BlackBerry: The Future is Yours

By Team CrackBerry on 12 May 2014 02:17 pm EDT

With the recent press release of BES10 being the most cost-effective MMS for Enterprise customers against the competition, BlackBerry has strategically maneuvered their way into a brilliant position for enterprise by offering unmatched security and world-class service at the most affordable rates.

If you pair this amazing advantage with BlackBerry's EZ Pass Program, where IT managers receive free perpetual BES10 Silver licenses for all BlackBerry and other active MDM licenses on a 1 for 1 basis with technical support (until January 31, 2015), it is an offer businesses and companies alike will be hard-pressed to refuse.

For "CrackBerrians" who aren't familiar with BlackBerry's EZ Pass Program, it is a free pass to a secure multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management where IT managers can now effectively consolidate all BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices onto a single management platform easily and securely. EZ Pass is a one-time offer and includes a free upgrade to BES12 when it is released this fall. Windows phone users will not be left out, as support for Windows phones on BES is coming soon as well.

In just five weeks more than 800,000 BES10 client access licenses have been issued to customers worldwide.

After hearing CEO John Chen announce that BlackBerry's financial plan is ahead of schedule and the roadmap for their programs and services are on track, this may very well be the catalyst year for BlackBerry's stability. Positive responses from enterprise customers have been gaining momentum. In just five weeks more than 800,000 BES10 client access licenses have been issued to customers worldwide. This number will only continue to grow.

"The enterprises participating in the program represent a cross-section of industries from financial services and healthcare, to telecommunications and government organizations. Migrations to BES10 include customers using other MDM vendors such as AirWatch, MobileIron and Good Technology."

Things have changed a lot in the mobile market in the last couple of years. Thus far in 2014, there have been multiple high-profile cases of data breaches that have revealed the disturbing lack of security in various segments of our technological lives. Retail giants, social media outlets, casinos and even the US Navy have all fallen prey. Almost all of us are aware of the public outcry concerning the NSA spying scandal last year and now tech firms such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are revising their privacy policies. The new wording will include clauses which state customers will be notified whenever their information is being requested by a government agency.

The fact is, BlackBerry has more global EMM customers than their top three competitors combined.

This is the reality of the world we are subjected to live in today. Multi-million dollar companies, massive corporations, and influential governments continue to face on-going threats and attacks to their data, infrastructure, and communications. Security, an often over-looked and dare I say "forgotten art" is re-entering the spotlight and becoming the center of attention. This is an area where BlackBerry has thrived for many a year.

Despite the challenges BlackBerry has faced they still remain well positioned to lead the market in providing solutions to these growing concerns. The fact is, BlackBerry has more global EMM customers than their top three competitors combined. They still command 61% of the enterprise mobile device management market and 80,000 enterprise and government customers worldwide including all G7 countries who have remained BlackBerry clients for over ten years.

GWAVA, an industry leading company specializing in Unified Archiving, and Messaging Security of email, mobile and social communication is now offering an answer to maintaining security without compromising productivity.

With eBBM launching along side of BES, GWAVA has partnered with BlackBerry to provide a mobile solution to securely archive all communications. It is called Retain Mobile for BlackBerry. Retain Mobile was featured in BlackBerry Experience: New York and I had the privilege of speaking with Mike Silverman, the Director of Sales at GWAVA, about the exciting new service.

"Retain archives all mobile communications for BlackBerry devices via the BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES). Retain for BlackBerry pulls the data directly from the BlackBerry Enterprise Service itself; therefore, individual BlackBerry device communications are tracked and logged without the need for an app to be installed on each BlackBerry device. And Retain for BlackBerry archives all data to the Retain unified archive database. There, the data is easily reviewed, retrieved, discovered and published on demand."

Retain Mobile meets all federal regulations and compliance standards (SEC, FINRA, FRCP, Sarbanes-­‐Oxley, HIPAA). With Retain Mobile you can keep and safeguard all of your organization's valuable information; moreover, your organization stays compliant and your sensitive data stays secure within your organization. Retain Mobile for BlackBerry covers SMS, MMS, BBM messages, PIN and phone call logs.

"No other organization in the world offers this functionality, which is huge."

"No other organization in the world offers this functionality, which is huge,"; Mike Silverman said. The groundbreaking offer, in addition to eBBM, is subscription based and will coincide with eBBM's pricing structure within available package deals. It will be fully integrated with BES12 and currently supports BlackBerry and Android devices with Windows phones and iOS support coming soon.

Mr. Silverman and I spoke about various scenarios where Retain Mobile could solve some of the looming issues that companies constantly face in today's hectic workforce. I told him that Retain for BlackBerry could virtually eliminate the need for "official documentation" when communicating over various platforms with partners and clients. For instance, if you're messaging someone while out of the office over BBM then there's no need for an official email to "document" what was agreed and communicated since all forms of communications are equally archived on the back end by Retain.

"BlackBerry will be the future of mobility."

"If you're texting with a partner about a deal and later that individual no longer works for the company (for whatever reason), it used to be impossible to prove what the deal was and if it even took place. Retain for BlackBerry solves this and countless problems currently faced in the regulated segments," Mr. Silverman said.

Indeed this may very well be a catalyst year for BlackBerry. I couldn't help but recall a defining moment during the presentation of BlackBerry Experience: New York, when John Sims, the head of Global Enterprise Services Business boldly stated, "BlackBerry will be the future of mobility." Whether or not this comes to pass, one thing is certain, the future is theirs for the taking.

Article Written by Jubei Raziel

Photo Credit: Susan H.

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BlackBerry: The Future is Yours


Well I've pushed as hard as I can so now I can only provide information when asked. I knew about everything except that retain bit although I don't think that will make a difference for us. We need BlackBerry to have some solid news for several quarters in a row. I think my next window might be Jan 2015 before the EZ pass conversion expires.. It wouldn't hurt if our customers insisted on BES but so far they are looking for apps and whose apps do they want now? The other guys... sigh.

There are people who think it could be possible... www. BlackAssistant. com - city of london in 36 years: 2050 and BB still lives :)

The same reasons people aren't buying BlackBerry stock are the reasons that Enterprise isn't jumping on the BES/BB10 bandwagon. Either way it is an investment in time, resources and money in a system who no one can guarantee will be here in the short term. Most of the people making these decisions can read a quarterly reports and they understand what the numbers mean - without the CEO trying to sugar coat it.

I think a few break-even or even positive quarters will do wonders for BBRY, and also for BES.

By the same thinking, nobody should buy HTC devices either, since they've been losing money (and execs too) and therefore their existence cannot be guaranteed either. While we're at it, TMO USA has been losing money for at least four quarters now. Everyone should switch to AT&T and Verizon, because they're the ones posting profits.

Just started watching it.

You already know they have this info, but collating it in bigger databases with huge processing power is the new things.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Jubei, your writing and articles are phenomenal to read :) Thank you

I wish my company would deploy BES10 already to use EZpass

Publish this article in an magazine and send it across to the organisations thinking of an MDM platform..They'll choose BlackBerry any day...

Great article again... keep it up Jubei

Posted via CB10... and my awesome Z10

Is Retain likely to be an in-house BlackBerry service? Or will it remain a partnership provided service?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Had a look at GWAVA to try to get a sense of how big it is and how compatible their service is with BlackBerry as a potential takeover candidate for a new line of business focused on secure enterprise mobile communications. Not sure how big they are and being private they are not very forthcoming about their numbers. Anyone know these guys? Would it be an affordable strategic fit?

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I know there are a lot of folks who -- with good reason -- doubt BlackBerry's ability to recapture the consumer market. That's not Chen's plan, though; and this news is yet another reason I feel quite good about my shares of BBRY.

Thumb-flicked from my Z30 via CB10

Agree. This articles are not just for a forum. They should be published on professional media.

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I'm in full agreement with everyone here. Your articles are phenomenal. They are very well written and are very professional as well.

Keep up the good work :)

Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10?

We need a separate website called with all the news about the Z3 and the Foxconn and health care deals. This would also include the EZ pass news.

Personally I would like to see them change the start up sequence with a BlackBerry symbol to the power of 10 and on the back cover of any future devices. Lose the lettering it is not necessary.

It would have a cooler minimalist effect.

Everyone knows the brand. Would a number 10 be so much trouble.?

Nothing quite feels like BlackBerry than a BlackBerry

I would also like to have the option to change my back cover for a 'symbol 10' version.

Lastly a 'Built by BlackBerry Competition '

Let's make these concepts real.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

Posted via CB10

Sounds pretty good to me. When people hear "BlackBerry" most think "old BlackBerry" and know nothing about BB10 and what it can do. BB10 needs to stand out.

Posted via CB10

Great read. This article also answers one of my questions about EZ Pass. I would love to see a price comparison chart.

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Jubei, these articles need to be viewed outside of the Crackberry community for sure.

Post elsewhere as well!


This is definitely an area where BB remains strong, and BES12, with integrated legacy BBOS and WinPhone support, will be a serious contender in the enterprise market. You have to give Chen credit for focusing on this segment of BB's business, as it definitely didn't get enough attention from Thorsten, who, admittedly, was dealing with a lot trying to get BB10 launched.

Agree. I'd even go a step further to claim that not only is BlackBerry 'remaining strong', but more importantly gaining more and more [new] momentum in the enterprise business. Chen's going to redefine and double down on BlackBerry's DNA and core strengths obviously and I'm more than confident that he's the right guy for the company to start over.

Thank you. While I know many here don't always appreciate my contributions, especially when I post a more realistic, grounded perspective of someone's pie-in-the-sky or detached-from-reality point of view, I've always been one to give credit where credit is due, and it's hard to disagree that Chen is making the right decision on this issue.

I agree, Troy. Chen has the right strategy -- aim for the enterprise market and BlackBerry "super-fans." Success here creates its own cool.

Thumb-flicked from my Z30 via CB10

Yes, that's true. I think a solid success in the Enterprise market with BB10 will, despite BB10's many current faults, win over some important people in a similar way that the original BB devices did. Granted, it's a much tougher market today, because BB had very little competition back then, so I don't expect BB to ever reach those kinds of highs, but if they can get _enough_ success in the Enterprise world, then at the very least, the hardcore BB fans will have (enterprise) devices to purchase in the future.

I am not into these things, but I have a question, does this mean that an administrator with BES can control all these platforms?

I am spreading this editorial to whatever site, social media I can find. Good things are better when shared, whoever get this not only befits themselves but also BlackBerry, that will be my subtle indirect contribution

Despite all of this, many people are clueless about security. Many a company has suggested that they offer a next generation security platform. Without technical know-how, most people are duped into thinking security is all the same. Folks don't see the tight hardware/software integration as vital, and this is where Android falls apart at the seams... along with the fact that the OS was rushed to market so it had no strong underlying security platform.

Security was probably the furthest thing from Apple's mind when iOS was being developed. It was all centered on the user experience. Patching design flaw after design flaw doesn't completely seal the leaks. Indeed, this is where BlackBerry 10 stands apart. It was designed from the core to be robust and secure. The other building blocks, like the user interface, was added on top of a strong foundation designed to live 10-15 years.

Jubei, will this only archive the Work portion of your phone ? So the personal side is still your private domain ?

Would not have hurt if BlackBerry had spent a little time focusing on the "user experience" also.

Windows was not the most secure OS for business computers to be running... But it did provide a user interface that made people more productive and it provided a platform that allowed developers to build the tools that enterprise could use to make themselves and their employees even more productive. Security and Management features are GREAT... as long as the customers other needs are being met.

You are right :D like I will never ever buy a macbook as it can't run some of my favorite games

Posted via CB10

Unless you install Windows via Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp, if you're talking about Windows games. And with Bluestacks, it will even run Android apps.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

What a great read! Thanks for the info, it's a great start and could help in a full turn around of BlackBerry. Thanks!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Great read. Many have thoughts of letting BlackBerry find its way on their own accord. I say, share as much as you can when or where ever possible. I for one don't want to see them vanish. BB10 is worth fighting for and hopefully the readers on here will give them a boost any way they can.


Jubei, I've tried to search Channels under your first name.

As Channels is not quite where it should be, because I've observed duplicate channel numbers etc.

Could you please let us know your Channel number.


 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

ROFL what a bad cynical joke: Can't read my PGP/GPG encrypted eMails. Can't Block Stalker and Marketing Spammer from calling me.

Yeah great Security BlackBerry.

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Hybrid

The point is they always talk about Security but they keep f*cking normal Customers.

And only because I am not on BES You think phone calls are not important to me? Wrong kid.

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Hybrid

They talk about security when the enterprise is the adressee and BES is the product. Don't know what that has to do with "f*cking normal customers". Fact is that the vast majority of "normal customers" as you call them don't care about security at all, otherwise Android wouldn't be in the place it's in.

And to your second point: I didn't say phone aren''t important to you. What I say is that phone calls haven't much to do with [data] security. I mean how is an unwanted caller, especially someone from a call center, able to go after your data?

I think you're just on a desperate personal rant because the OS doesn't support your certain type of encryption.

3pm CST here in the US. A wireless carrier that has offered all Blackberry models is.......Z30 sold out! on back order and will not ship until 5/19! Verizon wireless, thank you. S@cks for me, but good for the Z!

Meanwhile, BlackBerry ditched any upgrade or BB10 version of the PB .... this diminishing their vaunted role as top business solution provider.

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I thought so too.

They grow real big and nasty here in the tropics. I still hope it's a cricket of some sort....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Your articles are pleasure to read. Also, I think your articles shouldn't stay within the confines of Crackberry. They could be used to tremendously to change Blackberry's image.

I'm pretty sure someone from BlackBerry is plugged into Crackberry......

I'm sure someone is noticing in Waterloo...... and deservedly so.

Jubei paints an awesome image of Blackberry, only if someone could translate that into a good advert, written or visual.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

As a former BlackBerry co-op student, I can assure you that many employees are regular CrackBerry readers. It's fun to know what you guys think, and sometimes what you write is seen by the right people and makes a difference. :)

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Whenever I see a new thread and it depicts something positive I automatically know it's written by jubei. I love this guys' posts, No homo

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Great article. Having worked in the consumer side of working and managing physical security, I understand real risks. On the flip side, having the kind of solid reputation and security that BlackBerry has, it just makes being a loyal user for 4+ years that much more comforting. Truly for unique people.

I've really enjoyed your articles since joining up as I do with Umi. You both write great material.

Another well-written piece, Jubei. I haven't had much exposure to this side of the BlackBerry business so far, but am hoping that will change.

Via CB10 on  Q10

Of the 4 pillars of Blackberry. We know that BES is making money and is doing well in that space. We know devices and BBM are losing money. Does anyone know how QNX is doing?

I have BBM conversations between my personal phone and someones work BES phone, can their company view our conversations?


That sucks, I guess I better watch what I say about management if they adopt Retain. Hopefully there's some kind of prompt that informs the non-Retain user that the conversation is not private.


Thanks for the article. Interesting bit about Retain. Looks great. Just a small question: the video never speaks of e-mail... but only of BBM, SMS, MMS, PIN and phone call logs... is that because e-mail is already archived through the e-mail client itself?

Furthermore, were you at BlackBerry Experience? Was there any more news?

I do not understand why BlackBerry themselves do not announce Retain??

Thanks for the reply! Perhaps you're writing some more stuff that happened during BlackBerry Experience? Would love to hear your view on things.

Ah, vodcast.. those are far too long.. perhaps later. Thanks anyway!

If it has the ability to archive all the email, BBM, text messages and whatnot, does that include the personal side of things? Previously it was announced that even with Balance, the personal side of things were logged as well.
BlackBerry has not further clarified this and I think it's something that needs to be brought up and discussed further. When using Balance, work related conversations, emails, text, phone calls and such should be logged. However, when the user is on the personal side, that should not be logged unless the user explicitly allows it.

From what I understand, balance was purposely designed so Enterprise only controls half the phone. It's safer for both parties.

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Guys ezpass silver is not a compelling solution for most that are coming from another solution lime good. It does not include the container solution. Frustrating reading how great this is but it's not. They are asking people to trade in a secure container on one platform bit not giving you their secure container solution in return. It's junk.

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Just tweeted and face booked this article. Everybody should Share this article and any others to all their connections and so on...and so on...

Don McAskin, Z10. I don't Type...I swipe.


Can you answer this question, I was told that PIN 2 PIN messaging becomes permanently deleted if both parties read then delete the PIN to PIN Message

Z30 : posted via CB10 app

Thanks for the article. I will join BB Experience Cologne tomorrow so it's the perfect preparation for this event when it comes to smalltalk, lol.

Another awesome article Jubei! You are rapidly becoming my favorite CB author...keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the article.

I am sure we will hear more about this, and more details become available.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Jubei For Mayor!!..Love Your Articles, Bro..Keep Up The Great Work..BlackBerry 4Life!!

Sent From My BlackBerry Q10

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Jubei, another fine piece. The only problem: I haven't seen anything new to read from you for a month!

Q10  The Other Crackberry Pirate  Z30