Install the BlackBerry fonts on your BlackBerry device today!

BlackBerry Font
By Jared DiPane on 13 Apr 2012 11:11 am EDT

Customizing your BlackBerry device is something that many of us like to do, whether it be changing wallpapers, themes, or just changing the font of the device. Personally I am a huge fan of the stock BlackBerry 7 look paired with the right wallpaper, but one thing I enjoy is changing up the fonts every once and a while. While crusing through the forums the other day I noticed a thread asking why RIM doesn't use the BlackBerry font in the device.

Immediately I was intrigued, then after reading through the thread there were some download links for the fonts, and a quick how to for quickly and easily getting these fonts onto your very own device. Of course I had to give it a go, and I must say I am happy I spent the 60 seconds doing so. If those default fonts just aren't cutting it for you, or you want a little extra BlackBerry love in your device, hit the links below for all the information you will need on getting it done.

How to install custom fonts (with or without a computer)
Default BlackBerry Fonts
Custom BlackBerry Font



nice. I was getting tired of looking at the arial fonts.


Awesome, thanks for posting the Topic I made for the Custom BlackBerry Logo font


will this work on OS6 9800 ?

the brother

i want the font in this picture, not the "logo" italicized font. where can i get it?



Installed the font, and i also wonder why I just noticed it now? Lol, thanks Jared DiPane for the tutorial.


Woah! My threads are on the front page?! Sweet. Thanks Jared!(sounds like a subway commercial, no offense.)


can anyone help please? thank you


That is a very cool font. Thank you to the dev. :)

Boldly sent from my 9930


Doesn't look good on the 9780 (resolution issue). You can't fully appreciate the font because it's so small, looks like other default fonts that are in bold. From the pictures, it looks really good because of the larger resolution on the 99xx.



Haha, followed the tutorial a couple of days ago and I'm very satisfied with the Semi-Bold font. I'm never going to change it :)


Seriously don't know what I'm doing wrong. Tried the Blackberry way..cut/paste the downloaded "font" file into the appdata RIM font folder. Reboot/battery pull, nothing showed up. Tried the computer way and placed it into the Blackberry device memory. Found it in files (show hidden), cut and paste again into appdata font, battery pull and still nothing.

Followed the instructions and still not working. Any ideas?


When will different fonts come out for blackberry 10?