Pastry Push wins the BlackBerry 10 Game On competition

By James Richardson on 21 Feb 2014 10:52 am EST

Over in India it was just a few months ago that BlackBerry announced it's Game On competition for developers. As well as devs getting credit for doing a good job in terms of downloads and revenue from BlackBerry World there was another incentive for them in the form of hard cash plus a device from BlackBerry - which always goes down well. 

The competition was split into several categories, however, the winner of the overall best BlackBerry 10 game was one of our favorites - Pastry Push from ReFocus Labs. 

If you missed getting Pastry Push the first time around, maybe this is proof that it's a kick-ass puzzle game. Congratulations ReFocus Labs! 

Pastry Push features:

  • Swipe to slide
  • Unique graphics and animations
  • High resolution crisp textures 
  • Innovative and challenging gameplay
  • Currently 3 seasons -81 levels
  • NEW Obstacles, new challenges: Flamethrowers, portals, fans, timed cherries
  • BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry Q10 and BlackBerry Q5 optimization
  • Gamepad support -Built for BlackBerry

More information/Download Pastry Push for BlackBerry 10

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Pastry Push wins the BlackBerry 10 Game On competition


I see one huge issue... there is no shift key in the design - how is one supposed to type capitals with that? And no, spellcheck isn't quite good enough here.

Try telling the spellcheck to write HiReTS without a shift key...

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