BlackBerry Frenemy #1 gets a serious update; Apple iPhone 4 Review (sound off!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2010 01:04 pm EDT

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Apple iPhone 4 Review

I still think of as a relatively young website, having only launched in February 2007. Of course RIM/BlackBerry have been around a lot longer than that, but as young as I like to *think* we are, we definitely have more grey hairs than Apple when it comes to the smartphone game.  We've always considered the iPhone to be BlackBerry's #1 frenemy since the original iPhone was announced, and that friendly rivalry has continued over the years as we've seen the iPhone's annual update get released to the public. With both BlackBerry and the iPhone excelling somewhat at opposite ends of the spectrum of smartphone needs/capabilities (remember our Smartphone Hierarchy of Needs?), every new iPhone and BlackBerry releases brings the two closer, addressing more of the gaps that each has had.

I haven't had a chance to go hands-on with the iPhone 4 yet (will pick one up when it hits Canada to see just how I personally like it), but it definitely appears to be the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone. The hardware design is pretty industrial (looks good to me), the display and cameras look solid and just as BlackBerry users always have their heads down while walking and typing in public, I can already see the Apple addicts who are going to be walking around with their outreached arms in front of their heads facetime chatting (watch out!).

CrackBerry iPhone 4 Sound Off: So where do you stand on Apple's iPhone 4? If you're a BlackBerry user and haven't been enticed by the any of the previous iPhones, does the iPhone 4 now have something that grabs your attention? Are you a BlackBerry person no matter what? Is there anything you wish your BlackBerry had that the iPhone now offers? Or is there something about your BlackBerry that would make you think about the iPhone more if Apple had it? Or maybe you're now a BlackBerry + iPad person... is there even a draw towards having a BlackBerry + iPhone/iPod touch anymore when you could have a BlackBerry + iPad?  Sound off in the comments and let us know where you're at on Apple's current mobile offerings.

Apple iPhone 4 Review: Rene has reviewed the heck out of the iPhone 4 over at our sibling site (with some of Dieter's help on the video!). Be sure to check out their iPhone 4 Review if you want the skinny on Apple's  latest creation.

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BlackBerry Frenemy #1 gets a serious update; Apple iPhone 4 Review (sound off!)


Ohh wow... If had about 800 dollars to throw away and use on a toy I would for sure 100 % have an iPad. I wouldn't even second guess it. It is a very fun product, and very fast. The typing is rather accurate, and the webpages load very fast.

For me though, it is just a toy! And I would need to have my Bold paired right next to it!

The iphone4 is the better phone. really no point in ever comparing it against a BB. Apples to Oranges (or Berries) all you can really say is they're both phones. Any arguments on specs or features is just pointless. we all know who the clear winner is but may choose to not want to admit it.

Here's the thing "God"... Apples and oranges are both fruit. Some people like apples, some people like oranges. It depends on their preferences. It doesn't make one better than the other. That is why you compare things.

I'm glad Apple is around to keep pushing RIM towards a more dynamic UI but I have no interest in their devices. I've found they have a lot of "Wow" factors that start to become annoying after a while. But I do own shares in Apple so I'm all for people buying them.

I want the blackberry to have face time. I want it to have better video quality. To have faster internet. Better images when browsing the web. If blackberrys would have this, it would be better than the iphone

Not sure what that first comment about the Ipad was about since we are talking about the iPhone 4 here.

The iPhone 4 has addressed some pretty significant gaps when it comes to multitasking and folders. It even has a front facing camera for videos, I'm sure that will be a hit for Skype users.

I wonder what the Verizon version will look like? I think RIM will have it's hands full trying to keep consumers from defecting to this new installment of the iPhone. 4th Quarter of 2010 will tell us alot.

its definitely a nice phone. great screen resolution and all of that, and now with the iOS4 they are doing multitasking and stuff that most other phones have been doing for years now. but its fine. the thing about iphone and apple products in general imo is that its all about pampering. the phone pampers you with sleek UI and cool games and nice shiny colors. i would love to have an iphone next to my blackberry for those bored moments. its safe to say iphones have a leg up on blackberry when it comes to games. and even page loading. thats why im looking forward to the slider because of the big screen and a physical keyboard. maybe if i get a nice hunk of change in my pocket i'll get an iphone as well but for now its my good ol blackberry ftw.

i had an iphone for 2 years before i had to go on a family plan and switch to verizon, and i was therefore a forced-blackberry convert. I have a tour, because i didnt want that click screen thing on the storm, and this was the next best option at the time. Here's the deal. The iPhone UI is 100 times better than blackberry. to do anything on a blackberry you have to press menu, and go through options and hope and pray that you've highlighted the correct thing otherwise your context menu is different. With the iPhone, changing settings and moving through apps is fluid. Try changing your settings and options. half the time you need to go through the wrench settings icon in the menu, and the other half of the time you need to actually go into the app and press the blackberry (menu) button and go to settings. these old ways of changing settings may be great for a power-user, but its old fashioned and very un-user friendly. And guess what? it aint going anywhere for a long time. this is how RIM wants to go about their business so that they can say their devices are more "powerful" and customizable and overall more "open".

Again, dont get me wrong. I like my blackberry for the few things it does well, but in the end even the iPhone will take those things the BB does well, and make them much more user friendly. Who cares if it "isnt as secure" as a blackberry. how many of you need 128-bit MDS encryption for your brickbreaker score, anyway?

What you consider user friendly I find incredibly frustrating. What's the difference between pressing the menu button and swiping your finger to get to the next screen? I guess it seems "cooler" but that's about it. I don't understand people's arguments about how this phone has a much better OS than that one. OS's haven't changed much since Windows 95, you go to a screen with an icon that corresponds to a particular program and you click it, then said program opens.

For changing settings, I want different settings for each app and the OS its self, with BB there are more options available to change settings than with an iphone.

IPhone doesn't offer me anything I can't do on the BB. There is lots that I appreciate on the BB that iPhone can't do. Everything I want to do I can do faster on the BB, and that includes web browsing if I'm using Opera. Higher screen res for web browsing is my only point of iPhone envy.

BB 9700

+ Physical keyboard allows faster typing of non-dictionary words
+ single-press speed dial
+ list of recent emails, phone calls, and cal events on home screen, reduces time to go into app to check (still allows single-press app launch via keyboard shortcuts)
+ Dynamic icons with content (such as BeWeather)
+ Dedicated side button for voice control (or whatever)
+ Dedicated side button for camera (or whatever)
+ Better one-hand operation (track pad and keyboard requires less range for thumb)
+ PGP encryption for BIS using AtomicHellix app, as well as BES. Neither iPhone nor Android have any PGP solution.
+ True multitasking - i.e. TrekBuddy can continue to plot route using GPS while doing other things, Google Lattitude can continue sending your location, weather updates in background, etc.
+ Battery life - End of day batt is only 10% used.
+ Flash support in Browser (soon)
+ Sound Profiles, including custom email tones for different contacts
+ More responsive UI (don't have to wait for animations, instantaneous)
+ Notifications from 3rd party apps
+ Notifications don't interrupt what you're doing, unobtrusive
+ Removable battery
+ Customizable Bedside Mode (I want calls, but no email/txt notifications)
+ No app Nazi. App store for convenience, but also apps from anyone.
+ Keyboard shortcuts in many apps, reduces screen clutter of on-screen buttons
+ Tethering without special plans from carrier
+ BB Messenger: chat groups, delivery and read notifications, bar code scanning, attachements, no special logins or IDs... nothing else comes close
+ No dropped calls ever (in northwest on AT&T, friends on iPhone drop calls frequently).
+ Crystal clear voice quality.
+ Never locked up... amazing reliability.


+ More screen pixels for easier web viewing and video watching
+ Better still and video camera

Wow these phones are killing the Iphine, not that the IPhone isnt a game changer cause it is ...but come on Android with MOTO and HTC is what the game has become.

I look forward to a Droid X reciew....

i'd like to see your sources on how the EVO and Droid X are "killing" the iPhone. And hopefully not Sprint's press releases, because as we all know from their overestimated sales numbers (which were probably rushed to force some news their way on iPhone pre-order launch day), that Sprint's press releases can't be trusted.

Good luck drumming up 1.7+ million unit sales for either of those phones.

What do I look forward to? When iPhone 5 is released on Verizon and Sprint, and the 3+ million units that are sold on launch weekend.

Ah, I sure love how we get this "Iphone coming to Verizon" talk everytime there's a new Iphone and yet just when it looks like it might happen for real, the last minute headline tells us ATT is keeping the exclusivity! I think a Verizon Iphone is a dream right now and will continue to be one for a long time to come. ATT can't afford to let go of their exclusivity with Iphone. Verizon is moving towards making the Android the phone of choice for Iphone-type users. I think it will be at least a couple more contract renewals for the masses before Verizon gets the Iphone, if they ever do. But, I'll say one thing, don't count on Verizon not teasing us with the possibilty of a Verizon Iphone to keep customers from bolting to ATT. :-)

your comment has a lot of perspective to it, and i agree. deep in my guy i really hope the end of exclusivity isnt a pipe dream, but i have to imagine that while at&t would temporarily crumble without the exclusivity, it will soon get to a point where AT&T can no longer afford to be the exclusive carrier. Apple will demand larger subsidies and larger royalities etc to keep their phone there, up to the point where it just doesn't make economic sense to keep it exclusive.

And one comment about people who keep referring to apple "fanboys". i dont think you can call a community that has purchased 52+ Million units of mobile device "fanboys". its just easy for you people to dismiss any type of advances in technology because you don't want to be "one of those". guess what crackberry-ite>>> you are one.

Staying with BB(tour) and have an iPad on the way. No desire for an iPhone at this point so I'll work the combo.
AT&T is horrible in my area so I'm sticking with Big Red.
The major thing I want is better battery life on my Tour. I can deal with everything else for now.

the EVO 4G, even though I don't have 4G here (heck, don't even have 3G yet!)

But, if I were to depart my comfort zone of a real (and really good) QWERTY, then I'd look at that Android phone. It definitely appears superior on paper, and it looks as good as any iPhone.

But, looks are less important to me than function and the Bold 9700 functions great for me.

Plus, we have the slider and OS6 and the new browser coming soon! Right? Right? Hello?

WOW. I love the iphone 4. I hated all iphones prior to this release and I hat to say it but... I think i may be giving up my blackberry for one of these! :(

Sorry RIM, unless you release the touch-screen bold (candybar) this year, I'll be jumping ship.

Adding to the iPad comment above; I have an iPad and it is AMAZING for the line of work I do (person to person sales and presentations)

That phone would have been amazing. I'm still on my Bold 9000 but I will have an iPhone 4 by the end of the week. I will miss the physical keyboard but not much else. RIM has a ton of work to do to catch up.

I understand that I'm in the minority but I'm going to sound off anyways.

It seems now everybody complains when RIM or any smartphone manufacturer releases devices and software that do not appeal to the Apple yuppies. I wish everybody who wants BlackBerry and other smartphones to be more iPhone-like will get the darn iPhone once and for all! Let RIM design and release phones for those of us who wouldn't have an iPhone even if we could get paid for having one.

I don't want an iPhone and I certainly don't want an iCopycat either!!!

- a fast processor (1GHz or more for fast surfing or apps)

- more device memory (1GB or more!)

- faster internet or e-mail (all devices minimum 3G for sending E-mails with pics. or other added things)

- a good, fast browser!

Thats what I'm missing most.

I have all that on my 9700. Proc is less than 1 GHz, but more than fast enough for any apps I've come across. Mem is easily expanded to 32G with card. 3G, check. I find Opera on my 9700 is just as fast as anything I've seen on the iPhone.

I think what often happens is that we all lose site of the most important point here......what is important to one is not always important to another. One person might love one phone for a reason someone else doesn't give 3 $hits about.

So we always end up with these vehement discussions regarding why this phone blows this phone away, etc.

I used to think I wanted an iPhone. But then I got my Tour (now Bold) which was my first BB. I could never go back to even trying an iPhone. For me, I cannot type on a touch screen and the Bold does exactly what I need it to.

But I do have to agree that the iPhone is a slick device. It's just not the device for me.

I've had a look at the new iphone, and it looks great and the display is really impressive. However, the reception problems are an absolute joke, it's really the iPaperweight. I don't think I could switch away from a real keyboard either - Kevin's hieracy of needs priorities are definitely spot on.

This is the first iPhone that I really like, in style and function. I was never interested in the previous generation iPhones until now.
When the iPhone 4 comes to Canada, I like Kevin, will buy it and try it out. I have a feeling it will replace my BlackBerry Storm2.
It just has everything I want in one package that works right. If the MobileMe rumors are true and it becomes a free service then you got everything BlackBerry.
I love BlackBerry, but I think iPhone 4 has won me over.

After so many damn year of blue-tooth and noise cancellation technology and Iphone4 gets to be the first one to implement a second mic for noise cancellation.

Unforgivable RIM!!! Completely unforgivable!!

I am raging because call quality (note I am on Verizon) is crucial for me and a noise cancellation with a second mic wouldve been such a simple and nice addition to a Tour, perhaps the 9650... NOTHING!!! still waiting... RIM needs the slap on the face its getting from APPLE to get their act together.

Now that is off my chest!! I would never leave the BBerry family. I just want them to be the one bringing the good stuff to us first, not playing catch up.

What's wrong with the voice quality? I'm on Rogers (GSM) and I find the quality on my BB to be equivalent to a landline.

BTW,The Droid X has 3 mics. RIM appreciates your blind loyalty though. That's why they're giving Verizon the first dibs on their new, "state of the art" 9670.

Am I the only person not impressed with Apple's line of "smartphone" (what a joke). I owned a 3G for all of 2 days before returning it for a full refund and going back to my Pearl 8100 because my Pearl was faster surfing the 'net and more quick and accurate to type on. That experience has left me with no desire to own one ever again. That and iPhone fanboys leave a bad taste in my mouth for the device.

I'll stick with my BlackBerry. I like having a physical keyboard (especially that of the Bold 9000). A memory card solves media issues; My Bold can play any media an iPhone can. I love the multi-tasking of surfing the 'net, emailing, text messaging, checking the weather, all at the same time. I <3 my BBM. And I'm really looking forward to the Slider (which an iPhone fanboy told me was an insult to BlackBerry, LMAO).

I did the same thing when I had my 9000 and it took no more than 3 dyas to swtich back. I wouldn't go as far as to say the internet was faster but I am a BBRY man through and through and couldn't deal with typing on that touchscreen. I'm also with you on the fact that I'm anxiously awaiting the 9800. It's a personal preference deal and mine is BBRY all the way.

I wonder when is Apple gonna realize some ppl don't like the touch-screen keyboard...and that it continuously makes typos when typing (Well to me, IDK about others).

Sorry,Lord Jobs has decreed that only all-touchscreen devices are the future. You keyboard lovers must be banished to the land of rotary-dial corded phones and VCRs.

The iPhone just got some of the long-had blackberry features. Great news for iPhone users. Just as most of us are loyal BlackBerry users, they too deserve attention and consideration from Apple when they release a new phone.

Let's now hope RIM tops that. If we can believe the Storm 3 latest rumors, then RIM will at least TRY to do so. The pace they do it is not exactly great for most, but if it works, so be it.

I wouldn't mind a front camera... Thou it isn't necessary right now, it would be nice to have.

All in all, great for iPhone users and people that must have the newest thing out. :)

Never liked the iPhone, never wil,l but i have to admit I'm impressed with the Camera.. RIM I hope you paying attention :P

There are always going to be nice devices out there, the iphone is no exception. It's a nice gadget but nothing other than a blackberry would work for me. I have looked at other devices numerous times but no matter how fancy their apps or whatever is, no deal for me. RIM all the way.

I cant believe RIM has fallen so far behind Apple and DROID. The RIM UI is a joke now. I love my tour but I'm tempted to go to the darkside.....

Simply, if you're a gadget man, then you can't lie and say you DON'T like the iPhone 4. You may not want to use it but it's pretty damn impressive. Although I have my negative points about the iPhone, one thing that always has me taking a second look is it's smooth UI experience. No one really comes close, it's insane.

I'm not saying RIM needs to copy Apple but it has things it needs to fix on its end and they're less than a handful which I think is holding them back. If only RIM could just fix memory leaks, up application memory SIGNIFICANTLY (I have no idea why we don't even have 1GB yet... ALSO, the OS should occupy it's own space) and get bigger screen resolutions...

I really must say Apple has made a very pretty phone, I didn't like the look of the Previous iPhones, but this latest one is sharp, still would never touch it unless I can get a different OS on it, and never use itunes, but boy oh boy she is pretty

Why do this site always ride the iphone jock. I mean the iphone is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than bb hands down. People will have their choice but i am tired of checking this site for bb infor and there is always something on here about the iphone. Look at the sales and the hype around the iphone. The only hype bb has is Styles P using it to write his weak rhymes. lol. How many times have any of you slept outside and waited for hours for the outdated bb?

+1. Above is fanboy speak at it's greatest. Why do you come here if you don't have some interest in BBRY. I rarely if ever check any iphone sites...

The legions of fans you have defending your honor is holding steady, we however would like something NEW & SIGNIFICANT to brag about. Something more than just a new glossy update to a device form factor. Can we get COMPLETELY NEW OS, FASTEST PROCESSORS AVAILABLE, MORE ON BOARD MEMORY....

Its a great product, anyone who says its crap is an ignorant fanboy who thinks a 9630 is better or on par with the iPhone 4.

Yeah you know I'm talking to you little fanboy. Stupid ignorant cunts.

If Blackberry came out with a very good browsing experience, and had 2 cameras than I would be all over Blackberry.

But it never will have a browsing experience remotely close to that of an iPhone, even the 1st gen iPhone has better browsing than any current Blackberry. And that says a lot.

The knock on the Iphone from most Blackberry user perspectives I have seen is that it's a "toy phone". It's a phone to play stupid games, watch movies, and show off the user interface to your friends. Well, you don't get more business-like than having eKey capability to use your phone in the real estate trade to unlock and secure Open Houses for sale. Or to have the ability to access Mulitple Listing Service, the professional database for real estate listings, or to be able to do your real estate forms on your device. In August 2010, the Iphone will have that eKey capability. My sister-in-law, who is a medical Resident (post-medical school training to become a doctor), gave up her Blackberry in favor of an Iphone, because the Iphone was more useful in her trade. I get the impression that these Iphones are no longer toy phones.

I think with the popularity of the Android, the smartphone user market is sending a powerful message that they want their "business phone" to also be a fun phone to use. They want a phone that does both. Both Android and Iphone are catching up to Blackberry's business advantage but with a much more fun user experience. Time will tell if Blackberry weathers this trend or not, but I don't think RIM should be afraid of Apple as long as ATT has the carrier exclusivity. But Android? RIM should be really scared. The Android can do a lot of things an Iphone can do, so while the Android doesn't have the eKey capability yet, it's only a matter of time before it does.

If the "toy phone" has already become useful in real estate and medicine, how long before it becomes the phone of choice in the other industries as well?

I'm still clinging to my BB 9000 but it's getting harder to do. My wife moved from an iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4 and I have to admit it's an impressive piece of hardware. She hasn't noticed the reception issue... in fact she's commented that there were a couple of areas where she couldn't get a signal on her 3G but does get a signal on the 4. Apple continues to make evolutionary changes to the phone that are gradually eating away at the things that keep me on Blackberry (Unified Inbox being a big one)... meanwhile RIM seems to be spinning their wheels on the OS front (sorry but the bits of OS6 that I've seen so far do not impress me) while continually releasing hardware updates that simply don't appeal to me. Right now the main thing keeping me loyal to BB is the physical keyboard but having owned an iPod Touch for quite awhile I can honestly say that I could probably get used to the on-screen keyboard pretty quickly if I really wanted to. RIM needs to get off of their butt quickly or one morning they're going to wake up and find that the "#1 Smartphone" flag they enjoy waving so much belongs to someone else.

I have the Bold 9700 (my 6th BB)....I have the iphone 4.......
I like toys....each has its own cool attributes.........
Everyone wins!!!!!

I have had my eye on the iPhone platform ever since it was announced in 2007. I have had a Blackberry since 2007 so I have watched these devices evolve somewhat as well. Fast forward to present day, I currently have a Bold 9650 as well as an iPhone 4 that I picked up at launch. To put it simply Blackberry has so few advantages over the iPhone an iOS4 at this point I have no idea why anybody on AT&T would pick one over the iPhone4. My biggest gripes with the iPhone up until this point were multitasking, notifications, camera led, password protection, and email and all of those area have been addressed save notifications. The iPhone4 seems to do virtually everything the 9650 does but better for the most part. I do think that Apple's implementation of multitasking needs work as you now have multiple apps w/ no quick way to close them. But as far as day to day usage of the two devices I see myself using the Blackberry less and less. In addition to the new features found on the iPhone4 the battery life is nothing short of AMAZING. I would not be surprised if the iPhone4 could make a day and half to two days on a single charge. This thing it terrific. The Bold on the otherhand has the worst battery life I can remember on any of the Blackberries I've had minus maybe the 7520. I highly doubt the Bold can even make it 8 hours on a single charge and I carry a spare battery because of that. But the fact the phone takes almost 10 minutes to reboot is completely unacceptable. Why did my Curve 8330 only take 3 minutes to reboot a device that's 2 years newer takes 3 times as long. At this point I honestly think RIM is going to have to do something major as Palm attempted to do because with Apple adding security features to the iPhone, there will be little reason to "settle" for a Blackberry when you can have the iPhone. When/If decided to market a CDMA variant of the iPhone, it will be over for Blackberry.

Good insight but you have to understand the majority of us that carry Blackberries AREN'T settling for anything. We PREFER to carry the Blackberry over the iphone.

BB needs to get their new webkit browser out ASAP.

I'm assuming it's much "better" -- i.e. faster, much better rendering of pages, etc.

To preserve their install base, I hope they are able to run it on most of their current "big" machines -- i.e. 256 mb or more. If not, they're going to force a lot of users to make a new hardware decision. And, if that happens, they'll loose a lot of customers in the transition.

If they can get the 9800 out with a good browser experience, they have a shot. Otherwise...

PS. I love my BB. It's incredibly fast at the common tasks. And I LOVE the ability to read it in bright daylight and use the thing with one hand. Everyone that has an iPhone or Android is always having to use both hands to drive the thing -- one to hold and one to touch the screen.

Also... regarding this notion of the iPhone being a "toy"... part of my job involves Lotus Domino administration. In the past 3 months I've setup Lotus Traveler at 4 different clients specifically to add support for iPhone users. All 4 of these clients are long time BES users. Anyone who thinks that the iPhone is a toy that poses no threat to RIM in the corporate space is deluding themselves. It's not a matter of the iPhone moving into corporations at some distant point in the future... it's happening now... and the folks in Waterloo better wrap their heads around that fact quickly.

4 years as a BB user but likely to migrate to the iphone, I have seen improvements and far greater capabilities with a whole host of other smartphones that are simply leaving BB's behind, especially with fluid operating systems and sleek speedy browsing, this maybe my year to join my peers and give in to the iphone club.

Don't have to be impressed with the iPhone as a gadget person. Like a previous comment here said if you are a gadget person you have to be impressed otherwise your a BB fanboy and coming from a gadget person I'm simply not. I love my BB because it does everything I need it to. I don't need a million apps because how many do I use on a daily basis? launcher, StudentDocket, Docs to Go, and the browser works great for me ( I will admit though I wouldn't mind a better one but I can just use Bolt for the occasional website my native browser can't handle). And if I wasn't getting my iPad for free from my university I wouldn't be getting one either but since I am I definitely don't need an iPhone. How many of us that I knew when I was in the Army had a BB over iphone? More than I can count especially as a Sergeant nothing beats a BB. Am I a fanboy hell no but I do love my device.

I went to the apple store a few days ago to check out the new iphone and i have to admit that i was impressed by the retina display,web browser, and a select few apps(ibooks in particular). The screen has the best display I've ever seen on a smartphone. When it comes to the most important features like messaging and notifications the phone is subpar compared to blackberry devices. If apps, games, browsing, and multimedia are what your looking for then the iphone is definitely for you, but I think i'll stick with my storm 2 for now. Can't wait for blackberry 6 and the storm 3 to be released.

I've had the BB 8900, the 9630 and now the 9700, but I thing it's time to switch. The ONLY thing I regret is leaving the BBM :-(

I went to an O2 store today just to see what the iPhone 4's all about, but the only thing that really impressed me was the fancy high-resolution display. Aside from removing the half-second lag when moving to the search page, nothing seems that new or interesting to me. My Bold 9000's had multitasking since forever, facetime is nothing new to europe and I have a DSi for gaming. Yay for Blackberry!

I have an 8530. I like it. What I would like better is for the iPhone to get it's ass to verizon! I'd instantly get it.

I hated the iphone when it came out, i hated the release after that, but the new iphone. I like it, I don't know what it is, but i like it. and i want it.

The apps too, I have friends that have the iphone the apps are far better then what is on the blackberry to me it seems that way.

The display on the new one, is amazing as well.

I'm just waiting patiently for BB6 which will address a lot of what all true BB users have been pining for, however I would like that high res screen on my Storm2 as well as more RAM. We as BB users have had many of the things that Iphone and Android users make a big fuss about. Probably the first to include multitasking in an OS besides Palm before anyone really knew what multitasking was and we've had folders for quite some time now. Don't get me wrong, the Apple has really pushed the envelope with their designs and ideas and that is very healthy for all of us, no matter what platform you prefer. ( long winded, I know) I'm sticking with BB.

I've only ever had smartphones that were BB's (curve, bold 9000, storm) and when I bought my first iPod touch I thought right away there is no way I'd like the iPhone. Then I got the storm. I love everything about the phone other than the painfully slow OS. The touch interface got me hooked.

I use to think of the iPhone as a toy as well but once you look through all the apps and see how many productivity or professional apps it has you'll see there is more to it than games and fart apps. If that's what you're interested in then you can buy them, if not, then you don't. Simple as that. With RIM it seems you don't even get the options. And developers put a lot less effort into the BB OS it seems.

I was very close to upgrading to the 9700 but I'm glad I waited. If the 9800 comes out and OS6 is good as well and all the bugs get worked out (knock on wood it's no 9530) It might be a phone worth switching back for.

Either way you have to be narrow minded to say the iPhone 4 is not a good device.

I'll miss you BBM :( I'll miss you....

I'm interested in how atts new internet plans affect the iphone usage. Everyone who signs a contract to get the new iphone has to choose one of the new plans.

Well, I bought an iPhone 4, and use it as a compliment for my Blackberry 9700. I will use it to access the more "fun" parts of a mobile device. The iPhone is very enjoyable to use, and, everything it does do, it does right. That counts for a lot.

The pro's of the Blackberry that the iPhone will probably never catch up on? The hard keyboard, great battery life, BBM, ability to search remotely, your e-mail server, for mails that aren't on your phone, and UMA, for T-Mobile USA users.

I have a 3g IPad as well. And a Macbook Air. They all do their best things differently. And, I'm glad they do.

That is the fact all messaging is instant messaging.
I've messed around with a friends Iphone 3Gs plenty as well as my girl firends Droid and another friends Incredible.
Hands down the Iphone has the best Interface and it definitely seemed to be the quickest and most fluid while going through the phone and it's apps. That said AT&T being the sole carrier is what keeps me from even considering owning one. Horrible service where I am (Northern NJ).
The Moto Droid and HTC Incredible had the best screen and best web browsing expereince by far. Specially the Incredible being very snappy and smooth all around. Also I would say it is the most comfortable to hold while typing, browsing, messing with apps or making a call.
As for Balckberry, I would say it is pretty badly beaten in all those catewgories aside from the main reason most of us have a phone...communication. Nothing beats the Blackberry and that is what is most important to me. As far as any and all messaging, with a BB it is literally as fast as it can be. Anytime I would send emails, IM's, SMS or MMS to and from my Blackberry to the other platforms my BB was always first in recieving messages as well as the messages sent from my BB where recieved first (that was when comparing the Iphone to the Android devices.)
Also I personally like the Sure press screen of the Storm and the Storm 2's I have seen in action did not disapoint (in messaging)anyway. I use a Bold 9650. I had a Curve 8330, Storm 9530, Tour 9630 which was replaced with the Bold when I called in about a replacement Tour I recieved having rust in the battery compartment.
Anyway if one day an Iphone lands on Verizon and they along with the android phones have as good messaging capabilities as the Blackberrys I'll think about switching. Until then it is Balckberry for me.
One big gripe though...CDMA Balckberrys need some major QC upgrades! The Curve was the only personal BB I ever owned that did not need multiple replacements. Just got the Bold and it fuctions fine but every button clicks or squeaks when I press them and the track pad is a bit crooked and doesn't always respond on the first swipe. Yet I have played with a 9700 for hours on end and never had any of the issues my Bold 9650 has.


Had the iPhone4 in my hands this week and the first thing that clearly impressed me was the screen : wow, we compared the 3GS with it and's like apple made a huge leap - so bright, so clear, so neat !

still can't leave my bold though :-)
what does bb need : better wider screen, wifi modem

that + an iPad or iPod will suite me ;-)

I own a Storm 2 and it currently meets all my needs. The iPhone 4 is indeed a nice device but as has been repeated consistently in this forum, the "feature" or "revolutionary" changes or updates they have made are not new to RIM. Apple is just a marketing genious and knows how to appeal accross their current and potential customer base. I too wish that RIM would get on the band wagon and stop pissing around. They need to allow for more app memory, larger and better screen resolution, cpu power and look at a more diverse market. Apple seems to have been successful at developing their iPhone from fun phone to fun AND business phone. I think if RIM wants to stay in the game, they are going to have to diversify in what they offer in a smartphone. (Games, Apps, Video Conferencing etc.) That is if they want to move from selling to their primary base of business or task oriented custmer base. The world is changing and even the most sophisticated business user likes to take a brake and play now and then! :)

I'm on the Storm 2 and I aint going anywhere. I am a mac fan for desktops but think the Berry is an awesome device. Storm was my first device, only problem I ever had with it was memory. Currently have the Storm 2 and think it is great. Yes even with surepress. Kind of enjoy surepress feature. With the pleasure I get from using Storm 2 and the rumors I read this morning on Salonderin's site, I can easily wait until the next Storm release for my next Berry!!!!

BB needs 3 models: A screen above QWERTY business model (like the Bold), a sophisticated model with the look and feel of the iPhone 4 (but, probably a slider) and a he-man/geek phone that sacrifices lightness and cuteness for functionality.

The business phone, of course, would emphasize security and integration, like Blackberries do now.

The sophisticated model would out-Apple Apple by combining Apple's near perfect form factor with BB convenience like push mail and BB messenger.

And the geek phone would have the extra size for longer antennas, bigger batteries, more SD cards, bigger screen, and an optical zoom. So it would have the best reception, the best sound, the best GPS, the best camera, the longest battery life...

The camera looks great. I'm involved in marketing a small business as well as have a finacial planning job. I market both of my business using social media and having a quality camera and facebook app is a must. RIM can't be beat when it comes to conventional business tools which is why I couldn't be without one however small to medium size business are starting to need a bigger tool kit. I have been real disappointed that Rim still doesn't have a facebook app that allows you to update pages or a camera that looks awful in low light. I'm not giving up my BB but there doesn't seem to be any urgency from RIM to beef up any of these features.

I just paid my ETF to ATT after 11 months with an IPhone. I am now using a Blackberry 9650 from Sprint and couldn't be happier. I wanted the Iphone so bad that I went out and bought the 3GS when it first came out in June 09.
I needed a dependable work phone, and the Iphone and/or ATT just didn't do the job. I'm in a 3G area, and my office is 1/2 mile from an ATT tower. I could not get reception in my office! I could not get reception in most restaurants! We always knew who had ATT phones: they always had to go outside or near a door to use the phone. I finally had it with dropped calls, poor reception, and the Iphone's horrendous battery life.
I would not be confident buying another Iphone as long as it's on the ATT network.

...I stood in line for 9 hours for that effin thing. I must say that it is a beautiful phone and I have been using it for about 3 days now...I miss my 9700. I miss the instant notifications, the LED light, my password keeper, my quicklaunch, my BB email. *sigh* If it weren't for the 9 hrs, I would have already thrown in the towel, but I feel like I need to make myself like it for the time I went through to get it. ugh!

I touched my first iphone 4 yesterday and my first impression was I don't like the phone. Yes it's sleek and thin but the metal band (antenna) makes it seem cheap to me. The store was packed with Apple fans. The store rep I talked to only talked about the apps, it's only the apps. Don't get me wrong the apps are cool but I need a phone to be more than a toy. I had a Windows phone before my Blackberry Curve and I think I got app'ed out. After a while you sort of get tired of the 200,000 apps that do basically the same thing. I love the functionality of the Blackberry. I've dropped my Curve several times and it keeps on ticking. I don't think I'd get the same results with a iphone.

I have been a bb user for the last year and a half. When I first got it I was very impressed, having come off a windows based phone. I am sad to say that my next will be an android based phone. I live in the hometown of Kodak. I see bb similar as Kodak. At one point they were the leader in the industry, but have been lapped by newer minds and ideas. They seem to be always playing catch up. Their newest is 6mon old for everyone else. Wish it was different. What is the "wow" factor of bb these days? I am open to discuss.

I have been a bb user for the last year and a half. When I first got it I was very impressed, having come off a windows based phone. I am sad to say that my next will be an android based phone. I live in the hometown of Kodak. I see bb similar as Kodak. At one point they were the leader in the industry, but have been lapped by newer minds and ideas. They seem to be always playing catch up. Their newest is 6mon old for everyone else. Wish it was different. What is the "wow" factor of bb these days? I am open to discuss.

I really see no WoW factor in any of the new blackberry releases. The new releases are like clones of the model before, same UI but slightly different design, and nothing really special added to it.

Apple has really delivered a first class products (with severe hiccups) and as an EVO owner and previous 3GS owner they have the draw to bring in customers AND keep current customers

We can be on here and downplay the phone (1.7 million devices in under a week, just as real as the antenna issues numerous users have) but it shows the trend that everywhere people are pushing towards devices that do it all.

Apple stepped up their offering to fend off Windows 7 phone, and Android devices with super specs, when is RIM going to do the same?

i don't know why, but i am really digging the new iphone, iv'e always hated the previous iphones, but this one is different, there is something special about this one. Very nice design i might add, and mind blowing display which i think will be untouched by other cell phone makers for a while. Just imagine what will come one year later, it might finally have flash.

I loved my 8820 when I had no service, just wifi - I love my 9700 woth G3 even more.
Never thought the iPhone was much of a rival for a bb. Two different things, targeted at different people. When it first came out and I saw my friend's, I wanted one so bad, but after having one for 3 days, I couldn't stand the "key-board-guessing" and the browser side-scrolling to read. And I'm sorry - pinch to zoom - annoying as hell....
Opera mini FTW!

RIM...c'mon. DO YOU LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE WHO USE YOUR PHONES? I held out when the iPhone was released, I was disappointed with your lame exclusivity deals here in the U.S., I held out when the HD2 was announced (with a little help from Windows Mobile. lol). But, you are making it hard. I love A LOT about BlackBerry but (and this is equally important), there are just as many things I HATE about BlackBerry. I used to be able to boast and brag about my phone (once upon a time when BlackBerrys were the head haunchos around town) but's getting tough to fend off Apple's, HTC's...hell even Samsung's goons. C'mon RIM...I'm giving you my $$$ and loyalty...don't spit in my face. >:(

Having played with one here in the actually wanting a 32gb iphone4 for myself as i need a decent multimedia device...they are very nicely built and now the OS includes multi tasking so its not too bad...still your governed by Apple as to what you can do and cant do on it ie not much customisation compared to the BB me thats the biggest downside to owning the iphone.

But what i found quite hilarious is the statement from Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple who when questioned about the reception issue ie if you hold the phone in your left hand...the signal goes from 5 bars straight to no service and yes i tested it out and it actually a very fatal flaw because quite simply doesnt quite work the way its supposed to is it??. Anyhow i digress he emailed the person back saying your holding the phone wrong. Now i found that pretty funny but then after thinking about it...i thought to myself what an utter arse he is...hes basically turned around and given each and every loyal apple customer a big fat middle finger to them with that ridiculous statement he made. Now im sure in hindsight he regrets saying that because its one thing releasing a phone but releasing one with a major flaw such as then then coupling it with his statement that your holding it wrong?? just wow really.

But looks like this week apple are releasing a fix that should alleviate the issue....which is what Jobs should have said originally.

Anyhow ive played with one and barring the reception issue...its a very very nice handset i have to admit...definitely getting one as i have ordered mine but have to wait 3 weeks because there just isnt any stock around.

For me im never leaving BB is still going to be my daily driver/ iphone4 when i get it will be used purely for multimedia ie apps and web browsing along with the ipod part of it...nothing more nothing less...for me i wouldnt rely on the iphone to keep me in touch with my friends and family.

BB for life is what i say.

blackberry is a great company and puts out some great product. i wish that some issues as far as picture mail gets updated. you have to do so much just to view picture mail. when the pictures should be uploaded with the text message and not having to view it going through the web. that takes too long and is out dated. the same with blackberry messenger. also the new video chat would be awsome on any new blackberry phones such as the BOLDS and Curves and Storms. blackberry has some awsome ideas but for some reason are afraid to put them out. apple listened to the customers and gave the customers what they wanted. RIM isnt doing the same for some reason. Rim needs to put out a much advanced storm and bold to compete with the iphone4.

yeah for me the iphone plans that are out there are just waaay to expensive . 50-65 dollars and up . where as for bb i can get a 15 dollare email/social network data plan and that suits me just perfect.
Besides i just like the way the bb works and what i can do with it much more than the iphone.

I got the Blackberry Tour at launch with Sprint. After the effect of it wore off. The Blackberry is a truly stale device. I mean itll get you by but by no means is it going to do it attractively. And it seems blackberry addicts are satisfied with buying virtually the same device and hardware over and over. And os. And ass phones move towards being all in one devices blackberry is far behind on that field. Like the data efficiency argument. No I didn't use data because the phone was so boring to use. I would send text and emails only. On my new phone I watch video, I have apps that are actually worth while, HTML email is a beauty, web browsing is actually comparably with desktop browsing. And its quick. Blackberry has a long way to go. And their new browser they are working on is still miles behind the competition. Only thing thats changed in years is a new colors in the ui.

Blackberry is asleep at the wheel. I am finally leaving my BB behind in late July when my contract is up. Switching over to the iPhone 4. Too little too late for RIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a storm user and I have to say that for the most part up until last month it's a real crap ass phone. I got one for my wife and for as long as I can remember I've been trying to convince her that this is a great phone, you just have to give it a chance. Well, the gig is up and she's on to my game. She knows it's a crap ass phone as well. I'll admit it, I was looking for the IPhone killer in the form of a blackberry and unfortunately, RIM did not deliver. With that said, fast forward 6 months, I have found sort of a new friendship with my storm. It is by no means as pretty as an IPhone 4 and it does clunk along which I hope will be fixed with OS6 and the storm 3, but it does exactly what the IPhone 4 can do with some bonus. First thing is that I'm not a victim to the ITUnes store. I've spoken with Iphone users who are frustrated with having to always buy music and movies from only ITunes. Blackberry's allow you to shop around. ... And,oh by the way, if that MP4 format thing gets in the way of transferring music and movie files onto your BB then just convert the files.

Another thing that has not been pointed out in any of these posts that is still a constant with BB users and not an upgrade on the IPhone 4 is the ability to use a back-up battery and upgrade your memory by simply putting in a bigger SD card. Sure, you want a battery that's going to get you through the day and apparently, from what I read, the new IPhone batter does that. But like all of these rechargeable batteries, they eventually need replacing because they've lost their holding power. Blackberry users just pop off the back and replace it with a new one. IPhone users must do what? Also, If I felt like spending the money, I could add a terabyte of SD memory to my phone without a problem. Last I checked you can only get 32 G's of expandable memory. I know 32 gigs is a lot, but when you put multiple movies on your sd card along with your music, it fills up pretty quick. 4 disney movies at an hour 30 a clip and 600 songs is over 10 gigs used. I don't want memory to be an issue. The concept is to have a video and music library. It's the difference between going to Rocky's True Value Hardware store and Lowes. We want supply not limited supply!!!!

What I would like to see out of blackberry are more leisure features added to the already capable business features they already carry. I do like to sit on the train and play with apps so more app memory and better apps would be great. Also, I'm near the beach alot so the ability to buy a portable boom box that hooks up to my BB so I can take my music library, pandora, and sirius/xm to the beach would be cool too. Everything is IPod/IPhone compatible and not anything else. Pretty sad when I have to go into the apple store for a cool portable boombox for my blackberry, and oh by the way, can you throw the auxiliary cord in there so I can hook my BB device and leave it on the beach towel? That just doesn't look "COOL"!

OK! so i've ranted in several directions. Love to hear feedback or simple solutions to my needs and concerns. FYI though, if Iphone allows you to use IChat client and it's equal to BBM whereby it's free and unlimited texting, bye bye BB!!

Oh puhleeeez. Sure its a nice phone, and its about time they put a flash in for the camera and the ability to multitask... Cudos apple for catching up to bb in that dept. I still think its a load of steamy garbage that you have to hack the phone to be able to change the themes and every update that comes out resets the jailbreak. Yes, I unfortunately had a iphone and there were a couple apps that made it fun, but come on people, I hardly think that a fart button qualifies as a useful app. I'd have to honestly say that about 75% of apples apps are totally useless and would barely amuse a child. No LED notifications and no data compression are still a deal breaker for me. I can't even use all my data on my blackberry and I burned through it all in less then 2 weeks on a iphone.
I only miss one thing about it... The browser.
I'm sticking with my blackberry for several reasons, one being I don't have to carry a friggen charger with me everywhere I go.
Bye to everyone leaving BB for iphone....don't forget your charger

The iphone in general, has alot of neat apps that are not offered by RIM for blackberry. You can turn on your lights and everything with the iphone. I am a blackberry owner and wish they offered more neat apps, like the iphone period.

As an IT Pro, I had to get a BB Bold in order to be able to support it when execs throw it at you and say fix it in one minute. After using this thing for a while, my response to them will be to get a better phone. The browser on this thing is beyond pitiful and the "full" keyboard is for little, wittle, mousy, skinny, typers. It's slow, and all this talk about multi-tasking on the BB is highly over-rated. It's barely usable. Was Apple making mobile phones 5 years ago? BB, Nokia, and Microsoft had every opportunity to do what Apple has done and didn't and can't. As a late adopter, I got my girl an iPod Touch and now she is flying on a new iPhone 4. What do you sycophants recommend to get ready for a BB? A Barbie Typewriter?

I'm going to disagree with mutitasking being overrated. I had the iphone 3gs and found it to be a royal pain when I game would shut down just because you got a call....
Sorry I actually disagree with most of your post.
You hit the nail on the head with the crappy browser, so I'll give you that point

I had an i3g..i sold it..
I had an i3gs..i sold it..
If i gona have an i4g..i gona sell it..

These iphones worth alot money yeah? So what I'm gona do?

Buy the Blackberry!!!! Thats what I did!!! Free bbs!!!

BB rocks!

Express my deepest thanks to S.Jobs.

I left BlackBerry once, and was miserable for six months. (Sorry Pre, you just aren't there yet.) For me, BlackBerry does exactly what I need it to, and it does it well. While the iPhone is fun to play with, I have other tech if I just want to play, without paying AT&Ts price rates. Tour and Sprint suits me just fine.

I have been a BB user and Addict for years. I had friends that left BB and went to Iphones and I stubbornly would not so I renewed my contract with my carrier on my BB. Then a month later I got a new job and was given an Iphone and I must say I am very impressed I really can't compare it just blows BB out of the water as far as browsing the web, picture viewing, applications like FB etc. The one thing I don't like is not having a keyboard that is actually why I never wanted to get an Iphone in the first place. To be honest the only things I miss about BB on the Iphone is the query keyboard and BBM. I am thankful to have my BB though cause as far as Iphone as a Phone the service SUCKS with ATT I mean sucks BAD. Oh and carrying around two phones now is also a pain in the you know what lol

The iphone is a cute little toy and all and even has great features. However, for the business sector it just now is catching up to where BlackBerry was 8-10 years ago. Plus, as bad as AT&T's service is, it would be like owning a Mustang but not having a road to drive it on. I'm keeping my Berry, just please developers, we need more and better apps!!!

The problem for RIM is that the blackberry is amazing at 2 things. Making calls + messaging. But the iphone 4 is best of breed in a lot of things.. ipod/mp3 player, video, web, games, apps etc..

So even though it has worse messaging/notifications and general call handling on the whole it's far better value for money. Condisdering the BB costs about the same price off contract (9700 - £450, Iphone4 - £499) then the BB now becomes an expensive luxury! Thats the problem right there for RIM.

You can only justify BB if your a frantic email/bbm/text warrior. It's just become too expensive an option for the majority nowadays.

Here are my reasons for owning a BlackBerry:

1. Built-in app security & restrictions -- keeps my BB safer from malware! Very important in protecting your braindump onto your device!!! Contact info, documents, notes, passwords, etc.
2. Quality & reliable hardware
3. Fairly open architecture, compared to Apple.
4. Superior push messaging... when it works!

Where I think RIM is falling behind is in hardware & software specs & features:

1. Apps must be installed in RAM rather than device memory! This desperately needs to be fixed! I agree that there is a security risk of installing apps to flash, but we should be able to install to device memory. With limited RAM, only so many apps can be loaded so users aren't likely to download many from App World. I have only about 20 apps installed and that's all I can get because my Storm 9530 (with OS 5.0) is limited to 128 MB RAM.

2. Personally, I like SurePress (and I know some disagree with me!), but it is a personal choice. The BlackBerry browser does not support tabs, and it is too slow, but Opera and Bolt have strayed to bypass SurePress making them awkward to use. I'm constantly "selecting" things when trying to navigate (scrolling and/or zooming) on the screen. I don't like these inconsistencies. Neither of those other browsers offer an option to use SurePress! Very disappointing! Essentially, web browsing on the BlackBerry has a lot to be desired!!!

3. Hardware specs of new devices is not lagging behind the competition. Driod X, for example, has larger 4.3-inch touchscreen display, 1 GHz CPUs, 512 MB RAM. iPhone 4 has 2 cams, 5 MP & a super crisp 900x640 display.

4. 4G data rates are being offered by some Androids. I can't believe RIM is still selling some BlackBerrys that are not 3G! Even those that are 3G cannot handle 7.2 Mbps data rates.

I really like the iPad, but I won't be buying one since it is missing a USB port, flash memory expansion port, and it is too closed a device (i.e., must use iTunes!). I'd consider an Android tablet like the Dell Streak or perhaps RIM's BlackBerry tablet, if they every plan to announce one that suits my needs.

RIM should stop building so many devices as testing their OS on a wide range of devices is very tedious and time consuming. Apple only has to support the iPhone & iPod Touch. RIM should stick to three main lines:

1. Compact design (Pearl series) with either stickphone, clamshell/flip-phone.
2. Traditional hard keyboard design like Bold & new 9800.
3. Touch screen/soft keyboard design like Storm series.

Forget the Curve as it is seen as a cheap Bold. As people migrate to more full-size touchscreen devices, the traditional BlackBerry Bold series will lose its marketshare.

Full-screen web browsing is a necessity nowadays. There is no room for devices that do not provide a great browsing experience! RIM's webkit browser can't arrive soon enough. People are migrating to the iPhone because of this "advantage" and larger screens.

RIM is rumoured to release a Storm 3, but the Storm 2 is already obsolete with only 256 MB RAM; especially with OS 6.0 there will be less memory to play with. Their roadmap for the next 12 months doesn't appear to include any fill-screen touchscreen devices. As a result, folks like me have no upgrade path except for the 9800, which I don't fancy since it is so thick with the slide-out keyboard.

Another thing that needs to be pointed out is that RIM's OS is built on java. Java runs in a virtual machine which is a very large overhead in processing power. This gives the machine a great deal of security by default because code is sandboxed and cant access the main system.

That also brings withit it's own issues. Lack of speed. Hard to access core/low-level machine features unless RIM give access (i.e GPU/acceleration) or any "hacky" type coding that could speed up machines. Also, memory access is restricted making it hard/impossible to access additional memory for applications. This makes things like 3d games really hard to pull off.

You can tell that the OS is the issue because the chip running the Bold 9700 is the same speed as the Iphone 3G or HTC desire. Yet the android and iphone have far better effects and transitions.

This has the effect of making the berry look unsexy next to its competition. So it feels like your spending the same amount of money for a top end machine and getting substandard performance.

I think getting away from the java based architecture is going to prove RIM's achilles heel. I suspect thats the no.1 priority for them right now. If they pull it off (Apple had to with OS X) then all will be well!

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an admitted Apple "Fanboi". Having multiple Mac's in the house I love the technology, the PROACTIVE thinking Apple employs as well as the aesthetics of the Mac.

Having said all that, until recently I would not have even considered giving up my BlackBerry and going to the iPhone for four primary reasons-
1) AT&T is a HORRID third-world service
2) No Multi-tasking
3) No BBM
4) Lack of push email

Now that the email and multi-tasking have been fixed, the gap has significantly closed. If this device were to ever come to VZW, it would be very difficult for me not to try it out. Additionally, DM for Mac is abhorrent and does little more than corrupt my data. The iPhone integration would be a welcomed improvement.

I'm not a software engineer or developer, but it seems to me that RIM really needs to take a more PROACTIVE role in developing products as opposed to playing catch up all the time. I do realize that RIM had multi-tasking and push email before the others, but they've yet to advance anything else. Now that Apple has the same features (minus BBM) RIM's advantage is effectively gone.

Hopefully OS6 will bring some needed changes such as a functioning Browser. Oh, and by the way, BING sucks! Stop forcing me to use it. Let's hope RIM gets moving in a positive direction, but based on what I've seen of OS6, I have little faith they are.

Look, I really enjoy my BlackBerry and wonder how I could have survived without it over the past four years- couldn't have done it as well with an iPhone. I'm just hoping we get a device / OS that is revolutionary and not reactionary.

I could never go towards an iPhone or any phone that doesnt have a physical qwerty. virt qwerty's mess up way too much for my liking. and would iPhone fanboys plz stop acting like iPhone was the first to use touchscreen or virtual keyboard....PLZ!!! Palm birthed ya style. but yeah, back to my point, i prefer physical qwerty anyday. Now i wish that BB would do like Palm [and then following companies] have done and have both touchscreen & physical qwerty. you get the best of both worlds...IMO.

Copped the 1st gen blankphone, and wasn't impressed, and I'm still not impressed. I am actually impressed the way android has come around; that [may] be what I'll replace my 8330 with...

I been a royal BB users for about 3 years. Since I got my first BB Curve til now with the 9700. RIM is only disappointed me in pretty much every way. Firmware updates that do nothing, re-releasing old hardware, expensive apps that are useless, etc. I wish RIM was involved in the user community, more weekly updates on BB OS 6, lil hings like that would make a big difference. The quietness RIM has only makes me want to try other phones and OSs. Anyways, Bye rim.

RIM has to wake up at the wheel. They dont have to act like they are not seeing the shift but address it with a plan. Thats what I hate about large companies they feel they always know better than than theri customers. The reason the fan boys are going loving theri new toy is because just about every new feature has been a result of what their customer base has asked for. RIM is in trouble and Apple are so funny because if Apple introduces a qwerty or a way to type with one hand then Blackberry will defintley see a market drop. Why do you think more and more BB's are released in the overseas market cause they feel the pressure. We will not even talk about how fast android phones are developing and 4g. PLUS I THINK I'M FALLING INLOVE WITH THE EVO OMG....

RIM arent in trouble...they have their share of the smartphone market.

Does it not make you wonder why people who jump ship to the iphone always invariably come running back to the BB??.

I don't know what's going on here, in fact my patience is starting to run thin. I've been on Blackberry since the 8703 and all the way up the ranks to my now beloved Bold 9700. I have to say, yes, I'm bummed out! I've been loving BB but the love is getting stale, why? Well as an IT and business user, all I can do is VPN and do some minor admin tasks server side. Now I have a coworker with the older iPhone 3G that can run web-based apps that I cannot for admin purposes. His push email is just as quick, camera is a little better and of course as we all know, his web browsing slaughters mine.

Another hit in the balls, my bro's wife and I were trying to both look up the soccer scores and even with my sports app, she finds it with no challenge 2min faster than I do. Ugh! Now we have the
iPhone4!?? Better battery, etc etc. And I sit here with a great phone (for its time, not even 6months old!) that isn't so great anymore. Yeah I said it :( but damnit, I need the business integration here! I swear, the only little thing that's keeping me BB is the keyboard and now I am seeing the iPhone has improved the tuch technology too? So now what???? You tube still doesn't even play vids for me. I don't have much left in me to wait, I could care less about games and cool fun crap, I care more about compatibility and use. BB lead the game, what are they leading with the past year, BBM, keyboard, can't say email anymore sooo. Yeah?

Rant Over. And I may be too.

i don't have feelings if i see apple's iphone, with all the problems this iphone and previous versions had, i just can't see what is so special about the iphone, it look's good, that's true, but i would never buy it, i'm a blackberry fan, and i would never let my Berry go, iphone is to expensive for what it can/does, ipad i didn't study yet, but i would rather wait on the "blackpad", i think i don't like iphone because here in belgium there was said with the first iphone, everyone could sell it in stores, but in reality there is still one provider who has an exlusive contract with apple, if everyone could sell it, it would be good for everyone's sales numbers, but i would still rather sell a samsung wave, it can do the same, but for half of the price of iphone, iphone is just a name that everyone wants, but blackberry sales have gone up with the 8520 here in belgium, i just don't want anything else than my BB's!


I have however read interesting news today, according to USA TODAY (mobile app) verizon is suppose to next year in January have the i-phone available. So therefore it will be no longer just AT&T. The people who said this are not named and AT&T nor apple will comment on it. Guess people will have to wait and see but if it does happen, could increase the sales by a lot.

I have no idea why anyone would use a BB as a personal phone anymore now that the iPhone 4 is avaialble (unless cost is an issue). It's superior in every way at this point if you're not reliant on BES/Outlook integration.

Heya - I'm Deaf, been a loyal BB user since RIM 950. I currently have BB 8900 which is my 10th BB (I prefer the curve series due to space between the keys). I'm liking the BB 9300 (has the curve kbd and trackpad), but when I read about iPhone 4 having face time feature. I'm seriously considering in purchasing the iphone 4 when it hits Canada, just for the two cameras / face time features. It would help a lot for me to sign (talk) with others via face time video calling. Sorry RIM, but until a BB has that, I'll come back to being a Berry owner. I've had trouble with internet browsing on the last two or three BB's. No phone is perfect, same for digital camera and other technologies. Thanks for your time in reading this.

I really wanted a BB when I signed on to a smart phone, unfortunately BB still had some issues to work out with its browser and storm. Basically, the BB didn't have the features I wanted at the time and the Iphone was the alternative. I agree with others that it really is just a toy. Its embarrassing to bring out a toy at a business meeting! I look forward to the end of my contract when I will be able to buy a fully functioning BB.

My Blackberry is almost always in my hands but when it comes to googling something, watching videos or playing games without thinking twice I reach for the iPad.

i never look at iphone sites just to start fight why do they come here and argue anyway for all you fanboys you may not want to here this but 90 percent of buisnesses that use smartphones use blackberrys and blackberry still has over 4o percent of the smartphone market

i never look at iphone sites just to start fight why do they come here and argue anyway for all you fanboys you may not want to here this but 90 percent of buisnesses that use smartphones use blackberrys and blackberry still has over 4o percent of the smartphone market