the judge has to say about the matter.

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BlackBerry goes to judge over continued Typo distribution


How so? I thought that the new typo 2 wasn't modelled on the blackberry keyboard at all. If that is the case isn't it a bit vindictive of BlackBerry?

Ohh please... Typo took off the silver bars between the keys and are calling it a revolutionary new keyboard.

Take Typo down BlackBerry. :)

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Or....or you can slap original on your back...just for being original.. OK troll...ask crapple they Kaine lg or HTC designs.. You know crapple icrap6 due out soon .

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Slap original on your back. Crapple and iCrap references are getting old. Time for something new.

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All in all, I think it is good for BlackBerry that even iPhone fans want a keyboard. After dealing with the awkward keyboard attachment, they may decide to move to the real deal and get a BlackBerry.

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It just the keyboard that they needs and with a good keyboard and Apps on Apple and Android I think BlackBerry will RIP

Q10 Qwerty Lover.

Good for BlackBerry. They should get a big settlement for this and just shut the typo company down

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They're not in the business to waste money on senseless acquisitions.

Look! It's Zedzilla10! 

BlackBerry should make and sell the official BlackBerry keyboard for iPhone.

If this POS can sell 11,000 units at $100 each it's worth doing better and creaming in that profit.

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I posted a month ago a photo of them still on sale at a Canadian Airport. I was surprised. The clerks' answer was, " It doesn't apply to us since we purchased them before the injunction" As if!

Unfortunately the real answer might be that it doesn't also cover Canada as part of the injunction...

Wasn't it for the sale & distribution? If so, then distributing them to stores outside of the US is still a violation (as they are built in the US)

....i could be wrong

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I you need a physical keyboard on your iPhone, should have bought a BlackBerry in the first place. Hideous...

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Agreed. Typo is a stupid name; it refers to a mistake.

 BB10 is the best; on a Z30... awesome!

Typo 2 is different from the original Typo. I think they change what BlackBerry reclaim is his property.

God Bless You!

Wow. Why would anyone interested in accuracy purchase a keyboard named "TYPO"??? Seems obvious to me.

Something like buying that new smartphone on the market named "Bad Signal"!!!

I never get how ideas like this ever gain footing. LoL.

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I love BlackBerry, use one elusively, but isn't this a free country, why can't they make a product and market it? So what it's a keyboard similar to BlackBerry, but they can claim that the phone is different.

Um, free market means you're free to make your own product to compete, not blatantly copy a product and earn money from it...

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"not blatantly copy a product and earn money from it"

Kinda like that Nemory(sp?) guy and his apps...? Right?

I think you want an accute accent on your e, not a grave accent. Just saying, in case you want to use that again in the future.

What Nemory does is distinguishable: filling a gap because the original companies refuse to make versions for BB10.

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(Re-)Creating apps using publicly available APIs and a totally different UI is not comparable to knocking off a physical keyboard and selling it with an injunction in place...


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

"filling a gap because the original companies refuse to make versions for BB10."

Oh my god dude, what a crock of shit... lmao!

Try this on for size:

"What Typo does is distinguishable: filling a gap because Blackberry refuses to make keyboards for non BB10 phones".

See how that works?

It's ok to feel how you feel. But don't be a hypocrite about it.

Everything is distinguishable, potentially.

The issue with Snap2chat seems to be a TM issue. In that sense, I can't say that Snapchat doesn't have a cause of action.

BlackBerry's issue with Typo is a patent issue. Again, US law differs from Canada, but an immaterial alteration doesn't put something outside of the fence posts of the invention covered by a patent. I haven't looked into whether Snapchat has patents covering their technology, and if they grant a license to use patented technology through published APIs, subject to terms and conditions.

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Like I said, I've got no dog in this fight, but if you're going to say something is wrong then it's wrong.

If it isn't wrong, then it isn't wrong. Pick a place to stand and stand there.

Soeasy, since you're so anti-hypocrisy, and filling a gap is a "crock of shit," I'm sure you're going to fire off a letter to Snapchat right now about the WP8 app called 6snap? It's listed as free, but it's an ad supported app (i.e. makes the dev money from ads) and it also offers in-app purchasing to unlock the ad-free version. Are you still reading? Then you better stop, you're not writing that letter.

Nope not typing any letters. Have never used typo or Snapchat. So I don't really give a shit.

And what gap anyway? Most of the folks on this site are always going on and on about how apps don't matter. Tools... Remember...?

But I'm thinking that the guy in the apartment next to mine has the best TV in the building, and since he invites everyone over to watch it but me, I think I'll just steal it.

I'm mean that's easier than going out and buying one myself.


5 comments in this chain and you don't give a shit. Got it.

Those "folks" are not the Snapchat demographic anyways. Cute attempt at trying to generalize and corral everyone into one group though. There are Apple buyers who buy iPhones just because it's designed by Apple. So all iPhone buyers must be sheep. See how generalizations work?

Go ahead and steal your neighbor's TV. If he had it stolen before and didn't press charges, maybe he won't do so this time either because he's anti-hypocrisy.

You seem to be engaged in some sort of circle jerk with yourself.

Maybe you're more of an abstract thinker.

I'm an Myers Briggs INTP. So I'm literal. So please desist with trying to find some hidden/alternate meaning in what I'm saying other than what I'm saying. Because you're failing.

What do Apple users have to do with anything I've said? Stop reaching dude. You're failing.

Nah, I think stealing is wrong.

However if, I DID steal my neighbor's TV and he DID decide to press charges against me, it's his right to do so. Regardless of whether or not he has pressed charges before.

And I never said I was anti-anything. You're reaching and reaching and failing miserably.

I said, specifically, to the other guy by the way...

"It's ok to feel how you feel. But don't be a hypocrite about it."

Meaning: "It's okay to feel that the ends justify the means, but don't try to mask it because when some 'ends' favor your positions and others do not."

I hope that clears up my position for you. If not, I really don't know what to say.

It's 1:30a.m. here in NYC so I'll take my leave now.


I'm a huge fan of Machiavelli.

you elusively use a blackberry? are you trying to hide the fact that you are using one? or did you mean exclusively?

Typos are the only things you are going to get when you pay $100 to get a keyboard extension named "Typo"

They're going downhill n it's clearly a desperate move. They have enough money to pay any penalties that comes their way. Desperate

My guess is that they figured they tweaked the design enough to get by selling them.
I will share a story with you.
Once the was this register company, they had been in business for years making registers for the HVAC industry. This company was having internal issues with employee benefits and pay. So the engineering department took copies of the designs and quite the company. These engineer's started the own register manufacturing company building the same register. So the old company sued the new company. The new company said to the judge they weren't the same register even know if you put them up side by side you almost couldn't tell the difference. This is what the new company did to make them different, one shade different in color, used 2 gauge thinner metal and sold the for half the price. The judge said it was enough of a difference and throw the case out. Needless to say the new company ran the old company out of business.

I would love to see a source on BB selling 11k Q10s and Q5s. Over what time period? Where?

Just buy typo and sell the things to these iPhone users so that you can build up more cash revenue

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The new typo still looks like a blackberry keyboard. Now that they have already been in trouble, they can't even be remotely similar.

I have more friends because I do drugs!!

I wonder if typo is selling more keyboards than BlackBerry selling phones.

That'll be sad.

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That's over a million bucks that they've gotten while being in violation of the court order. It's obvious what the motivation is here. I hope Blackberry sues for damages, damage to reputation and an injunction on future sales. Obviously Seacrest is betting they can make more by selling these keyboards than they will have to pay in legal costs. Time for Chen to lawyer up and get to work.

Actually BlackBerry should sell a similar product. At $100 a pop, there has to be decent profit in the Typo.

Better yet, use the touch sensitive keys from the Passort.

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If the comment about them selling 11k units is true, that's $1.1 mil in revenue. Probably not worth it.

Can't you all see or feel that the only asset to BlackBerry device is the keyboards..... you don't see other devices care to copy other stuff.... So my suggestion will get your developers together and improves you Apps then BlackBerry will have a real chance of coming back!!!! IMPROVES YOUR APPS!!!

Q10 Qwerty Lover.

Just more free advertising for BlackBerry. Eventually when the bb10 OS (read 10.3.x) emerges and the ecosystem rounds out with total support for Android, Apple folks may start migrating to the new devices just around the corner.

Typo is no threat. Kick them while there down for the hell of it and lead them out of our territory.

Feels good to say that. Lol

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The Typo iPhone looks like a shitty Blackberry Passport knockoff. These users should just buy the real deal when it comes out.

Just let them sell the keyboard with "Inspired by BlackBerry" on the packaging with royalties paid to BlackBerry.

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Typo is sold in Indonesia for only less than $70. I guess they distribute it to countries where the court jurisdiction's can't touch.

Blackberry just make these keyboards themselves. Far more margin in that $100 thing than any product on their current lineup.

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If I had money to burn, I would buy both and MICROWAVE THEM for what they're worth, THEN I would blend them to pieces!

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this makes me mad. seems like americans feel they can do whatever they want without repercussions. alarming, considering the courts bent over backwards for crapple.

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Ryan's not that bad. He's actually a great, professional MC.

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Haha! Never thought of how bad a name TYPO is for an imitation of a keyboard known for providing a really good typing experience.

No that was really dumb.

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The iStore at Bush International Airport in Houston has a display of 50 sitting at the check out. It really does look like a BlackBerry keyboard.

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