The BlackBerry Barkada go flashmob crazy in the Philippines - A must see

By James Richardson on 22 Dec 2012 01:48 pm EST

I'm rather partial to a flashmob dance and the one that has emerged from the BlackBerry Barkada in the Philippines is as good as they get. The event took place at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium where a BlackBerry mall show was due to take place, but in true flashmob style the BlackBerry Barkada took to the floor and surprised the shoppers who were going about their daily business.

Barkada is Filipino street slang that means a group of friends and that's something that Team BlackBerry have adopted over in the Philippines recently. And why not? It suits the bond that us BlackBerry users have perfectly.

BlackBerry in the Philippines is already huge but we have seen more and more marketing recently coming out of the country. Maybe this is something that needs to be adopted over here in the west too? It certainly wouldn't do the BlackBerry brand any harm.

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The BlackBerry Barkada go flashmob crazy in the Philippines - A must see


Now that was AMAZING!! This should happen more and more!!!!!

Does anyone think we can get in touch with BlackBerry UK to do this at BlueWater ??

It would be so cool having on at the Eaton Centre in Toronto or Square One? West Edmonton Mall would be amazing to have a flash mob like this happen!

See, nothing like this happens in my area. they don't even play ambient music in the background at the malls, much less have stuff like this.

That was just awesome!
Thought it was random people, but even though they were hired by Blackberry, that was still awesome!
One of the best flash mobs ever.

Wow .... what a great group of people .... and they look so happy. It must be from the Berries.

In the U.S. .... it is all about killing and shooting each other ever since Android phones were introduced into the market. That little green man has got to go. Enter ...... BB10


Only in the US of A, and only if you are Occupy Santa chalking on a sidewalk with kids/parents,lol.

Flashmobs are good for malls(business), so much better than a sea of empty faces wondering about in their tasks. You don't forget a flashmob if you have been lucky enough to be present during one, so much more sticky than a commercial that most times you listen to on auto pilot,lol.

Bravo! Got banged up dancing around the house whilst holding my PB but it's all good,lol. Flashmobs are always fun and elevate moods, be that in the mall/s or watching the vid.

Great moves , loved it, go Blackberry!

That was awesome! I wish I was there when this happen, it's just few minutes away from our place. I loled how the two celebrity literally got mobbed at the end of the video haha.

Excellent, blackberry should get these out all over the country, definitely put a positive buzz on the blackberry brand and bb10 and appeal to the right audience.

Thank you blackberry for my free gift too. ;)

There are no shots of reactions on amazed people's facesm unlike other flashmobs. A lack of empathy there, which makes that kind of videos viral. Hope they'll make it better next time! Keep up the good work, RIM! :)

I hope to see this & more marketing for BlackBerry 10 now that BB still has a huge chunk of the Philippines' smartphone market :)
My friends can't get rid of their BB's & ends up w/ an iPhone/Android AND a BlackBerry! Ha!

Future is bright for BlackBerry here in the Philippines & in most parts in SE Asia :)



Blackberry doesn't have to be saved in markets that love them. Take a positive pill and return when you won't be trolling bro.

Ha, somebody tell me that after watching them dance these Filipinos - they sure are alien. I knew it always. And here you have it -> alien technology for aliens - simple as that. they go crazy for 2 things: 1. Karaoke Bar after 2 Heineken Beers and 2. BB10 !! Bloody Ace!

HELP !!!!!

Does anybody know the name of that song that starts at 2:10, and who sings it?

It's amazing...

Well planned, look at all the surprised and now smiling faces!! :D

Soon one is going to take place at the toronto eaton centre.

A Global Flash Mob for Blackberry 10 Launch would be a great idea. Syncronize dance all at the same time on all major cities of ASIA,EUROPE & USA... Now thats AMAZING...!!!!!

Good job!

I hope some action starts where i am.

Davao City. Philippines

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HELP !!!!!

Does anybody know the name of that song that starts at 2:10, and who sings it?

It's amazing...