BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #4: BlackBerry, My Everlasting Light

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2011 03:06 pm EDT

Ok, so we're one, two, three finalist videos down in our BlackBerry Super Fanboy contest and it's time for our fourth to get unveiled here on the CrackBerry blogs. This video comes to us via Alexander Perri of Toronto, Canada and he's called it BlackBerry, My Everlasting Light (aptly name for the Black Keys song which the video is set to).

As you can read in the full video details provided below, Alexander was trying to come up with crazy ideas to show off how much he loved BlackBerry, but decided that just didn't make sense and instead went for an approach that was literally all him. The video above walks through a day in Alexander's life, which is definitely a day in the life of a BlackBerry addict. I think a lot of the hardcore CrackBerry readers will see a bit of themselves staring back in this one. It's a well put together video. Definitely a BlackBerry Fanboy, that's for sure. Great stuff!

More info on Alexander and BlackBerry, My Everlasting Light

The video was filmed in Toronto, ON at my house as well as my girlfriend's house. I am the only person in the video and I operated the camera for most of the shots (my girlfriend Tania helped with a couple of scenes). It was filmed on my Nikon D7000 DSLR with a wide angle 24mm for the more zoomed out shots and with a 50mm for the close ups. It was filmed and exported in 1080p. When thinking of ideas to include in my video, I was trying to think of the craziest thing possible. After going through some ideas, I realized they just didn't make sense. After a long while of thinking, I realized I'm not going to try to fabricate some crazy video, but use my daily life as inspiration. I realized I use my BlackBerry a lot. Actually, between my phone and my PlayBook, I'm using it all day long. I feel a sense of panic if I don't have my BlackBerry in my pocket, on the table in front of me or by my side. I am constantly holding my BlackBerry, always checking emails or my social feeds. I am downright addicted to my BlackBerry. This made me come to the conclusion that I was going to film what a typical day in the life of a BlackBerry addict is like.

I am a photographer, graphic designer and as of last year, I'm a BlackBerry application developer (I have developed 3 apps for the PlayBook under AP Photography and 1 more is in the finalization stage), but in my free time I find myself either checking out CrackBerry, development tutorials and news or playing around in Flash Builder to find new and better features to add to my current projects. Because of this, I focused on me being a developer in the video, and what my day is like when I'm developing apps. I literally use my BlackBerry for everything. I use it as my alarm, to get the news and weather, to play games while I'm bored (yes, even in the bathroom), to check and send emails, make phone calls, watch videos and play music, as my e-reader, and so much more. I was only able to capture a few of the many uses I have for my BlackBerry because I didn't want the video to drag on. Basically, I use them for everything and I always have them on me (much to the disapproval of my mom and girlfriend). I also always have to have the latest and greatest BlackBerry. As you can see in the video, I have a BlackBerry Torch box, PlayBook box and Bold 9900 box on my desk. I bought an unlocked Torch 2 weeks before it was released in Canada, I got my PlayBook from RIM for developing an application (I would've bought one on day one if I hadn't) and I got the Bold 9900 on day one for app testing, but obviously use it as my everyday phone. I simply love BlackBerry!

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BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #4: BlackBerry, My Everlasting Light


..guess we know who the winner is dam that was good!
Watching that made me understand how the people around me feel when they're always seeing me on my BB's & PB's n all that good stuff!

Best video yet. I loved watching this entry....not that the rest aren't equally as awesome, but this video personifies the true Blackberry user.

This Guy Rocks!!! The other videos were ok! This one was Awsome!!! Does anyone know how to get the CB background. I want that ? Also the cooking app and the alarm app?The toilet scene was cool!. thats the same thing that I do when I am in the restroom. I watched it twiced and he did a great job. He needs to win this one. He showed all aspects on how to use the PB in everyday life.

Thanks guys! The food app is my current project that is almost finished, and I believe the other one you are talking about is called Silent Noise. Also, I created the wallpapers. When I get home from work tonight I will upload it for everyone.

Thanks Alex!

This is great stuff, I really hope you win.

Also, let us all know when your app is available for download!


What was that app that you went to sleep with? What does it do? I also like the alarm app and the recipe app.

The app is called SilentNoise. It plays what I believe is called 'white noise' which almost sounds like a soothing static kind of noise and when played with the volume going up and down it sounds like waves. It really helps you relax and fall asleep. BedBuzz (alarm app) isn't my app but it's an awesome one for sure. The food app is mine and hopefully I can submit it to Appworld soon.

Are there no female fanboys? And do the #1 fanboys never include females in their daily BB routines? Just sayin.

As others have said, I LOVED that fade out at the end! And what is it with the fasination with the UK female voice? I use it too! lol

WOW! Absolutely amazing and by far my favorite contestant yet! Will definitely be watching for those wallpapers lol. I'd like to know what video editing software you used?

Thanks! Check up above for the link to the wallpaper. I used iMovie for the editing. I didn't have enough time to use a better program like Final Cut Pro or anything.


this video could be a Super Bowl commercial! loved every single second and Im about to watch again, right when I'm done typing this on my PlayBook

My favorite video. I don't have a playbook, but your video really makes me want to get one. One question - I love your watch band. Who makes it.

Awesome! You should get one! And thanks, its Emporio Armani (got it on sale at Bloomingdale's when I went to LA in the summer).

This video is really boring... Hate to disagree with everyone, but I think the sky dive and the "theif" one were much cooler.

I agree it was actually too long and very boring. But still well shot and an adequate depiction of the life of true BB Addict.. And like everyone else I also agree that the fade out scene was priceless!!

This video was very well edited! I really like it alot! Its prolly the best looking one so far! Everything meshed well... and i especially loved the ending scene! This could have easily been a RIM commercial if it was shorter..... Maybe it can also be a promo for RIM before they start a conference, or even right here before the Blackberry Developer Conference if you win! Lol... Great job! Couldn't have done it better

i should have my 9900 when Digicel releases it here sometime next week. anyone wanna get me a playbook i want one so badly! that aside i totally dig this video! great work! when he told the 9900 good night i was sold right there and then

You know what guys, I'm just gonna be completely and brutally honest. That last scene with the fading light.. It seriously made me tear up..

This man should win just for that scene alone. Very well done!! I watched it like 10x


This was one hell of a job on video work Alex. Great job all around. This is the best of the crop so far, and I hope others see what I was referring to when talking about the quality of the videos being submitted.

I think that you have a winner here. One more finalist to go before we all know for sure, but this exemplified a lot of aspects of a Blackberry addict.

Thanks!! I really appreciate all the compliments! Everyone had great videos so far and I can't wait to see the last finalist. Good luck everyone!

We should be thanking you, Alex. It really was a very professional job and should seriously be submitted to RIM for a commercial.

I pick yours above all the rest for its effectiveness and clarity of the message you wanted to deliver, and for a video that EVERY BlackBerry addict can RELATE to. It's The best of the videos ever submitted thus far. My hat's off to ya.

This is the BEST video so far!!! And I'm sure it will be the BEST one in this whole contest, and the one that will win!!

I was actually just thinking about this the other day, how cool would it be if someone made a video about the daily use of their BB from morning till evening? And you did it my friend! And whats even more awesome is that you did it with the same combo that I have!! A PlayBook + Bold 9900 the best combo!! :D (I also noticed the torch on your nightstand too)

This video was just pure AWESOME.

I knew that was gonna upset at least one person! It's the best option for my photography and graphic design work. I have worked on PC for years but I have been much more efficient on Mac. Not a big fan of their other products though video so far.....definitely have my vote. Can somebody send RIM his C.V? They definitely need great marketing like this

I absolutely love this video... so much that I went out to my local Staples store @8:35 tonight and bought a Playbook!!! I'm now a proud owner!!!!!

My Vote goes to this video. Simple, clear and straightforward message. Wouldn't be surprised if RIM picks this one up for their corp ads.

Awesome awesome video! Every night I look at my 9930 and watch the lights fade out and I always marvel at that! lol... to me its so cool! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see that at the end of your video! Definitely has my vote!

I like this one the best as well.

The others were too gimmicky and I felt were trying to hard.

This one was more sincere, down to earth.

Only thing it could have used a little tighter editing but I think this one should be the winner for it's simple style and elegance, just like a BB :D

This was a seriously awesome video. I only watched the first 30 seconds of the other videos because they didn't hook me, but I watched this one all the way through. Nice work!! :)

Beautiful video!!!! I loved the part where you tucked in the Blackberry at the end.....Blackberry is your everlasting light...:)

Great video Alex, really does look like a professional commercial. I think all of the videos so far have their strong points, it's definitely going to be a hard decision picking a winner.

I don't know why some people are saying that this video is boring, this video rocks!!! I mean damn, you did a great job! This video gets my vote!!! You know what I was thinking, I was thinking that RIM should make this video a commercial for their products, don't you think?

this one is my winner, the action in 5 was awesome which made my choice hard but this one shows the life of a true blackberry user and fanboy

This one is definitely my favorite also! Pretty close to my life. I too panic if I find I left my blackberry at home and have been known to backtrack an hour to go back and get it. I may need rehab........

wow... dude that was ... wow. great concept for an entry and exceptionally well done. the fade out at the end was a great touch. as Paintedeyes said, this could definitely come off as an actual commercial. best of luck man, and thanks for the wallpaper ;D

I really liked this video. The bathroom scene is all too familar!! The fadeout was excellent!!! I never really paid attention to all of the playbook stuff but his video made me realize how cool they actually are.