BlackBerry goes high-tech on their YouTube ad for the BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 YouTube Ad
By Zach Gilbert on 5 Mar 2013 09:21 am EST

BlackBerry had said on many accounts that with the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 they would be increasing their marketing efforts like never before. Today I received an email from a CrackBerry reader showing a style of advertising that I've personally never seen. The ad was for the BlackBerry Z10 and was featured on the YouTube homepage, nothing crazy here, but wait. The advertisement was asking you how fast you are on your BlackBerry Z10 on-screen keyboard.

Yes, I fully understand that the ad could have been asking a rhetorical question, but where is the fun in that? If you engaged the ad you could actually scan a QR code on the screen, and then have a real time battle between the onscreen Z10 and your Z10. After you've completed the challenge your score would be presented within the ad, as well the ad could give you more information on your accuracy.

I personally haven't been able to get the ad to show on my computer, but I know it's out there. Sound off in the comments below if you've seen it in action!

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BlackBerry goes high-tech on their YouTube ad for the BlackBerry Z10


That is AWESOME...can't wait to try it out :) .......#1 APP on my Z10.....of course CRACKBERRY 10 :D

This was fun.. Once I finally figured its not about how fast you can type, rather how many keystrokes it takes to complete the words. Turned on Predective Text on my 9900. And BAM:

Beat it 3 - 11

Z10 has -8 fewer keystrokes.


somehow I don't think that is right though.. lol

Same here, I wish it was time based though since I used Swiftkey with Flow so the score was 6-22 but I bet the Z10 would have been faster.

Z10 has -18 fewer @ BBRY

Though when I try it for realz it kicked my keister, but I cry foul since I have German and English on mine so I had to type Dynamic because it wanted me to use Dynamik.

I don't think the programmers of that thought about the possibility of it being beaten. Used voice type on SwiftKey keyboard and mine stayed on 0. It was actually beating me until I saw it was cheatingin the way it counts . I typed 1 letter and it jumps to counting from 2. Then when the word is displayed in my predictions, it counts me selecting it as 1. Where as I doubt it counts the swipe on the Z10. Lol anyway a cool idea

I scanned the code on my 9900 and my iPod. It fired up the browser and redirected me through various different mobile sites before kicking me out onto a page that told me I could only use the game on my PC and to visit a URL which didn't take me to the game on my PC at all. What's the use in an advert for people who already have bought the Z10? What a mess.

Ok serious getting bit annoyed with the lack of common sense on the entries on c rack berry lately

How is it good marketing racing a cpu Z10 keyboard with the real Z10 keyboard? We already have a Z10 so they are not marketing to any audience apart from the ones that have already bought the phone, what is the point in that.

Zachary missed the point, it's for non BlackBerry users to download and race the keyboard so go post this on I more and android central and use your noggin (brain) not here as now it just want u have BlackBerry thinking wow loads of hits, yeah from people who already have the Z10 so no new sales generated well done crackberry *yawn*

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Sorry this is incorrect information. The post was written about a YouTube ad that had been created for BlackBerry Z10 owners to race against the computer. Since writing this post I have been able to use the ad myself, and can ensure you that it was made for people who have a BlackBerry Z10.

The link that was posted in this thread was not the same one that was featured in the YouTube ad, and this post. Please read my post, thanks :).