BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #5: Inceptionally Fast

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Oct 2011 11:30 am EDT

Ok CrackBerry Nation, here it is. Our fifth and final finalist video in CrackBerry's BlackBerry Super Fanboy contest. Following up our first, second, third and fourth finalist entries (which were all AWESOME), this one is titled Inceptionally Fast and comes to us from Shahriyar Ali, who lives in India. BlackBerry is taking off in India and this proves there are BlackBerry Super Fans there... it's awesome to see an entry submitted far from CrackBerry HQ.

Inceptionally Fast is pretty darn clever. Inspired by the movie Inception, the story explains the BlackBerry infrastructure showing how fast and secured data is transferred from beginning to end. Action packed and awesome, it's yet another amazing entry in this contest. Watch it above and sound off in the comments!

That's it for our finalist videos. Getting down to the final five wasn't easy - we had some other great entries submitted which we'll make live shortly on CrackBerry's Youtube Channel for your viewing pleasure (we'll follow up with some shout outs). I'll be following up later today with a post showing off the five finalists in one post... we'll want you to post in the comments with your favorites... and from there I've assembled a new judging panel that's going to spend the night trying to sort out who the ultimate winner will be. It's not going to be easy.

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BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #5: Inceptionally Fast


Wow. I think the judges are going to have a tough time. This video was more entertaining but contestant number four showed the great power of the Playbook and was also nice sans the Matrix style shooting.

WICKEDLY BAD ASS!!!! I'm torn between 4 and 5.....I actually was eating my goldfish crackers like I was watching an action flick all mesmerized. It was CRAZY!

Missing the 'fanboy' aspect in this one but it's by far the most entertaining one in my book. Really cool!

I figure anyone who goes through this much trouble to make a video for a BlackBerry fansite earns a FanBoy tag :)

awesome!! definitely my favorte. It's between this one and the sky-diving one for me, but I like this one the best!

I agree, I think my day is almost like # 4. Except for the cooking part xD and the fact that At&T hasnt released the bold yet... Come on fre@#$ng AT&T!!!

This one is a win in my books. Awesome concept showing how a message gets "delivered". All 5 were great, this just seems to involve more thought and planning.

Very well thought out and put together. I was hooked the whole time!! Great work! I can't wait to find out who the winner is...this is a tough choice!

this FANBOY is surely a crazy one to think beyond others... truly a winner! this one deserves to win.

Simply Awesome!!! The whole concept shows that this guy is a true BB fan :D the message delivery process put forward to us in a fictional way ;) THE WINNER i must say

I think this one would have to get my vote. Great story, creative, action packed, original... and the amount of effort seems insane. As for the "fanboy" aspect that some think is missing, I disagree... What makes a fanboy isn't what you do with your BlackBerry, but what you're willing to do FOR your BlackBerry. This video to me shows that this fanboy was willing to do at least a little bit more for BlackBerry than the others. I congratulate all contestants though, truly outstanding videos all.

Amazing Video by Shahriyar Ali if i were the judge i would select the contestant # 5 for the reason the video explains the love of the Fanboy for his blackberry and completely defines the word Inception, classy mixture of action and drama n above all i liked it when he says "try the new crackberry its a combination of sweet n sour blackberry" amazingly done great job .... haha best of luck !!!

i see he's getting the crackberry crunch for i have their remote help on my blackberry list they r amazing ppl doing a great job to help ppl understand blackberry better ...

I would also choose the 4th contestant his video was very professional !! great job by the 4th n 5th if i were the judge i would be confused for who to choose as the final winner ... well all the luck n best wishes to the contestants all ur video's were amazing :)

clearly this was the winner. concept and imagination is far better than some guy sitting on a toilet using his blackberry. by far better than the whitest hardcore rapper ive seen. who picked the winners?

3rd world winners

EDIT: just realized the winners get 2 flights to san fran... india to sanfran = 3000 toronto to sanfran = 844

I rarely comment on blog posts but this is just too good to pass up.
The cinematography is almost professional level and the little things like the notification and read icon puts it over the top. The concept is also top notch and totally out of the box.

It has the linear flow of rap.
It has the gripping feel of a skydive.
It has the production of a parkour run.
And it was slow in parts just like your boring work day.

It's the clear winner!

This was definitely a very well thought out video. Great job, Shahriyar!

I would have liked to some things cut out to simulate the speed of the message being sent out. Maybe some cuts walking to and at the elevator, and even fast-forwarding some of the fight scenes, but most importantly a JUMP KICK at the end man! LoL, I was expecting you to destroy that dude. It's all good though. You have a great chance of winning. It's definitely up to you and Alex from vid #4.

WOW! Im sorry everyone but this in my opinion is the winner for sure hands down! This video actually took planing, multiple people to pull it off, special affects and great acting. And the fact this took place in a third world country, PROPS!


If I can vote I will vote for this to be the winner. This is so professionally done. The concept is brilliant! And it's executed well. Good job!

Phew! Great video! felt as if i was watching a part of a movie :) the idea was different, small minute details like the man getting the message in his hand suddenly; already delivered message coming out of the lift, etc. took a great amount of thinking for sure... all in all, great way of showing how our bbm works (which a 'fanboy' should know)... this is definitely a winner from my side

Very INTRIGUING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the messaging icons and barcodes. It is going to be hard to pick a winner. All of the videos were amazing. Good luck to all!!!

I had a serious *ROFL* time with this one! IMO this was the most clever and humourous! Fantastic job, Shahriyar!