A BlackBerry Fit for a President!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Feb 2009 07:19 am EST


Not bad for a Friday morning chuckle! With mainstream media really interested in the Obama/BlackBerry episode, leave it to The New Yorker to sketch up what they think President Obama's "Super BlackBerry" looks like.

The form factor is old school - there's definitely some BlackBerry 8700 in there and gone is the traditional full qwerty keyboard in favor of Yes I Can buttons that power a bunch Presidential functions. You can jump over to The New Yorker to see what they all do, but here are a few of the ones that had me laughing:

3. Press to play prerecorded "Love to, but this term's no good" response to Senator McCain lunch request.
5. Push for hourly update on Michelle clothing expenditures.
8. Push to set automatic "Line no longer in service" response to incoming Hillary calls.
18. Push once to add another ten billion dollars to bailout plan. 

In other Obama BlackBerry news, it seems Mr. President, like every good CrackBerry, is addicted to BrickBreaker! A confidante of the President revealed to Star magazine: "He plays to unwind. Every night before bed, he gives it a few minutes. His high score is around 15,000!". So that's the real reason he needed to keep his personal BlackBerry!

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A BlackBerry Fit for a President!


That goes to show you that some people have too much time on there hands to sit there and come up with this crap. They could of at least photo shop it to look more realistic or get some one with more drawing background to do it.
And another thing, that goes to show that we finally have someone with brains in the office; W been in office for 8 years and not once have you hear talk of a blackberry, even cell phone.

That's because all previous presidents prior to Alfred E. Neuman here, decided that they don't want their personal conversations published when their term is up. Now we have to be put through Clinton-esque private details when this clown is out of office and the Presidential Records Act allows all his personal communications to be public.

What a joke of a president so far. His biggest accomplishments are fighting for a phone, spending a trillion dollars of taxpayers hard earned income, and delaying the DTV transition. Amerika should be ashamed of themselves.

Yeah, like you and your ilk gave President Bush 2-4 years before you started ripping into him, right? You didn't give him 2-4 DAYS - so don't start whining now that the shoe is on the other foot!!!

i have to say that i don't find it funny. politics aside it's just a terribly un-funny picture.

I have said it so many times before and it looks like it will hold true here as well.

If anyone shows any opposition to B. Hussein Obama, they will be a racists or some other off the wall word.

So much fun of all other Presidents has been jokingly talked about for ever, yet someone points out this jokers weakness and "its just not funny". HA!

Oh and to all of the Socialists, have fun with communism...

Socialism and Communism are two different things, but you as a misinformed neo-con would most likely not know that. After all Limbaugh does not mention that, nor has the brain capacity to do so. As far as critiquing, go ahead.

And I only wish we had a real liberal President. Obama is a centrist liberal just like most others.

It's a joke, and everyone can be joked about!
As far as his weaknesses; compared to whom; g. walker bush?
A dogs brain is more capable to run a country than a bush!!!

Stop referring to Bush when you talk about someone who couldn't run the country, and look at Clinton. He caused most of the problems with housing when he forced Fannie mae/Freddie mac to loosen their strings on home loans. Face it, lots of poor southerners were allowed to get home loans that they could never pay just because of what they looked like. Oh and by the way, I watch Glenn Beck, not Linbaugh.

Funny stuff!!! With everything going on today we can all use some humor, especially of the Pres.

It shows he is only human...

I guess now you're going to start making up reasons to post political threads on the homepage? I'd like to see a link confirming, without A DOUBT, that Obama is even using a Blackberry, as opposed to some other type of device. If such a link cannot be provided, I would say these threads are not only not helpful, but are off topic. You just can't seem to resist the urge to milk this Obama/Blackberry thing for all it's worth.

But you posted it, so: I could not care less about Obama's supposed BB while at the same time people who bought crap they could not afford are being given my tax money so they can continue to live in a way they cannot afford.

i do not support obama in any way, i still do not think the picture is funny at all. blame my selective sense of humor instead of my politics. i would love to find it funny but i simply cannot.


Seriously, everyone chill your pants. It's a joke; its meant for laughs. Everyone needs to get their underwear out of their asses and recognize this. The few of you saying that this isn't funny, I'm sure you found Tina Fay covering Sarah Palin on SNL not funny, right? Everyone stop being so two-faced and lighten up. Life is too short to be so uptight to complain about a joke.

oh, an NObama is ruining our nation. Thanks for electing him.

Looks like some people are still salty because Obama won. This isnt a politics board, but, get over it. Look at where the country is, and thank Bush for that. Time for a change, to someone who can get us out this hole. McCain would have gotten us deeper, and had a heart attack in the process.

so i say, get over it.

this article isnt that funny either.

I say that we just get each elected official the new Leapfrog version of the Blackberry because we all know that would be the easiest way for them to make the right decisions!!!!

must own a iphone and how can you judge a Prez in one month this guy must be a cousin of Joe the plumber what a loser!!! The verdict is still out on Obama so come lets talk about bulletproof blackberry

In that one month The Chimp has managed to screw almost ever decision. Wants to release terrorists from Gitmo, wants to use taxpayer money to fund abortions and wants to give hard workers tax money to lazy ass house flippers. The Chimp really seems to like crooks.

I'm def. and OBAMA supporter and still really dont find this funny nor offensive. It is was it is...a Joke. But for you to call him a Chimp, is raciest to me and makes you sound real ignorant and childish. Pull your pants up, grow up, and act like an adult..a man.

That's why I posted it. For eight years dems likened GWB to a chimp and a monkey. The dems did it and the mainstream media did it too. Now that the shoe is on the other foot you can't take it.:)

You illiterate idiot. The only racist is YOU for seeing Obama's skin color as it relates to a CHIMP. I call him The Chimp because it bothers you, not because he's black,;)

Now you know how it feels to have someone you support likened to an animal. It's not racist, it's disrespectful. Hope you enjoy!!!

I think Obama is doing a outstanding job buying freedom ,He will own it all pretty soon so no worries to those that support him...Obama wont let you down.
When it comes to his BB use..hmm who cares

Thanks Kevin.
To all you Kool-Aide drinkers, there's nothing any of us who actually pay attention could say to convince you how we got here, and why we're going in the wrong direction. So go ahead and continue to exclaim that everyone you disagree with is dumb, and Bush is the reason for every problem. That smug attitude will do you well in the soup line!

@ marine one

That DEVIL g w. bush??? I'm a "house flipper" and I did quite well. Knowledgeable real state investors seen the bubble coming 5+ years ago and settled down! That DEVIL g w. bush is the one who hired his demonic cohort criminals to assist him with fleecing this country by starting a "pretend" war, and you're blaming "house flippers," and the current president, whom has been in the office for 1 month??? Stop cutting class, and learn how to read IMBECILE!!! There's know one else to blame except bush, clinton, and maybe even sr. bush. I don't owe the us government any apologies, explanations, or my loyalty, and I personally don't care who's president; I'm going to do exactly what I want to do, and continue to make money!

People who support Bush must be crazy you guys act like Bush captured Osama bin Laden and stopped all terror wrong!! Bush took us to a war for oil and greed on top of that no weapons of mass destruction. Innocent people soldiers dieing and the people of Iraq. Bush let all those crazy people run loose in Iraq right now killing people in streets and please don't get me stared about the surge we wouldn't gone through the surge if we didn't go to war in the first place call Bush a chimp is too much for him He's just a plain A$$hole

Drama4life26 , I'm a registered republican that disliked 80% of Bushes actions during his presidency..hes a left wing nut that believes government is the answer to everything just like Obama.
The greed and money war as you call it has kept are country safe .You must of forgot that 911 feeling...watching plans crash into the twins with thousands of lives being taken.

A little reminder that may get me a warning and edit.

Fighting the bad guys in there playground only made sense , Bush succeeded in keeping are country safe.
When it comes to money switching hands of course there was just like every war America has been in.
Osama bin Laden not being caught is definitely a failure..I agree but heck you really shouldn't care ,Obama is taking lock off Club Gitmo so those bad guys that Bush caught will be free to make the 6 Oclock news again.

Listen bro!! Osama Attacked NYC I remember it like yesterday... Not Saddam or Iraq so get your facts straight and one thing What threat did Saddam have heck he didnt even have weapons no connections to Bin laden why shouldnt I care to capture Bin laden He attacked the U.S. and we went after the wrong guy and on Gitmo Torturing people never solves anything and let their own country deal with their problems. We already have our own to deal with you are like 80% of Americans you panic once you hear terror or anything close to it just relax and see what happens buddy. oh yeah if you think stupid a$$ bush prevented attacks you got to be kidding me man... Maybe Obama will pass a bill that GOP's Can't buy Blackberry's anymore thought I'd throw a little humor in there!!

The terrorists that attacked the u.s. are all dead! they died in the planes; remember? I don't know where osama was, but he wasn't in ny on 911!
Can we please stick to blackberry topics. That's way easier than delving into political issues!

Drama4life26 , Im not your bro.
The younger generation..you got to love it

Military Intelligence pointed finger at Iraq..The Clinton years didn't pay off to well come to find out.
90% of dems and most of the world supported Bush going into Iraq...The blood & money war as you think of it got some bad guys connected to cells that wished to harm Americans so open a book and read.
As far as torture never solving anything..I guess you need to to strap on a m16 watch fellow solders die in the battle fields .I'm sure you would think differently about extracting information anyway possible.

One thing I'm not from the younger generation and I can tell by your replies you are not a open minded American... You're a typical brain washed American who can never open to new things and ideas so stick to your Ronald Reagan years stick to your old thinking and The let The GOP's run you to the ground and still defend them that's gotta be the stupidest thing I ever heard and as I remember John McCain said the economy is fundamentally strong and A week later the market crashed so please don't lecture me you should lock yourself in room and wait for republicans to start another war to kill innocent people again... I'm done with this subject...

Drama4life ,I don't think your brain washed , I think your open minded yet want to place blame on one side ,That's not why I decided to participate in this thread ,As seen in my second post I am a registered Republican and disagree with 80% of what Bush stood for..I wasn't a big fan of McCain either.
I disagree with Obama as well ,his free lunch plan takes freedom and choice away from individual.
It not the job of federal government to buy its way into are lives which their currently doing.

And yes ,I'm a fan of Reagen
Reagan was a blessing after Carter years to say the least..fall Berlin wall ,dismantling Soviet union , picking up economy and so on.
Clinton wasn't to bad either ,The Internet boom didn't hurt his cause.He made great things happen of the exception of rolling cigars

As far as reps starting war killing innocent people..that's nonsense
After the poor tortured prisoners get the Obama pass then do what they do best I'm sure you will feel much differently about them...but then again you more then likely will blame a rep.
Something like "We Tourcherd them so that's why they want to hurt us"

So about a month ago; I bought an older blackberry (7290)I bought if off eBay just to try it out. At first (before adding the blackberry service), I felt like I'd wasted my money and I was debating on selling it. Then I called and got the blackberry service activated; I was hooked the moment my first email came through to my device. The 7290 was a great intro but it did not have the camera phone, nor some other little features.
I just bought the 8320 curve from eBay, and I'm an addict now!! I'm on facebook, sending and receiving emails...oh my gosh, I did not really understand what a Blackberry device did prior to getting one, and I'm a fan!!
I am still learning how to operate my curve, but I love it!!
My cousin told me about this site last night, so I'm only feeding my addiction now!
It's sad that it took me this long to get acquainted with the device, but "better late than never."