BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #3: I'm Falling for BlackBerry!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Oct 2011 10:44 am EDT

Following the first and second of our top five CrackBerry Super Fanboy contest finalist videos (which we're posting in no particular order), our third finalist video comes from Julien who lives in Los Angeles. A BlackBerry user for over seven years, Julien says he takes his BlackBerry with him just about everywhere he goes.

For his fanboy contest entry video, Julien takes his BlackBerry and puts it to use in a place he never has before... I'll let you watch the video find out where it is and see how it all unfolds. When you're done, you can keep reading below for a bit more on Julien and the story behind I'm Falling for BlackBerry. Love it!!

About Julien and Falling for BlackBerry

I'm 27. I live in Los Angeles, originally from France. I've been a BlackBerry user for over 7 years and passionate about it ever since.

I've had every BlackBerry device since the release of the 6230.

When I saw the contest, I spent the whole day thinking of what would makes me feel like the rush I have when I use my BlackBerry.

I take my BlackBerry with me everywhere I go, everywhere.

So I woke up the next morning with the idea and then looked for a place that would let me jump out of a plane with my Bold 9700 for the very first time ever, that very day.

Perris Skydiving saw how enthusiastic I was about it and they jumped on board.

Reader comments

BlackBerry Fanboy Video Contest Finalist #3: I'm Falling for BlackBerry!!


Amazing! Great job Julien! It's gonna be REAL tough to pick a winner, so far we have had 3 awesome videos!

Current Order for me
1. Parkor Playbook
2. Falling for Blackberry
3. Berry-Rap

All good videos so far though, great job finalists!

Amazingly great idea of jumping out of a plane, but there was so much more you could have done with it. 5 star concept, but I'd say 2 star implementation... I'll give you a break because I know you're not a professional movie maker (neither am I), but if you had such good coverage you should have at least watched a YouTube video :P. The best thing I can think of for this video (but I can understand why you didn't do it) would be to have your phone loose in your hand and let go of it during the free fall so that it just hovers beside you.

You'll give him a break? Give me a break. Where's your video super critic? This was just for fun and guys like you put this full review like you work for Crackberry. Lay off dude. Its for FUN!!!

This must have been VERY fun for you Julien! Jumping out of an airplane for the first time is something I've been wanting to do for the longest time...wonder when I'll get the chance?
Great video!

It appears someone is still living in the past with an iPad. :p.
Works fine on my PB.:p

So risky.. I'd be so afraid of losing grip.

I can imagine. after landing. BAM. BB hits you in the head. lol

haha, yeah right! I have my playbook sitting next to me, but I am at work. Work servers are probably blocking it... oh well.

BlackBerry users are exiting people. We have wannabe rappers, Parkor jumpers, and sky divers....I wonder what else BB users do.

Any more videos like this & they could call this contest "Taking your BlackBerry to the Extreme"

aaaaaa hahaha lol nice hilarious guy :) give this guy the phone :)

thats pretty wicked

Another great entry! For me, this is so far the most brilliant idea, but the rapper is winning for best video that just totally screams out fanboy :)

I would like to thank you all for the support....

1/ I thought about dropping the phone in the air and then catching it but the professional skydivers said no: It can simply kill somebody on the ground if I'm not able to get it back.

2/ I actually sent an email to CrackBerry saying "I'm falling for BlackBerry" and took a picture while I was in the air, if anyone interested.

3/ CrackBerry asked to wow them by being BB dedicated, creative and risky (wow factor).

4/ Good luck to all. May the best video win.

Nicely done. I was actually thinking that it would be cool if someone actually did this or base jumped. Very cool, If you had say a neon orange, green, or pink case on it(so you could easily see it) and dropped it, only to retrieve it, that would have had a HUGE HUGE WOW factor. It would've proven that you would put everything on the line for Blackberry. Live and Die Blackberry ! ! !

But as pointed out for obvious safety reasons, you could not do it. When you jump solo, you should think about it, though ! ! !

Hello Julien, you've shown courage and originality. You have my vote. You did mean it when you said "I'm falling for Blackberry"

oh dude that was awesome man, very very nice job. best of luck to all the finalists. i wouldnt wanna be the judges lol, way too hard to choose