BlackBerry gets the win at the Monaco Grand Prix

By Adam Zeis on 27 May 2013 12:47 pm EDT

First off - sorry if we spoiled the qualifying for anyone that hadn't yet had the chance to watch. Going forward we'll wait a good 24 hours after the action to put any posts up. 

That being said - GO TEAM BLACKBERRY! Imagine how excited I was to see the BlackBerry / Mercedes TEAM AMG Petronas take first in the Monaco Grand Prix yesterday. My first race experience was awesome and I'm not quite sure how I lived without Formula 1 until now.

I usually sleep in on Sunday, but yesterday I made sure to be up by 7:30 am so I could take in my first F1 race ever. I settled in on my couch with my Q10 in-hand ready to rock and roll. Being a Mets fan I'm usually prepped for disappointment when I watch sports, so having my team sitting on the pole made me jittery right from the start.

As the light turned green, both Mercedes cars jumped off the line and took the lead thanks to great qualifying times. Nico had an impressive lead and Lewis was holding strong in second - it couldn't be any better. Everything went smoothly for the first portion of the race and it looked like the Mercedes duo would dominate, but then Hamilton dropped back to fourth position in the pits and would stay there until the finish.

During my first race I got to see some great action, learn a bit about things like sectors, DRS, sub-3 second pit stops and plenty about tires (or "tyres"). 

Overall I have to say it was an awesome experience. There was action a-plenty, my team did awesome and I really enjoyed the whole thing. Again, not sure how I made it this far without F1 in my life but I'll certainly be a fan from here on out. Now I can't wait until race weekend in Montreal!

Oh, and who knew Daft Punk had a car too? How cool is that!?

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BlackBerry gets the win at the Monaco Grand Prix


Should be one that's been available to most Canadians for almost couple weeks:
Release / OS version

This is how you CB10, son!

damn you Troll ;p

seriously, mid 90ties to mid 00 I watched a lot, sometimes all F1. It was often very good, sometimes not. Depending races and sometimes even a boring one is good if your favourite racer is No. 1 ;)

At the moment I'm not a huge fan.

Did anyone mentioned the troulbe with the Perelli tire tests?

F1 is cool from an engineer perspective based on how fast those things can go given the rules of the specs.

But, LeMans is more fun for me to watch knowing that the same car in my driveway is the same car those race teams are tweaking and racing on the track. That itself is a limitation and adds another "challenge" teams work around. More fun because anyone (with the money) can join in on the fun and its with cars that are "street legal".

Nico did great, but because of safety car Lewis got unlucky this time. Congrats to the Mercedes team and Nico.

Nbc was a one time thing for this race. I do believe that the speed channel has it usually. But their commentary sucks. You can usually find the BBC broadcast somewhere on the web.(I'm not saying legally) That's the best commentary to watch.

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NBC has the rights to broadcast F1 in the US this year . So you'll be able to catch coverage on their family of channels (NBC Sports Channel, CNBC and some races on the main network).

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BBC doesn't broadcast all the races in the UK, they didn't want to pay a lot of money for the live races. Which sucks. But Sky has them all. You may be able to find a way to watch Sky live... :)

Hopefully the first win of many for Team BlackBerry in F1. This partnership is looking a better and better decision with every race that passes!

Looking forward to Montreal, Mercedes could consider this a part home race now of course with BB on board ;)

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Such a good race to watch (and yeah, Hamilton got screwed by safety car). Don't see red flag restarts happen very often... I can't even remember the last time.

The Monaco circuit is exceptionally dangerous (far more so than any other) as it isn't much more than a road race around the streets of Monaco.
That also throws up the problems of having few places to overtake which can, at the same time, make Monaco very interesting to watch as the drivers take bigger risks to get up the positions.


And the lead car is coming up on turn one, looks like he's going to turn left. And here he is coming up on turn two, again it looks like he's turning left. Turn 3, looks like he's going, well, left..... you get the point.

but that is no racing - it's crashing ;p

F1 is (often) an interessting mix of talented drivers and talented ingenieurs/money aka best car. And thats on a often very difficult race track. (yeah, circular but with straightaways and hairpin turn/curve)


Yup, NASCRAP, left turn, left turn, oh cool someone crashed and took half the field with them, now that's racing! GIMME a break.

Chance to see Safety Car in Monaco is 80% referring to my local TV channel RTL. That's much higher than normal I assume.

did you also hate when esp. RTL Danner and Wasser repeating "beginner"-Stuff again and again? When I get the chance I watch Premiere ähm Sky withouth commentators but racing sound...


Great race by Rosberg and Mercedes in general. Hamilton was outpacing Webber but on the tight road course that is Monaco, it was difficult to pass. Unless of course you are that waste of a drivers seat for McLaren-Mercedes known as Perez! What an unprofessional driver he is. Made several dangerous passes coming out of the tunnel leading into the chicane. Only because Button and Alonso didn't want to crash, did those dangerous passes not become something more. When he tried the same thing on Raikkonen, he was promptly put into the wall causing damage to both cars. I hope that FIA hands out some sort of punishment to this driver. He is creating unsafe situations with his reckless pass attempts and he needs to be dealt with. He has almost knocked his own teammate (Jenson Button) out of several races this season. Unfortunately, Vodafone is leaving McLaren after this season as their title sponsor so they need Perez's connection to TelMex to bring in fresh money. Sad that this is going to cause an accident and possibly an injury to someone.

Actually Perez did a great job at finding the smallest of gaps to overtake, it doesnt always work out but thats his job and he was rightly praised by the team.

If you want to chastise someone for ill timed moves, your man would be Grosjean.

I posted about mercedes/ BlackBerry partnership a whole ago saying what a good thing it was, but I never thought I'd see them win this year (it was generally agreed that merc are concentrating on 2014 with the big regulation changes). It's fantastic to see BlackBerry getting such regular coverage.

In terms of the race itself, it was actually a stinker. One of the worst races in recent memory. Because of the tyres, everyone is racing to a delta and at the start were lapping nearly 10 seconds a lap slower than the qualifying pace (on a 75 second lap that is DISGRACEFUL).

Never mind the race, I'm glad BlackBerry are getting the exposure and I'm also glad that this partnership is Bringing more fans into the sport.

BlackBerry and Mercedes ftw

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That's not because of the tires, it's because the cars are fully fueled for the race. During qualifying they are running on little more than vapour. That's why you see the lap times drop lap after lap during the race. By the end of the race, when the fuel tanks are almost empty, they are usually close to quali times.

uh it is to do with the tyres, fuel does play a part I agree, but when you have a caterham setting the fastest lap at points in the race because its just got new tyres, and everyone else is about 2 seconds slower per lap, you know its not just fuel.

Its about tyre degredation, fuel and also them trying to keep the engines on lower revs so they don't have to use any extra up over the season and take a 5 place penalty too.

I've just found figures which suggest lap times can be 0.4s slower per 10kg of fuel carried on board. This only amounts to a 3.2 second performance hit. With quali times at and race pace 1m 21s (on average) yes, tyre management was huge in Monaco.

I know the fastest lap was 1m, but that was an exception here.

Awesome race. I watched too. Surreal seeing Luis out there on the track. Caught a few glimpses of his awesome helmet that he posted on the Petronas page, and boy oh boy is his girlfriend fine as all hell. Geezus!!!!

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Way to go BB/Mercedes/Petronas . Emotional win for Rosberg in the city he grew up and 30 years after his father won it on the same circuit. How cool is that
Rosberg was a bit lucky too as he could have been screwed during that safety car pitstop like what happened to Hamilton.
Nico will likely grab pole again in Montreal ad hopefully 1-2 during the race for Team BB/Mercedes.

It is, as long as this new lousy tire compound doesn't ruin it! I hate seeing these races determined by tire management and not by all out race pace which is how it should be.
Anyway..........great to see Blackberry on the podium!!

F1 is the ultimate R&D laboratory of the car industry. That's part of why the constant rule changes - it forces the R&D guys to focus on different areas each year. F1 is a major employer of engineering PhDs. Why do new European cars do over 120MPH on 1.4 litre engines and get over 40 miles to the gallon? F1.

Welcome to the sport Adam!

Monaco us actually usually a dull race because of how hard it is to overtake, this one was a rare exception.

You're in for a treat for your second race as the Montreal circuit always gives us a brilliant race, rain or shine. If you think F1 was exciting at Monaco just wait til the next race!

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Agreed, been there 3 times now to watch it. I sure do miss the sound of the 20,000 rpm V10's though!

Good win but racing fans know that Monaco is the pedestrian race of the season. With very little opportunities for passing, the car on pole stands a very good chance of winning if the driver gets a good start, survive the first chicane, and stay away from the barriers.

Winning anywhere else for the rest of the season is expecting a lot as both cars are terrible on the tyres. That being said, great win and to have come this quickly is a big bonus.

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Nico was flawless during the race, Monaco is difficult race, only the brave or insane overtake. And no perez won't be punished as he was with in his rights to do those over taking moves, other drivers left the door open, also shows how sportman like a long and others were to not close door on him(plus it's illegal to do that) but that being said not the most exciting of circuits.bring on Canadian GP. Well done BlackBerry and Mercedes. But mostly well raced Nico.

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Glad that you enjoyed the race. Have been a fan for over a decade now, and I just can't watch the go-lefters anymore. Be sure to check out the Montreal race, as you won't have to wake up early to watch it :) It's also one of the favourite tracks of the drivers.

Some stats : 8 of the last 10 Monaco Grand Prix have been interrupted by safety car (means everybody stand on the track but remain in position and the ranges collapse) at least. So it's very usual here.
Now if you want some weird speed and action, next episodes of F1 Championship should fit !
One none should miss is the German Nürburgring (7th of July) with some of the craziest speeds and trajectories you can meet. Of course, the Montréal Canadian (9th of June) will be exciting too with incredible speed on the Gilles Villeneuve track (thx DC_Mtl) ... oh, guess who won last year ? Lewis Hamilton, on McLaren-Mercedes, with a crazy avg speed of ~ 200 km/h (~125 Miles/hour).

P.S: If you have a PS3, just grab Gan Turismo ... you'll get a wonderfull point of view !

The Montreal track is named in Jacques' father's memory - the late Gilles Villeneuve.

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No problem. I'll just never forget watching his crash and hearing of his subsequent death at age 32. :( Gilles, for me, was a joy to watch - not to mention that he was about my age and hailed from where I grew up (St. Jean / Iberville).

Sadly, he never got the chance to win the world championship (Jacques is the only Canadian to have done so). I'll miss his style.

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wet eyes ... again. Was 15 or 16yo then and I've been marked, as for A. Senna many tears later. Hopefully this shouldn't happen anymore.

Sorry but Seb Vettel will win the championship again go red bull go.
But it was nice to see that Nico won his HOME race 30 years after his old man.....!

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BlackBerry have done excellent in pumping a challenging horsepower in the new OS and Z10. Good to see the Bhp winning F1 race @ Monaco GP. Go BlackBerry Goooo :)

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That was fun to watch! Very exciting race, crazy pilots and one slight miscalculation cost Hamilton a place on the podium. Totally unpredictable race in the hardest F1 circuit in the world.

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I still don't understand how the 2 Red Bulls were able to pass LW with the safety car out! Then again, I've been watching F1 for years and the rules change at the drop of a hat. That said, excellent win for NR. After his impressive qualifying results I have decided he is my favourite driver (since there hasn't been a Canuck on F1 since Jacques.

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I have been lucky enough to work on this F1 Grand Prix (doing it since 11 years BTW) and such a great feeling to see this car sponsored by BlackBerry winning the race!!

What most people didn't catch was the fact that Lewis held up Vettel and Webber to give Nico just enough of a lead so that when Nico pitted for tires, the Red Bull cars would be behind Nico when he came back out on track. When Lewis pitted for tires, the Red Bull cars passed him when he was returning to the track, and Monaco being Monaco, there was little chance for Lewis to get around Webber. However, for this race the Pirelli tires were just right for all of the teams.

Been following Crackeberry a while since had my Z10 but this is my first ever post....
F1 was good but not a classic...Perez needs a caution...shame for Raikonnen as his 5th place would've meant he was second in C'ship by only a few points....

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What a great race!! I called the Nico win before qualifying!! I just thout he would pull it out because his dad had won the race before and he lives in Monaco!

Lewis got screwed cause off the red flag restart, never seem them often.

While I agree that it was a good race, and shame on Perez for what happened between him and Raikkonen... Hamilton got screwed from the safety car being called out from Massa's accident. Not from Maldonado's accident causing the red flag...

Certainly a well-deserved win by Rosberg! Controlled the race beautifully! Disappointed though for what happened to Raikkonen :/

Great win for Rosberg, but going forward I don't think the team has much of a chance especially in wider circuits. The narrow nature of Monaco track definitely helped them.

From zeTEN

He is consistently out-driving Hamilton though - I think they will hold onto him for now. If not then the team needs a slap as a wake up call.

For its keyboard by Blackberry's side I shall stay,
And now a blingy one's being given away.
Though some have said the company will fold,
A response to the contrary comes in gold -
Not to mention a Gran Prix win in May.

I've been a F1 supporter a couple of years now and believe me when I say the sport can be really boring at times. But then F1 is not a sport. It's more like a passion for strategy, engineering and technology :)

F1 is a sport utilizing machinery. Boring? When?

Those drivers are in tip top shape like boxers. They have to be due to the heat, traveling, climate changes, and G-Forces they battle with in every GP race internationally.

Every turn up to 70+ laps avg speeds of over 130+ mph tops speeds over 200pmh. They take the toughest turns imaginable to man other then Jet airplanes.

Trust me they are Premier athletes :)

I LOVE/ENJOY the fact BLACKBERRY is market advertising on the most top of all motor sport of them all.

Formula 1.

Apple and Android cant say that...

BlackBerry did not 'get the win' in Monaco. Mercedes did. As did Nico Rosberg. BlackBerry pays both to display its logos. That's it.

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