BlackBerry gets in on the MuchMusic Video Awards - Enter to win a new Z10!

By Adam Zeis on 13 Jun 2013 02:37 pm EDT

If you're in Canada then you've most likely heard of MuchMusic, and you may also know that the big MuchMusic Video Awards show is the Sunday. As could be expected, BlackBerry is sponsoring the event along with others like H&M, Subway and CocaCola.

We've seen more and more exposure from BlackBerry in the last few months, so it's always great to see them popping up in new places with new promos.

As we saw last year with the "Be Bold" Lounge during the MMVAs, this year there will again be a BlackBerry lounge for celebs. To coincide, the MMVA site has a countdown lounge with VJ Liz Trinnear where you can enter to win a new BlackBerry Z10 just by submitting a question for Liz to ask the celebs at the show.

There is also a great video promo that goes along with it all.

To check out more on the MMVAs and enter to win a Z10, just head to the MuchMusic site from the link below. 

Enter to win a new BlackBerry Z10 from MuchMusic

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BlackBerry gets in on the MuchMusic Video Awards - Enter to win a new Z10!


That ad is way better that what I have seen from them for the BB10 launch. Going directly after youth, with good music in the background and well put together/succinct. Excellent ad. Proves that they are getting better.

Now they need to take this to MTV.

I'm not in Canada, but count me in send my prize to the Republic of south Africa. BB10 FTW

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Lol Adam trolling the troll, awesomeness. Btw, is this open to Canadians living in America? ;)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 & loving it!

Gotcha, though I was half-joking. I don't think it'd be fair for me to win one even if it was open to U.S. residents since I can't even watch Much Music down here anyway. Thanks though!

Yeah... Totally missed my point (plus, I'm not exactly "missing" the programming on Much Music down here), but thanks for the heads up :)

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MuchMusic is still around??? wow. Last time i flipped through it was like 2006 or something and they had no music on it, just a bunch of reality bullsh*t. is it still the same aka lame?

It's a decent ad video, but I'm just laughing at her last few moves,

"Yeah, I think I have it covered."
Slide to active frames, tap calendar

could've had a better montage of stuff including the hub and bbm. oh well, next time.

Can someone asked Bieber if he has been wearing depends under those pants he has been wearing lately...i just hope it's not a fashion statement...#Z10

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This one is for sure mine. I had a dream that I won. I also read it in one of those pop up ads that are on the internet. It must be true! Ha.

Thank you CB

Well, of course older people do not watch this show, but it is the most watched non news show in Canadian history. This is perfect for getting the word out to youth. Great move.

You can thank the great government of Quebec for that lol... french language laws. Fucking joke.

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To be totally honest this app (cb10) went way past my expectations of "meh" and is really quite fantastic. Very happy with it. So fun and easy to post comments on articles!

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If you had to choose a different career rather than music what would it be and why?


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My question would be for liz to ask any celebs If they have a BlackBerry device and if not will they be buying one anytime soon.

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Would love to win another Z10! I got one now and would love to share with my family who still seems to back in d olden days! BlackBerry is doin big and wonderful things! Keep up d get work BB!!!!

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I'd really like a Blackberry Q10, I've had my blackberry bold 9700 for a long time now. Blackberry is a phone that I would stay with forever, So it would be very nice to win an upgraded one. Hope this is for American's also!